Saturday, April 09, 2011

Glamour and the Ghost Cities of the Moon

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‘Dogs in the water are no match for a raccoon’.

I speak often about attractions and desires. I think the richest person in France is the lady who is the heir to the L’Oreal fortune. When you consider the commercial industry of glamour and all that it connects to, directly and indirectly, you’re looking at one of the biggest industries on the planet and it’s all about appearances. It’s all about altering and camouflaging appearances, actually.

Glamour is possibly one of the most insidious forces on Earth. Look at the things we glamorize. I don’t think I have to itemize. It’s one of the major hypnotics on the planet, along with money, power and fame. Glamour is intimately connected to all of them. The given purpose of cosmetics is to enhance beauty but its actual result is to obscure it.

I don’t know a great deal about Steven Gaskin. I’ve never heard anything bad about him but I can only anticipate someone will tell me something (grin). That’s beside the point. He once made a comment about women. I can’t remember the actual quote. He said something to the effect that it is one of the saddest things on Earth to see a woman coming into her full glory and beauty, only to cover it up with cosmetics. I can’t say too much about this because it is a product of the times in which we live. One can’t really be blamed too harshly for giving in to such a significant power to some degree.

I try to be mindful of this force in my own life. I have no jewelry. I don’t wear a watch either, because I don’t care what time it is. I don’t use any ointments or unguents for my skin or make concessions to suppress my smell, which I leave to diet to regulate. I wear common and generally used clothing that I buy from EBay; blue jeans, types of shirts and I’ve got some rock and roll outfits for that kind of thing, which is about as rare as hen’s teeth these days. The only new clothes I ever buy are sneakers and socks.

I note that there are people who can tell the brand label of clothing and measure people according to it. That amazes me. I note the near obsession that many people have with their appearance; the awful trauma of hair loss and the fear of aging, as if the currency of their being relied upon something that is going by the day. That’s by turns, tragic and amusing. I often think of Donald Trump’s hair. With all his money that was the best he could come up with?

I experience a keen sorrow when I see the things that women have to go through to make their way through the bombed out wasteland of contemporary culture. On psychedelics, it all looks like a cartoon. I watch the poses and postures and the mating games, cries for attention that go on all around me on a given day, as I make a brief trip to the store or into a larger town for one reason or another.

I was in Basel the other day. Basel is infamous for several reasons. The reader can find those out on their own, should they be curious. It’s been a glorious Spring here. I was walking along the Rhine into the main part of town and here and there I passed someone naked laying right out on the walkway. They could have positioned themselves better but maybe not, given what I intuit as their reasons for being there. You can find naked people for all sorts of reasons, once the weather permits it. A man walked by me with his shirt off, exposing his shaved and bronzed chest. He was in his fifties and extraordinarily attentive to any interest that might be shown.

I came into town and went to the library and afterwards I thought I would go to a Sushi restaurant that was on Barfusserplatz; the main drag for theaters, bars and sundry. I sat outside and then noticed a woman in her fifties, dressed up in a little girl’s party dress. She had a music box of some sort and was doing some of the worst, most awkward and comical ballet I’ve ever seen. You wanted to avert your eyes as if you were passing a roadside accident, unless you’re most people, with rubberneck syndrome.

On my way in I passed a 6 and a half foot transvestite, walking with a female companion. I’ve seen them done up to a T but this was another train wreck. Everything was surreal for me. I don’t go into large urban areas very often. What I noted was the concern for glamour everywhere and all of the shops that supported it. That was pretty much the majority of what there was, if you eliminate feeding zones. The urban Swiss can be a tad difficult in a lot of ways. Money rules the waters and the prices reflect that. Comfort and PC freedom are main areas of focus here. Should a few drops of rain fall, thousands of umbrellas go up and they DO NOT watch where they are going.

In Europe, sexual activity starts very early and they don’t make the hue and cry about it that they make in the US, where they’re also lowering the bar by the day, because of glamour. So, you tend to see a lot of teenagers with sullen faces. The force of glamour and the sexual attractive power that has generated it is possibly the most powerful force on Earth. It’s one of the perversions of this force that expresses itself in war and combat. Most things are some channeling, perversion or modification of this force. I can see that now more clearly than I’ve ever seen it in my life.

