Sunday, June 18, 2017

Transform your Depression and Despair into Transcendent Joy. Do it Today.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am surprised and not only because it happened (is happening) at all but because of certain elements of irony and synchronicity that have attended it. Some number of readers are seriously apprehensive, disturbed and observably suffering degrees of depression over... what?

I know the times are what they are and recent decades have been a trial for most of us because of the vibrational net of manufactured darkness that is pulsing with focused waves of negative emotions intended to transpose over our own and basically keep us in down states. I experience this myself and have been for awhile. Sometimes it's hard to keep it up- metaphorically speaking (grin) through the day as I feel the pulses that I know must be coming from somewhere and that I know are designed for the impact they have. It puts one in a Sisyphean mind set sometimes. You keep trying to roll up and you roll down and meanwhile they've greased the pathway for an added loss of incentive.

The general number for the demographics of response in all areas of back and forth- forums, advertising, comments sections is 2%. This seems to hold true across the board and so when I hear from a handful of people that they are feeling down or I get statements woven out of that 'all is lost' fabric or, 'it's only a matter of time'. It makes me wonder and it makes me concerned. I want to reassure you, each and every one ...and then I have to ask myself; “am I telling the truth?' I have to wonder if I am speaking out of an informed and stable awareness, attended by certitude, as something also more than faith or... am I just trying to cheer people up prior to their putting transgender cheerleaders in front of the crowds at NFL games to take over for me... heh heh. You may be sure that the LGBTQRSUVWXRSUVWX community is already hard at work on this.

It's a serious question; do I know what I am talking about or am I just trying to make you feel better, without having a solid basis for it? Well... in consideration of that being a serious question, I've been giving it a lot of thought. The truth of the matter is just as important to me as it is to you because I keep getting put through it too. The irony of the matter is that recently I was in a great deal of pain and that magnified the impact of the other upon me considerably. It caused me to act in ways I otherwise would not have done but strangely enough the result was ultimately very positive. People's feelings got hurt, this is true and I am sorry about that but I now know that it was generated to occur for precisely the results that came out of the whole affair and the Love between me and others has not changed and will only grow stronger in time. This I am certain of and... after some amount of reflection, I can confidently announce that I am certain about the other as well.

Surely... times may get rough and tumble and many people now present may, at some point, no longer be present... here. Possibly what Albert Pike said may... in one permutation or another come to pass. That link is not posted because of any affinity I have with the writer one way or another. I didn't even read it. It is there because what I wanted to reference is present there (I hope). I kinda feel like the attorney who got told, “Never ask a witness a question you don't already know the answer to.” It is now a courtroom staple because of what has happened more than once when an attorney did ask a question he didn't already know the answer to and wound up uncomfortably surprised and where it changed the course of the trial as well. This very thing happened several times at my own trial in Hawaii, where I was facing a mandatory 60 years. Tangentially I can say I understand what Samuel Johnson meant, a bit more than most; “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

Surely... some of us here, possibly many of us here, are going to suffer to some degree as a result of whatever is brewing in that witches cauldron (no offense meant to witches here- it's just in use as a image reference.). Nor is it meant as support either because I don't know what they are up to, individually and collectively. I guess, in many cases they are just like the rest of us except they filter through that template. Then I think to myself, I'm not like anyone else and then I think, in some ways I certainly am like others. The thing is, what makes each of us unique varies and sometimes has more importance attached to it than may generally be the case and “No.” I am not talking about myself here. I'm just speaking generally (grin).

Surely... there are episodes up the road... the general circumstances of them are in play. They are to be seen on the drafting board but they are incomplete and that is the way it is in life. Certain things are meant to come to pass but how they come to pass and the actual details of them remain incomplete up until the moment when they happen. This is that gray (would it be gray?) area where the nature and details of the completion of any episode relies on the contributions that WE make and what the ineffable has in mind as to what the teaching moment is meant to contain. It relies not only on what we do but what we do not do as well.

