Friday, August 07, 2020

"They're Stuck in Pedophilia with the Ritually Sacrificed Children and the Satanic Adrenachrome Blues Again."

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Ah well... I did not want to write another post today. I've been lagging in the music recording efforts and I feel compelled to get as much of that done as I can BUT... I guess it will have to be put aside yet again for a short time.

Yesterday, I mentioned that NOTHING bad happens in the Middle East that is not SOMEHOW connected to a particular country that I consider to be The Kingdom of Satan on Earth. No one is going to change my mind about that. The evidence is OVERWHELMING. Today I provide you with commentary from several sources and you can judge for yourself. First, we have the exceptional perspective of Lasha Darkmoon. Then we have the insights of Thierry Meyssan. Then there is the front page of Veteran's Today. There you will find several commentaries upon the attack in Beirut.

For me, it took almost no thought. As soon as I saw the video I said to myself, “They did it.” I follow the maxim of Cui Bono most of the time. I adhere to it because in 99% of the cases, it leads me to the truth of the matter. I wish I were a more indifferent sort sometimes. I gain no great personal advantages from saying what I say, based on seeing what I see, concerning this particular subject; figuratively and literally as well as in hyper-sense. For whatever the reason, I came here to do what I do. There are a great many perspectives on the value of what I do. I suspect there are very few who can challenge the validity of what I say. Sure, one can scream and yell and stamp their feet and point the finger, BUT... it changes nothing.

I do not say things hoping for them to be true, or sensationalizing and predicting events that I hope people will forget my involvement in later on. I try to take a calm and measured approach and I study and research deeply before I present my position. I dislike, I extremely dislike having to backtrack or engage in Mea Culpa. It is always better to have a firm foundation. Of course, there are those who object passionately to what I say on occasion because they don't like hearing it. Not wishing to hear something is... IN NO WAY... a convincing rebuttal. You're left with letting the chips fall where they may.

In recent years I have mostly stepped away from sociopolitical commentary, except for examples gathered for contrast and coloration, because 'the world is the world is the world'. My love of The Divine is very deep. It absolutely dominates my existence these days. It gets stronger and more present with every passing day and there is no indication that this will change. God is the supreme reality; as far as I am concerned; THE ONLY REALITY ...and I spend as much time as I can manage to acquire, seeking to come into harmonic accord with God. I care less and less about anything else. Everything else leaves me restless until I can return to my all-consuming passion.

Unfortunately... for whatever the reason, I was motivated to address the preceding issue BUT I have no more to say on the matter. The Ineffable is going to handle all of that.

Another consideration has also come to my attention and I feel like I had better speak my mind on that account and be done with it. More and more we are hearing about Adrenochrome and the powerful. We hear about Spirit Cooking, Satanism, and related issues. I hear, routinely, that Tom Hanks is a pedo and that Billy Ray Cyrus is a Satanist. Certainly, a case can be made for Kanye and the Kardashians, Jay-Z, and others where Satanism is concerned. Satanism is VERY BIG in Hollywood, always has been. So is pedophilia. The thing about Satanism, in brief, is that it is dedicated to offending God. The whole point of Satanism is to direct a middle finger at the heavens and scream imprecations and commit 'certain offenses' that are contrary to human decency. We know that these forms of behavior have existed for a very long time. What we do not often get an insight on is; WHY?

Here is why... in order to attract specific demonic forces and receive the material benefits that they can provide, it is NECESSARY to commit certain outrages. You have to FEED THE BEAST. Think of it as an experiential highway, a sort of reversed Stations of the Cross, like spitting on the host, wearing upside-down crosses; most especially violating innocence! Then there is saying the Lord's Prayer backwards (which may only be silly) and sundry counterpoints to normal ritual in established traditions. Some of these are fantasy transgressions; the sort of things you would see in a bad horror movie. It's all about reversals on religious rituals. The Kundalini force is awakened when one EFFECTIVELY reverses the sexual force upwards. The result is spiritual illumination and attaining the Godhead. As a result, Satanists work with reversing the kundalini and anal sex is one of the more effective activities one can engage in to bring about magical power of a darker sort. This is all VERY REAL, in case you were wondering about that.

