Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wild Forces and Wild Times

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'May your noses always be cold and wet.'

Australia has been getting hammered. The scenes from Queensland are shocking and the devastation is immense. Now there comes a cyclone with winds over 200 kph and the promise of as much as 3 feet of water along the tourist coast. It is of such a power and fury that they say it may travel as much as 600 miles inland. As I’ve been saying, Mother Nature is on the move and soon to appear in locations around the world. My heart goes out to the people of Australia; a big and wild land, hosting the biggest and wildest force known on the planet. Meanwhile, storms march across the continental U.S.

We’ve yet to get one of the big volcano outbursts that are coming so, things remain relatively sane, which is not sane at all but consistent in its madness enough to be predictable and therefore, seemingly rational, when things are not. Things are not at all sane or rational.

These last days I’ve been reflecting on the madness of those in power. History tells the distorted and revised tales of what has gone before. Though history has been altered to serve the needs of those manipulating it for present and future gain, there is still more than enough to serve as lessons for the endless lines of fools who want to follow in their footsteps. What is it that endures to this present day that makes it so easy for people to lie, steal, cheat and murder for personal gain and position?

It’s not so different from a thousand years ago. This predatory scheming and jockeying for position just goes on and on and on. The population rises up against its leaders and the leaders go through the same disingenuous motions of shuffling their cabinet and stonewalling the public. Their relatives slip off to the country, whose meddlesome ways kept the dictator in power and offers of asylum come in from the biggest enemy of that country; the country their leader was in office to protect them from. Israel is offering asylum to Mubarak? The Palestinian leadership is revealed as traitors, working for the psychopaths who are genociding them? There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.

We had the Magna Carta in 1215 and that was supposed to usher in a whole new understanding between royalty and those below them. Now the bankers have placed the crown on their own heads and the corporations have become the system that institutes the rules and regulations of behavior. They told the Supreme Court that they were running things now and the Supreme Court said. “Sure, go right ahead.” The insidious neo-Pharisees have taken near total control of the United States and all the rest of the Crown Colonies. It’s right there to be seen but it is officially not true and some portion of the people who can see it are saying that this group and these individuals, are being manipulated and operated by people and forces we can’t see but who represent the real power. Does it matter? If you eliminate the medium, then the darkness has no mechanism for delivery. All evil proceeds from one source, through millions of delivery systems.

It seems to me that certain people are blinded, by themselves or some force, so that they can carry on as they do with no hesitation or remorse. We’ve heard of an internet kill switch. I’m thinking there is also a humanity kill switch that is thrown internally and which cuts off access to the human qualities. I’m not sure at what point the switch gets thrown. Sometimes it seems that it might be thrown in the womb or early childhood. Maybe it occurs at a later day, during that first semester at Wharton or in the first year at the bank. At a certain point, the decision has to be made. I will treat others as I wish to be treated or, I will do what is expedient and have no concern about the human cost. It’s a simple matter, you fail as a human being or you fail at the needs of business and self interest for profit.

This is the hallmark of materialism, in this age of materialism. The choice is upon us all, each and every day. Do we aspire to the dictates of our higher nature, knowing that it entails continuous sacrifice in the process or, do we do what they tell us to do on TV and in the movies, where no mention of the invisible is ever given out, except when it happens to be a horror movie or some cobbled together, unintentional satire on the occult and metaphysical; where the world is only what is seen, unless it’s some absurd mockery of somewhere they’re never been, dolled up like an outer space, Burger King.

That’s all going to change now. Longstanding notes are coming due. The foreclosures on the physical level are going to start to result in spiritual foreclosures, where you get aced out of future possibilities, because you closed yourself off inside from the higher end of your potential. This all comes about because of the corporate mindset. Corporations are the poster boy for mindless materialism, to the exclusion of any and all other motivations.

