Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quarantine the Negative at a Far Remove

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There is one feature of the mind that causes more havoc and is responsible for more mishaps and regrettable events than any other feature and that is the reactive mind. That is the part of your mind, which through programming, Karmic makeup and learned experience, causes one to respond to life situations a certain way and nearly exclusively without thinking about it first. Mastery is all but guaranteed through control of the reactive mind. An end to all personal conflicts is all but guaranteed through control of the reactive mind, with the exception of internal conflicts that is (grin), however, anyone who is capable of controlling the reactive mind is likely to have already resolved their internal conflicts (grin).

This is one of the valuable keys that goes hand in hand (in a platonic sense) with standing guard at the gateway of the mind. You have to think about the relationship as that of a stoic gentleman standing there holding the hand of a hyperactive child. The child keeps trying to pull away because every sensation requires a response but... the stoic gentleman keeps restraining the child and eventually the child has been 'groomed' but... in a good way and no longer darts into metaphorical traffic every time he (if you are a Republican), or she (if you are a Democrat) hears a car horn, or gets offered a piece of candy or a lap to sit on.

Now, of course, you could simply drill into the skull of the child and sever the connections between the frontal lobe and the rest of the brain. That is a quick and certain route, or you could take the long way round and sit them down in front of a television, or simply enroll them into the education system. I prefer to accomplish this sort of thing by internal means and avoid all the invasive quick fixes but... to each their own.

So... let's see where we are at this point. You have the self conscious awareness, on the one hand, personified as a Spartan Guard, like one of those cats at Thermopylae and that meme is using the flat of his sword to knock thoughts to one side or the other as they approach the entrance to the mind and then you also have the self consciousness in another personification, that of a stoical and inflexibly focused man who has a sure and unbreakable grip on the hand of a hypertensive child. This might parallel the (for some) very difficult act of chewing gum and patting one's head at the same time. With these two personifications activated, the mind becomes stilled like frozen quicksilver, or you could think of it as a silver mirror, reflecting any image that comes before it. With the mind in this suspended state, the heart can generate its heat and cook the silver of the mirror until it, with the addition of one or two things we won't go into at the moment, turns into gold (the heart swallows the mind and exalts Love in both locations which... are one) and then you are good to go without having to move in any direction at all. Broad Daylight Awareness is a natural byproduct to this process, as is the activation of the intuition, both of which come into play well before the final process, which is outlined here in my infantile characterization of it. I should mention that there are other byproducts but we won't go into them at this time either.

This is the exceptionally good news that attends proper attention, given to a sincere pursuit of the ineffable. The ineffable is quite a trickster. Many people don't want to hear that, especially the 'old white guy in the sky with a beard' group, actually fundies of any stripe from any faith. This is where it pays many dividends to accept that the ineffable is incomprehensible. The ineffable is playing hide and seek all the time. There was a time when the ineffable was a single unity, in the time preceding coming into manifestation. Then, out of a Love too deep and too vast and too great as to ever be possible to define, or explain, the ineffable broke itself up into millions and millions of pieces and scattered itself far and wide and it hid itself from itself, in all these glittering shards of ineffableness and what happens following that, is that then the ineffable engages in gathering all of those scattered pieces of itself back into itself again. I go into this process in my song, God in Country by Les Visible♫ The Love ♫.

I received an email this morning from a reader who hasn't shown up in the comments section. This is the case with many, or they only go to Facebook. He told me about a blogger whom all of you have heard of- and whom I am not going to name, who is now saying that Hope is a myth, there is no Hope and probably believes that Faith is a waste of time too. He was not this way before. He is now. We are being sorted, tried and tested and it results in things like this. Don't let it happen to you. Here's something brief to close out the subject with:

Snordster reads an excerpt from Visible's Origami:
Hothousing the Orchid of Love

Watch and comment on this video on YouTube

What I am trying to present, portray, delineate, deconstruct and hypothesize (maybe not all of those terms but the listing of them got away from me once I got started) on and which has been under discussion for much of the last two weeks, is that everything of any importance is going on inside you, or waiting to be going on inside you. You don't need books, you don't need religions, you don't need... uh... you don't need any of these things. If you are going in the other direction, what it's like, in a way, is the need for sexual aids, leading from the primary and basic selection of dildos and cock rings, Viagra etc., to bondage apparatuses, piercing and hanging rigs, tight rubber and neoprene clothing. This is the direction you move in once love has left the equation. Satiation becomes more and more difficult, bigger thrills are required. You start wondering what it might be like to have a threesome with Pinhead. You start putting plastic bags over your head or tying a noose around your neck, searching for David Caradine and sometimes you die, or sometimes someone else dies, if you are one of those Alpha Pervs who starts out as a rough sex aficionado and migrates to the darker ends, where satiation is only achieved through the termination of your willing or unwilling partner.

