Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Stepping on Frogs and Enemy Mines. Kaboom!

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, I guess it was to be expected. Running into opposition has always been a mainstay of mine and seeing as I have been compelled to break eggs to make an omelet, or step on frogs, I have my share of detractors and enemies. Two devoted and long time trolls, Torus and Lizzie, working in tandem have set out to disparage me. Torus was around these sites for years. He still is. For a long time he was very amicable and giving me praise for my work. Then, for some reason, he became very cynical and dark, seeming to hate everything. He was pretty perverse. If I said something positive, he would counter with the negative. If I said something negative he would chide me for not being positive. The thing is, his ego got pricked and he became enraged. I let him know that I didn't appreciate the way he went about things and in the process of reading him his inventory, by way of explanation for why he was doing what he was doing, he went Nova ...and has been routinely harsh and sneering since. As Lao Tzu said, “those who feel pricked must have once been a bubble”. For some people, their egos are not capable of withstanding any form of critique. He is joined in his efforts by Lizzie, who has been trolling here for years and who is not Lizzie. She always posts at these sites anonymously. Apparently it's different at the Icke site. I could go into greater and more revealing detail but there's no real point to that. Then again (grin).

I let the readers know a long time ago that I was compelled to act out under certain circumstances, to avoid certain pitfalls that might come my way, if I just let things slide. In the cases where I did act out, without exception, all of the protagonists proved to be just what I was sensing and... in spades. Had I not done what I did, I would still be interactive with these people and headed for some kind of disaster with them further down the road, when it would be far more inconvenient than a simple parting of the ways, due to divergent motivations. Some people are after things I am not in pursuit of and they get disappointed and then inflamed as their needs are not being met. I am supposed to be their trained monkey, who plays the role they have assigned to me. It would be a fabrication but they are okay with that. Following that, they set out to hurt me publicly and concoct all kinds of wild tales about things that did not happen. This latter is something I have never understood. The truth should be enough. Unfortunately for their perspective, the truth did not provide enough juice for the reactions they had in mind. All of these people are terminally on the outs with me because of injured pride, failed expectations, or any one of a number of things. At the time of the events I was somewhat upset that such things even needed to happen but... what came after proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the best and only course to take, however uncomfortable it might have been in the short run. I'm pretty much interested in the long run in any case.

You can't do this job, writing long postings every day, from various perspectives, as well as radio broadcasts and other things, without running into some flack and static. You have to have that duck's back or a thick hide. In these times of pervasive tension and ratcheting uncertainty, people become very unstable and off center. For some, seeing what I do and the response I often get, reacts off of how they see themselves and their own lives, with not a great deal to show for it. All it takes is persistent industry and a desire to refine as you go. Some native talent is essential and maybe they lack that. It's a longstanding tradition that people have come to believe that they can elevate themselves by tearing someone else down. Sometimes it's just a kind of meanness born from a tedious life and which gets satisfaction from attempting to cause injury, as is the case with Torus. I am not responsible for nothing manifesting out of his existence. Still, if he can diminish my accomplishments, whatever they may actually be, he is able to console himself. I've encountered some number of people, who at a certain point, just get mean and nasty. After awhile it becomes fixed.

I could have handled Lizzie differently but... spurning is spurning and that also goes to the core of how people identify with themselves. There's only one of me. I'm not a bag of mints that can just be handed out to one and all. There are limits to the roles I can play in a particular theater. The price of fame, even in a small way, as is the case with me, is that you attract many varieties of attention and you have to skillfully juggle the way you handle these things, unless you're low end reprobate. I have to process a great many requests every day. I can't be consistently at top form all the time so, no doubt I make mistakes as I go. I may be sorry for them but that doesn't change what has already occurred.

I try my damnedest every day to bring my A game. Some people like more serene postings from me. A lot of people prefer the sturm und drang; texted fireworks, to meet the passion and outrage in their own hearts. I try to deliver both and invariably, at some point, disappoint both ...because I cannot be all things to all people at all times. The reader might have some idea what my day is like but I suspect, not really. It's going on from the time I get up, around 7:00 AM, until I go to bed somewhere around midnight and often beyond. Even so, I can't get things done in a timely fashion. I am constantly drawn back to consider and work on Neil's book and my own book and recording projects. As the communications with others has grown, via emails and whatever, the amount of time consumed has grown as well.