A corporation is a cabal of conspirators, whose motivation is maximum profit for the shareholders. The excuse given by the boards of directors and those serving in the corporate hierarchy, is that they serve the needs of the stockholders and that, in this dog eat dog world, they have to pursue every innovation and cut every corner in order to meet the needs of the holiest of the holy, the stockholders. The idea is that they are the most selfless of servants, laboring for the benefit of others, who are defined as representatives of the bedrock of society; ordinary citizens seeking to invest in the dream of a better life for all. The truth is that most of those stockholders are not ordinary citizens but just more of the elite cyborgs who are milking the conglomerate tit.

Everywhere you turn now, the world is being manhandled into fascist policies of operation, whose object is a universal prison system that is manipulated by faceless goons, according to an unshakeable policy for the repression and regimentation of the human spirit. The idea is an insane, backstabbing scramble for the higher positions in order to be in the executive seats and free from the directives that flow down upon the oppressed masses. No one is responsible for the bad chemicals and lingering deaths. No one is responsible for the profits at the expense of quality and durability. No one is responsible for the loss of jobs and the disappearing manufacturing base. No one is responsible for anything, it’s just business as usual and if you don’t like it, you are a traitor to your country and to the spirit that made your country great.

The more the corporate schematic is overlaid upon the natural order of things, the more unnatural everything becomes. This applies across the board into every area of life and is reflected in the state of the culture. The rights of tiny minorities are blown out of proportion into social imperatives, while the rights of the majority are crushed beneath the hobnailed boots of progress, whose purpose is to create two separate worlds; those who rule and those who are ruled over. All of this is reflected in the degree of material gain, on the one hand and in the loss of what one previously owned, on the other. It’s there in black and white. Foreclosure lawyers are now suing against the possibility of having to operate legitimately and without any irony attendant, except among the victims.

It can’t go on as it is going. It can’t function this way for any great length of time. The wheels will heat up from the lack of lubrication. The disparity, in wealth and privilege, invariably forces revolution upon everyone. It’s not a workable system. It’s a feeding frenzy, where greed and appetite have overcome all of the resistances of good sense and natural restraint. It’s that stage of insanity where some form of creative suicide becomes the logical next step and they can’t see it. Something has closed their eyes to the clear evidence of where all this bad behavior leads. Just before the train hits the wall, or the other train coming toward them on the tracks, hits them head on, they are going to step off and all will be well. They’re all going to retire and move to Dubai, on to one of those exclusive islands that are sinking back into the sea. More money will fix that too.

I can’t say it often enough and I can’t say it with enough force to match the actual, critical imminence of the condition in the mirror; that object which is closer than it appears. It all looks normal, outside your window, there in the streets below and it can become Cairo (or much worse) in the space of an afternoon nap. You don’t have to go to sleep to have a nightmare. You can wake up right inside of one.

The thing to remember is that the system cannot sustain itself. It cannot endure as what it is. The principles and components are unsound. It’s like a Ponzi scheme. It can only operate for a certain period of time before it won’t work any more. You are inside of the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time. That clock is not going to ‘keep on tickin’ but someone is going to get a lickin.

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DaveS said...

Another in a long line of truths you've written down and have freely shared.


wv: pastamil... the PTB want to use the masses as the raw material in their new pastamil.

FeelingTheWoo said...

Excellent post Les...thank you for the narration of these incredible times. There is so much to comment on, but just want to say that craziness in Egypt has gone completely off the map.
It's interesting that Mubarak gave concession and said he would leave in Sept., Obama says the people should decide for themselves, the military says they will not fire on citizens which gives the impression that they are with the protesters....then...dun du du duunn...the "pro-government" supporters enter the picture. The square is full of 2 armies of protesters (one of which is obviously full of provocatueurs and paid protesters....maybe both sides)...and now there are some pros charging the antis on freakin' camels and horseback...all while the military fulfills their promise to do nothing..and Obama´s wish that the people decide for themselves is played out in the square as they brutalize each other! Now of course the military and the government have the perfect excuse to send everyone home, use their orders of shoot to kill for those who break martial law and put a new regime into place. Unbelievable...on camelback. Well I guess that's what they have in those parts.
Pray for Australia, they are going to be battered with a force 5 on top of already heavy flooding. and pray for the world, who knows who's going to get it next. Forgive me for the commentary that you can get yourself from anywhere, but if watching those camels come in and fall wasn't an apocalyptic scene...I can't help but wonder if this could be the beginning of a civil war for them.

