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Here's Comes April. Don't be a Fool

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We’ve had a time of it around here lately. I was informed that I am a high level CIA operative with all kinds of sneaky powers. I don’t know how all of this could have been going on right under my nose but… I do have a large nose (grin).

We took some steps at The Petri Dish to distance ourselves from the immediate contemplation of churning disinfo and I declare it a success. I’m not a fan of Aleister Crowley but I remember a particular tale about him that is in agreement with the way I understand certain things. Once he was under attack by another magician or collective of them. What he did was to go to a Charlie Chaplin double feature. As his mind was engaged on the comedy, the spell was unable to find him and had to return to its owner. Something like this is good to keep in mind.

We give things importance by making them important and often they are not. Humor is a valuable tool, with a great deal of defensive capacity. We should carry it with us at all times. Negative publicity can be a very good thing, especially if it is ridiculous to the degree that no one that counts is dumb enough to believe in it. Invariably, the performance of such things turns upon the wielder, especially if the wielder has a greater public profile than the target under attack. There are mysterious forces at work in the cosmos and certain things set them in motion. That’s happening right now.

There is a man in Japan that is asking the world to pray for the healing of the waters at Fukushima. Masaru Emoto wants you to pray at noon, your time, wherever you are. That seems like something I can do, have done; noon has come and gone here. Unfortunately, I wrote this yesterday but prayer is always good.

I’ve been thinking about Japan these past days and wondering why I wasn’t feeling more empathy. I tried to remind myself of all the things Japan has given to us. Some of us realize Japan’s contributions more than others because the contributions enter into our lives. I thought about Japanese food and that special, simple spirituality that is a part of the culture, martial arts, the honesty and natural humility of the Japanese people; their tea ceremonies and other things; how they revere honor. It is true that Japan, like India and other places has been corrupted to a degree by the suffocating materialism of the times. The whole world is swallowed up in the glut of useless things, which adds up to useless lives.

Life in more enlightened times has purpose. There is a reason and a meaning. In times like these we are living for the pursuit of things; temporary pleasures and prayers for convenience. We want it quicker, easier and cheaper. You learn the meaning of emptiness when you fill your life with things.

This situation in Japan is a disaster of epic scale. Perhaps millions will die from the fallout and contamination. The injury to the ocean and its inhabitants and the memory of what they did to the Gulf of Mexico, does not bode well for the human race. What hasn’t been mentioned much is that the tsunami wiped out a good portion of Japan’s fishing industry. Their agriculture has taken a serious hit as well. They’re in a lot of trouble and I want my heart to resonate with these people but there’s some kind of detachment in the air. Is it too big to get a grasp on? I don’t know but I’m trying to have my heart swallow my head and make me aware that these are human beings going through terrible trauma.

All around the world some permutation of war and want is in operation. Here we are in the 21st Century and we’re not even out of the Stone Age on some important levels. It’s only a matter of time before larger and more disturbing events come to pass. April looms ominous in potential and I keep thinking about that Ring of Fire, making its way to California. Our sensitivity is being deadened by these things; more so by the culture of conspicuous consumption itself.

All over the world, corporations are asking themselves, “How can I profit from this”? There are not too many things uglier than Disaster Capitalism.

I sit here and wait. Something’s coming; quite a few somethings are coming. We can’t go back and fix the past. We have to march forward in the fulfillment of it and the air is fraught with an eerie sensation of whatever is going to happen next. I shift in my seat. I search the atmosphere above my head. I’m looking but I don’t see.

Okay, it’s the next day. I don’t know why I didn’t get this up yesterday; fielding too many questions probably and this is going to be hodge podge here. Let me devote the last of this post to a few declarations. As the regular visitor knows, the discounters and anonymous flame throwers are rare here and that probably sums the whole thing up better than anything one can say about it, but some things can be said and then left for time and circumstance to credit or discredit. Sooner or later a person reveals what needs to be known about them one way or the other. Prior to that, everything is speculations, trimmed out by faith on the one hand and doubt on the other.

Claims are made about me, mostly good but there’s the occasional WTF that comes in out of the woodwork, as if it got caught between the centuries and arrived in the wrong time zone. Sometimes accusations are thrown around, with no more evidence than that someone got out of a trap being set for them. This is like the old test for witches. Throw her into the water, if she sinks, she’s innocent. If she floats, she’s a witch. In the meantime, I want to point out some glaring evidence that uses observation and objective reasoning to reach a conclusion that looks like it has some meat on its bones.

What do you call someone who is on a relentless hunt for psychopaths but who uses all of the characteristics of one in the effort? What do we make of someone who toys with people like they are lab rats in an experiment? Think about it. Read up on the definition of a psychopath and see if you come to the conclusion I have come to. It sure looks to me like Torquemada looking for the possessed.

Every life is going to be subject to questions. Name anyone from Torquemada to Jesus Christ and you will see that they had enemies and that their enemies usually reflected the opposite of the endeavors in which they were engaged. You definitely can tell someone by their enemies; by the lack of and the number of them as well.

If your heart tells you something and you’ve had ample time for experience and reflection, go with your heart. Your mind is the question machine and until that machine has been stilled, the heart can’t cook it into something golden. Most people know what the truth is because it leaves an impact on them. It affects them and stays with them. That’s a sure guide through the uncertainties that come by following the ever changing bends of the river of life.

The people who come here and have been coming here know what’s going on. They’ve tested it against themselves and it’s made the right sounds, the way coins ring when they hit the ground. Remember that everything that happens here, or anywhere, is for the purpose of demonstration. Certain people show up at certain times, for certain reasons. The thing to do is to look closely at it all and see what it tells you. Some may feel we’ve gone on a little long about this but it’s part of the moment we are in and it’s my duty to get people to look more closely at things, because they are not always about what they appear to be about. There are agendas at work and sometimes they are the agendas of the unseen.