I thought it might be a nice idea to have a short TV or radio show. I used to be on TV for an hour and a half every week in New York. It was pretty funny stuff but... my funny doesn't seem to fly around here. People take me stone cold literally a lot of the time and it causes confusion. I'm just trying to lighten things up. I see my job here to encourage and reassure people, especially in these times. Now here I am looking at yet one more way to do that, after having gone on about how little time I have. I think I'm going to drop back into an every other day cycle now and maybe every three days or something... to give me more latitude in the spectrum.

A part of me feels bad that I didn't handle certain very annoying people with kid gloves most of the time but I long ago realized that none of this makes any difference. There are people who will hate you for your exposure alone and if you have a bunch of people saying nice things about you, Man! That really gets their back up. Envy, jealousy, vanity, these are all odious things that no sane person would want any part of but... these days, the preponderance of us are not sane. In a superficial and materially focused world, Vanity achieves a God-like status. It may stink like a corpse but some people don't seem to notice and will wear it like a mink coat (in Miami in the summer).

I know over recent times that I have alienated some portion of the readership. They still come around every day. They just don't say anything because it would be embarrassing for them to have to admit they come around every day. I know they do though, because we have various tracking abilities and... should it be necessary, the redoubtable Sim, is an expert at certain things. I caused these alienations on purpose and I warned everyone ahead of time. This was necessary for me to avoid winding up like so many compromised people, who find themselves catering, writing to type, becoming self important and believing their own hype. I was compelled to weed out some number of people, by acting as a normal and sometimes abnormal human being; to establish myself as just that. People who are attracted to the surface of appearances, will hurt you down the road, if you're not careful. You don't, or shouldn't, want people operating under illusions about you that you are then forced to sustain.

Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do and my reasons, however unsuccessful I might be at it, is to get at the truth and also to be as seriously helpful as I can, behind the scenes where a lot of my real work actually takes place. I know there are a large number of readers who are aware of this because the interactions have taken place. No, I'm not perfect, nor do I try to pass myself off as such. I'm just some guy trying to do his very best and not always being successful at it. Sometimes I fall down or bump into things but I always pick myself back up, or say “excuse me” and head onward again, with an even greater determination not to make the same mistake later on. Without a doubt there are cynical minds out there who think this is all self serving ...but every word here is true and I don't quite get the self-serving aspect, given that I work for free, have free advertising of people I believe in and work for free in the ever increasing email modality, plus giving away my books and music to people who can't afford them; like I can, uh huh.. Meanwhile, I seldom ever respond to all the nice comments I get ...because they are more properly directed toward the one I work for and that is an inflexible position on my part. So, where the presumed payoff for me is, I can't hazard a guess.

Anyway, sorry to take up the posting space with this sort of thing today but one of my signature dishes is to treat with what is going on at the moment. These are very weird times. I had a couple of people that I thought myself close to; one at a distance and one who actually lives within a few K of me. Without anything and I mean ANYTHING happening, they just wrote me off, not even having an explanation for it. I miss my friend, who lives in the area because he is a bright and articulate fellow and we have gone on many jaunts into Nature and far afield in this country. The last thing I had heard from him was that he was looking forward to seeing me. There was no following interaction, except when I, by accident, dialed his number that was next to the number I was trying to dial; surely a divine accident ...because I didn't even know that we had his number. Up until then, I thought he was dead or suffering from something and he was on my mind every day. I was so glad that he was okay that I didn't even mind the mysterious circumstances of where we now find ourselves. I'm guessing he got 'reached' somehow. Luckily, for me, I can put near anything aside and hardly give it a thought again further up the road. In the other case, someone wound me up to a particular end and that looks like some kind of intelligence work. I'm becoming increasingly observant and aware of the propensity for this. There is an army of Blue Meanies out there (grin).

Alright, we have come to the end of another posting ...and we will see you in the next one, if there is one. I'll also try to get some kind of a radio broadcast together for midweek as my computer guy just called me and told me everything works and is ready and I didn't even lose my operating system. Thank god for that as I had all kinds of creative efforts on my desktop and not backed up; fool that I am.