Something is happening to me, now that I’ve lost nearly all of my attractions. I’m beginning to see them for what they are. I can see the electronic nature of the male force and the magnetic attractive force of the female nature. I can also see the lies, busily at work, which are a ground zero essential to the interplay. Various forms of deception and seduction are at work all around. Sometimes you even see a form of love, in its present permutation of whatever passes for romance. I don’t mean to be cynical, because I’m not. What I see are a multitude of trapping devices; a certain relative ease going in and various degrees of difficulty getting out. When what is called Love, can be so quickly turned to anger and resentment, it’s not Love at all. It’s a glamorization of it.

Everyone is looking at themselves in the big store windows and that is their sole focus, except for the constant searching for interest in them. There’s such a controlling aspect to all of it, as if they were all contained within a limited field of programming. It fascinates me. With the falling away of attractions, I am noticing other things; the state of being for people of any particular age, the level of self obscuration. revealed in the attention of their eyes to given objects, the hunger and the way it keys on whatever is needed to satisfy it and all through the sequences and progressions is the glamour; the glamour of callow youth, the glamour of presentations in person and object and all of it taking place beneath the eternal skies, within a confined time zone that is the temporary reality, which is changing into something else as you are moving through it.

That’s not reality though. That’s what interposes itself between you and reality. It’s all serious business though. People believe in it and live their lives according to it. People lie and steal for it, die for it and kill for it. It’s possible, in a certain state of awareness, to see the whole spectacle as a progressive dance of death, among cob-webbing dreams. The princely settings at the tables of the privileged are filmed in dust. Corpses in rotting tuxedos and other ensembles sit there, engaged in animated conversation from some location on the moon. They think they’re here but they are on the moon.

The sum total of the manufactured world’s offerings is... colorful rubbish. They’ve found up to fifty pounds of waste and more in people’s colons, whose diet is predominantly meat. I’ve read where the average carnivore has seven pounds of putrefying waste in their colon by the time they are fifty. Well, it’s all a matter of personal choice here and... we’re all about personal choice and freedom. True freedom does not result in bondage. That’s what happens when freedom is seen as license. Most people don’t have to worry about being enslaved by others. They’ve already done the job on themselves which, is how the other happens anyway. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master.

Glamour is a predator that sits like a Moray eel at the mouth of a cave in the coral or wherever. It’s surrounded by color and the Moray eel I’m talking about; glamour, has all sorts of attractive features to lure you close enough to snatch. Informed divers know about the dangers of the deep; sticking your hands in dark places and so on and so forth. There's not much difference between the world you live in and the ocean. You can find parallels all day. One’s no less a dream world than the other and divers know what a dream world the ocean can be. Anyway, I’ve said enough for today. Good fortune to you all.

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Visible said...

If you've been sending me emails and wondering why I haven't replied, I apologize. I try to get around to them but I cannot let them occupy more time than I have, so, if it isn't critical it has to wait. That's not my fault, that's the collective fault of all the people sending me emails (grin). Of course, if it's important, I'll do my best to respond quickly.

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter what you write it always seems to resonate with me way off topic i finally tracked down a packet of american spirit the local stuff just doesn't match up

kenny said...

It's hard to believe that it's been 40 years since Stephen Gaskin and the caravan rolled into Tennessee. I doubt that anyone will come up with anything bad about him and the Farm's grand experiment in community. The vegan movement and modern midwifery owe a large debt to their efforts. Readers unfamiliar with the Farm may find it an interesting tale that's still relevant.

Visible said...

Glad to hear it Kenny. It seems that every time I mention someone that I admire, I hear about it from certain quarters in a negative light. That community is still humming along I think.

DaveS said...

You become a slave when you cease to be your own master.

This sentence pretty much sums it up...


Zoner said...

"Appetites" is sure a nice label - almost seems benign when using that term.

The battle continues, and I'm glad to know that the force opposing is "possibly the most powerful force on earth". It certainly seems that way when the energy that accompanies it threatens to cause spontaneous combustion (one should be so lucky!).

I suppose life here would be boring without these challenges, but man, talk about relentless!

Thanks for your words LV.


Neko Kinoshita said...

There is much to be learned from Stephen. Nice to see, I must read some more of his work.

Glamor, grease paint on a corpse.

Have you noticed? One's outward appearence will always reflect what they are inside. It is very sad to see beautiful people that plaster over their inner beauty with gaudy dust.

There is a method for healing in that somewhere... Must remember, that could become important.

Contemplation of this Origami may help me to prepare for what is coming.

Staying out of the water, and keeping the raccoons away from the dumpster.

There is a beautiful sunrise this morning in the cul-de-sac,


Richard said...