Surely... we are using 'surely' a bit much but we've got reasons, even if we don't know what they are. Yes... desperate hours may come, crisis points may occur and there will be watersheds and Waterloo's a time or two (good lines for part of a song; note to self). BUT... There is an ALMIGHTY GOD. There is a force for 'ultimate' good in the destiny of everything that cannot be opposed in any significant way, even if all the agents and elements of evil were all collectively focused on a single objective and had the Marshall amps turned up to 11. First off, evil, by its very nature, destroys itself. Giving some amount of analytical thought to the meaning of this will provide much fruit. So... I don't care how big and menacing the shadows become. I don't care what appearances might threaten. Everything comes to heel before the almighty. Let me include an understanding I once came to and which, along with a few others, has held me together through the most difficult of times; It says in the Bible, “at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.” Fundies take this to mean, 'my way or the highway'. The truth, as usual is otherwise, while still being true. One of the reasons that Understanding is held to be co-equal with Wisdom is that when it is properly employed one can come to awarenesses that are Revelation itself. The name Jesus comes from Yeshua... Joshua as well and the intrinsic meaning of the name is liberty, or freedom. So when it is said that “at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.” it means that before the icon and understanding of one's own liberty and freedom all knees shall bow.

Once again I am going to insert one of the most important things ever said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” Inscribe these words on your heart and employ their meaning to the limits of your ability and remember that this will also press those limits outward and inward to the limitless.

If you feel overwhelmed by appearances and the weakness of your own spirit, against the seeming of the evil in this world, repeat those lines to yourself and accompany them with, “If God is for me then who can be against me?” as well as, “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” Every time the agents of darkness seek to bring you down, repeat these words to yourself. Every time you feel like you are so small and that there is nothing you can do, or you are getting old and you feel what was your youth and your strength fading, remind yourself of what those words state and imply. Every time you feel alone and alienated, speak to the ineffable. What are the lines of that great Christian song?

“I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known.

(He speaks and the sound of His voice)
(Is so sweet the birds hush their singing)
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing.

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known....”

Remind yourself of the opportunity for this. Walk into the garden yourself; into the woods... the desert, the mountains or the seashore and talk to the ineffable. The ineffable will hear you. Surely... you know this? Take the time to step aside and out of the dream of your life at every necessary time, in every moment of need. Why are you so obsessed with doing it on your own? Where did that motivation come from? Where did you get the idea that you could handle these things yourself... on your own? It has been said from generation through generation by those appointed to remind us that we must RELY ON THE INEFFABLE. “Take up your cross and follow me.” What does that mean? Once again, some inquiry will bear much fruit.

Yes... on your own... surely, you will fail and therefore you have ample reason for doubt and depression and despair. This is the source and cause of why those of you who are feeling this way are feeling this way. Think about it. Neither of these are a guarantee that you will not suffer or that you will survive. In any case, how many of us who were here (reincarnation aside) a hundred years ago are still here? But... your suffering will be shared... your burdens will be lifted by the one whose strength and power are greater than everything else that ever has been or will be.

Include the ineffable in everything you do. Proceed as if the ineffable were acting through you at all times and carry yourself in the manner that this suggests. Love the ineffable and this unites you with the ineffable's love for you and that is exponential in potential and will actualize. Pass out of the prison house of your own self created confinement and into the freedom of the all pervasive love of the ineffable. There is nothing more I can say at this point.

End Transmission.......

Radio broadcast coming up this evening.


robert said...

Dear Visible,

Three sublime posts in a precious burst of passion!
We resonate with gratitude and love, along with your heart!

I see perfection every moment, passing through

I see the perfection in every moment, passing through the will with infinite feeling
When I reflect upon all the imperfections which I own, I wonder why such temporary things I possess!
When I rely upon what I have learned how to do, who to be, to pass unseen through death by zombie,
I doubt my act can ever be near enough to the perfection in which I live, to sing along without discordant sounds…
What is broken is my mirror, what is dirty is my lens, what is empty is my feeling of mounting joy.

