Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Dream Fog and the Cemetery Future

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I feel like I was already here yesterday (Cue the Beatles). Still, here we are again today. The basic point of this post is to primarily, announce the radio broadcast for this evening. You never know, someone new might show up.

I've got about 3 more months in this location. Time enough to tune a few things up, should I be able to sustain the focus and... there's not a whole lot to put my attention on anyway (the book is near finished, finally and Neil's is fair charted out.; the amount of time these projects have been taking is significant. Put's me in mind of, 'we'll sleep when we're dead'; should that even happen, given how strange the times are).

As much as pending, or is it 'threatening' events have been dragging their feet in endless chess moves; this is due to the reality of this planet's most vicious killers, finally meeting a certain amount of opposition. Prior to recent times, they simply killed at will with impunity, laying waste to a number of countries in the Middle East, while looting their antiquities and whatever resources the bankers and corporations were after, not to mention loaning them funny money, so that they could lay usurious interest upon it, in order to own the economy of those nations as well, during what is euphemistically called their, 'recovery period', during which they do not recover... ever; should things go on as the reavers intend.

However, with all the agonizing redundancy of one state of tension following another, I'm getting the feeling that it is not going to be all that much longer now. Howdy Doody Obama has been caught out as a kind of marionette, Big Brother, along with the weaseling banks and corporations, who pull his strings. They are assisted in their endeavors by a massive army of civil service chipmunks, other professionals and unprofessionals, lawyers of every stripe, lacking the more deserved stripes and pretty much the biggest collection of idiots and ne'er do wells, ever gathered before on the world stage, for The Apocalypse Grand Finale.

There are certain alarming conditions that bode no well for world peace. One of these is that the Assad forces are crushing the rebels. That's the kind of thing the vampire elite are not fond of. They are not fond of anything that does not go their way and what they want, what the vampire elite want, is the subjugation and/or murder of every living thing on the planet, except for themselves and those, in the permanent underclass, who remain behind to serve them, until death. Most of you, not being members of the vampire elite, probably are not as appreciative of their strategy as they are; being as you would not be considered a benefiting recipient of their efforts. No matter, this has no effect on them.

Another disturbing feature is that Nixon/Obama has got himself into a minefield of IED cowpies, of an assured, explosive character. This fairly guarantees new outrages against the public, in the form of ham handed, false flag efforts. When things go bad for the thugs in power, it causes a serious annoyance for the vampire elite and they resort to acting out on their favorite motto, “If it doesn't work, use force ...and if that doesn't work, use more force”. So... where does that leave us? We'll see. Please feel free to enjoy the relative peace of the moment.

In conclusion; we're going for brevity today, let me say that the whole prophecy and prediction game has never, as far as I can see, done anyone a lick of good. Nostrildamus is incomprehensible and the wide latitude of meanings that are employed by the woo woo crowd, pretty much renders their conclusions meaningless. In point of fact, most people pay no attention anyway, even if they were capable of understanding any of it, they wouldn't be all that interested. They've inhaled the Dream-Fog and are walking in a wide eyed somnambulism, through the cemetery future. I'm not here to disparage the hoi poloi, not that they would notice. I'm here to say what I say until I go away.

Today, I wandered through a town festival and observed the hundreds upon hundreds, eating some pretty horrible things (grin) and washing it all down with copious amounts of beer and wine. It's the yearly merchant's day shopping frenzy and there were more people than I had seen in this town before. That's a lot. They were google-eyed over an assortment of pedestrian cars (pun intended), and all the other things you see for sale at these affairs and which wind up in the garage or in the attic soon enough or... not soon enough. It was a snapshot of our times. This is what interests people, here... or most anywhere. It doesn't interest me, or most of you. The trick it seems, is to get me and you into a space where we can engage in what does interest us. I'm working on that.

End Transmission.......