When you go wrong, when you stray, sometimes it's in a small way. Sometimes, initially, you don't know that you've strayed. That's the problem with moral relativism, the various interpretations of Humanism, Revisionist History. Sometimes you stray just by believing something that you were told which isn't true and that leads to another lie and another lie, until you are deep in the forest and you can't remember having gotten off the path. How did you even know you were lost? Perhaps someone told you but you don't remember actually hearing it.

Just about every one of us has lies in our larder and that is why all thought has to be cast out. First of all because we don't really know anything, we just think we do and second of all because there are concepts and beliefs that are lodged way off camera and we operate according to them, as if they were true and most of the time we're unaware that they are influencing our thought and we can't remember how it was that we came to believe these things that most of the time we don't even recall and we certainly can't remember when it was that we verified these things... if... we ever did.

A true Hermetic scientist questions everything. He/she probes and penetrates into the heart of everything and values an impartial, objective perspective above even their most cherished dreams, which they will sacrifice without thought if it means seeing more clearly into them. We need to know WHY we think as we do, why we believe what we believe and how we came to think and believe that way. Just exactly how did any of that happen to us? How did we come by these cherished dreams? How did we come by our faculties of cherishing and loathing what some, or many others have the exact opposite interpretation of?

These are all things having to do with self inquiry. These are all part and parcel of self discovery. These are all things that mask our true self and nothing masks us more than our personality. In most cases, what is shining through most people's personalities is more darkness than light. The personality is meant to be a stained glass window through which the inner light shines. The inner reactive and rebellious self must be subdued in order for this to happen. The shadow has to be pulled down from the lens where it is blocking the light. What is it that is keeping the light from pouring out of us? That is certainly a question that needs asking AND answering.

We only seem to want to proceed to a certain point and the moment our inquiries and our search gets in the way of basic desires, we back off. We back off the moment they put us at risk... because our thoughts start to become dangerous in this hostile climate, where truth is a hungry refugee in the darkness of material night. The moment there is any chance that we might lose our standing in the eyes of people we've been close to but who are unlikely to tolerate controversial or revolutionary ideas, we backpedal. Sometimes we tell them we were only joking, "Come on, you didn't think I actually meant that? I was just testing you." I do certain things sometimes in my awkward and hamhanded way to see if there's more going on behind the obvious than is showing itself.

We've been being assaulted of late by organized trolls who fit the profile for the new collectives of them, who are in the pay of vested interests. They are going after any sites that have any kind of readership above a certain level. I remind the reader to be aware of their coming and going and the obvious games being employed. They are more to be pitied than censured and their impotence is a reality.

Far too many people are trapped in a world of externalities. Everything they think they know is based on connections they draw between one thing and another and define... either in the pursuit of acceptance, or controversy ...and both of which are motivated by personal gain. Their whole life is on the outside of them and inside? Inside is a vast and unexplored land of mystery; a land of mystery where all of the real answers are. Too bad they can't be bothered to look there, because there's no financial gain to be had, or it's likely to cause waves inside whatever small wading pool of the status quo they happen to be cavorting in, with their water wings on. Is anyone really safe and if they are, who are they and why? First you have to define safe and that might just lead to another Biblical quote, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." that doesn't sound very safe, depending on how you interpret it. At the same time, perhaps that is where real safety resides, especially given that the Sword of Damocles hangs over every head and given that mortality is the unavoidable inheritance of everyone who has not discovered how to avoid it.

I am less and less likely to migrate to Maui with each passing day and more and more likely to migrate to my original destination a few hundred K from here. As I pointed out, I said I was going there to force the hand of the cosmos. Unless something truly serendipitous opens up there, Maui is increasingly unlikely.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Me thinks it be a wise decision to not come back to this fascist piece of shite of a nation. It's a worthless piece of garbage these days, not that it's been anything to write home about since the European invasions.

