Tuesday, October 25, 2022

"If You Lack The Shraddha or Faith to Possess The Necessary Certitude, You WILL Reside at Some Level of Doubt."

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“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.” Kanye just got a life lesson, though it appears he already knows. I am 'feeling” that this has all been set up ahead of time by people in the background. We shall see how this develops. Will The Yeester knuckle under and grovel before the Stool Sculpture Deity OR... will he confront The Central Banker stranglehold on the appearances of material life? Stay tuned, and... spatially aware of your surroundings.

Yes... the panorama of the sensory bandwidth is humming with confusion... apprehension... and justified paranoia. One of the contenders for the role of Anti-Christ just got appointed Prime Minister of The UK. ZATO is planning a nuclear winter in Ukraine. The Howling Sodomites are assailing The Culture... and demanding the imprimatur of Normalcy. It is a twisted sexuality that is at the core of all the injuries presently being visited upon Humanity.

A greater understanding of the pervasive nature of The Sexual Force is needed... in order to comprehend its impact on Life... near and far. EVERYTHING is the result of some form of sexual intercourse, whether it takes place in your mind... your emotions... your body... OR ANYWHERE at every level outside of The Divine Singularity of God. God contains the possibilities of all things within the being of God... and exists in a state of absolute unity. God divides in order to facilitate creation, and... all things are brought into being by the process of ADAPTATION.

As I was saying... The Hive Mind is like a Mexican jumping bean on a trampoline... concerning the advance of inharmonious conditions into the day-to-day. Poland gave Russia the finger and refused to buy any more of their righteous coal. So... they cast their nets upon the wider world and wound up with many... many... many tons of coal dust... pieces of metal and old tires. It seems whatever this is, will... not... burn. So... they are cutting down the forests.

The catamite EU elite sold out their nations to The Globalist Agenda. Everywhere you look, revolution is simmering beneath the surface. The pressure of holding it together is causing people to fall apart under the force of it. The Dying Empire is clamping down on all sides to squeeze the population in order to cover their malfeasance; mere anarchy, indeed, is loosed upon The World.

What a time to be an atheist... eh? Atheism is one of the main byproducts of Materialism, along with Insanity, and an ever more inflamed hungering for things... and sensations. Meanwhile... people go about their business every day. Some are aware and some are not aware of what is happening around them... or at a distance. It's all going to sort itself out... right? Yes! You are correct, BUT... by what means and to whose advantage?

Desire is a primary force. It originates with The Divine. It is the Agent of God's Will. Those who can narrow their focus and employ concentration can materialize anything. There are two timeless fraternities that engage in this for different objectives. In Times of Material Darkness, The Fraternity of Darkness SEEMS to have the upper hand. There is NEVER a time when God is not in ABSOLUTE control of everything. If you lack the Shraddha or Faith to possess the necessary Certitude... you WILL reside at some level of Doubt; “According to your faith let it be to you.”

The Mind goes crazy searching for answers, BUT... The Mind is resistant to The Truth. The Mind is a schemer. The Mind is an unprincipled monkey. It is the master of snatch-and-grab... until it winds up with a mango or an avocado in its fist, inside a container, and... is too stupid to let go of it. Then it winds up as a monkey on a stick. Not everyone uses scarecrows. This happens all the time in more complex scenarios.

“You're nothing but a pack of cards!” People do not realize how literally true that statement is. So it is with temporal force. It is ALWAYS subservient to Supernal Force. However... one must remember to render unto Caesar... in order to exist outside the sphere of temporal influence.

You CANNOT eradicate Evil. This is a fact. "And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he might not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be released for a little while.” All wise administrators of social order KNOW this... about Evil, so... they confine it to a particular section of town. You must learn to do this in your own situation... whatever that may be.

Learn to work with Evil, but ONLY after you have learned to work with yourself. A study of Electro-Magnetism, and Magnetism on... all... levels... would be a useful inquiry.

We are told by scripture to work out our destinies and our salvation through Fear and Trembling, BUT... what does that mean? We have advisors, and those advisors are determined by our intentions, which lead us into a harmony with them. Help is ALWAYS available... but The Personality... through the agency of The Monkey Mind... insists on its own sovereignty. That IMMEDIATELY triggers The Purpose of Demonstration. It's not rocket surgery, my friends. The Truth exists in elegant simplicity. We... just... don't... want... to... hear... it. It gets in the way of what we want.

Stevie Wonder is singing, ♫ I Just Called to Say I Love You ♫ That pretty much says it as far as I know, OR... expect to know. The same message has been given over and over. We hear it, and then we just go our way, looking out for ourselves... as if we were capable of doing so. We don't know who we are. We don't know how we got here. We don't know where we came from, and we don't know where we're going, BUT... we are certain we know how to look out for ourselves... UNTIL life intrudes.

You want a simple schematic for looking out for yourself? LOOK... OUT... FOR... OTHERS!!! I'm not talking about photo ops... going out of your way to attract attention to yourself... or any of the shenanigans that the rich and famous engage in, to show The World how compassionate they are. I'm talking about what comes before you every day. It's a maintained perspective. It's how you cultivate your garden.

I'm not talking about running around and looking for opportunities. That isn't necessary. The Sun doesn't look for places to shine. It... just... shines! Prayer is one of the greatest ACTIONS that anyone can engage in. Sincere and heartfelt prayer will cause the angels to bend low. They ceaselessly search The World for such behavior.

When extremity comes, self-interest becomes preeminent. Extremity will... not... come... to those who serve as they go. Anyone who chooses to serve Heaven, WILL BE given all the work they can handle. That is one reason so many people are averse to it. Another reason is that it often seems pointless to help certain people. I don't know what to tell you about that, except to say that The Recording Angel misses NOTHING. Wisdom knows when and what to give; cultivate Wisdom. As Bawa said... “get wisdom by any means necessary. Steal it if you have to.” Interesting statement... is it not?

It's getting to be interesting times. When it comes in force, it is good to remember what the real personal currency is... Integrity. It is what you trust that has value. When a population agrees on what has value it becomes a currency. The stock market couldn't exist without trust, and it is one of the slimiest places on Earth. It's easy to call anything Evil when... you... don't... understand... it. Often enough... that is just what Evil is; something you don't understand.

If you want to transform Evil into Good, you must first be transformed by a higher love.

REMEMBER this... when darkness comes to one place, The Light is always present somewhere elsewhere. If there are enough people to draw a deeper darkness, it... will... come. If there are enough people to generate a collective faith, it... will... draw... The... Light... that... confirms... it.

May God illuminate you, and bring you Peace.

Here is a fascinating story about things not being what they appear to be.

Khiḍr in the Encyclopedia of Islam

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The binding of Satan reminds me of the binding of Loki. Waitin' for Ragnarok, here. Quite impatiently, I might add. Get it over with already.

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Every Detail of Our Lives... No Matter How Seemingly Insignificant... is... A Special Dealing of God with Our Soul."



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