Please remember that, for the most part here and earlier, in consideration of this subject I have used mostly generalities. In some cases I haven’t even mentioned names. It’s not about that. It’s about trends and everyone here is going to be rewarded according to their faith or lack of it. Many of you find that you’ve got a lot more faith than you did and that your optimism has begun to show itself where, before, you saw no reason for optimism at all. We’ve come, by degrees, to a certain place that seems to have happened all by itself.

The situations that have appeared recently are not going to go away. They’re here for a reason; a good reason. They are here for the purpose of demonstration, just as we are. Given the year we are in, you aren’t going to have to wait long for anything. It’s going to show up to such a degree you may well wonder where you are and who you are and that’s the point too. Be grateful for these adventures. They are here to show us something and you’re not going to be disappointed. You’re actually going to be surprised. It’s time to focus more on letting go so that what carries you can make it’s presence more known. I get weary sometimes and overwhelmed more and more of late, because of the increase of activities here, but I know it’s all just part of the general sorting out. Enjoy the ride.

End Transmission.......

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Nina M. Straker, Copyright & Compliance

Ben said...

My optimism stems (in part) from this sure knowledge given to us through Heavenly Father's prophet Isaiah: "I am the Lord and there is no other, besides me there is no God. I equip you, though you do not know me, that people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord and there is no other; I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create evil. I am the Lord, who does all these things."
Isaiah was prophesying of Cyrus the Great, a man raised up by God to bring down Babylon. God even calls Cyrus his "anointed" though Cyrus did not know Heavenly Father.
All this to say, as you have said, everything is well under control. We are entering into a time when Babylon will again fall; on this occasion it will be felt world-wide, not just in the east (the rising of the sun - Japan).
This might explain your relative apathy regarding Japan; I have felt it as well. While I continue to pray for my brothers and sisters in Japan I absolutely know that the earthquake and tsunami were purposed by Heavenly Father so that "people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me."
Some people cannot believe in a God that creates "evil". It depends on perspective; God has done some things to me that I might have deemed "evil"; by His grace and mercy I deemed it "good" and all of it, in retrospect, has in fact been very very good... and I don't mean materially but spiritually. And ultimately it is only the spiritual that matters.
Thanks for your blogs, Les. Pretty much all that you write resonates big time with me.

Anonymous said...

As we ascend the falls become greater, the path narrower. sometimes we must climb up with both our arms and legs. The going up the mountain is the chellenge, the view, the reward.

I used to be an ananalyst for some (xxx) intelligence agency and I was always commmended on my ability to sift through the piles and piles of materail and find the story. Kind of like a reporter I guess. It is that I only see somethings and the other stuff, well, not so much.

Duty calls,


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Awhile back as I considered the big picture this came to me.
The concept of "Sinning"
Is simply distractions, designed to keep you,
from seeing the truth.

While it is true that there is much evil in the world, It seems to me that they are just unwitting servants of God. I believe God intends to take every single "distraction" away from all of us to help us see what is important. If you think your nice things and bank account will protect you, then you are in for some nasty surprises.

For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.('For we also are His children.'New American Standard Bible)Acts 17:28.

The Japanese are now in the midst of having everything taken away from them, with their lives in mortal danger. None of us will escape this. What is important to you in this life? Where is your treasure stored?

Today, I thank God for my life and strive to keep my focus on the only thing that matters.


Anonymous said...

LV wrote:

"I don’t know how all of this could have been going on right under my nose but… I do have a large nose (grin)."

Your cheapskate superiors couldnt afford a rhinoplasty for you, huh, Mr. Undercover Mossad agent?

Let's see if you have the guts to approve this!

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

"Best Wishes" to you this Morning, Les. All is peaceful here in my little world. We're not many and we don't have a lot but we do have Love and Peace. It's not always been this way but the Good Lord Blessed Me and mine when I finally started listening to Him instead of Me. Have a Good and Peaceful day, Les,

DaveS said...

Wow! 200 plus comments on the last post...

I'm always surprised at the number of people who are willing to discount one prophet with a wave of their left hand, and try to lure in the unaware with their right.

What makes a person believe they have all the answers?

The test Les passes is that he has never claimed to have all the answers. He has always said that his writing are coming from his heart and that us, the reader, should make our own mind up about the subject matter.

How many of the asshole anonymous posters are claiming, "my way is the only way"? Damn near all the freaks who want to silence Les. Kind of makes a person think, whom do I believe?

The times we've been discussing at Les' blogs are here... anyone with a heart can feel it. So far Les is batting a thousand... and he's swinging at pitches that haven't even been thrown, and yet, he is still connecting with the ball.

If you haven't filled your heart full of love for your fellow human beings, the rest of the critters and your planet, then you're probably not long for the world I'm planning on inhabiting. Love will rule the day, this is something I'm now absolutely sure of.

We need to find love in our hearts for everything... somethings are hard, like loving the zionist. But we can love them for being an example of how not to be. Someone has to be the bad guys so the rest of us have an example of how not to act.

Our human perspective is about as evolved as a blind snake... maybe that's not giving blind snakes much credit, I'm sure they're well tuned into their surroundings. I guess it's better to compare human to human, and most humans have earphones on, some silly electronic device pressed to their face, and are wearing uncomfortable clothing while a few of us are dancing naked in a meadow as a warm rain falls softly around us. Or some such similar fantasy :) I think you get the drift.

Arrgh! Why can't we all agree to disagree? Why do most of us want the rest of humanity to see the world thru our eyes? (me included) Why can't we be more open to fresh ideas? Why is it so difficult to communicate?

That's the key isn't it? Communication. But how can we convey our ideas when everyone has a different image in their head when they hear the word 'blue'... how do we agree on such important and non-visual concepts as love?

Peace and love. Thanks to all for making this a fine place to pass the time before we're sitting down with the gods to enjoy a glass of wine. Or something just as fine... it doesn't even need to rhyme :)


Anonymous said...

