Monday, June 17, 2013

A Lord of Infinite Space, Looking through a Munchhausen Periscope.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Cold and wet? Begs many a question.

If you like cowboy films and I do, most especially when they are well done, like Pure Country, which my invisible friends tell me was made for the purpose of showing me certain things; me personally. About what could have been and never was, except in some fractured way; off to the side somewhere. Then you will understand how I come to be like I am, how you come to be like you are and also, how 'they' come to be like they are but it doesn't explain my being a vegetarian, except for the occasional piece of fish but visible has an arrangement with Neptune. If one considers those things that Neptune has influence over, in the context of what the reader knows about my history, it should be patently clear that I must have some kind of an arrangement. So... there's that sorted.

In any case, Cowboys and Indians, or should I say, Native Americans?, is a simplistic way to look at what we have before us in these days. I say simplistic ...because that is what we get told. It's black and white. It's black and white. That's the usual chess board. I know you're thinking, “visible, we know there are other forces at work. We know it's not just black and white. Isn't that why some no talent fool, wrote a book called Fifty Shades of Gray”? (visible did not read that) Yes friends, I am aware of that, as I am aware of the purpose for which the book got written (rhyming alert), just like I know the meaning of 'selah' and 'shriven'. On the one hand that's the word. On the other hand, you're forgiven.

The world is a big game board. Lock and load, ...step right up to it, or bend over for it. It's user friendly, like that password for the Gates of Moria, “speak, friend, and enter”; You do have to keep in mind about The watcher in the water.

So... or should I say, well now; doesn't matter. The sinister shits are having at it. They got their Peee------NAC portfolio of seven countries to fall, so's they can gets thems all; sucked into The Nation Chipper Machine, which feeds out little pellets of this, or that desirable commodity that the reavers and renders unto Satan just has to have for the good of all people. Yeah, what I said! It's about the good for all people and what that means, like I was splaining, means that some people, a whole lotta some people gona havta die for the good of all people and you can count yoself lucky to be dead 'cause we got all kinds of things in mind for those that remain.

In a nutshell ...and no doubt; counting myself a Lord of Infinite Space, I have rather added, when I should have subtracted but you the reader are welcome to divide the rest of the spoils among yourselves and for all we know that will multiply the I de I, or is that, I be I, I get confused and then, well, I just continue on my way.

It could appear that some sort of meltdown is taking place in these parts but that would be presumption in the extreme. It is simply that there is, sometimes, no better fitting way to address the issues of the day. Sometimes all that you are left with are the far reaches of satire and absurdity.

Sometimes, the whole world situation gets so outlandish that you wind up with a Munchhausen Periscope. You're a writer and your Boswell is dyslexic. If you are rich, your Hobson has Tourette's. See, I never got over being lied to by the BrylCreem advert-

♫BrylCreem, a little dab'l do ya,
Brylcreem you look so debonair
BrylCreem, the gals will all pursue ya
They love to get their fingers in your hair♫

The thing is... it is just grease. I figure the women I would be attracted to are not into grease any more than I am into the less than silken, exudent atmosphere of hairspray.

Oh yes Precious, they wants it. You and me? We'd be content to kneegotiate, get along, mind our own business. I definitely won't trouble you. I hope you don't trouble me. Sometimes trouble comes but it's okay. You deal with it. The problem is the serial repeaters. They can't help themselves and they definitely are not helping you. That is what continues to mystify me but I'll just file it under The Slumbering Masses in the Coleridge section, as in:

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea."

I must admit that strange cranberry mosh pit murmurs, influence the way that I see things. It is with wide and tendentious eyes that I study the horrors of the same old same old. However, I believe in what I cannot see and for many people that is the difference between you and me.

I also give a shit and I know a lot of other people out there also do.

We do the best that we can. It is practically speaking, far too enormous for any one man or woman to handle alone. That is why we all work together in our own way, doing the best we can, often at a distance from each other. I really think the tide somehow will turn. I really do. What will make that possible is to bring out the best in me and you, via our collective efforts toward one another. I don't think there has ever before been a time when so much was hanging in the balance; when so much could be won or lost.. That should motivate you. It motivates me.

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Kazz said...

You have that right Vis. I think people should be looking up 'AGENDA 21', because it outlines the elite's plan for humanity, or should I say destruction.

Cheers Kazz

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I don't think there has ever before been a time when so much was hanging in the balance; when so much could be won or lost..."

I suppose that is why so many of us are drawn to "Lord of the Rings" metaphors. Peter Jackson did a good job of laying out the 'crossroads' that Middle Earth was at. It was 'win it all' or 'lose it all' time. Outside of the emphasis on violence, the movie series was a good (if limited) rendition of the books, and conveyed the 'stakes' at hand.