I must also admit that generating more love for the inhabitants here ain't gonna happen with me. Seems like the older I get the more fed up and disgusted I become with the human race. Oh, that's soooooo reactive. Yes. I go between the two of being reactive if I'm caught off guard, and thinking about things in a calm environment. Not good, but that's the mode I seem to be stuck in. I guess I preprogrammed myself like that, though it's not conducive, but hey. I guess I've had my reasons. But I do try to stay in that calm environment by being as reclusive as I can reasonably be in the sardine can of the Bay Area. I swear, the only good thing about it is that I don't have to drive 50 miles round trip or more to go grocery shopping.

My distaste for this realm grows day by day, I have no further interest in anything in it but leaving it behind, and I really wish that fruition of the closing of the era would get on with it so the idiocy of my sojourns here can come to its conclusion. Good riddance to the fertiliser vat.

Gods, and how many lives have I lived to arrive at that conclusion?

delboy said...

Thank you Les, I have been reading here for about 6 months, but the last 2 weeks, your writing has been incredible; a real gift to me, shining the light on my path, cannot thank you enough. Much love to you.

delboy said...


Anonymous said...

Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Astounding clarity here! It's like the internal voice echoing back.

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Agree with delboy. Have been reading for quite a few years and always been a fan. Last few weeks you have been piercingly spot on.!

Visible said...

Thank you my friends, I received a software upgrade that arrived in sync with my refusing to make any more compromises simply to ensure a wider exposure.

I've still got some personal shortcomings to deal with but those have to be lifted, I'm not permitted to just cast them aside. From what I hear, they are in place for a reason and a period of time. i'm looking froward to their departure, I can assure you of that (grin).

delboy said...

sorry dont know how i posted a 25, but i'll keep an eye on that number this week.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Reminded me of George Carlin. I liked that man,he had the system figured out. He once said that you could tell people that there was an invisible man in the sky watching them and they would believe you. Tell them the paint was wet and, well you know the rest. Most people don't know what self inquiry means. There are way too many distractions and besides, the TV will tell them what they need to know anyway. Have a nice day.

Visible said...

Spring has definitely arrived here and the weather is like mid April, very good omens abound.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so "3000 Miles to Graceland" wasn't the best movie ever made. Here are some better ones - "Chopper" (2000; starring Eric Bana, when they actually let him act), "Heavenly Creatures" (1994) and "A Woman Under the Influence" (1974). Also, if you want to watch a really great thriller, try "Breakdown" (1997; starring Kurt Russell, J.T. Walsh and Kathleen Quinlan). That's all I got. Later.

Ben said...

Dear Vis,

"Is anyone really safe and if they are, who are they and why? First you have to define safe and that might just lead to another Biblical quote, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." that doesn't sound very safe, depending on how you interpret it. At the same time, perhaps that is where real safety resides, especially given that the Sword of Damocles hangs over every head and given that mortality is the unavoidable inheritance of everyone who has not discovered how to avoid it."

Thanks for that Vis. It reminded me again of the only two things I know (as opposed to those things I believe). I know none of us get out of here alive and I know that love is the most powerful force in the universe. I believe I could not be more safer in "losing" my life for my Master's sake.

My deepest longing is to emulate Jesus, who said "I say only those things the Father would have me say and I do only those things the Father would have me do." This is not as hard as one might think, if one allows love to speak first and do first rather than me.


Visible said...

Breakdown was a tight thriller.

Brian Crossland said...

"Humbly asked god to remove our defects of character"
My own experience has tended to be that the defects are a continous work in progress where a willingness is part of this but for me in most cases I have had to be shown often painfully by circumstances provided the nature of those shortcomings, generally the ego fights back and only when it really hurts am I willing to let go.
If I am not willing they will remain there. If I am willing then for me, my higher power, not I will provide for their removal.
It has been in my life the provision of such circumstances, both trying and releiving that give me such faith.
with Gratitude.

David V said...

I read the link about trolls. Heck, anybody could be a troll, even my dog, by that set of definitions. This business of creating multiple personas and taking years to gain trust, only to turn around and sow dissension...WTF is up with that? Who has the time for it, and what would be the point? What is their motive? Sounds almost paranoid, to me, but then, even paranoids have enemies.

For the record, I am NOT a troll. I'm just a guy living in the mountains of East Tennessee. For what I consider to be good reasons, I remain as anonymous as possible -- the same reasons I don't do online banking or shopping, and pay with cash for everything I can. But I DO use my real name.