Yes Les, that was quite an exercise; I'm sure good will come of it.
You have come so far from your Slate days. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Have been learning to let go a lot lately....especially in the matter of being "in control" of events and phenomena in my own life. It feels good to be going through this transformation and you, Les, are helping me in that transformation. Your voice is an anchor to hold onto in these difficult times. Who to trust? Well, you have said so many times that you "don't know" and that is why I trust you. Don't get caught up in the negativity of those who want to prove they are right.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
C.S. Lewis is famous for having been totally disillusioned by two incidents during his life : first, the leagues against war and for peace had reached a global audience during 1908 to 1914.
Second, during 1937 and up to 1939 there was not a church, congregation, temple and what-have-you in which fervent prayers for "no more war, ever !" were not supported and carried out. So much for that - as if prayer had ever helped...! We have to spiritually and mentally align, there is a risk to take : we must confront the invisible forces directing this 4th class idiot game. Who is the "Elite" ? Those pseudo-reptilians proclaiming their higher knowledge, whereby all they know are rituals of black magic ? That is "intellectual" ?
It is sad that money does always corrupt, and I can see the true hints beyond your last posting. There are some highly sensitive thoughts and thus energies and thus intuitions lying just beyond our normal present scope. I would advise to read "" and their analysis of Tibetan "White Lodge" magic(k). Their stuff is so on time and so right - but what do you expect ? They've always been on the outside, nào matter how, why and with which means.
Hugs and do well

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:03,

Give it a rest already. You'er embarrassing yourself and you're the only one here who can't see it.

You've become tiresome.

Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, I'm very grateful for the asking exercise and I think we have all learned something from it, not just about LV but about ourselves, too.

It was kind of bonding exercise, really. Altough I have not physically met a single person posting here, I do feel like part of a family (that's okay, I suspect?).

As for todays post, lack of empathy, I think, is sort of defense mechanism against the sheer amount of Evil and Suffering in the Noösphere. Its just too much and there is a tendency to retreat inside the Labyrinth of Mind and into trivialities. Labyrith can be solved with a ball of thread to get back to Heart, or alternatively, The Series of Walls can be solved with going through them, depending on how you want to see it.

Snake Sage

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Information No results found for "Nina M. Straker".

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

It seems that Ms. Straker from Compliance and other werewolves are at you door. I'll say a prayer for you.


Tom frum

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Don't consider a career as a standup comedian...


Snake Sage

Neko Kinoshita said...

Aw DaveS,

We can't agree to disagree because you don't see it just the way I do!

I have the only right answer!

And it's Beer not wine!

Ahem, sorry Dave, I just couldn't resist.
I obviously have no easy answer, since they are always wrong. I have my own opinions, can’t help that, but I don’t know much of anything other than the connection with the divine is the hardest thing I have ever attempted.

Once in a while I get these little flashes, and it makes up for all of the times my tail catches fire.
We each have our path, and most of us here are on similar ones (up the mountain), even if we each pass different landmarks on the Way.
It seems that I’m often seeing Les, up on that ledge up there, leaning out and telling us to just keep climbing.
I’m working at it, but I chose the responsibilities I carry with me, and these tasks sometimes seem to distract from the unceasing work of perception of the divine. I’m beginning to understand that perception as yet another illusion, and that the one carries the other. It is a quite confusing time/place and the illusionary dust is so seductive.

This may not make any sense, but I needed to say it.

I am also joining in the prayers for Japan (I have a large piece of my heart reserved for that land after all), but I have also noticed a level of detachment from it. I send the thoughts and prayers regardless.

Since someone else has claimed the alley, I’ve moved the dumpster to the cul-de-sac at the edge of the woods. (Kinoshita does mean "found under a tree" after all)

Watching the birds, and listening to the frogs chirping after the rain,


wv: deplaiti - 1. Removing one's dish from the table, no wait, 2. removing the braids from one's hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Following the last comment, the astral hounds may be converging upon you : I believe the warning to be honest, friendly, and maybe you should take the road of Charlie Chaplin double-shows, and turn off for now ! Don't give the energy you are used to disperse so freely. Why not look into other venues : some things take time to cool off.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Moderator :
Not True !
What copyrights for personal opinion ?

kikz said...

hmmm... the 'moderator' has been on blogger since... march 2011. i'd say she needs to furnish more credentials...

wv: imbad

Anonymous said...

So I get up this morning. Turn the tap on and voila.. nothing !

I think shit no water. Then you remember , oh ya right, I'm in the city that kind of shit can happen anytime and then you're screwed. What if they shut the food off ?

I have enough in the kettle to make a cup of coffee.

I'm sittin here drinking coffee and reading your blog. Trying to figure out how to make my hair look less like Phil Specters so I can go out the door and do my thing today.

The whole thing is kinda bringing me down when I just happen to look out the window.

Then it hits me.. Hey whats all that white stuff on the ground ! Snow ! That stuff I've been shoveling all winter. Next thing you know I'm out with pots shoveling snow into em. Hell I've got all the water I need.

That made me feel good. Then it occurred to me. Sometimes everything you need is right there. You just have to see it.

(True Story) (some names have been changed to protect the identity of the characters involved)

Thanks for your Blog Les
Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

Oh blog compliance. Oooooooh the boogy man !

Well seems I heard a wise man say here once. All suffering comes from attachment. So roll the page design back. Who cares ?

Story of my life man. One step forward and Two steps back.

Giddy Yup.

Patrick V1.0

wv: Fuck it (Jus Kiddin)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little chatty Kathy here today.

I was thinking since you recently got your own server or Eric did I guess you might want to have your awesome Web dude have a look at...

Free open source Blog software and if you host the blog on your own site well.. enough said.

Just trying to help ....