With the coming together of so many threads into a global 'civilization', we of Earth (human and not) are witnessing the 'crystallization out' of our own new 'Age'. I believe that both 'top' bad and good guys realize we are at this cusp, and know that WHATEVER gets 'set in place' will be hard to change. (Whatever 'manifests' will void-out other probabilities currently still 'potent'...) In my opinion, that is why the ramped-up 'frenzy'.

Are we going to be more the Harkonnen home planet (Frank Herbert's "Dune" series), or more planet Norlamin (E. E. "Doc" Smith's "Skylark" series)?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

Ray B,
Visions of humanities' future are fun, and varied. I think the direction things are going lead to "This Perfect Day", by Ira Levin. Far as I know, there is no movie made of this 60's novel. Of course, that future doesn't take into account the Divine, the Ineffable, or Mr. Apocalypse. Offworld forces may also be in play (materially). I don't know. My inputs say "buckle up", though.
It may get rough.
Be well, Ray, y all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Find out the real truth about the sinking of the Titanic. (Er, I mean, the Olympic. The sister ships' names were switched as part of a massive insurance fraud scheme, and a likely ritual mass-murder - much like what happened years later on 9/11.) Watch the eye-opening 52-minute video right here; stick around for the ending, which wraps it all up in a neat little bow -

Anonymous said...

The seven countries that didn't have a central bank?

Anaughty Mouser said...

Ooh yaa...

Roy Rogers of Damascus is said to use Brylcream.

Women with fingers in his hair - I don't know.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

The three hour version of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is the greatest movie ever. Leone and Morricone=Epic Win.

Anonymous said...

they call me trinity

On the bright side, every hour of every day more people are coming to the conclusion that nothing coming out of the mouths of the PIP's . . .

(psychopaths in power - PIP™)

is true.

How this slow awakening will turn out remains to be seen. . .and heard...and felt

like the global ANTI-SEMITISM


is it true that STEVE over @ CSPAN has a liver of a blaspheming "JEW"...?



Anonymous said...


That's for you, Vis. :)

And Ray B..... Thanks to you I just remembered where I left my Sixth Order Projector! Back in 1982 I was rummaging around around for something to read in our attic (my brother read seemingly hundreds of paperback sci-fi novels in the 70's and put them up there when he was done.)

I came accross "Doc" Smith's Lensman Series and was hooked!After finishing "Children of the Lens," one of the Kinnison's made telepathic contact with me. Just kidding, of course... actually, I think some other benevolent entity made contact with me and enabled a "zone of compulsion" to make me go into the attic and look around in the first place! :)

The Skylark Series was equally as fun and amazing. Thanks for throwing that one out there, Ray. You really cheered me up on a gloomy day!

See, you're right, Vis. We really do help each other, even from afar.

Jim in FL

wiggins said...

I read that JP Morgan was behind the sinking of the Titanic to deter certain influential bankers on their way to America, from voting against the setting up of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Anonymous said...

i catch your drift from wrh and i can most always tell it's you from the titles ... just sayin' is all

Ray B. said...

Jim in FL, Monday, June 17, 2013 2:53:00 PM

Glad I could 'help'! Good to find another "Doc" Smith fan.

For some reason, "Doc" Smith has been 'minimized' relative to other contemporary SF authors, even though he is widely recognized as being the Founding Father to the whole 'space opera' genre. Perhaps he was too close to the Truth, with a bad-guy 'pyramid of command' originating from the distant stars. (And psychic development, oh my!) His relatively unknown 'state' reminds me of the 'minimization' of Tesla relative to Edison, even though Tesla was orders of magnitude more important than Edison...

I actually have a perhaps 'woo-woo' story around how I was introduced to "Doc" Smith's novels. Around 8-10 years old, I was in bed with an illness of some sort. My mother, who was not at all a science fiction fan, came home with a "Skylark" book. She had gotten it out of the base library, where the SF section is not remotely front-and-center. It was the only time she ever did that. I had never read a SF book before that. Needless to say, "Doc" Smith totally hooked me! When I was well, I ransacked his whole section. It was like something I really needed to 'hear'; it was almost a 'hunger'. That little 'act' by my mother really shaped my life...

By the way, I actually resonated more to the "Lensman" series, once I started reading them. I feel the 'information' in it is somehow important to our 'situation' today.

(For any potential readers, I would rate the "Lensman" series right up in importance with the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, at least to me.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty Valance.



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