Another Bible quote I follow is where Jesus told his disciples to be wise as serpents and harmless as dove. That's one of those heavy truths. I don't put much in writing, which is something I learned through years of hard experience in the business world. I prefer to say things to people face-to-face, in a place where we can't be overheard or recorded. And that is if they will even listen in the first place.

My goal or game plan, for making it to the next world, has been to maintain a very small footprint and get as close as I can to being invisible. To have as little as possible in the way of material things that anyone would want to take from me. That doesn't guarantee my safety, but at least it means I have less to give up and leave behind, when I go.


Visible said...

well... it's always possible that you missed the many articles about the Israelis paying an army of people to do just that, or missed the articles about the government paying people to do that, or missed some of the recent articles that I linked in my posts on polls taken from commenters and what gets them off. the highest percentage of respondents, near 50%, preferred trolling.

You know how I view paranoia, given that I only take a reading on it if it happens in my own experience; not something that happens to someone thousands of miles away that I have no contact with and whose life and experiences I know nothing about? When I look at it from the perspective of what I know something about, my own experiences, I tend to go by this rule; If a snake bites me, I can be sure I didn't imagine it.

pete said...

Epic LV !
Thanks man

est said...

dove into the abyss
of an empty mind

endlessly fell as
i left it behind

what started as fear
ended as bliss

steady your aim
you can not miss

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,
The stoic and Spartan are good concepts, very much like the impression that if I could just slow down the tiniest bit of a moment I might reach the same positive results, but instead I sped up the tiny bit and lost a very real benefit.

Just to remind folks that all Christians are not 'fundies', and that, lets say, more 'aware' Christians understand the meaning of 'ineffable' let me point out what St.Augustine wrote "If we have understood, then what we have understood is not God".
love, as best I know it,
- the beggar (among Saints)

Anonymous said...

Very good post, very useful advice..

Have you watched any 'True Detective'
Vis ?

Verrrrry interesting T.V. (-__-)



David V said...

I know about the Israelis hiring people to troll. But people doing it just because they prefer to do it...I guess it's one more sign of a perverse generation.


galen said...

Speaking of David Carradine. . . Wrote this a few days after his death:

I got the pearl
from Kwai-Chang Caine
on a dusty day in a far-away place
all stored up in my pack of memories
lessons on living and sweet soul-learnings
from t.v. testaments of untried experiments
of heart and will and fierce fortitude
A grasshopper harvest of summer in winter
herbs for healing and a grand master-teacher
The gong of awareness connecting human to spirit
No test untested, no enemy unloved

Caine, in the desert reaching for the present
slaying the illusions of falsity and pride
A tall man walking intent on discovery
every breath a morsel of just what is
Caine, delivering the koan's kernel
bends forward in bow that says, I see you
in the mystery of eternal existence,
the pool of aliveness with perpetual choice
and all we have to do is choose

It's a monastery moment when love takes pause
to say farewell to a vessel of healing
a generation's north-star gone south for a spell
but many, many remember well
the innocence and gentleness
of Kwai-Chang's open consciousness
as rice paper silence blesses his steps
we stand so grateful for what he left
and not even death can take that away


flyingcossack said...

thats why its important to coin a term like ziotroll ... its puts focus on the employer rather than the zombies

jews tricked russians to invade ukraine in 1918 and end ukraine's brief independence ... even though justified, should ukrainians harbor ill will against russians? ... should arabs be angry with whites and blacks? ... its a small-minded approach to get upset at the people tricked and coerced into doing things ... you should turn your cheek to the hand that slaps you, but blow the brains out of the saddist that forced that hand there

its extremely difficult to do the right thing when there is a gun pointed at your head ... first an economic one, then a real one ... i guess thats why there is great potential for eternal advancement here ... if you can stand up for the truth here, you will stand up for it anywhere

but no ... i wont get coerced by internation jewry to take vengeance against my neighbour ... against the zombies, useful idiots ... i will not believe the christian zionist tripe ... nor the khazarian, rothschild, reptilian nonsense ... in their late hour, jews are trying hard to redefine what a jew is ... they want you thinking that bombing ukraine will be killing jews, that destroying christianity will be destryoing zionism

and so, we should not focus on the zombies and useful idiots ... i dance with the ziotrolls for entertainment and amusement, it recharges my batteries ... its fun to see when it takes em 6 months to realize they were not the jokers but the joke ... otherwise i dont give zombies any time ... im also sure to call them ziotroll hasbara sayanim ... so that we are all aware who is the one pointing the gun at people's heads ... calling them trolls or narcissists is more disinfo ... jews would like nothing more than you butting heads with zombies all day ... it is just as honest as saying "us backed" or "western backed" ... its just jews trying to hide behind someone else

flyingcossack said...