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

I dont keep up with all the silliness. your wrds, as always, continue to ring true. Peace
stl mike

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I disagree with Ben (2:21 P.M.) that Father God caused the Japan earthquake. Like the verse in Isaiah says he creates evil but he himself is not evil. And too, I think it's rather simplistic to think that the earthquake was a naturally occurring event, especially in view of the fact that earthquakes like that are one of the signatures of the HAARP energy beam device. And in consideration also of the fact that the people who control the device are some of the most evil and deranged people who have ever lived and who love to cause as much misery on this planet as they can. The reason Father God doesn't punish them and/or interrupt their agendas is because they, using demonic power, have tricked the majority of the world's peoples into allegiance with them spiritually so that if Father God punished TPTB their punishment would include all those who have unwittingly aligned themselves with them. Fortunately though, there is an awakening that is just beginning to take place and once someone wakes up (out of the sleep of death) they soon cut their ties of allegiance with TPTB (and TPTB know it which is a big factor as to why they're making noises about shutting down the internet).

For what it's worth, according to E.W. Bullinger (from his book titled 'Number in Scripture' p. 251) the number 11 marks disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration. He sites ten examples in scripture in which the number 11 was associated with some very negative and unfortunate events. I've read Bullinger's book a couple of times and I have to admit that I believe most of what it says. With that being said it could be that this year will be a tough roe to hoe for most of us. The cult that TPTB belong to holds the number 11 in special significance to their agendas (e.g. 9/11/01) so there's no telling what kind of gross stupidity they'll think of to subject the world to this year.

Here's something else to contemplate: My old prophet buddy from New Zealand told me one time many years ago something to the effect of that one reason the devil raises up false prophets is for the purpose of setting things in motion. He said that when people complain over and over about things and/or make doom prophecies about coming disasters etc. that what they're doing in effect is to light the fuse to make the thing happen. So I've known about this for a long time, which is why I can't stand reading the endless flow of articles by all the prophets of doom who post articles almost daily on I'm sure they all mean well but by their constant pissing and moaning about how awful everything is and by predicting future disasters they're doing a lot more harm than good.

nina said...

Peter of Lone Tree, its just an April Fools trick and a nasty one at that.


nina said...

Peter, I just went to the link for Straker Blogger Moderator and MY profile came up. Heh, too cruel. We can now figure out the poseur without too much effort. That someone went to some trouble to put that post together. Right now that someone is in ecstasy.

Dave Klausler said...

To "Patrick V1.0":

That wv is great; laughter cures many things after all.

nina said...

In reference to my last post: This is how it works, if you click on Blogger Moderator, Straker's profile comes up, while there if you click on "My Web Page" to see this person's blog, ONLY IF YOU ARE SIGNED IN, it takes you to your own profile. Sign out and try the process again and you get the blogger sign on page. So ... its not personal.

Although I don't like them using the name "nina" in the joke, especially here on Origami, the refuge.

Anonymous said...

Richard, 3:00 PM

Distance yourself from the Cool Aid mate.
You'll be better for it!

Ben, 2:21 PM

Beer and Incense? - I think not!

Watching from the grassy knoll (apologies to Neko)


Anonymous said...

Whenever I feel myself either too down or too up for any reason, any prevailing circumstance, I always strive to get back on that horse, embrace the "dance with the one who brung you" path.

My own way is to practice a mantra, a hymn, a story of the Absolute, and by this my heart will surely follow.

Since any part and parcel of the Absolute is also Absolute, even the smallest thought or word or image of the Absolute will affect the same realization as might the entirety of creation.
If you truly desire..
This short simple excerpt from the Ramayana says all that ever has been told, needs to be told or ever will be told.

Feel free to substitute any name(s) of God or His servants you feel a need to substitute.
It's all the same.

"Lord Ramachandra was building the bridge to the demon Ravana's fortress at Lanka, to rescue our dearest Sita Devi.

So Hanuman, Rama's greatest devotee who possesses strength beyond expression, was taking big big boulders and throwing.

There was a small spider helping
by kicking grains of sand.

Hanuman was laughing at that.

Lord Ramachandra called him over and asked him, "Tell Me why I am building this bridge."

"Because You want to cross the ocean," Hanuman said.

Lord Rama said "this is not true. I don't have to cross the ocean. Just a few minutes ago I dried the ocean simply by getting angry. That's not the reason. I could be there in one moment if I wanted. Simply by taking My name you crossed the ocean. How much more potent is it if I am there?"

Hanuman said, "Because You want to kill Ravana."

Rama replied, "If I want to kill Ravana, all I have to do is leave his heart and he will die. Only because of My presence is he living."

Hanuman said, "Then why is it you are building this bridge?"

"To engage you," said Ramachandra.

To engage you so that you will get purified.
And this spider is similarly engaged."

By kicking in its grains of sand with love to serve Lord Ramacandra, the Lord accepted the service offered with love, despite the seeming insignificance of this jiva embodied in such a small material vehicle.

Yet this spider obtained through his purchase, Lord Ramacandra's eternal glance.
So even the mighty Hanuman, greatest devotee of Lord Rama, could momentarily act a fool and not know it.

That is.. until the Lord reminded him.

This is the beginning and the ending of all scriptures, all wisdom.

Made so simple and easy that even simple uneducated people like myself might taste the mercy and grace of God.

If any so desire.

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Now I have a question, but not necessarily for Les ... for anyone who understands these things actually (Amarynth, Erik, Covkid, etc.). What does the Blogspot Moderator @1:07PM comment mean and what, if anything, will happen as a result? So far I haven't noticed anything different but since I really like the new format I'd hate to see it revert to the old one. Actually it kind of looks like an April Fool's Joke to me but what do I know? Truthfully, nothing much when it comes to this kind of stuff.

amarynth said...

It was a joke folks. What it means, is the someone played a joke on April Fool's day to 'pretend' to be a blogger moderator and to make silly statements as to copyrighted scripts. Nina's name gave it away to me early in my morning .. I knew it was a joke, I thought Nina was playing. But someone else was playing and it was a joke! To a tech like me, it was hilarious. To non-techs, well, take it from me, its funny. More I don't want to say.