Josh said...

Haven't read the entire post yet, the first paragraph grabbed me. I don't doubt that Mother Nature is on the move, but I also think it's very possible the dark cabal is creating these destructive weather systems with some sort of weather modification technology. Like take for instance the massive snowstorms that CNN predicted yesterday to move across the US. I'll say up front though that I live on the East Coast and haven't checked the weather for the Continental US so I don't know if these storms have actually taken place yet or how bad they are. But anyway, is it really just a coincidence that this came at the same time as the uprising that is taking place in Egypt and the Middle East? Is it really Old Man Winter or is it a man-made distraction by the dark cabal to direct the American people's mind away from the uprising and onto other things? If the elite are losing their grip I'm sure this could be another trick up their sleeve they use to direct people's attention away from any displays of unity and popular revolt by the common people. Also Les just said that Australia is bracing for another massive hit. Isn't Australia reeling from massive floods and other weather related destruction that took place recently? And now here comes more? It's just like a psychopath to add insult to injury. This weather phenomena could be "natural", or they could be techniques by the elite to create as much havoc, disorder, and despair as possible across the globe. Just wanted to put this out there. Flood

Anonymous said...

Clear and sober post Les.

Al Jazeera did a fantastic job of capturing the Egyptian zeitgeist yesterday. Thank you for the link.

Jeff Rense isn't covering the rebirth of Egypt - wonder why.

Greetings, Mouser

kikz said...

well, we just went thru (what we now know) our first 15min rolling blackout. it's a balmy 12F here north of dallas, texASS.

apparently this is the new normal til temps come up, possibly sometime fri.
we've been advised to shut down non essential ele eqpt.

you can damn well bet, the super bowl won't experience them......

good luck to y'all. see y'all after the thaw.

my heart goes out to oz... having lived thru Camille in '69 and Fredric in '79, cat 5 cat 3 respectively..
they are in for a double whammy post floods.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Kitten has been having nightmares about zombies.
The SOTTC has some hint as to what that may be about.
The TV this morning was doing “Meet the new Boss” and showing the puppet OB making a funny, in a rebroadcast later they have now added a laugh track.

Keeping my nose cold and wet, and I’ll get through Manly’s book yet.


Noguru said...

I vote for this one as one of your best to go into your new book. The collective quantum wave collapse is taking place and humanity is about to decide if it's going to follow the path of lies and be smashed to bits or the path of enlightenment. It sure is a roller coaster ride. I view the Mayan's 2012 date as the closing of the window for that decision - and not making the decision is a decision, a decision to follow the path of lies. All these disasters are the alarm bells going off.

Sandcat said...

From Cairo:
It is the first day we have internet. We are still under curfew 3pm - 7 am.

There are 2 military tanks sitting at either end of my street. There are also roadblocks manned by vigilante groups. At present the military appear to be with the people but no-one knows when or how that could change.

The Pro-mubarak protestors currently charging the protestors are police thugs. THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE ACCESS TO HORSES INSIDE CAIRO (AND WHO KNOW HOW TO CHARGE ON HORSEBACK INTO A CROWD) ARE THE POLICE!!

After the police "disappeared", miraculously, and apparently spontanoeusly, people set up vigilante groups and a roadblock system to police and protect their communities and property. All cars are stopped. If you ask any of them who they are searching for, they will all tell you "undercover police". They know who the thugs,and looters are that are terrorising our neighbourhoods, and who is behind the effort to delegitimise the protest.