I truly am sorry for not meeting all these different expectations. I would if I could, depending on what they are, of course (grin). I find myself now having to leave my long time living situation, simply because of what I do and say here ...and the specter of apprehension it causes, in a certain political climate. I'm forced to migrate because of what I am doing for free as a public service. Is that fair? That's life (cue Old Blue Eyes). I'm not regretful of this but I will tell you, the truth is an unwelcome guest most of the time. I will try to be a better person and more effective at whatever this all is. I expect that one day, I'll have it together but... that is not likely to be today. My love to you all.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

For some reason, I can no longer find my Kickstarter/investment comment which I want to repost at the blogs for a couple of weeks so... I'll just write it again.

I need someone who is America based to post a Kickstarter item for me that has to do with a very innovative approach to manufacturing and selling chocolates via South America. I think it's a seriously workable concept. You never know. Of course, who ever does it will be in for some kind of bleed off remuneration.

The other thing is, I know people of substantial wealth come through here and wouldn't miss a couple of hundred grand or even just one. I have refactored the costs of the enterprises and to do both comes to around 150,000.

As was already mentioned, several readers were engaged in getting a Kickstarter program together for me, which involved a documentary of my life based around the recording of a double Album on Maui with my band. the documentary would, of course, include interviews with quite some number of people who knew me under different guises and would also feature me, one on one. Unfortunately, one of the people involved went mad and isn't presently capable of rational action but we're hopeful. In any case, it killed the impetus.

The album includes some really funny compositions, so it works as entertainment and... given my pretty interesting life there is a lot of potential here. There will be some amusing performances and an in depth look into how this sort of thing gets done. Given that my band and I are often one take capable and seriously, seriously extemporaneous I think we got something.

I have a friend on Maui who owns a broadcast camera and all necessary equipment, who would gladly work for a piece of the action as would the band, given some amount thrown in for sustenance and such.

I really believe this might fly and would be entered into all of the festivals and also include interviews with blog readers around the world. Believe me, if you see this project as I do in my mind, it's unique and has a real Spinal Tap potential.

So I am looking for Mr. or Mrs, or Ms. Deep Pockets to fund these ventures and I will gladly itemize exactly what is intended.

My hopes are to also include certain known personalities like Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, Rixon Stewart, Jim Coor and others who will add their take on me and, it so happens there are some mystery celebrity guests as well.

I'm looking for an investor who will provide the minimum or a little beyond for a piece of the return, say 30% or some such of the gross, which actually works out in this case because we're not padding the expenses and all that but just looking to get it done.

If you come across this comment and can help in any way, let me know. I don't know how to communicate just how successful I see these ventures as being capable of but I can make a good case for both of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Visible said...

and then, there's this.

Visible said...

Fairly dripping with irony.

bee wrangler said...

Yesterday i made an executive decision and took a day off to float around at the mouth of the houston ship channel, talk to some pelicans and ride a few tanker waves with my kayak. While watching container ships full of dollar store merchandise come in...and oil laden tankers, i contemplated the state of our human condition....
as i am sitting on a nice shell covered beach i look up to see 2 perfect chemtrails...right over me and the bay- nasa area... ha ha, thet love to spray here in the good 'ol usa. the nice weather lady even told us there was a little more particulate matter in the air today- low winds. Any crop duster would tell ya it's perfect conditions for spraying.
I am out the door now to go work in wonderful hell town...expecting to see planes spraying today too-thanks for giving me hope vis, i have really learned about the purpose of demonstration lately- jen

Annsie said...

Trolls always seem to work in tandem don't they....As the saying goes..".Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ"

Regarding your link to Michael Douglas stating you can get cancer from oral sex with women...Big Pharma have been pushing Cervical cancer jabs on young girls and they have been saying boys should get it too....No men bought it... Maybe they will now...Win for big Pharma.. its nothing to do with drinking, smoking and doing drugs for 60 years though.... Lol

dirtykid© said...

"as I had all kinds of creative efforts on my desktop and not backed up; fool that I am."

Keep a dropbox / skydrive / some other cloud service copy of your works (or many, if these are sound and video files which take up large amounts of space)... And what of the watchers? you ask? keep those cloud copies in encrypted zip files: http://www.medicalnerds.com/how-to-encrypt-zip-files-securely-using-7zip/

You will not have to worry about loss of work, or even loss of access... Heck, you can even have most of those cloud services work on an iPad / Android device / or 2nd computer and you will have synchronized local copies of the files...