Now, to some real stuff (grins).

"Many a true word is spoken in jest."

amarynth said...

Uhm. forgot to say - Yes, I know who played the April Fool's joke. No, I did not know beforehand and was caught by it for a few this morning. No, it was not me.

Love to all
amarynth ... we're having a 60's music day in the forum tomorrow - I believe the barman (Covkid) is going to serve virtual drinks on the house. Friends are welcome.

And again, Love to all!

amarynth said...

This is also funny in the context. word verification .. sphimice

Those low life low down 'spi mice' were around again (grins)

teresa said...

Straker is a Jewish surname.

Maybe not so much April Fools, but definitely foolish.


Visible said...

Wow Amarynth, you guys are really putting on the dog. Sixties music is a great idea. We've got to have a real get together this year somewhere. I'll bring my Champion carrot juicer back from Italy when I come.

The 3rd Elf said...

Possibly my idea of a joke is not that great, and to anyone I might have offended I say sorry.

A better anagram of my name might be Arr... Mistaken.

WV - oooopsy

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

Thanks, Amarynth. My instinct told me it was probably a joke but I don't know anything about the inner workings of websites so I just wanted some clarification. BTW, it didn't make me laugh but my forehead crinkled into the W!T!F! fashion it often does these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Les & Family,

April should have something interesting happen on or about the 8th. Check out the etemenanki section. He has these star charts that track certin dates of the earth as it travels around the sun and on these dates something big always goes down. He has been very acurate and the 8th is the next one. IMHO it's well worth a look.

Keep up the good work.

Much love to you all.

Erik said...

Hi All,

It was an April Fools joke (no not me) I almost fell for it ;)

Patrick v1.0 thanks for suggestion
(Wordpress is already installed, waiting in the wings, will be the blogging tool for 'The Community')

And thanks, but there were many more volunteers involved ...

I would like to repeat Amarynth's and Covkid's invitation more here:

Sounds of the Sixties - Free Drinks!

Unknown said...

Dear Les,

I think the apathy about japan may be coming from the fact we are all connected and because the main stream media has been down playing the whole thing to the masses of zombie we may feel a tinge of that ignorance. Good gosh the even are trying to tell us that radiation is now good for you. This coming from Ann Colter and others. They should be the first to sprinkle some plutonium on their wheaties and tell us how that is working for them. Next it will be "jumping off a clif is the new wonder cure all go out and try it!!!" coming out of their rotten lying mouths.

It may also be mind control devices. I have heard HAARP has that mass ability to affect mental states.

Off course they would just love it if we all became apathetic and zombified.

Never ever give up!

God Bless

Visible said...

The ever prescient Zen Gardener indicates something to keep in mind. concerning April. I don't know the dates for these things but I suspect they are going to occur.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're not feeling so worried about the Japanese these days cause of THIS GUY !

Japanese Spirit !!

God I love the Spirit of God !

Heh I fell for the April fools joke. VERY creative. Good job . Now I'm gonna give ya a noogie !

Love to all you good folks

Patrick V1.0

PS: Eric thanks to you and your gang. Nice to know smart folks are keeping things running smooth.

amarynth said...

M. Rocknest (Em) - Hiya, come and join us as the new forum - We're slowly moving over from the old

Les, depends what kinda carrot you stick into that juicer (grins)

Ben said...

Les, All,
This is in response to DumbGoyNot (6:47 PM). First, I ask forgiveness if my statement implied that Heavenly Father is evil. He is not; all that He does is according to His purpose, which is perfectly good.
What I said in my comment was this: "that the earthquake and tsunami were purposed by Heavenly Father..." Please note the word "purposed".
If the earthquake was brought about by HAARP it still occurred under our Father's absolute sovereignty. If God raised up Cyrus for the destruction of Babylon, Cyrus performed our Father's purpose in that event. Same with HAARP and the individuals "responsible" for the earthquake in Japan.
Heavenly Father is allowing those dedicated to evil to fill their cups with the draught they will later be required to drink. Their deeds will serve as witnesses both for and against them before the Spiritual Court.
By the way, I also refer frequently to Bullinger's numbers. I have learned through the years that many events that are carried by the media will contain numbers that reveal what Father is communicating. The saga of the Chilean miners' entrapment and later salvation (resurrection) was one I particularly followed since the numbers in that event were wonderful communications from the Lord God.
The numbers in this event and indeed, the numbers in many recent events, are another cause for optimism. Father is preparing some wonderful things for those that desire and seek Him.
Again, I apologize if my original statement implied that Father is evil. That was not my intent at all.

amarynth said...

Patrick V1.0, thanks for that suggestion. The blogs are already being backed up on WP. So, if Martin's April Fools joke ever materializes (evil grins), all will be fine.

Anonymous said...

To keep from going insane the lowlife government satanist probably have endless memories of bellowing laughter in giant gold vaults, group orgies and special vacations to cycle through.

I hope and pray the dark illusion created by unseen forces in high places will end soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm tending not to listen to music in my own head these days. but here's the spirit I think, in a retro-pop sort of way.

could only get the audio (maybe that April Folls Copywright thing. hehe)

slade - (nothing can change the) shape of things to come

I say thanks and think nice things about the Japanese when I (infrequently) drive my 20 year old Subaru. made well to last.


Anonymous said...

The comment by Anon 10:37 on the last Petri Dish was adequately responded to by Fud 10:42.

Nevertheless, it would be a real help if Les himself would respond to Anon 10:37 for full closure of the things he said.

I am asking for a response from the dog poet himself.

Erik said...

Hey Patrick V1.0

The only thing 'smart' about this gang is that we (almost) all let the Divine guide us ...

That helps even when building web sites (grin), you would not believe the 'little miracles' we experienced while 'creating' it ;)

Amarynth keeps 'divinely' silent about her very substantial role, maybe this is why ....


fiona said...