Today apparently 3 planeloads of unidentified chemical dispersants (teargas?? white phosphorous?)has arrived from Israel in Menya,(near Cairo).

I live here in Cairo (im not Egyptian) and want to tell you that today I am so utterly proud of the Egyptians, of their incredible courage and determination, and I feel so totally priveliged to watch the battered and downtrodden Egyptian people stand up and take back their street, their country, their lives and their future.They deserve every ounce of your support for they are fighting in the front lines of a battle THAT YOU WILL BE FIGHTING TOMORROW!
Be with us in your thoughts on Friday. We have reason to beleive that teargas, snipers or worse will be used to break up the demonstrations and create mayhem.
I have no words to describe what I have seen and the incredible shift that is taking place and this is not by any means my first experience in a conflict zone.
This is totally different - this it a profound awakening of humanity and the beginning of an unfolding drama of which we are all part and to which we are intimately linked.

Pstonie said...

Absolutely amazing note, Sandcat. I got goosebumps all the way past the roadblocks for undercover pigs. Their sense of community will be an example for generations to come.

If the ptw drop WP on the protesters it will be OVER for them.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Hopefully that will mean an end to a complicity in the mass murder of some 40 BILLION innocent animals each and every year after year after year.

Or perhaps at least a beginning of a realization of how not only wrong this is but how huge the karmic reaction of this demonic practice is.

Or shall we carry on with the same disease(s) that got us here while trying to be cured of them at the same time.

That's a definition of insanity.

Anonymous said...

willow wind breathe
bow makers rain
thunder bolt rise
summer shine ray
indigo fair
farmer palms green
charge a wild river
free seven dreams
beam inner out
up upper way
pounding integrity
intensity sway
play on a humm
evergreen grow
blow of in summer
energize flow


Anonymous said...

"A corporation is a cabal of conspirators, whose motivation is maximum profit for the shareholders"

I rarely disagree with what you have to say but the above statement while somewhat true historically is complete and utter bullshit today. In many large corporations the chairman of the board of directors is the CEO of the company. The board is generously compensated for what little they do and looking out for the best interest of the stockholders is of no great concern. What happened to Enron's stockholders, World Com, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and a thousand+ more? They had boards. The board and the rest of corporate big wigs are in a unique position to profit from inside information. Don't tell me it is illegal, it is a national pastime for these individuals. Modern corporations are nothing more than a piggy bank for corporate insiders. Imagine paying a CEO tens of millions of dollars while his corporation is being run into the ground. Nobody is worth that much compensation even under the best of circumstances. I could write you a book but nuff said.


Visible said...

Fud, go back and read that section again and you will see that I pretty much am saying the same thing. Sheesh.

Visible said...

"The truth is that most of those stockholders are not ordinary citizens but just more of the elite cyborgs who are milking the conglomerate tit."

Anonymous said...

Not exactly the same thing Les but I'm sure you have it figured out. I've followed the markets for over thirty years and this stockholder/board of directors thing is a sticking point with me. It's a big fucken joke. Just reminded me of the bullshit they teach you in business school. Sometimes I think I would like to go back to college just to see if they have changed their tune, but I don't have the 20,000 grand a year to waste on tuition. Back when I went to college tuition was around $100 a semester.

With all the writing you do it's a miracle you can be so consistently accurate on such a variety of subjects. No offense intended.


Anonymous said...

Ben Ali—the dictator of Tunisia, became president for life in 1987, held a series of ‘elections’ in which he never won less than 90% of the vote.

Ben Ali, the man who looted his own country, set up Swiss bank accounts for his family, and lived opulently amid the squalor of his own people. Ben Ali, the “friend” of the West, key American ally in the ‘war on terror’ that is in reality a war on Islam.


Anonymous said...