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it"

this could be the same as saying i have no hope or faith in this world

regardless what one says about hope or faith ... the people that defend the truth have hope and faith in the eternal world ... because they certainly arent rewarded for it here

galen said...

On Hothousing the Orchid: Likely the greatest piece of mastery in this still fairly new century. Voice, visual, content. An ultra-expedient short-hand of all the ancient and all the newest teachings.

Auwe! Every day there's more remembering. Gratitude, Vis.

SouthernHungary said...

Come and try Southern Hungary,great climate,great food/wine,great people.The upcoming spiritual centre of the Carpathian region of Europe for sure.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#23. Uh, yeah. Life is like running a marathon. It feels so good after it's over, huh?

Visible said...

I was in Budapest a few years ago and The Carpathians of Transylvania Romania something over a year ago. You definitely got a government with the right attitude.


Just saw another Elvis related classic today; Bubba Ho-Tep with Bruce Campbell

Ray B. said...

Vis, a good column. I enjoyed how you shoehorned the Alchemy metaphor into the discussion.

Vis: "Now, of course, you could simply drill into the skull of the child and sever the connections between the frontal lobe and the rest of the brain."

I am reminded by this of the route that the putative "greys" took. Most sources report that they have no emotions or reactive body. A fair number of reports state that they realize now that this was a mistake in their past, and that they are 'here' to try to rustle (chosen word) up a body that can feel - using lowly us...
Vis: "This is where it pays many dividends to accept that the ineffable is incomprehensible."

Two thoughts: First, the ineffable is what is there PRIOR to any 'dividing'. So, there is no subject / object relationship. Thus, no one - ever - will see or experience that 'level'. If you are EVER in contact with something that calls itself God (the ineffable), he/she/it is a sub-division of the ineffable - no exceptions. Now, you can experience some very impressive types as you go 'up' - very "Godlike." Nevertheless, anything comprehensible (thus, subject / object) is already a sub-division - and thus has a 'shadow' side. Keep on keeping on; just be aware...

Second, when you 'blink out and blink in' (I'm sure everyone has had this experience, whether they recognize it or not), you may have just been in contact with the ineffable. (Possibly lower, of course.) Going home for R&R, conflict resolution, a software update, or whatever.

Third (I lied -grin-), it is well worth getting in contact with the multitude of different levels/beings on the way up to all-God (the ineffable). In addition to being enjoyable, if you buy into separation-from-ineffable to return-to-ineffable with knowledge/experience, what is more valuable than the view of one species from another species' standpoint? Think of it as language-translation software, if nothing else (grin).
Vis: "Satiation becomes more and more difficult, bigger thrills are required."

This is a prime example that a particular 'honeycomb cell' has been filled. Once one has mastered a given category, it might be wise to 'put out' to the ineffable for the next cell to appear. Even if you don't know what it is...
Vis: "...and second of all because there are concepts and beliefs that are lodged way off camera..."

This is off on a tangent from what you were referring, but it reminded me of the 'Second Level of Forgetting'. I still ask the ineffable to bring out what I have forgotten so deeply.

I better stop now. STEP AWAY from the computer... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...


Yes, I am familiar with the fact that no one interacts with the ineffable directly while still what we consider human. There is always a mediating entity, lest one be burnt to a cinder. I take it for granted people understand I am talking about the intermediaries when I mention 'the ineffable'. Maybe I shouldn't take anything for granted around here (grin).

The more I discover and... there's been a lot of that lately, the more I have to consciously remind myself that I don't really KNOW anything.

Thomas said...

Enlightening, beautiful and inspiring. Thanks :)

May you All get your minds still and be inflamed by Divine Love

Ray B. said...

galen, February 18, 2014 7:19:00 PM

Thank you for that poetry. It touched me. It is exactly how I feel about that time/show/man. You learned well, grasshopper!