Despite the storm raging around us, and the energy changing and vamping up which I can feel most days, I feel mostly at peace....although when I look at the MSM stories I can feel the energy shift downwards...but looking out on Eden, with raindrops like jewels still on leaves, and an oak tree that came out of an acorn we planted, deeply I know all is well.

Rabbit said...

I think none of us are feeling the Japan thing as much as we should (those of us who realise it is a disaster of horrendous scale) is that we on some level have begun to recognise that our turn is coming up sooner rather than later.

I think Japan is finished myself. This is probably going to end up ten, twenty times or more worse than Chernobyl and is also several magnitudes worse. The media has never been more culpable in my opinion for merely parroting the lies of official dumb.

fioan said...

Just reading about the meaning attached to Japan's earthquake, tsuami...Existence is having to balance all the vibrational energy people are emiting through thought and so stuff happens imagine 1000s years of this = now. ... Oh yeah, not this blog but read about ETs questions etc...driving near roswell NM years ago, obviously whatever '47 was dropped into my head and then instantly the words dropped into my mind 'you are an alien'!" i.e. if we accept we are spiritual beings having a human experience, that our body is merely an amazing 'space-suit' to enable us to have this physical earth experience, then actually we are not of this earth either!! Thus who ever visits from other planets, universes, dimensions etc are just like us spiritual beings having a planet 'zog' or whatever experience ...Of course the fix is like so many of us they have forgotten, fallen asleep too.,.please execuse any typos, repeats curtesy of dyslexia

G.Scholar said...

The video shows homes that are too expensive for the Chinese to live in. They cost 75 - 100 thousand dollars to buy. The average Chinese anual wage is 6 thousand doolars.
Answer? The Chinese will have to borrow money at interest from a central bank who creates money from nothing and who itself created the money to build the homes in order to start debt slavery from China's economic get go.

Central banks which create fiat money from nothing literally enslave their people on purpose.

End the Federal Reserve central bank in the US and end the Rothschild central banking system around the world (193 of 197 countries).

It is ponzi scheme, a fraud which enslaves (literally) every citizen in the countries where it operates.

Josh in North Carolina said...

Howdy to all! I'm feelin a little crazy this mornin! Ha! But I always feel a little crazy so that's nothing new for me. First off, can anyone be so kind as to tell me how to use paragraphs in my comments? Seriously, I've tried all kinds of buttons on my keyboard and I can't figure out to type in paragraphs in my comments? If someone would give me some suggestions this mornin' on how to do that then I owe the universe an act of kindness afterwards. I'm on a e-machine computer that was bought almost three years ago. Hey Rabbit, I have to agree on the detachment, or maybe just plain numbness, on the Japan situation. I know my time and a lot of other people's time as well may be comin' soon so it's like, what the hell can I do about it? Looks like pretty much nothing. I can pray for Japan, which I already did the other day, and this mornin' to I think, but that seems to be about it. This stuff is way bigger than me. Chemtrails! Lines in the sky! Whatever they are! Ha! Absolutely blue skies this mornin' when I went for a walk, not a single long white trail, heck not even a single jet in the sky! Weather front movin' in to the area today with strong gusty winds so I think that's why there's a lack of spraying because they know it wouldn't stick around and it would just blow right on out of the area. Hey Les, a question this morning. When I talk to my creator (God), I clear my mind and heart as best I can and listen on the inside, as well as feel on the inside, as well as observe what's going on outside of me. This is how I look for answers or guidance. I also think it's best to repeat questions consistently as well as give the divine plenty of time to show up inside of me and respond. If the creator is me and I am him, then I would think that whatever guidance shows up inside of me is what I should be listening for and would be the correct way to go about making daily casual contact. I guess what I'm trying to say is, do you have any suggestions Les? Do you agree with this method? The divine doesn't appear to me in the form of waking visions or anything and I know of no other way of daily contact other than something like intense meditation for hours on end or maybe taking some mind- altering mushrooms or something. So I'm just looking for a return serve from you this morning Les. If you get a minute today feel free to comment on that. You are a real workhorse Les and I admire your stamina. If you keep answering my questions like this I'm going to begin to feel like I'm indebted to you or something. Respects to all the people out there, this is definitely an interesting place to be. Pond Owl

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Westerners today think of Japanese as hardworking, polite people with mystical zen like qualities. The Chinese know better. They call them the people with wolf's hearts and dog's lungs. (These are two ingredients that can't be made edible in Chinese cooking.)

From Iris Chang's NY Times Bestseller, "The Rape of Nanking:"

"The broad details of the Rape are, except for the Japanese, not in dispute..............When the city fell on December 13, 1937, Japanese soldiers began an orgy of cruelty seldon if ever matched in human history. Tens of thousands of young men were herded to the outer areas of the city, where they were mowed down by machine guns, used for bayonet practice or soaked in gasoline..........350,000+ dead.......surpasses much of the worst barbarism of the age including the Romans at Carthage or Timor Lenk who was noted for for building towers of skulls. At Nanking, the Japs were only getting started.

Shouldn't it be forgotten? Absolutely........those horrible Nazis and the collective guilt of the German people is more important. Go figure......


Tom frum

PS: I vant my book deal and compensation from the German government.

DumbGoyNot said...

Dear Ben,

I understand where you're coming from, you don't need to ask me for forgiveness because of how you worded what you wrote, which was basically the truth. But I do forgive you anyway. One thing I find interesting in all this is the fact that nobody seems the least bit interested in the HAARP energy beam device and how TPTB are using it as a weapon of control against the masses (whom they greatly fear). It seems people prefer laundromat conversation to talking about any of that. I'm surprised nobody has started posting jokes on this forum. Actually that might not be such a bad idea seeing as how TPTB don't want the sheeple to have any sort of reprieve from their systematically applied oppression. They want to make sure that they can keep the sheeple in as jaded a condition as possible because jaded people are a lot easier to control than people who are in good humor. But hey man, I do appreciate what you wrote, people like you and me need to stick together.