Right on the button again, or the wet nose as the case may be.

The electric and magnetic forces and their interplay, even in their expression in the mammal world, or as the engineers would say the E and H fields.

Thanks for the musings and the clarity. Trusting that the trees are blossoming in the fine spring weather.

Spartacus is giving a standing ovation on some plane. At least in the Kirk Douglas movie the same forces animated him to seek to break the chains of slavery, Was he thus named because his place of birth was the city-state of Sparta?

Woof, woof from the dog nation.

Anonymous said...

well beauty is in the eye of the beholder or something like that,
for all of us ugly looking unsemitrical with bits hanging out the wrong places we have to make do with what we have been given and remain unconcerned otherwise it eats away at our vital essences,and to myself its the vital essences that are the beautiful thing....

anyway respects neil

Anonymous said...

looks like the israhellians maybe about to attack our brothers and sisters in gaza tonight.
apparently israhell is fed up with having to attack itself with sock bombs filled with matches and old spoons and forks and other various bits of metal found whilst wondering the rubbish tips of tel aviv.
they would really like to use some of that new stuff you people in america have sent them and start killing people
also the protesters in egypt are trying to sack the israhellian embassy in cairo...
peoples we may need to use our vital energys praying or doing what ever we do..

anyway I'm trying for a poem...neil

PressTV said...

Saturday 09.04.11 16:30

The people of Cairo and Alexandra are gathering in the hundreds of thousands in the public squares all over again (last time Mubarak was ousted) to protest the israeli and US corruptive influence in the Egyptian government. The protesters want the military to give power over to the civilian government immediately.

The protesters burned zionist israeli and American flags and tried to replace the consular israeli flag with the Palestinian flag but increased military and police prevented the Palestinian flag from being raised.

Numbering nearly one million in Freedom square three protesters were killed and 18 were wounded on Friday. The protesters demand Mubarak be tried along with those military who killed civilians in the uprising of February 2011.

Egyptians are awake to the corrupting control both israel and US have over the implementation of democracy in their country. Egyptians are realising the pervasive control zionism has over their country and they have vowed to break all ties with israel.

One problem is the military who has been in power since Mubarak stepped down get a very substantial amount of their funding from the US. The US supports zionism and israel and thereby refuses for the military to support the goals o the peaceful protestors.

It is not clear what will occur since the people are refusing to accept further USrael influence in Egypt while the military are refusing to forgo the funding and thereby the influence of USrael.

Also, the Egyptian people want zionism totally out of their lives while the military do not want lose their paycheque from the zionists.

I give my support to the Egyptian people. What is needed is for the military to turn their backs on their zionist masters (USrael) and endure the loss of zionist money in order to free their country united with the people from zionist control. Germany was unable to achieve this in 1939 and the zionists conjured a world war against them.

Perhaps the zionist funded military in Egypt is just waiting for the protestors to get hungry and tired and to go home.

The zioist control of every country having a Rothschild controlled central bank have infinite (literally) funds in which to wait out any protest.

The odds are 1000:1 that the zionists will again regain control in Egypt simply by fatigue attrition of th protestors.

But there is always the remote chance that people will get so fed up that they will overrun ALL government buildings and the military (who refuse to fire on their own people) will accept loss of funding from the zionist USrael.

The zionists are not worried yet, we can only hope they become more so in the near future.

Anonymous said...

central focus
lovings life
eagles reach
turn inside
swirling lightning
humming summer
scatter trails
twirling thunder
sign of wonder
living flow
growing peace
presence glow
blowing sunlight
engaging drama
embrace the lands
collapse the harmer


TheSparkle said...

Amen from the choir!

It's really great dropping attractions as I go along.

(The meat/colon thing is kind of an urban myth though. I've seen hundreds of colonoscopies and never any rotting meat hanging on. ;-) It's usually 'clean as a whistle' in there....surprisingly.)

TheSparkle said...

"When what is called Love, can be so quickly turned to anger and resentment, it’s not Love at all. It’s a glamorization of it."


Jack Rabbit said...

"Proves beyond all reasonable doubt..." "guilty of murder" ...and Obama is ALLOWED BY CONGRESS to continue this obscenity. This puts "WE THE PEOPLE" between a "rock and a hard place."

"Every now and then I wake up at 3 AM, wide-awake - and I watch these fine lawyers explain to the nation that we have psychopaths and murderers in the executive branch that need bars in front of them to prevent them from murdering more people and.....nothing. More TV..... more talk.....more nothing."