The radio show is now up.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ah, false flags. Can we say Santa Monica? The headlines alone say it's nothing but psy-op shite to try to get the law abiding sheeple to go for gun control and disempower themselves even more. I'm not even clicking any of the links to those stories since they're all speculation and doggie-doo anyway as far as real news goes.

But this is the realm of lies and illusions, huh? Didn't you write about that yesterday?

Ya know, I've given up on finding truth in this self-imposed prison of life. But I am having fun finding lies and calling everyone out on it.

Yeah. Welcome to the club.

Horrid foods? Tongue on crackers? Kidneys served up I don't know how many horrifying ways, not that there's any good way to cook kidneys. Vulture food, all the way. Vienna sausages? Oh, and the vile meat
spreads. And I actually used to eat that stuff when I was in Germany. I think I'd be a vegetarian if I still lived there. Blech! Norther Europe has some of the worst foods on the planet.

Well, now I am reminded of Bejing's Penis Emporium, blut, and raw monkey brains. Raw insect larvae?

OK, maybe Northern Europe ain't that bad.

Then we have factory farmed meat. Oh, the horror stories I've read not only on how the animals are treated, but the disgusting conditions in which they are raised and killed. Barf me off the planet!

Man, do I go off tangent, or do I go off tangent. Think I'll go to K-Mart later, and see if they have any attention spans on sale.

Anonymous said...

"Hey! They're selling some shit, down at the shit store." Oh boy, let's go - not.

I'm noticing more and more young women these days, who try to emulate Kim Kardashian, in their dress and manner. Next time you think about it, listen to virtually any young women speak. You will notice that they all say "thang-cue" (thank you). Sometimes they say "thangk-yow". It's a crazy, zombie-filled world, ain't it. See you at the shit store!

Anonymous said...

"Get that dust off the floor, woman!"

"Clean up that crud on the carpet, girl!"

Just wanted to make some broad sweeping statements.

Anonymous said...

Few things make me as happy as when someone burns his temporary karma on the altar of the banal as demonstrated by this turkish quiz show host. Well played, Sir!


Anonymous said...

"That's the kind of thing the vampire elite are not fond of. They are not fond of anything that does not go their way"

That would explain why this absurd display was allowed on the BBC:

With love and un abrazo


missingarib said...

vis,methinks the killer klowns are still in costume-betty nuttyahoo's looking through a kaleidoscope hoping to see the future-bemoaning the phrase no rest for the wicked .
keep on keepin on
live long

the inverted pope said...

One knows what one knows, and one knows or suspects at the unknown. The interpolation between the two can cause new insights or utter dejectedness. I sense that you have floated to calmer ground after a buffeting of experience. Or maybe i sense your moods sometimes mirror myne own, except that your insight is keen and your experience broad, qualities i lack alas. But i know one thing for sure, day by day, the hidden hand reveals itsself. Ours is not to wonder how or why anymore. The beast in place is unherringly being drawn to a cartesian point whose x+y+z coords are located centre bullseye. It is game set and match. But it wont be an easy affair methinks for all involved.

Anonymous said...

y yo digo hola campo bumkin . .

con mucho gusto

happy celestial events


Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Speaking of Neil's tribute book. Sim, are you there? Would it be possible to post a pdf file of all the poems collected (maybe at Siamese Mirrors)? Esteban has them all. That way those who wish to can pick a favourite or two or more and hopefully add a comment. Not everyone saved their favourites because, probably like me, they thought the poems would keep coming and sadly that was not to be. I hope that this would be a help not a hindrance to whatever Vis is putting together.

Anonymous said...

"Don't force it, get a bigger hammer!"

Here locally the annual one-week music festival known as Riverbend is in session. Lots of good bands and good music but, due to the crowds. I stay away. Corndogs and funnel cakes for everyone! Yum! And don't neglect the proper southern pronunciation of vie-eena sausages!

Come Tuesday or so, the Bessie Smith Strut will take place. Or, as I call it, the Bessie Smith Drunken Stagger. Right out in the street. Every other year or two, someone gets shot. Oh, the humanity!