Anonymous said...

Tom frum:

There isn't a single Nation with a flawless past. But, if you look at magnitude, the nominally (it's really "The Empire of the City") British Empire is the cruelest, bloodiest Empire in whole known human history.

For some very strange reason, NY Times won't be mentioning the role of the tentacles of the Bankster Empire in all of the atrocities and wars of the modern age.

No, it's always somebody else, some savage people nowhere near The City or Wall Street: The Krauts, the Japs, the Russkies, the Islamofascists, the Rednecks...

Why are you so intent on digging dirt from Japans past when there is a disaster of global implications, a disaster which needs healing, prayer and love?

Are you claiming that all Chinese think like some shill in NY Times?

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

And to add, "The Empire of the City" (of Rothschilds, that is) is not just about the past, but is very much active in present via Zionism, IMF, alphabet agencies and MSM.

Pond Owl: Just hit enter couple of times finishing a paragraph.

Snake Sage

Django said...

if it was an April fools' joke, why did the sites revert to the old template?
Love to All,

Dan said...

Love to all,

Thanks to Les and everyone that comes and shares here. I really love this spot. I don't know how better to express it. It feels like I've found a family here. I will remember to embrace and love it but not become attached to our current form.

I too have been disturbed by my lack of empathy at times. I think I've come to see the world as an illusion and detached myself from judging the show.

"Where the red Fern grows" still causes me to cry like a little girl so I still have the potential for empathy given the right conditions. Maybe a better way to write that would be "Given a return to the belief in this illusion causes me to grieve for the suffering of life on this planet; especially my own."

I know on your other blog you opened yourself up to questions. I don't know if your ok with me asking one here but I'm going to ask anyways. Have you every contemplated physical pain? I've had a tooth ache for a couple of weeks and I have been trying to grasp what it is I'm feeling and why its so difficult to endure.


Martin said...


This is Smoking Mirrors as linked to on 1 April ;

And this is Smoking Mirrors for real

Nothing reverted or got changed on the "real" Smoking Mirrors site on 1 April - people just got diverted to the spoof website on the day, is all.

Dan said...

I meant to put a (grin) after "I'm going to ask it anyways". It sounded disrespectful without that and that was not my intention.


Anonymous said...

Another servant of the greater good. Somehow made your livlihood. Pointing out the puppets with hearts of wood, because we would not recognize them if we could. You wallow in your highest hour, and it washes you like golden shower, he who blogs has all the power, you too have an ivory tower. Tell me, me lord, for I cannot afford, to gather friends and hoard, the wisdom lost with severed chord. Once again that midnight ride, that Paul Revere of hidden tide, ride, Visible, ride.

just me, Laurel A. said...

les, i made all manner of uncorrected spelling and grammar errors in the other post....please delete that one and put this one in instead? my little one makes me hurry sometimes, and i do not always proof just a bit :)
~~thank you :)))

you know what, all that struggling i did, it got me the stuff i was told i had to get, and it gave the children some stuff they were told i owed them, and here i am now, 50, with a late child who is a beautiful nonverbal autistic star baby if ever they made one, whose take on life is just so astoundingly clear and simple i feel like a ninny every time i find myself complicating things :)). she is a gift, for sure. i at first thought, why me, why my older girls, why have we been visited with this strange and uncommunicative child? it was her that was visited with us, and it must have been a bit of a let-down for her sprightly soul to have to slow down and wait for us all the time. but she tolerates us with a beautiful smile and an impish sense of humor. she is beginning to get where we are, and she seems to know we cannot really help it, but we are trying. a star child. i was re-reading the hopi prohesies, about the star children, and the man-made children, and the zombie people with no life force in their eyes, walking heavy. is it time for the hopis? they predicted the atomic bomb long before we had any such notions. it was in the dream of a hopi elder, in the early 1800's or so? i dont remember when. i do remember that i have been growing old, that i have achieved physical imfirmities, that my mindset has been through so many loop de loops i cannot hardly tell you which side of my face is on the front of my head anymore. i thought i was getting old, i thought i was going nuts, i thought i was losing my stride. today, i think i noticed, that is not the case. through these things, i was only beginning to gain my true stride. today, i dont hurt so much. why would i? today, i think i noticed that i have become something great. this stuff i drag around, ah, who cares? take as little as i need to, is what i am thinking i would like to do, just take as little as i need, and let the ground fly out and away behind me. maybe i am ready. i like it. i really really like it :)

Juri Lina said...


I also strongly suspect Haarp precipitated 3/11 and stuxnet took care of the rest.

As far as the cruelest regime: zionism (Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin) causing the 150 million civilians slaughtered in the Bolshevik extermination where "90% of the plebians should perish so the remaining 10% should prosper."

Saturday, April 02, 2011


Is the USA a democracy?

Will Egypt become a democracy?

For 'democracy' to work, you need:

1. Well informed voters. 2. Civilised voters. 3. Honest leaders.

It's all about getting the 'good' people in charge of managing things; and keeping the 'bad' people out of power.

Tim Stanley, at History Today, writes about The Democratic Delusion | Hist

1. He points out that democracy in ancient Athens (6th to 4th centuries BC) meant "an assembly of adult male citizens voting directly on day-to-day matters."

So, an assembly decided to execute Socrates for heresy.

Everyone was expected to go along with that (foolish) decision.

In 427 BC the Athenian assembly debated what to do about a revolt by the Mytilenians of Lesbos.

The assembly decided to send a ship to Mytilene to kill all the adult males and enslave all the women and children.

The following morning the assembly narrowly voted to send a second ship to cancel the order.

According to Tim Stanley, democracy "can descend into mob rule."

That is, in our opinion, if you have poorly-informed and uncivilised voters, led by 'bad' people.

2. According to Tim Stanley, Westerners usually link democracy with "liberty in faith, sexuality, business, speech and thought."

And, democracy "flourishes best when a country has divided powers, elected representatives and a maximum of self-government."

