Monday, August 10, 2020

"The Mack Daddy of Evil is Going to Give You One Sweet Ride in the Afterlife... NOT!"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We've been trying to make a particular point here for some time. There are any number of problems that rotate around that 'potential' body of understanding and getting the point, like space garbage; dead asteroids, tails of dirty comets, meteor storms and the sort of thing you can run into at any time, if you happen to be in outer space, as almost none of us are... but I am talking in a metaphorical, allegorical fashion, trying to use objective imagery to set the table for discussing subjective states of bondage that most people can't see their way out of because... well... because it is subjective. We try to use flights of imagination as a kind of algebra, to shoot around corners, in an attempt to get several points of perspective to ping off of each other and bada bada bing, light up the board with one of those flashes of illumination that tell you, for a moment, however briefly, that it's all connected and it all makes sense even when there is no sense but nonsense about it.

What I mean to say and... so far am not having much luck with is that however desirable certain outcomes may appear to be, to the twisted souls, temporarily permitted to wreak havoc on the rest of us, everything about what they are after is pointless, stupid and makes no sense, but this is not going to make sense to them because some large creature, older and far more evil than they has stomped their moral compass into something like what happens to one of Walter White's cellphones in a critical moment when he has to render it inoperable. The Mack Daddy of Evil has managed to convince his disturbed and deluded minions into thinking that their main objective is a sweet ride in the afterlife and it doesn't matter what they do here because they'll get sent to him in the aftermath and he is GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Everything you do and everything you get and whatever means to an end you employ to get it, ALL HAS TO BE PAID FOR. No matter who you are, this rule applies. EXCEPT WHERE GRACE INTRUDES. In certain cases, some souls are that crazy that it is worth it to them, regardless... and there is always a chance (in their dreams) that they can get around it when they have to. It's that Faustian mindset that never stops believing that there has to be an angle.

If the world and the intricacies of its operation was the way it sometimes (and often) looks and... it does seem that all kinds of evil people get away with all kinds of bad shit... well... maybe it really is like that. I know lots of good people who can't reason it out for themselves, due to a lack of faith because they are going by appearances, just like the people who manipulate them and both of them think there has to be something to it, besides simple deception endlessly applied. Hope and Faith are not the same thing, however people routinely confuse the two.

There is this idea... maybe it comes from sources like the trials of Job, where people have come to believe that The Devil and God constantly have wagers going, maybe because Eternity is a really long time when you have to fill the space with things to do. It is impressive, truly impressive what people have convinced themselves of, in order to justify their ambitions and objectives. Some people really believe that life is a crap-shoot and the answer is to use loaded dice. It's like that book by Trump; “The Art of the Deal” and how the whole schematic of business success is contingent on GETTING THE EDGE. They even have a thing about grabbing your elbow when they shake your hand because it conveys a subliminal sense of LEVERAGE. It's also a bit like Don Juan's 'place of power' in a room, or anywhere. It's like creating a fog around you, so as to confuse others. He goes into this whole thing in “Journey to Ixtlan” I don't subscribe to any of this horseshit (that doesn't mean it isn't real for those who know about it and don't have my restraint or values.) It's just not my thing. I am a simple servant, not a power broker and I don't ever want to be a power broker because of The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you want to destroy a country or a culture, the best approach is to do it from the inside, without having to raise an army somewhere else. What makes a culture strong? The Family Unit and Core Values. Ofttimes Religion is supposed to protect the one and teach the other. There is a reason why a certain group of people has been exiled from over a hundred countries over the course of this phase of history because they destroy the Family Unit (of everyone else) and incinerate the Core Values.