Just as there is a hierarchy in the Celestial Realm, there is a hierarchy in the Infernal Kingdom. If you are going to Hell, and some people are bound and determined to do so, conventional wisdom says that you want to be a good distance on in the pecking order, otherwise you are the one getting pecked. You want to be behind the flaming velvet ropes in the VIP section and determined practitioners will DO ANYTHING to accomplish this. Unfortunately for them, The Devil is a pathological liar. You can count on that and his promises are not to be counted on whatsoever. I'm not saying that there are not those who do wind up ruling in Hell, as opposed to serving in Heaven. I'm saying that any guarantees you think you may have, might not be worth the human skin they are written on.

To my point, there is this fellow here who talks a good game about The Dark Side.

However, there is always a backside to the story BUT most people don't bother to look beyond whether or not whoever they are listening to is saying what they want to hear. Concerning the fellow, Sacha Stone, in that video, there are OTHER takes on who he is and what he gets up to. There's not just the one source on this, there are many other perspectives to be found. I'm only going to give you three links and this is the last of the series.

Am I supposed to think that where there's smoke, especially where there is a WHOLE LOT OF SMOKE that it invalidates what he had to say in that first link? No... well... I can think what I like but for me... for me, just because a person may be seriously questionable and morally bankrupt, it doesn't mean they are not telling the truth on occasion.

Here is the crux of the matter, the point of why I brought this up and in my usual circumnavigating and convoluted fashion am taking my own sweet time getting around to. For years I have been hearing about Adrenochrome. I've been hearing about (insert famous name here) this guy and that guy and this woman being Satanists and pedophiles and Adrenochrome junkies; like Celine Dion, who now looks like and acts like someone who got bushwhacked by aliens and then badly refabricated in a Ukrainian Cloning Bed. HOWEVER... however, I have yet to see any Adrenachrome, or a Dark Web video on the manufacture of it. I have yet to see certain oft-maligned (and possibly justifiably so) celebrities get caught out- in this day of instant cellphone camera capture AND KEEPING IN MIND that there is no honor among acolytes of Satanic behavior. I have NO FREAKING EVIDENCE of any kind.

I am SURE that these things go on AND WORSE... likely MUCH WORSE, but UNTIL I KNOW, I am not going to say. These days too many people have opinions without any proof, yet they insist they are right. I've run across people who have accused nearly every public figure from the last several hundred years of being, Illuminati, or a reptile, or this that or the other thing BUT I DON'T KNOW and that is all I can truthfully say. Wild accusations are flying around like clots of mashed potatoes at a cafeteria food fight. People slander and accuse others at will, with no proof! As for that country I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I HAVE PLENTY OF PROOF. I often wish I didn't. It has done me nothing but harm to be responsible for what I do know.

The day is coming, my friends and IT IS NOT FAR OFF when Mr. Apocalypse is going to get heavy and hard in ways many of us never previously imagined were possible. Why are THEY so frantic in these times? Why is there such an urgency to corrupt humanity and spread chaos and confusion in all directions? THEY KNOW that HE is on the way. They can feel it and besides, their super sensory department has people who can look into the future just like the good guys do. Right now it is all about getting the best seat, the best position in the pecking order for a seriously long time, coming in the aftermath of what is soon to be upon us. They have been promised all sorts of goodies for their efforts. As I said, the one promising them is a liar and also the face God uses to communicate with the wicked. There is ONLY ONE FORCE and ONLY one supreme being regardless of whatever mask you have decided is his real face.

I don't know who is or who is not on Adrenochrome. I don't know, for certain, who is attending Satanic Masses, or is diddling little kids. I have my suspicions but I despise Slander. Diabolus means 'slanderer', 'accuser', 'defamer'. That should tell you plenty. I take a dim view of wild-eyed claims that insist so and so is this or that. I am sincerely trying to be a better person. I don't have time or inclination for anything else anymore. I just want to serve productively and forget myself, lose myself entirely in the act of it. Most everything else, to me, looks like a colossal waste of time. I often wish I know now what I didn't know then but I remind myself often of what Lord Krishna said, “Success is speedy for the energetic.” God Bless you One and All.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Visible said...