3. Tim Stanley writes: "Democracy as the West comprehends it isn't really democracy at all."

What if the Egyptians get 'democracy' and vote for shariah law?

Website for this image Among the people reported to be high ranking freemasons are: Napoleon, Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Roosevelt, Truman and Gaddafi.

Tim Stanley makes no mention of the argument that 'democracy' in the West is a sham, and that many of our leaders and institutions are secretly controlled by people who are not 'democrats'.

In his book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion (2002), the Estonian Juri Lina says about 150 million people died as a result of the Bolshevik Revolution, subsidized by the Masonic Jewish banking cartel.

"The West pretended to oppose the Bolsheviks but in fact defended them." ( - USSR - Experiment Was "Social ...)

On 24 June 2010, at Global Research, Andrew Gavin Marshall wrote about: The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order

The top 6,000 people in the world own 40% of the world’s assets.

The bottom 3.4 billion own 1% of world wealth.

In the feudal system, you have scores of top families who control huge amounts of wealth and power by using terror; and by using religion; and bribery; and seduction.

For the feudal system to work, you need the ordinary people to be ignorant and uncivilised.

Today, we appear to have rule by certain top bankers, businessmen and generals.

These are not your honest, good leaders.

Third infitida site on Facebook removed too slowly after complaint said...

“Klayman, who describes himself in the complaint as ‘an American citizen of Jewish origin” who is “active in matters concerning the security of Israel and all people.’”

All people, except Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

@Josh in North Carolina said...

just hit the enter button to make a new blank line. repeat as necessary - should work. alternatively do the typing in a text editor, like notepad, and select-all, edit copy, and edit paste into the blog.


neal said...

DumbGoyNot, HAARP can't mess with your head, and through you, the weather, if your internal whirlwinds are primed to ward that straight line crap off. I worked with them for awhile, and know what they are doing, it's not what they or you may think.

The Buddas in Malaysia are glowing and winking, so are the faces in the clouds and the birds- the very stones will laugh out loud at this if no one else will.

fioan said...

not april fool, or perhaps it is depending on where your consciousness is....just listened to this english guy

fioan said...

also this in british press today....seepage out to what end do not know as control of press still intact -

Anonymous said...

Best-seller books in pre-Fukushima Japan:

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion";

"If You Understand Judea, You Understand the World";

"The Rothschild Family: The Devil’s Canon of the World’s Financial Clique"

In 2008 members of Japan's parliament called for a new investigation into the 11-September false-flag attack ...

Japan's new PM Hotoyama favored shutting down USA's military bases ...

(just take the message if useful, don't piss on the messenger)

source: Brother Nathanael; former orthodox jew, now orthodox christian: Japan, Quakes & The Jewish Question

Josh in North Carolina said...



Test, Test.

Wow! It's working! How could I be so blind? Thanks Snake Sage! I don't remember much of anything from that typing class I took in school.(grin)

Pond Owl

sook said...

It makes sense now why Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro were reticent to support the overthrow of Gaddafi.
He was apparently trying to nationalize the country's oil and give the proceeds directly to the people while at the same time removing high-level corruption. You get bombed by the Zios for such disobedience.

Anonymous said...

Snake Sage:

Let's not forget the American Empire from 1898 to the present.

Its been a bit bloody. The founding fathers would be shocked.

Tom frum

Anonymous said...

Tom frum:

Well, considering I think US from about that time has been a controlled mercenary for the "Empire of The City" (possibly nowadays centered on Israel, but I'm not sure), I'm not forgetting anything (Btw, I'm not American or a big fan of America, nor am I from any English-majority country).

Nor am I dwelling on bloody history - that would be you - I'm just trying to put things into perspective and focus on the essentials of the present day.

Btw, libahunts in Estonian folklore are not all female (like you claimed in the question thread), the most famous witch/werewolf trial was about a man named Hans.

I ask again: Why do you do what you're doing here, or the other thread? Why?

Does it have something to do with your pious, observant surname (that is what frum means in Yiddish)? Or am I off the track?

Les Visible:

I think my April's Fool joke 3.03 pm was a failure, sorry about that (it was too much like the reality what was attempted). I just took the most ridiculous, improbable thing I could think you were (Mossad) and did my best "oldy" parody.

For the record, I have a huge nose, that's why I can't kiss anybody's ass - I have to brownnose instead. :)

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

mr visibles,I have a large nose too,I think it may help with the sniffing out of dirty great lies and corruption,
all the people I know where I live with a small or average size nose just cant seem to do this,although my dad has a rather large nose too and he cant sniff out a lie either
I have often wondered if maybe I made cardboard noses for them it would help them,but I think I maybe on last chances with them now so I probably shouldnt push it to much,,,

anyway respects neil

Anonymous said...

everyday a little closer
becomes obvious through extreme's
the powers that once were
fall broken unredeemed
the lies that once worked
just a complicated mess
a new world is lifting
but not the one that they suggest
operations of the energys
illiminate the insecurity
rising through the little people
in down trodden broken communitys
the abuse of the elitists
and the corruption of their way
displayed for all to see
each and every day


G.Scholar said...

Sook 4:40,

You have hit all points 100% correct.
The invaision is:
1) completely fought by CIA, MI6, Mossad and mercenaries formerly working as 'al Queda' for the zionist allies - there are in principle NO Libyan civilians attacking the government forces.
2) the goal of the zionist allies is to prevent and reverse nationalization of the oil revenues to the Libyan people.
3) the equal goal of the zionist allies is to end the Libyan dinar and central bank and replace it with a Rothschild central bank.

Rothschild central banking is 100% behind and the cause of the Libyan invasion, just like it was 100% behind the attacks of 9/11 carried out by US secret services and Mossad.

193 of 197 countries in the world have zionist Rothschild central banks.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Mad Bulls are Loose in the China Shops.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Gaboon Vipers and Radioactive, Hedge Fund Bankers.



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