It is glaringly evident that the entertainment business, in all of its many facets, is deeply and relentlessly involved in destroying the moral fabric of this culture. When you can get the youth to ape the behavior of corrupt individuals, by celebrating their ugly behavior in their (snicker) ART, you have created a slippery slide into The Pit. There are a number of morally bankrupt skells presently at work and recently several of them, including one Cardi B and Megan the Stallion have created a rap video called WAP. It is an abbreviation for a disgusting term that they repeat over and over while portraying themselves as depraved sluts, which in fact they are. Following that, The Media is celebrating it far and wide, calling it genius and providing endless twits by fans going on and on about how cool it is. This sort of thing is replicating across the airwaves and video screens non stop. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS and it is NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. Sex is not a dark, evil, and depraved affair unless you make it so.

The push for late-term abortion. The constant glorification of Alt-Sex lifestyles. The promotion of all manner of debauched and degenerate behavior as not just a privilege but a right is packaged together with the Communist agenda, disguised as Socialism and lauded as a vehicle for greater and greater personal freedom, which at no time it has EVER provided anywhere it has been present ...but it has been the staging grounds for the worst mass murders the world has ever seen. These are ALL about the destruction and perversion of The Family Unit and the Moral State of the country. It is ALL about the ruination of The West and EVERYTHING it stands for. Do I sound like some Southern Baptist parent? I have no connection with that. I am only stating what SHOULD BE obvious. It is presently about as in your face as it can get.

There is not the slightest question in my mind of who is behind it all and who is behind them. It is as palpable as a handful of excrement to the face. Now... what is it that I am saying, besides the obvious?

What you are seeing is what appears every time a culture is in decline, shortly before the barbarians storm the landscape. I shouldn't call them barbarians. Probably the correct term is now, 'aggressively motivated entities for radical social transformation in the general interest'.

We are on the precipice of tremendous and in many cases, catastrophic change. It is going to come in sociopolitical forms and in Natural Calamities. It is NOT going to happen everywhere BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. This is not about people who have been held down too long seeking to get their slice of the pie and it is not about natural transformations of a cyclic order. It is an apocalypse whose PRIMARY intent is the testing of human souls to determine the future course of each individual and group. It is about seeing if anyone is ready, by seeing what they are willing to let go of, what they are willing to endure, and whether they are willing to change and transcend OR... who knows?

It is all as dramatic and world-changing as it appears because The Stakes are as high as they could possibly be. Each of you is in a position to make a Quantum Leap spiritually, or... to be sent back to The Wardrobe Department, to be fitted for lifetimes over a VERY LONG TERM of coming and going here in not very nice ways. As one can easily see, MOST PEOPLE are completely unaware that this is even happening. They haven't a clue about spiritual quantum leaps or The Cosmic Wardrobe Department. They had better get a clue! Unfortunately, all mention of this is being suppressed by those who are envisioning that sweet ride in the aftermath and as much as possible on the way there as well.

This is not speculation on my part. I know FOR A FACT about the Quantum Leap and The Wardrobe Department. How I know I have been at pains to explain here for some time. I have not been able to discuss everything that has come to my attention and some portion of that is not discuss-able. Too many of us spend far too much time trying to convince others of things we only wish, or hope might be true, instead of CONVINCING OURSELVES of what really happens to be true.

The objects in the mirror of the present REALLY ARE closer than they appear. How is it that when people see things happening right in front of them or presented to them through media devices at a distance, they do not accept that what they are seeing is what they are seeing? How is it that so few people are able to put two and two together? People are Fearful and that skewers their perceptions. People are hungry for all manner of things and that skewers their perceptions. People are in deep denial and that skewers their perceptions. People are captives in bondage to the smoke and mirrors of appearances and appearances are the fundamental deception in life. There is a good reason that people are told to look within, or that as a man thinketh so is he. There is a good reason that Self Inquiry is recommended as a basic survival skill but the point is lost somehow. I hope the point made here is not lost. It has not been lost on me.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just watched WAP. OK. That's the LAST thing I've EVER wanted to be known for. Good MGTOW ad. Well, I did like the cats and snakes, but. . . Great post, as always.

Anonymous said...