"What wakes me up is the realization that after free speech fails, after the law fails - we are stuck with the "last resort" - that is JUSTIFIABLE VIOLENCE TO OVERTHROW THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH."



You know what Jack Rabbit? The reason the congress can not do anything about the three wars be wages and the funding of israel and the federal reserve operation and the industrial control of the executive branch of the American government, IS BECAUSE THE CONGRESS HAS BEEN CUT OFF FROM CONTROL OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH.

In plain words, the Congress now only functions as window dressing for the president as he carries out the orders of Rothschild's international bankers and industrialists. Obama no longer takes any guidance from the American people or the American Congress. He answers to his zionist masters.

Ni point in complaining about Congress - they no longer have any power over what America does. The Congress is now only a facade.

The man pulling the strings of wars and finance, both domestically and internationally is sitting in the City of London.

If you want to voice your dissatifaction with the actions of Obama you should write a letter to Rothschild.

Dammerung said...

As usual, the trouble gets back to sexual repression. Nobody can come out and SAY what they want, for fear of losing lived ones and job and home. People are much more frank in their Internet toolbar but nobody can shoot you over the Internet either.

Last night twice I escaped higher entities in the dream world who wanted to take me Hell knows where; once by rocket. But you can't be comfortable with where you're going if you don't know where you are and I found my way out of the labyrinth yet again.

Sorry if this is a d/p I can't tell if the mobile version took.

Django said...

The glamour promises an antidote for the isolation that is so endemic now, when it really just reinforces it by pushing the idea of a special and unique individual, which cuts us off further. And it's all pushed by some of the most brilliant, talented and misguided people with cutting edge psychology and technology at their disposal. I always wonder what these people could be doing for everyones' benefit, were it not for the way and the why of how things are done these days.
Thanks as always, Les and best to you all.
I'm off to the med spa.

Anonymous said...

Although Obama strongly condemmed the violence against civilians in Syria, he has not said one word about the ongoing killing of civilians in Bahrain. Just like the 9/11 commission report dealt with WTC7 by not mentioning it.

Bahrain's king recently boasted in a US leaked cable of Bahrain's ties with israeli security forces (sic).

Bahrain is in day 55 of their civilian democracy protests where over 500 civilians have been diappeared into Bahrain jails for their democracy desires. Over 20 of these are women.

Obama gave the Saudi government the OK to militarily go into Bahrain and to kill democracy protesters.

Obama says nothing, nada, zip about Bahrain because his executive branch (zionist controlled) support of the killing of Bahrainian pro-democracy
protesters by Saudi Arabian forces.

The American executive branch has severed its ties to the Congress and the American people and now has made the American military forces a literal international thug force under the control of Rothschild in his world chess game of zionist fascism.

The only place to get somewhat untainted news is from Iran (who is NOT under Rothschild central banking) from the English broadcast of
Everything else is compromised - even many, many of the so called 'independent' media sites.

ABCNNBCBS, SKY, FOX and all other main stream media in Rothschild controlled central bank countries are completely useless if you desire uncensored news.

We are right now living in a manifest Orwellian 'reality'.

Like Fud said, prepare now so you and your family don't end up wearing a FEMA t-shirt.

150 million civilians were slaughtered by the zionist jews in the Russian extermination (Juri Lina, 2002). What makes you so sure it will not happen again in America and Europe?

Peace unto you and your families.

Visible said...

I'm afraid that's not an urban myth it comes for pathology studies and has everything to do with the relative size of the intestinal systems of carnivores and vegetarians; speaking only of the animal kingdom but using it as a guide and further, if that were so there would be no need for colonic irrigation and I have personally seen the string and rope leather impacted shit that finds its way out in the process of an extended cleanse.

Unknown said...

Moray eels are quite nice if you make friends with 'em. Those at the Monterey Aquarium are fed by hand to amuse the tourists.

Pay no attention to my avatar. I haven't done the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper look in years, and there was a reason when I did, but I have a lass friend who has nothing but contempt for the status quo in self-modification and cosmetics. And she'll tell ya if ya don't believe 'er, she'll strangle ya with 'er five inch/12.7 centimetre armpit hairs. Also, just cheap jeans, t-shirts and work shirts for 'er. She's not man enough to wear a skirt. (She bein' a member of The Church of Euthanasia, with their slogan of 'Real Men Wear Skirts', thank you Chris Korda!)

I wouldn't want 'er any other way.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's some amusing dietary and health advice:

bholanath said...