"....elite cyborgs who are milking the conglomerate tit"

Very true Les, and with the benefit of inside information they know the best time to unload to the suckers and when to go short. With exchange traded options they get more bang for the buck. They can hedge their longs. Ever notice that before there is a tender offer for a stock the call option volume goes through the roof. The SEC should watch for this. HA HA HA wink. I remember when Enron stock was dropping like a turd in a well the honchos bailed and Enron employees who had company stock in their 401k or ESOP were prevented from selling. They could have got around this by shorting Enron or buying puts but I doubt many of them were aware of this or had the money to do it. Using this strategy would have resulted in a short term capital gain but better to pay the tax than loose everything like so many of them did.


Visible said...

Well thanks Fud but that is what I meant to say, even if I wasn't as crisp and clear as I meant to be. The idea of small stockholders having a piece in the say and being the motivation for all that 'selfless industry' is a lie. It's like with Goldman Sachs propping up the stock market by being responsible for most of the trading on the exchange. Anyway, I know what I thought I was saying but the result was not as clear as it should have been. The fact of a disclaimer should indicate I had something like that in mind.

Raven said...

"The truth is that most of those stockholders are not ordinary citizens but just more of the elite cyborgs who are milking the conglomerate tit."

Quite a visual there Les, but as usual right on the money. Wish they would suck it dry already...

Mt. Shinmoe erupts again...anagram that to Emoshin and thats the energy of 2011, another message from Mother Gaia.

Yasi~catagory 5 cyclone hitting Queensland= I say backwards translates to Gaia says.... The Queen of Heaven is awakening, on heat and wanting to be penitrated by the mind of her consort...the Logos...the days of her virginity are numbered.

The PTB may be able to control the global economic agenda but they have no freaking concept of Mother Gaia's agenda...can anyone tame a bitch in heat?

All of this is forcing the serpents from their holes...this false beast must be seen for what it is... weaned from that tit of corporate greed and replaced by the milk of truth.

8The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

Isaiah 44:9
They that make a graven image are all of them vanity; and their delectable things shall not profit; and they are their own witnesses; they see not, nor know; that they may be ashamed.

Isaiah 49:26
And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.

Visible said...

The new and improved Smoking Mirrors site is now online- Smoking Mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Great post. What do you want to bet that they are using these same storms as cover to do their own ends? If the claims of Tesla were realized then the weather can't affect the machines that are built on higher level principles than the physics taught in academia today. Its a curious thought, and lets hope it stays just that, a thought. huh.

Pstonie said...

Hmm, I like it. Especially the arrangement of the user interface.

siamsam said...

Through various events all of the satanic minions are being revealed.

Mu-Barack may take his rightful place in Israel. Blair is being ratted out by all of his ex top henchmen. Mr. Wikiwanker is pointing the finger at 3 mysterious Palestinians re. 911 - No mention of the dancing film makers. AJ is hosting the Wikiwankers' views. The sax player is out of tune. Madcow is talking about Dylan and Plant as being satanic psyops. The Irish have cottened on. Arab world - we all know. And so on and on it goes.

Of course excluding most Americans w that couldn’t point to Egypt on a map - or their own ass come to that.

Peace and hope

Josh said...

I have to say that as soon as I saw Visible's Litmus Tests it gave me a big smile. Very nice addition sir. Get at me dog.(grin)

bholanath said...

Looks great, Lesji! Scary slick.
I once had a cat named Tezcatlipoca, traveled with me in México. Primo image.

Anonymous said...

With the Holocaust something went terribly wrong
Otherwise why we see so many oven dodgers along
The job was lame
Who is to blame?
World of goyim can not go on like this for too long!