I read your recent postings and thought about what you had to say. Various thoughts came into my mind such as why not just ignore Hollywood and the media? It doesn’t help the average person and just makes them think the world is sick. The government and banks pulling all the currency out of the real economy so they can turn us all into debt serfs where they are the only masters, is just not going to work on so many levels. Their days are numbered and its not a big number. Handing out coupons and telling us that depravity is the new normal just aint gonna cut it either. What’s their goal you may ask, to feed like parasites is all and increase their numbers. To tell us we have no future without them is beyond ludicrous. And anyone who believes their spew is simply too mentally deficient to worry about. There is an infestation, and it needs eradication. I think the day of reckoning is coming, perhaps like a thief in the night who knows. I’m not a bible pumper but I do marvel at the wisdom contained within its words. The one and only creator gave us a place in the creation, we need to calm down and find out where we belong in it. There is a lot of trouble coming, best be spiritually prepared.
There wont be any signs in the heavens or wonders to behold, prophesy tells us that much. Some people will have dreams others maybe insights but as sure as grass is green trouble on a scale never witnessed before is going to come our way. Fake money, fake government, fake media, fake stories, fake tits, even fake gods and heros, fake religions, fake science, fake shortages, fake culture all lead to the same place, Hollywood. They create fakeness for sheeple to consume as though it were food.
We need to rid ourselves of the parasites that have infested our world, our minds, and our economy but that is going to cost a lot of lives. Next time around if indeed there is another next time we better be more vigilant.
‘Because you had that gold
your fortune was such
that you were able to escape the worst of ruins clutch,
Keep it, save it and remember how it proved true
as things you thought secure slipped from under you’.

They hate gold because it never goes away and never goes to zero.  It holds monetary value intrinsically, without the imprimatur of a sovereign or government. Gold does not need the state or its bankers to operate as money, because individuals choose it as money on the market century after century.
BTW, they hate the Creator too.

Ray B. said...

I blame you, Vis (grin). You were the one who 'introduced' me to Angels. What follows is all your fault... (and mostly cool)

First, a review of down-shifting. This is where 'something' is occurring outside (usually above) of your ability to directly comprehend it. Normally, the brain just shunts-it--aside, or it is only 'felt'. To get around this limitation, you can make an agreement with a Being of that level to 'translate' what is really happening into a close-as-possible facsimile which is discernible to you. (Close-as-possible at least on a symbolic level.) So, at least you get something 'close', rather than nothing...

Not long ago, Higher Self and I had some free time. On a whim, I wanted to 'repay' the kindness of an Angel who had helped us with several Cleanings (actually, it had done most of it). So, I told it that it could do whatever it wanted, using HS and I as ways to hold space (i.e., to enable it to 'get down' to levels which it could not easily reach).

Soon, three similar 'events' occurred, one after the other. (Note that there were three points-of-view here: this Being, HS, and Ray.) In a down-shifted version of what really happened, this Being kicked a Baddie very hard in the balls. HS watched and approved. Ray was absolutely, overwhelmingly paralyzed with fear (each time). I do not know Who/What was really there, but Ray got enough of a 'side-view' that he was climbing-the-walls terrified. The Angel was not fazed in the least. And three fairly-high-level Baddies got kicked in the balls (an unexpected down-shift of 'something').

(Typically, Ray does not get any kind of 'view' of who is being Cleaned. I had wondered if I was being protected from unnecessary trauma. Well, now I know...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Aye, it is truly a conundrum.

People actually seem to want it like it is, to a large extent - as mad as that is. They really do not know any better.

I suppose that is why all masters have centered on a positive message of Love and Light - to draw people to God by their own free will, by spiritual attraction.

The fire and brimstone is also there, but it is secondary - but by heavens, the delusion is strong! No wonder that some of the old-time prophets had to speak with thunder in their voices!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

“In My Father's House are Many Mansions. If it Were Not True, I Would not Have Told You So.”

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fine wine, Visible. I guzzled it! Thank you, sir!



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