How does a seed break through its limited shell allowing what will be to be, while its original truth plays out?
Greater is the will to live than my own will to be a self, separated from the greater portion of my being
Greater is the understanding within all Creation than my understanding of this self in a frame of limited time
Greater is the feeling growing ever outward from every Center, than my daily bread of feeling from a single heart

With our fear-stained hands in frozen death grip on the joystick controlling our attention span across time,
We miss making the moves which might make us see from another perspective and set us free to feel forever.
There is infinite boldness in the spirit which claims the Creator as Source and lays down limitation in simple wonder
True surrender trades away the right to doubt and resist the Truth moving through us, for the Self-less Self
To be more than our own constructions can ever make us and less of a drag upon the outflow of Creative Joy
To open our fear-crumpled awareness too wide for any limited thought or feeling to block the torrent of Life

All evil exists only in misguided resistance to the imperative of Life: to move more, to know more, to feel more
All illusions lean on columns of shadows, aligning with the seeming persistence of matter going nowhere but out
When we claim our birthright beyond the accident of temple building, we find the sovereign right to be free
We find that we were always free yet chose to be less than we know we are capable of being, to shirk our duty to Life!
Until we see that serving the little self, conforming to the heart-breaking ways of the world, takes us nowhere
We cling to the side of the lifeboat, certain that known misery is better than feelings we have never known

When faced with do or die, be or be no more, are we prepared to choose life in a full body embrace or fade to black again?

OneSpeed, brothers and sisters!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It also brings back memories when I was way more deluded than I am now regarding my so called 'past accomplishments'.

Note to you. When I key in Les Visible, origami, I get this:

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

Automatically send some system information and page content to Google to help detect dangerous apps and sites. Privacy policy


Back to safety.


Sounds like someone's afraid of you. ;O) In the url bar, I have 'Not Secure', ant the http has a line through it, and my tab says 'Privacy error'.

I find it amusing.

I also have something else to add. It seems like if you are aligned with the Universe. . .Source. . .what ever, if you ask IT for the right thing for the right reason, you always get your wish. Sometimes, the next day. I have a good track record on this; though I don't do it very often since I use ritual for focus, and that can be a pain in the butt when time is limited.

Unknown said...

Reading that , I am reminded of something...due to the shiver of kundalini running up my spine

Unknown said...

reading that has sent a tepid shiver of kundalini running up my spine

Visible said...

A new smoking Mirrors is up now-

Sanity and Madness and the Proximity of the Avatar.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Oh so beautifully put.

I suppose we should try to do it on our own as far as we can with the necessary Aid of the Twin Guides of Truth and Love.

Cleave to the Truth and nothing but, and God will meet you Halfway, whilst reserving the right to remain Immortal, Invisible.

Personally, I don't get nearly so irritated by the obviously Evil People as by the systematic replacement here in the UK of what used to be called The Culture by Unadulterated Leftard.

It is a saturation so complete that everybody either goes with it (because they are Sociopaths, basically) or say to themselves or each other (quite sensibly) f**k it, let's go to the Pub.

And then you watch a minute of Vladimir speaking - calmly , manfully, maturely, sanely - and recall how the Poet Roy Fuller had predicted and formulated his response to the approaching SSUK (Stupid Soviet of the United Kingdom) way back in the 1950s:

'Now that the barbarians have got as far as Picra,
And all the new music is written in the twelve tone scale,
And I am anyway approaching my fortieth birthday,
I will dissemble no longer.

I will stop expressing my belief in the rosy
Future of man, and accept the evidence
Of a couple of wretched wars and innumerable
Abortive revolutions.

I will cease to blame the stupidity of the slaves
Upon their masters and nurture, and will say,
Plainly, that they are enemies to culture,
Advancement and cleanliness.

From progressive organisations, from quarterlies
Devoted to daring verse, from membership of
Committees, from letters of various protest
I shall withdraw forthwith.

When they call me reactionary I shall smile
Secure in another dimension. When they say
'Cinna has ceased to matter' I shall know
How well I reflect the times.

The ruling class will think I am on their side
And make friendly overtures, but I shall retire
To the side furthest from Picra and write some poems
About the doom of the whole boiling.

Anyone happy in this age and place
Is daft or corrupt. Better to abdicate
From a material and spiritual terrain
Fit only for barbarians.'

(re: the last line - back then going East [Europe-wise] for such a Man, and as it was so constituted at that time, would have been unthinkable - now it appears the only option for the Sane, the True, the Humourous, the Gentle.

Namaste, kind Sir, and May God , and Amaterasu, and Aurora, and Osiris, and all those Wonderful Others of either Gender and All Fair Principalities Bless You and Yours in Anticipation of the New Golden Age -

Guy Reid-Brown

Alan,who else said...

Oh well that just made me burst out laughing!






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