Anonymous said...

its early yet, but it looks like cyclone yasi wasnt as bad as it could have been. deaths (possible dozens) will be nothing like Katrina's 1800 then again Australia doesnt have the benefit of FEMA to help out. /sarcasm and the dog eat dog hasnt completely eroded the cooperative spirits.
I hope the changes due to the world will be similarly not so bad as expected.
I suppose you would have mentioned it if you wanted to, by now, but I am curious on your take, Les, on AGW (bearing in mind WRH/Rivero strong opinion that its all rubbish - I'm not trying to set up a wedge thing though). "I dont know" is probably the perfect answer, followed by the b**stards will use it in any case for their ill purposes, and hope more the new age will dawn.
your musings on physical pain, ageing and working on the land, sleep dreams and inner visions (done any analysis, writing them down, looking for the patterns and changes over time - Im thinking Jung here), are a couple of requests I'd like to add for some time. all this stuff physical or visual and therefore probably more ho hum than 'direct action' of the non material aspects of well, everything.

cheers and watered down Queensland Beers (whats ya'poison)

Anonymous said...

They're shredding the evidence at the 'climategate' main office in Aglia so that should tell you how much of a hoax global warming was.

It was created to justify a NWO one world government control tax - nothing more.

"Carbon credit exchange" - what a load of shite. Money for nothing, chicks for free.


Pstonie said...

I want to share with all of you something I wrote recently:

"I've met the most amazing people in the freedom movement, because to be there they also have had to be true to themselves beyond where society would nominally allow. But also because, like me, they were shown a world where an organised group with all the resources and social control must be opposed by those lone souls who necessarily have none of these things. It is a battle of near-impossible odds, and in it many of us finally found an enterprise worth engaging in."

Don't bother looking for it. It's not on the net yet.

Odin's Raven said...

More revelations and 'Changes'. Here's one that shows Obama's real birth certificate. He was born in Mombasa, not in Hawaii.

Since the American constitution has been ignored, broken, 'changed' by allowing him to take office as President- are his actions legitimate? Should he be obeyed or removed?

After watching the Egyptians, perhaps Americans might get some ideas. Maybe Obama should book in wherever it is that Mubarak will be going. The Saudis still have plenty of spare sand dunes.

Great word verification 'banoma'!

Anonymous said...

Visible, Congratulations on your new and improved website.
As soon as I get my tax return, I'll be buying several CD's and waiting for your book(s) to come out. I will keep my promise.
There's so much you have done to help my development and I can't thank you enough.
Thank you thank you thank you.
Love, Debbie.

chuckyman said...

It’s been a while since I posted here Les.

I think momma nature has lots more in store for us. I may be bit of a freak but I like to keep an eye on the USGS site and watch the earthquakes pop.

There a whole lot of shakin’ going on around the Pacific ‘ring of fire’. I’m sure that term can be suitably abused (grin)

I sincerely hope that the addicts to predatory capitalism and consumption devour themselves like a novel form of the ouroboros you have mentioned previously. If we can just keep our hands and feet away from the table while they feast.

PS. I like the new look of the Mirrors site and pass on a job well done to the designer.

Anonymous said...

"You don’t have to go to sleep to have a nightmare. You can wake up right inside of one"

Oh yes indeed!

And..just when it seems the US people cannot possibly bend over any further, in order to receive yet another gigantic, black, elitist dildo; It seems The CPAC 'Defender of the Constitution' Award is to be given to Donald Rumsfeld.

What a contumelious game we are all witnessing.

They should be afraid, very afraid; instead they continue with their elaborate piss takes, regardless.

Visible said...

It's the definition of 'clueless'. They're like monkeys trying to pull a mango out of a jug and soon to become monkey stew. Centuries and millennium go by and they never learn. I suspect god intentionally blinds them for the purpose of example.

Pstonie said...

They must've found Osama's mountain fortress.

abe said...

Interesting redesign.
I would have something from Morrison's American Prayer playing in the background upon entry.

Anonymous said...

re: pain and suffering, I just listened to the Brother lawrence audio. basically answers my question. doing the do without doing the donts though is another thing. (to have that degree of devotion and connectedness).
relinking 'cause it's worth it.


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

John's Boner is a GOP Guidon, Flying at Half Mast.



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