April 19 is Passover.
Expect some 'holy' sacrifices.

Anonymous said...

Well written commentary on the occult nature of psyche . . .

Anonymous said...

operation failures
of colonialist behaviors
corrupted institutions
media fabricators
genosidal rapers
destroyed within in layers
falsehood manipulators
confusing self containers
self within enslavers
rotting inner flavours
of delusion educators
corporate miss shapers
with lies that just castrate us
hate that just frustrates us
but truth has come to wake us
open up and raise us


TheSparkle said...

Lol. I know what I have seen from thousands of surgeries and quite a few autopsies and pathological studies, in addition to the hundreds of colonoscopies. I even hear about the meat in the colon all the time in late night AM radio commercials....

It's ok though.

I'm not debating. Just stating my personal observations. This has nothing to do with anything that I read or was told, only with what I observed personally.

TheSparkle said...

That's called poo, Les. It's not accumulated meat. The colon isn't really an organ of digestion. It's where the undigested slurry is concentrated into poo by the colon's ability to remove water. Anything in there is just poo whether it's oat bran or undigested meat. If you don't poo it all out it's not my problem. ;)

And now for something completely

The oldest of the 20 dogs had to have an eye removed because of severe glaucoma resulting in blindness, much inflammation and really terrible corneal ulcerations. He feels better now, but he needs help finding his way to the water bowl or just getting back to the door into the house.

Visible said...

I'm not going to debate either because then I wind up having to link to scientific studies and that nagging question about global proliferation of colonic and intestinal cleansing ( which I can't imagine is a scam and I've never heard it referred to as such and, as I've said, I've seen with my own eyes what comes out as a result of deep cleansing.

Robert Gray's book on colon cleansing goes into the phenomena in detail and an autopsy is exactly where they found the fifty pounds of shit. I heard from a doctor right in my town about the amount of waste found in the bodies of obese people at death.

Every now and then you hear about someone extremely fat whose flesh has bonded to their chair. One has to wonder where the wastes are going in these cases. I think there's a lot more to it than just to say everyone's colon is clean and the large amount of colon cancer and its relationship to diet is not to be questioned from where I sit. Of course, I could be dead wrong. But what you are telling me is the first time in my life I ever heard this and I've heard hundreds of examples of the other perspective.

Sorry about the dog but 20 is a truly advanced age. Our oldest dog Lily Nelson couldn't walk a few days ago, was falling down and various ominous signs were taking place. It occurred to Susanne to give her some minerals and all of a sudden she is years younger. We expected her to be gone in a matter of days. Prayer factored in because that was going on prior to the solution appearing out of the blue.

Anonymous said...

calming harmonicly
harmonise honesty
lifting humanity
whispering cosmicly
vibrating consciously
touching eternity
reaching through mystery
weaving in honoury
clarified sanctity
swirling round instancy
cultivate lovingly
yearning belongingly
unified frequency
simplify difficulty
forming the clarity
singing a song in we


Teresa said...

Glamour: to bewitch, enchant, obscure.

Cosmetics + advertising, media and what passes for 'sexuality'---all glamour.

So, young, misguided women and men get suckered into using products that hurt them. They eat junk food. The food ages them faster than normal. They use cosmetic products that age them even faster. They use more products. They look even older over time. They go for botox/plastic surgery.

After the surgery/botox/implants, they look worse than before. Voila--more cosmetics.

Over time, these people develop illnesses/cancers because of the food/cosmetics and turn to big pharma for help.

So, zio controlled education. Zio controlled cosmetics. Zio controlled advertising and media (especially porn). Zio controlled big agribusiness. Zio controlled fast food. Zio controlled physical enhancement. Zio controlled big pharma/medicine.

I could be missing something in this equation.


Ben said...

Les, All,

Again, reading your blog my mind was brought to Scripture.

"Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity." (That was written by Solomon, the second wisest man that ever lived.)

Later on, Jesus, the wisest man that ever lived (and still does!) said: “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these." In this same discourse, Jesus urges us: "do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. For life is more than food and the body more than clothing."

Life is more than food and the body more than clothing.

One wise person told me "If you identify with the world you are a slave to it; if you identify with Jesus you are free from all these things." Indeed, I have learned that this person was right.