The cloud may be trying to steal my job, but that doesn't mean I won't find ways to use it to some advantage.


Anonymous said...

Something ain't working right. Bing forgot you exist overnight. Facebook won't open a message to you. I swear I have emailed you before, but couldn't find that in my yahoo mail.

Chocolate sounds great, but perhaps kick starter just ain't allowed either.


Anyhow, feel free to contact me, if you can. I'm willing to put some time in, but don't have money to put in.

Anonymous said...

is SIM a Space Intelligence Master?

liz (not lizzie) in l.a.

Visible said...

I love the feisty upfront confidence of the ladies who come around here. Regardless of the knocks I take and the flat out lies upon me that I endure, I have to say, it's a class act here. You just can't find this kind of quality anywhere and we got multiples! Incoming!!! heh heh.

About the chocolate thing, I don't want to publicize it because someone might steal the idea and trust me, it is an idea worth stealing. I really don't know why no one has done this before but... there it is, well, actually it's not there but it is there and so on and so forth.

What a day I have had, I was almost afraid to drive home after I picked up my computer. I was so high and voices were coming from everywhere but the worst part was the emotions. Some of them I hadn't seen before and some of them came with that 'where or when' nostalgia thing and some were from the future but had the same 'full contact' with memories and moments. I wasn't on anything. It just happened. I made it home, then I went down to a outdoor cafe (the weather is gorgeous today!) and had a couple of beers and wrote a few songs (doing a lot of that lately) and now it's easier to negotiate. I'll tell you, it had me going for a bit there and I am about as hardened a veteran as you can get behind shifts in consciousness. Something is going on, BIG TIME.

Anyway, back to the flow.


Anonymous said...

You always do the best you can, encouraging and reassuring always, and that is all that can be asked.

Would that there were one more troll to make a pair into a 'pack of wankers' - one of my favourite phrases ever.

With love and un abrazo


Anonymous said...

Note to torus and lizzie please get a hobby.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I don't think I ever put expectations on you Vis but if I did it was not intentional. What I will admit to is thinking that you have so much on your plate and yet you keep doling out regular servings to us. Are we lucky or what? It makes me feel guilty for knowing I could have, should have, said please don't overdo it, pace yourself, we're happy for whatever you have the time to give us ... but I didn't because I was greedy and enjoying those regular servings. You have nothing to apologize for but I think I do.

BTW, this is just my opinion but I would avoid "the cloud" (I don't trust that as a concept) and just try to back up regularly if you can. I haven't very much self-created stuff on my computer (I'm simply not creative) but I try to transfer all my keeper internet articles to a memory stick every 5 days or so. I think someday the internet will get heavily censored and redacted so I want to have some things in safe keeping. It only takes a few minutes and I can be reading or listening to a podcast while I do it.

Skepticfrog said...

Dirtykid; Vis

Just remember WHERE those "cloud" files are kept. And they would be not on Vis's hard drive(s); either internal or portable.
So they would (or may) be accessible to certain entities. Not only that, they could be inaccessible for the following reasons: No access to the web (pick your reasons), or simple 'denial of access' to the files, arranged by certain (powerful) interests.
Encrypted? Ha!
Rule 1: ANY encryption can be broken (might take a while).
Rule 2: You don't know WHO wrote the encryption. That means you don't know if it has a backdoor. I can guarantee you with a high degree of certainty, that highly popular (and deliberately popularized) encryption programs - if they originated from certain countries - HAVE built-in backdoor access.

I can surmise that Vis's files, stuff and contacts might be desirable to acquire by certain interested parties.

Since I'm of a suspicious nature, I must wonder why Dirtykid even would suggest such a "solution" which looks to me is fraught with uncertainties - at the least.

Anonymous said...

hardly ever miss your vibrations by title alone. gonna guess that mean something...if anything. anything might be youve awakened/found others that provide energy/ies.
that will awaken on all sides as this one proves multidimesional even at ths stage!

Anonymous said...

haha if 10k read 2k respond....
i can guess more w/o analitics
love can do that
we know that this is what its about!

spiller23 said...

"In a superficial and materially focused world, Vanity achieves a God-like status. It may stink like a corpse but some people don't seem to notice and will wear it like a mink coat (in Miami in the summer)." Aaaahahaha man you make me chuckle.