(I am somewhat suspicious about David Carradine's death circumstances. His character, like say Spock, had become a central 'resonating point' for those of similar aspirations. To tear that down, to sully that, would impact many. I know that everyone has flaws. However, I could easily see either a direct alphabet-agency or mob 'hit', or severe influencing from the dark portion of the other side. Too 'convenient'. Just my take.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Vis, thanks for the reply. My 'ineffable' comments above were not aimed for you. I figured you were well-aware of that. It was more for newbies and fundies. For the newbies, it was cautionary. Everyone below all-God has a 'shadow' side; take everything said with a grain of salt, no matter how impressive the portrayal. For the fundies, I was trying to reach around the logic-lock; a bearded old man in the sky telling them to kill others for him. Hmmm...

Visible said...

Not for a moment did it ever occur to me that that was the case, I just found it to be a good opportunity to say what I did.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's some beautiful quotes from the great mystic Meister Eckhart:

Visible said...

That would be the authentic Eckhart. I've always been a fan of his.

galen said...

Thank you, Ray B. I guess the death (murder?) of Carradine gets filed under "We'll never know for sure." You know, that gargantuan file that just lays there waiting for kingdom-come to deal its stuff and reckon the balance sheet. But I just stumbled on this on David's death and it brings some healthy speculation:



David Fiske said...

Good luck with the talk Vis.love,

Eudoxia said...

I hear what you say LTPTB loud and clear, I think I'm the capo de tuti capi of the tutti fruitti of contempt at present so we could very well be neck and neck there!

The Buddhists say his is a natural part of the spiritual evolutionary process. Once one gets past the contempt for humanity then compassion enters the picture but when? Like you I'm not sure if I'll ever get passed it. But Viz is right, that's a product of the reactive mind, we have to get past it, stop being it and start observing it.

I think I'm suffering from major stagnation, a move to a new place will hopefully assist me to acquire a new level of awareness and that's all got the green light now settlement is 14th March. Good opportunity to get rid of a lot of old stuff I've had lingering around both internally and externally should be a bonus. My mother is being of particular annoyance right now. But that is a blessing in disguise as it's showing me what I need to let go of. From the age of 30 to 78 she has become a perfected product of tribe programming - exemplary! Emotionally shut down, totally incapable of expressing her emotions or of utilising critical thinking. Highly reactive and volatile just the way they like it!

Excuse me waiter but there's a fly in my soup - Oh terribly sorry madam, would you like a side order of psychosis with that?..............

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

Thank you for recommending "Finding Graceland" - what a great story! Loved it.

To Flying Cossack at 7:30:

The temporal world becomes real when one recognizes its dependence upon the eternal realm, stops trying to live in it (stops clinging to the illusion that it's anywhere else than in one's head) and gives up one's life to the eternal as the guide. Then both eyes open and the eternal and the temporal become one. This is its own reward.

P.S. If anyone's interested, check out my website on jury activism: WeTheJury.info.

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

The Eternal shepherds me, I lack for nothing;
he makes me lie in meadows green,
he leads me to refreshing streams,
he revives life in me.

He guides me by true paths,
as he himself is true.
My road may run through a glen of gloom,
but I fear no harm, for thou art beside me;
thy club, thy staff - they give me courage.

Thou art my host, spreading a feast for me,
while my foes have to look on!
Thou hast poured oil upon my head,
my cup is brimming over;
yes, and all through my life
Goodness and Kindness wait on me,
the Eternal's guest
within his household evermore.

- Psalm 23 (properly translated by James Moffat)

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

In Times of Material Darkness, when Bankers Ruled the Land.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Sorry, the page you were looking for isn't here.

Arrived at this page viaRense?
Occasionally their system publishes a malformed URL
Visitors from Rense, please clickhere.

Please check that there isn’t a typo in your URL.

When I click the 'here', I get the last one you wrote. Hope you didn't lose it.

Visible said...

If you liked "Finding Graceland" you will also like "Bubba Ho-Tep" (very funny). Bruce Campbell is one of our most unsung maestros. In this one he does a great performance of him doing a Kurt Russell impersonation of Elvis.

I always feel like mentioning 'Blind Date' every time I mention funny movies. Kim Bassinger is sensational in it. I could watch that film a hundred times and still enjoy it for the sheer outrageousness of the acting and directing.

Anonymous said...

hope was given, accepted, enveloping.

first roots grow. before there is any sign of sprout.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again Vis, I love good movie recommendations. Will check them out.

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

It Came from Beneath the Valley of Seeing through a Glass Darkly.



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