Les, I'm very intrigued by your leading comment: ‘Dogs in the water are no match for a raccoon’. I have seen this up close; as a mere youth of 18 (a long time ago) I witnessed a big boar raccoon cross a small creek, turn around on the other side, and await a southern squirrel dog that was chasing him. As soon as the dog was in the middle of the stream, the raccoon leaped on the dog, dragged it down and then ripped the dog's throat with its fangs. The dog was wounded beyond salvation; the raccoon had opened its jugular and it bled out in minutes. The dog's owner/trainer, was very upset, not just at the dog's loss but at the waste of its relatively young life. He had tried to call the dog back, but it wouldn't listen. I was with the owner/trainer, helping him in training the dog. He was in tears, and might have partially blamed me since I was closer to the event, armed with a .22 revolver and could have shot the raccoon before it savaged the dog. I had shot the raccoon once it had the dog in its teeth, but by then it was too late... and so we ended up with two dead creatures and I have since regretted killing the raccoon as it was behaving according the nature the Creator had given it.

Anonymous said...

Yes as always an excellent observation Les. It brought to mind a good soul and friend I work with who has a husband out of work and is spending money on liposuction and facial peels and she looks great the way she is. I really love her as a person but she is a fool and I say nothing.

Having said that, I am as pale as a ghost and need a little color on my face but I don't overdo it lol. Not to mention that when the world was more fun and I was younger I had the ex-bf talk me into getting implants (which I honestly had thought about anyway). Oh well, there you have it. It's a different world now and I'm not that person anymore, as I'll bet neither are any of you.

Hugs Peaches

Anonymous said...

I think it was Groucho Marx who said in the end we get the faces we deserve.

and isn't Assange oh so glamorous?

and they think their puny ties reflect the last vestiges of individuality of clones locked in suits.


thom said...

I often think about Donald Trump's hair, too. :)

Erin Parsley said...

Brilliant Les.  You are naming here something I have always sensed intuitively but could not quite understand, and with piercing insight you blow the smoke away to reveal the truth.  We are a culture fixated on outward appearances and stimulated by deception, and by the false idea that living a glamorous life and being seen by others doing so is an essential component to success.  

It is difficult for women, you're right, and I appreciate you noticing.  As a dancer, I found myself in the extraordinarily competitive realm of classical ballet, where your ability to conform in appearance to an incredibly narrow and rigid standard of physical qualities determined your success, more important even than your actual dancing talent.  That is one reason I am happier living now in the country than when I was in the cities: there is not such a pervasive pressure to present oneself a certain way (enjoying the alliteration there, (grin)).  And with that I am free-er, and also able to see the sad silly game people play in the mad pursuit of power, via glamour and it's pursuit, as one route many crave.  

'Glamour is a pedator'.  Exactly.  I'm  trading my participation for my freedom.

Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

short clip
Evolution of a model for an advertising cover.


Erin Parsley said...

Here is my recent meditation on accessing the reality beyond humans' small constructs:

very small
holding in
energy still, not wishing to expend
or expand
wanting to be
just be
not do, not think, not figure it out, not plan
just be

contracting my energetic circle
to include just a few
just those whom
i trust
have been with me
through it all
and will be through it all to come
great spirit willing

so lucky am i
to have met you
showing me other ways
than those with which i was conditioned
what is the point to life other
than our spirit's evolution?
than our soul's satisfaction?
is that to be found in cultural ideas of success and meaning?
must we conform to being worthy,
through ego enriching feats of accomplishment?

there is a vast universe that exists
beyond the fickle constructs of humans
we are trapped in mental fictions,
a very small and limiting collectively agreed-upon reality
being told it is all there is, we know no better
and diminish our potential to meet those parameters

stepping outside of delineated borders
is a process, continual,
needing attention
and intention
stepping outside of the prescribed realm
leaves one exposed
(but free)
and so i draw my own energetic circle
of being, which protects me
while also connects me
to the unlimited infinite of the universe
the true potential

No such thing as free sex said...

Dear Love,

You have it all right. I would include zio controlled morals.

It started with James Bond films which were a combination of fantasy and reality. Every boy wanted to be a secret killer in the name of saving his country from the bad guys and while doing it dress like a prince, drive really cool cars and score multiple babes in under 2 hours, and all the girls wanted to be Bond girls the icon of female sexual attraction.

But it was just fiction, fantasy.

Bond morals crept into everyday life through advertising. Clothes, cosmetics, tobacco and alcohol adds of the rich and famous. Glamour.

Subconsciously we all were sucked into this fantasy as being reality.

The coup de gras is pornography. It is now sucking out the last vestitudes of a once moral society. It it ruining men and women for each other. Turning women into barbie meat bits ("you like it bitch") and women into insecure beings who never actually reach the public ideal of 'true beauty' no matter what they buy and do.