Don't let the haters bring you down. Which it doesn't look like you do :D

If people like these two characters were really actually interested in and shared the same ambitions for earth and humanity as you and those around here who at the least broadly agree with you, then I fail to see how they could not recommend your work.

Potentially constructively criticise areas of your work they disagree with, affording you you the opportunity to respectfully discuss these differences. But instead all I see is hypocrisy and instant dismissal without much substantiation.

Another way of looking at things: If you Vis were actually full of shit, I would have to respectfully inform you that you would have to be one of the worst ever embodiments of one who intends to be full of shit in the history of all humanity. I mean, if being full of shit is really your game, you should quit now man. Because you suck at it. You deliver far too much potent, poetic and useful commentary on these interesting times, past times, humanity, divinity, darn near everything.

So if Vis is full of shit and "can't be helped", then so be it. Keep it coming ;)

Anonymous said...

hey vis...that missing comment of yours.. weirdly it shows over at truthseeker.. love, Jean Jeanie.

Alan Jong said...

"Something is going on, BIG TIME."

The Earth sits in a magnetic bowl, and in that field all the energy seams to collect and gather, right now the Middle East appears to be at a breaking point again, and parts of Europe are crippled with floods, not to mention the recent spat of tornados across the midwest.

My theory on those is the Earth simply needs more C02 in the atmosphere and ground not less, that it's lack of C02, that changed the landscape across the Planet. Tornados are one way the C02 needed for big agricultural demands is called upon by the logos, and I see nature as being as alive as any of US. 50,000 years ago when North America looked more like South America, there were no tornados in the Midwest. The war declared on so called "Man made C02" is the most ridiculous assumption science ever made. At some level, it works out right because it reveals all too well the fallibility of all institutions.
I think you do much of the same revealing the fallibility of certain institutions, though you take creative liberty to highlight corruption; it is precisely that creative liberty that reflects your genius. More laughter than tears is what I get from reading and keeping up with your blogs. Anyway, Spadgett was the only one of your readers, who blasted Me for leaving you a two star review on Amazon, for Spiritual Survival. The written review was Me being honest. I pointed out a few things like Spirit is the only aspect right now that will Survive, and your mention of God being a serpent at some level contradicting your mantra of "I don't Know." In all honesty it's a book that would mostly appeal to your readers on the blogs anyway, and it's a collection of the principle tenants, the metaphysical information you relate to readers here is based on. Someone as prolific a writer as You, is a kind of Naked Genius, and you could probably give any sitcom writer a run for their Money. One thing you can't really change is how people with react or relate to you, so just keep pressing forward. As far as the spiritual advice goes, it's a contradiction to some of the issues You press on your blogs.

I'll put it to you this way, you have to be at some level unsettled with the world around you to share the information you share, and though you may be grounded by the spirituality you express; the information you mostly share is not, except by virtue of how You maintain balance sharing it. You offer the blue, and red pill. Spirituality is about letting go, something You yourself can't do by virtue of the information you share. This is also why sometimes you'll write I hate repeating these topics. You have to focus on all the negativity in the world to become a vessel of it in your blogs, and you can't really separate yourself from it either. You can't blame readers who follow the spiritual path you highlight then walk away seeing the degree to which you contemplate, and repeat the negative in the world, by yourself becoming it's vessel of translation.


barbarossa58 said...

I read everyone of your blogs, Les.

Anonymous said...

I look every day to see if you have posted anything, however I very seldom leave a comment. I doubt if it is possible for you or anyone else to make any type of statement without offending someone. Sometimes you can piss them off so much that they will start to look at themselves.(OMG)If you ever really, really feel that you must step on someones frog, you are welcome to step on mine, poor fellow has been dead for years now.Kind of nice though, when the frog died, I began to live.

Rob in WI said...