Anonymous said...

I bet you knew this already L.V. but here is what we are dealing with in the glorious rainbow fewmets utopia. There is a huge neighborhood here with probably 300 homes and it has sidewalks everywhere for walking. While out for a heel and toe I saw a person had sprayed their twatter hashtag on the sidewalk. It was good for a laugh and laughing is always good for your health. While tracking down some punk rock lyrics yesterday I found a page with user submitted lyrics for songs. Martial law became Marshall law (a Marshall plan for America?) urine sample was urine example. Drugs prescribed as drugs described. Comfort you demanded now mandatory is conforment demandatory. Permission mangled to promission. Carry on.

Alan Jong said...

One of the things that we're seeing play out, and You Les, being closer to Home is Karma. In the staging of duality, the Planets' have been assigned roles to mitigate, and transmute, that which must be worked out, through spiritual, and intellectual reasoning, either on a collective, or individuated basis.
The record floods in Central Europe, affecting Germany too, has to do with Karma. Germany is in the process of supplying Nuclear Subs to Israel. If those subs, were intended to explore the oceans as part of a leisure economy, that is a different scenario altogether, but they are not. They add more leverage to the role Israel plays to pacify the masses, so that the European and America interest can continue to exploit resources, of the region. Religion no longer works as well. So an absolute domination through military expansion is cultivated, and as a result you have maximum psychological restraint, through intimidation(the role Israel plays).

One must remember that the birth of the United Nations, and Israel coincide with one another. Does it have another purpose?

Weather patterns on the Earth are the result of the limited roles the Sun and Earth can play right now. In order for the duality to continue, Neptune and Uranus, have divided the power of the elements, and are programmed to limit how long our physical souls in the Sun can regenerate our physical bodies on the Earth, hence they play a role in Human and Animal life cycles.

The Sun delivers the energy that keeps everything going, along with that it manages Fire, and Water. The Earth, manages, Wind, and Earth. The Earth, and Sun are also affected by how this solar system has been staged. That is as you say Temporary. Satya-Yuga changes everything, but it's cyclic.

Once the cycle of Kali ends, truly the Human Being was designed with a blue print to regenerate infinitum.

The sign I spoke about being, the Auroras from the poles connecting at the equator. Would be the sign the Earth has reached the number of new Human souls she was to co-create with the Sun, in the cycle, and it's all tied to the Earth's moon as well, because inside the Moon is a Baby Sun, or Planet incubating. All energy is recycled. Our negative energy is removed from the Planet through Neptune, it wrecks havoc on the weather sometimes.

All people are pacified through media of some form or another, that can be good or bad. The world has to move into Peaceful co-creating, between its people, and the only way that will happen is if the Human species, and life is recognized as sacred.
Science is still in search of a mechanical explanation for all the answers of nature, and assumptions in science work against recognition of the Human Species' on Earth, and life, as a manifestation of the sacred; that is a corruption of sorts, but only to the degree value remains tied to material property, mostly in the abstract, and not to the sacredness of Life.

Nature is not a blind force, how we are treated in the environment of Earth is related to how we treat the environment of Earth.

Be Well,

Anonymous said...

Or how about thinking of Syria as Spain 1937. Same arrangement: tripartite power vs. bipartite power, each testing its equipment and advisors in Syria.--Russia, China vs. Britain, USA, Europe. Same banker pattern as 1940.

Rob in WI said...

Anon@ 09/4:09,
Who the hell is Kim Kardashian? Just funning; I know she/it exists somewhere, but I try not to go there. As far as young women go, their parents generally keep them away from me.
Be well, Rob

Sim said...

The Radio Show just went up...

Em, we'll sort something out.

Liz in LA, the answer to your question is "Simpleton"

Anonymous said...

jews did 911 to troll whites and blacks into killing arabs

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Pasto and the Anti-Pasto at the Apocalypse Cafe.



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