Moral life between men and women has been poisoned by 'free' pornography.

In the film Network the message was to turn off and through out your TV. After you have done that also STOP using porn as instant gratification. It is a moral cancer far more sinister than people realise.

Get free of the MSM and TV. Get free of pornography.

Your life and the lives of your loved ones - present and future - depend on it.


Anonymous said...

good to see you mrs life..
your poems are allways heart warming and calming whenever I am over at space in creation...
also our mr dublins has written another good little one over on his site about this whole vain polava thing that is being milked for every artificial bone in its artificiality....

and respects to the peoples..neil

Henry Makow 1 said...

"true world history is the story of the overthrow of Christian civilization by Cabalist Jewish bankers, using organized Jewry and Freemasonry as their instruments."

"Their goal is a total control of humanity (Communism), using social engineering, mass media and technology. Essentially, humanity is being reshaped to serve these bankers in a world government, dedicated to their God Lucifer. This is the real meaning of all the major revolutions."

"are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners"

"I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness"

"The overthrow is largely complete. We already live under a satanic illuminati dispensation, one which denies the existence of God, i.e. the inherent moral and natural design of human life."

"The world is redefined and run by the god-usurping agents of these bankers. The modern 'alienation' we feel is their alienation, due to their rebellion against God. We have all become masonic jews ('humanists') worshiping their pagan gods.

"Nietzsche wrote, 'Out of their own consciousness, [the illuminati jews] have evolved a set of ideas in opposition to all natural conditions of living - one by one they have taken religion, culture, morality, history and psychology, and converted them irreparably into a contradiction of their natural meaning."

"When you deny God, you deny the existence of spiritual absolutes like truth, as well as good and evil."

"the world is becoming increasingly bizarre. But at least we know who is turning it upside down and why."

"As a jew, I do not feel that I am damned, nor are my fellow jews. We are God's children like everyone else. But the agenda of organized jewry is damned, and everyone who becomes its unwitting agent is compromised."

"Most jews know little about judaism. Based on the talmud and cabala, which openly reject the validity of the Old Testament, it is not a religion but a satanic secret society."

"This means that the rank-and-file is not privy to the real agenda. They are dupes or 'useful idiots'."

"The secret society model was applied to freemasonry and through freemasonry to intelligence agencies and eventually all important social organizations. The model now applies to humanity as a whole. The lower ranks are manipulated"

Henry Makow 2 said...

"women have been manipulated into abandoning their femininity in the name of 'equality'. They were not told the true agenda is to undermine gender and family and make everyone dependent on the state."

"Communist leaders used this term (useful idiots) privately to describe the people who actually believed communism was about brotherhood, social justice, and equality. Communism is monopoly capitalism with the state fronting for the cabalist bankers."

"Communism, like zionism, is a masonic (i.e. luciferian) order.
Communism, like zionism, duped idealistic jews to advance the banker agenda"

"...communist jewish parents, along with millions of other American jews, were traitors."

"Outwardly they were respectable law-abiding middle class high school teachers, liberal and democratic. But like all their friends..they were secretly communists and this is what 'gave meaning to their otherwise modest and unassuming lives'."

"They were willing to destroy the nation's freedom, which they had enjoyed."

"Bella Dodd was not Jewish...she quit when she discovered that the USSR was run by Jewish millionaires who lived in the Waldorf Astoria and operated out of the jewish community headquarters at 35 E. 12th St. She also concluded communism was a satanic secret society.

"Communist jews and zionists are idealistic dupes. I was one myself until 12 years ago (not a communist but deluded about its true nature)."

"I myself am firmly convinced that they are unconscious ones, but please do not think that I wish to exonerate them on that account.
A conscious evildoer has my respect, for he knows at least what is good: an unconscious one - well, he needs the charity of Christ - a charity which is not mine - to be forgiven for not knowing what he is doing."

"Revolutionary jews have never been called to task for their role in creating the New World Order. This is because when treason is successful, none dare call it treason."

"The illuminati bankers own the government, education and the media. They are able to spin treason as 'free speech' and 'political freedom'. They spin patriotism as 'isolationism' and 'witch hunts'."

"The nature of the New World Order, and communism, is that ultimately everyone works for the illuminati bankers, directly or indirectly. For example, the US is being taken down by debt. But hardly anyone in government or the media, not even Ron Paul, suggests that half of the debt can be eliminated simply by abolishing the Federal Reserve."