Skepticfrog y all,
Is there a bulletproof way to backup data? I don't know, but its an interesting subject. I use an external, portable hard drive, but know its subject to mechanical failure and magnetic fields (which can also corrupt memory cards and sticks). Reliability of CD/DVD begins with quality of manufacture, but is affected by temp and other physical conditions. Magnetic tape? Once threw a cassette into a magnetic parts tray (without malice), and messed it up real good.
Perhaps micro engraved tungsten tablets are the answer. Worked on that for awhile, but then realized; who will decrypt the code in the next millennium?
Some funning here, trying not to be snarky.
Be well, all, L. Rob

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

When I first got internet back in 1998 the web was awash with jokes. Now fifteen years later all the jokes have disappeared. I have an idea that TPTB (in their driven agenda to oppress the masses) don't like for people to laugh. So I just had the bright idea to post a joke. But first for some background info:

I live in Alabama and the two big rival colleges here are the University of Alabama (known as a richie-rich snob school that cranks out doctors and lawyers) and the University of Auburn (known as a redneck school that cranks out agriculture specialists, veterinarians, building science majors, etc.)

So, this Auburn graduate was holding his pet pig up over his head and letting it eat apples off an apple tree. Then this Alabama graduate comes walking by and sees this going on and he says: "Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you picked a bunch of apples off the tree and put them on the ground for the hog to eat?" To which the Auburn grad replied: "Yeah, but he likes doing it this way." Then the Alabama grad says: "But isn't it a bit time consuming to do it that way?" To which the Auburn grad replies: "What's time to a hog."

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff here, about the hidden hand that shaped history. Very interesting.

(Scroll down to view all the pictures - note Manly P. Hall's quote near the top of the page.):


Rabbit said...

Hi Les.

I don't do ego stroking. In fact I distrust anyone who indulges in it. I don't follow your blog directly but always know your work by title and usually come over to see what you're about today. I like your style and I trust your motives. To be honest though, I'm pretty well fixed spiritually, so whilst I enjoy finding the common threads of truth I have learned in your own inimitable prose, it isn't like i need anything in that regard, which is maybe why I'm immune to emotional reactions to it. You can bet those who start sweet and go sour are actually needy in this regard and you're just not giving them what they think they need. Not your fault, you owe them nothing and you cannot be expected to be guru to strangers of all creeds and colours., without even knowing most of them from any other collection of electrons on the net.

I agree with you that the credit for truth goes to the master of it, He whom we serve and I get embarrassed myself when people try to credit me for certain things around here too when it really wasn't anything and I did it because it was the best thing for me to do in the first place, not as some special favour to them. If anything at most you can thank Allah for using me to bring you this thing but for myself I do only what I feel I need to for myself. If that helps others sometimes, cool but I didn't do it for their accolades.

Ego is not a dirty word. (An Aussie can borrow from the Skyhooks) but it is better kept private. A self sustaining ego can be had with the right relationship with creation, and it is then impervious to others; assaults and for the most part, invisible too. Rock on Les, just be and the rest will follow, or not as their path dictates. I really don't want you to pay much attention to the ones who pander most, or those who slander either. Both are unstable audience members.

Wish I had the sort of money which allowed me to invest, I'd ask more, but as it is, I struggle to find the few thousand I need from season to season to invest in my factory, which is my only source of bread and butter, not to mention a few others who rely on me a little in this regard. When I see the sort of people who do have serious money in this world though, I don't see people I would want to be all the same. Somehow I don't think it is natural that good people would thrive in a bad system. I wish you the best anyway. Food always makes money and sweet food, is always gold, so it is quite possible you are on to something.

Visible said...

The ego is an essential item of life. I laugh to myself when people talk about getting rid of it, destroying it, what have you. To me it's all about refining the various elements. It's like the mind, for many people it is their worst enemy. For some it is their best friend It's like defining God. You do that and you are stuck with a rough, inefficient self created limitation. Then things don't work like they are meant to.

Anonymous said...


chocolate is in the air....

liz in l.a.

flyingcossack said...


if murderers dont want to be called murderers ... they dont need to manipulate other people into stopping to call them that ... they need to stop murdering

Alan Jong said...

"if murderers dont want to be called murderers ... they dont need to manipulate other people into stopping to call them that ... they need to stop murdering"

Absolutely, Murder is the result of polluted desire. Ambition can wreck, and corrupt desire absolutely. Desire, to desire always, is a reason to live, as far as I know. Anyway I am anticipating an eventual hybridization with the Sun. Most people desire Peace and freedom, and obviously this world is inverted.