This looks pretty conclusive

Anonymous said...

Life wins anyway.

Ray B. said...

Vis: “However, there is always a backside to the story...”

I saw what you did there... *grin*
Vis: “As soon as I saw the video I said to myself, 'They did it.'”

Personally, I take a wider view in determining probable guilt. If someone has a modus operandi for certain crimes and the current situation fits the bill, then it probably is another 'op' of the perps...

Take a look at the Middle East of the 60s/70s. Israel was alone (besides the US) in facing a massive alignment of Arab powers. In the decades since then, those powers have been 'picked off', one by one. Some, like Egypt and Jordan, have been bought off or compromised. (Saudi Arabia is likely one of these.) Others, like Syria, Iraq, and Libya, have been destroyed by internal or external (planned) strife. Lebanon has been chewed up and spat out several times. They are barely above a failed state. The only 'untouched country' has been Israel. All of the above has been to Israeli benefit. So, they (or the Powers behind them) are the likely culprits. Cui Bono, indeed...

So, even if the exact details are still unclear, "Who Benefits" from the massive destruction in Beirut? Yeah, I thought so, too...
Around adrenochrome, I am not too sure. There may be a conflating of the physical and the metaphysical here. Blood is just cells. However, there is Life Energy...

One time, I was given a glass of just-juiced wheat grass. Literally just-juiced, seconds before. There was a 'fizzing' of Life Energy in those cells. It felt like I was 'watching' an old Fizzies tablet bubbling off. And, it did give an energy-jolt when swallowed - in addition to tasting bad. A few minutes later, the undrunk wheat grass glasses no longer were fizzing. The Life Energy had gone Somewhere Else. (I had mixed feelings about killing the wheat grass to get their Life Energy. It felt a bit vampire-ish. I may have to ask all-God about the 'ethics' of that...)

So, I suspect the adrenochrome junkies, if real, were getting only chemicals, not Life Energy - unless they were lined-up at the actual scene...
On the other hand, I have felt Life Energy being passed-down willingly from Higher Beings. When I asked the givers whether they were being 'depleted', they said no. Apparently, there is a direct "bucket brigade" of energy being passed-down from higher to lower, all the way from all-God. I much prefer getting Life Energy from volunteers, when I am not getting it directly from Source...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Hereticdrummer said...

Very true VIS, I'm sure you're aware of this jailhouse maxim from your time, "inside". I was reading the memoirs of a notorious black prisoner many years ago. Some one in his crew wanted to "cap" another prisoner for being a snitch. The guy I was reading about, and the head of that particular crew, refused to authorize the hit. Even though it seemed likely the target was a snitch, there was no definitive evidence. He said, "When you put the snitch jacket on someone you'd better damn well be right. Not just reasonably sure, because the penalty is always death." - (quote/paraphrase).

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

"God is the supreme reality; as far as I am concerned; THE ONLY REALITY ...and I spend as much time as I can manage to acquire, seeking to come into harmonic accord with God"

There is no One else....

Once we grasp a piece of that comprehension, there is nothing else worth doing than to learn to be and act in harmony with the only relationship that persists, between the Created and beloved fractal consciousness and the Creator.

At first, it seems extremely austere and then it becomes clear that the possibilities for learning are infinite, like the promise of human love, only sustainable!

When we practice human love, loving through all appearances aiming at the Source, we love much better!

In a less mind controlled world, we would KNOW this and feel the common sense we had as children that underneath appearances, we all share the same heart.

If we have been blessed and gifted with this insight early enough in life to practice it long enough, our lives become overflowing with the joy of creating love, not fear, wherever our consciousness shines!

Even now, there is time enough to choose love in every conscious moment, as the contrast between self-limited and Unlimited grows greater than human nervous systems can ignore without dissolution.

We are ring side at the planetary awakening, resisted desperately by the usual parasitical mindsets. Practice our love power daily or succumb to fear porn: choose wisely!

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

"Dissonance and Dissidence are the Harmony Voices that Accompany the Siren Songs of Evil."



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