"Naturally, everyone adopts the belief-system that ensures their job security. They deny they are useful idiots. They don't know what they are doing, and most don't wish to know. They are willing accomplices."

"The illuminati bankers are waging a relentless covert war on humanity."


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The King of Hell and 'points in Hell' for the Damned.

Obamacare said...

Let me get this straight:

We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don’t,

which purportedly covers at least
ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents,

written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t undertand it,

passed by a Congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it,

and signed by a President who smokes,

with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes,

for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect,

by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare,

all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese,

and financed by a country that’s broke.

What the hell could possibly go wrong? (grin)

Anonymous said...

You channel with such clarity, Les.

Whenever I ponder on glamour, I think of my Bushman friends - still extant despite centuries of depredations; no glamour there - just a remarkable understanding of what survival entails... ;-)

Sure; all is illusion in a world with no meaning; the world financiers, people with zero meaning beyond counting imaginary numbers, have created through lack of understanding of what living means...

Hey ho from the Cat's Cradle (Kurt V, RIP)

justabod, with love and appreciation.

Emmanuel said...


How do you administer minerals to your dog? Could you tell me the product used or what exactly you gave your dog? We have an old dog going on 14 and he's slowing down. He could use a pick me up. Thanks.

Visible said...

Emmanuel, I'll get back to you on that when Susanne returns.

Katz said...

Glamour is a form of art, IMO. McQueen was genius.

Fashion is art, as glamour is high fashion. all of it is self expression, and all of it is absolutely fun, and important.

men don't get glamour, so don't feel bad. guys like you just never got the exposure to glamour, to even recognise it's allure.


Visible said...

So are war and politics art and had you read the piece more closely you would have seen that it was about a lot more than merely that.

Yeah. glamour is art; the art of deception.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Soundtrack for a Petri Dish.

Anonymous said...

ISamuelII says:

In a nut shell,

The Hippys Were Right.

After a long dragged out forum conversation many years ago a very tough love type of self described conservative finally realized, the above I should have quoted him.

In my life, I dispised the phony cover up artist, and I've found the best of people (opposite gender) with just a smile.

est said...

let's just say

when that little penny
tray at the local store

is filled with tens
and twenties

we'll be on the
right track

Anonymous said...

No such thing as free sex said

"The coup de gras is pornography. It is now sucking out the last vestitudes of a once moral society. It it ruining men and women for each other. Turning women into barbie meat bits ("you like it bitch") and women into insecure beings who never actually reach the public ideal of 'true beauty' no matter what they buy and do."

You may have a point with the first bit of that paragraph, but the rest is a bit off. I know more women who watch and enjoy pornography than I do my male mates.

I'm not certain, but I think a lot of people have the same impression as you because of the whole "if a woman is involved in 'perceived negative situation xyz' then it must be because she was a victim." Not true by a long shot, it's just what's been belted into our heads as how to think for the past 40 years :)


Anonymous said...

its so true. Its the result of all the materialism- we have no depth or ability to understand depth so all thats used to navigate is appearance and this goes with people and their bodies too.

Just look around enough and you see it manifested in the most ruthless ways- like how we rate people now on a scale of 1-10 in terms of attractivness- shes an 3 he's an 8, he's a 4 etc.

ugh. This is the society weve spawned, and hey its all about evolution and survival of the fittest so its perfectly natural and good too.

and im not diferent, i was just as judgmental and blind , then i started to lose my hair in my 20's during really stressful times & felt like killing myself. Now i cant afford to rest in illusions & fantasy; i WANT to see the two dimensional thinking of hollywood, MSM inspired mainstream life and how it makes everyone dumber & meaner.

i wish id never had a tv growing up now

Anonymous said...

I lived on The Farm. It was/is the biggest bunch of well intentioned hard working people I know. I can tell you negative truths about Stephen, but it doesn't matter.

If you compare him to all the other "cult" gurus, he holds up pretty well. Stephen still lives on The Farm with his wife Ina May (a phenomenon in herself - google her - new documentary out on her and The Farm midwives), in a regular house (no mansion, etc.) and did not grab the money and split.

Stephen is one of the most perceptive spiritual elucidators I have ever known or read. To be human is to err. What matters is the message. Put your heart into the message, not the messanger.

As Joseph Campbell said (paraphrased)- Religion is the menu. Sprituality is the meal. Most folks are trying to eat the menu and as a result are starving spiritually.




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