As far as the speed of light goes, we've even been lied to about that, the visual cortex of your brain, has to read the colors in light at the speed of light for you to see them. we are the Children of the Sun. The soul of the Sun sometimes reveals itself in a rainbow; in fact every color in every hue, intensity, and saturation is carried in the light, if your brain wasn't able to process your visual field, at the speed in which light strikes the retinas, of your eyes, you would be blind. SO obviously there are processes in the Nature (physics) not bound to the speed of light.


Alan Jong said...

traAnyway My point in sharing that info about light, is that the assumption that nothing travels faster than the speed of light is obviously false. The only thing I agree with is nothing physical travels at that speed.

neal said...

Nothing physical in space travels at that speed. Physical in time, that is just what happens.

flyingcossack said...


when the magician stops fooling anyone, why would people still go to see him? ... its because he isnt a magic show, but a comedy

you adl jdl are a hoot ... thank you

Alan Jong said...

"The ego is an essential item of life. I laugh to myself when people talk about getting rid of it, destroying it, what have you. To me it's all about refining the various elements. It's like the mind, for many people it is their worst enemy. For some it is their best friend It's like defining God. You do that and you are stuck with a rough, inefficient self created limitation. Then things don't work like they are meant to."
I was getting ready to rest when I wrote the last reply which should have started at "Anyway".
The ego, is the consciousness, the you. One example I'll make again is related to sight, so light moving at 299 792 458 meters/second enters your eyes at that speed, to process your visual field, your mind keeps up with that speed. You're not actually conscious of the process, and in that visual field, things are also moving in an out of view depending where it is you are.

Just to manifest vision, your mind is working at the speed of light to stay relative in real time with your field of vision (your sight). You do all these things including breathing, without having to be in control of the process. In fact, in your individuated form, all those involuntary functions of your body and mind are occurring relative to only one thing, and that is Your Ego, which is You. You can become aware something greater is managing those things, through meditation, etc, but that is still you. The ego in the context of the way someone like Eckhart Tolle is describing it, is something you can never get rid of, unless, you focus to erase yourself from existence. What he has done is he moved your consciousness into awareness of the involuntary, but then proceeded with his own doctrine, which is a programming, brain washing of the same ego, that you can never part with(Being essentially you). When it comes to the Ego, and all the New Age indoctrination out in the world, simply be open to the idea it is mind control. In every moment you are creating your reality to some degree, and that is something I am totally in alignment with Visible about.


Ol' Red said...

Just be yourself as you always have. People who find value in what you have to say will. Those who don"t will keep trucking and the malicious, well you know what they say, it usually has something to do with flying. Keep it pushing.

zepheri said...

Hey les
Recently became equipped of the notion that sarcasm in polish jokes may be self evident. Any rendition of the pollack the pope or the african american will do but who sees witch with much ado.
roalut and

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Payback and Push Back from the Lip of the Crypt.

Anonymous said...

to commenter #18
forget positive/negative.

discern the false from the real.

two different flavors,

the Thinker contrasted by Awareness.

Awareness gives rise to Intuition, Spontaneity, and emotional detachment.

Physical multiverse is run amuck by Aberrant MIND within we mental patients.

Wisdom is Awareness and doesn't monkey mind.


Anonymous said...

How exciting, some finger wagging pontification. It's been awhile around here and the comments section hasn't been the same without it.

Alan Jong said...

"to commenter #18
forget positive/negative.
discern the false from the real.
two different flavors,
the Thinker contrasted by Awareness.
Awareness gives rise to Intuition, Spontaneity, and emotional detachment.
Physical multiverse is run amuck by Aberrant MIND within we mental patients.
Wisdom is Awareness and doesn't monkey mind.

Wisdom (subjective concepts), has the numeric value of Zero, its value though infinite, is relative to application. I've been placed at Rawson Neal which is a mental hospital here Las Vegas five times, three of those times, it was simply the villainy of people I lived with knowing they would get away with it. Handcuffed to a hospital bed, and forced to take medication that did nothing to stifle my awareness, but left Me unable to process thought in other words, a chemical lobotomy for a about 30 hours. On one of those occasions a 5.8 earthquake struck the East coast, and the only thing I heard was God whisper in my ear, saying this will never happen to you again, that was the only time I've ever actually heard the voice of God, except in lucid dreams, and it cut through whatever medication had been given to Me.


The last thing this world should do, is fuck with any of Gods Flowers.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Truth and Lies in a Material Culture.



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