Wednesday, October 05, 2022

"One Works in Concert with Her to Improve You Both. The Other Turns Her Into a Neurotic Harlot Doing Time."

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Mind that you don't miss The Good taking place underneath the disturbing appearances being generated by The Dark Side, which is on... its... way... to reductio ad absurdum. This is not to say that it won't have a continuing influence, BUT... it will soon be constrained within the previous borders of its own dimension, rather than in free-range forage mode, as has been the case in recent centuries. This means you will have to seek it out, AND... there will be those who do.

Most of the people caught up in bad shit got there by following others, and The Dark Side has a regiment of tour guides that try to take Humanity over to The Dark Side. These tour guides operate in every area of enterprise via a Punch and Judy simulacrum... giving the appearance of something that it is not. Hmm... I don't know, maybe Punch and Judy are The Real Deal. It's like taking bad acid; what you see isn't there, BUT... it's still going to be as scary as you let it be.

People... most of the time... as a group... do not have a spiritually disciplined mind or... a leashed and directed heart. They have purpose in the direction of what they want, BUT... little insight into why they really want it... what it really is, or... what the destiny of that temporary affair ends up as.

The World is, LITERALLY, a distraction. A simple dwelling in the forest by running stream, that involves an intimate relationship with the living, breathing Divine Mother, is of much... much greater value that the finest dwelling in The City. Both of these locations involve a permutation of the feminine force. One works in concert with her to improve them both. The other turns her into a neurotic harlot doing time. Do you want The Demented Bitch Goddess or... do you want The Radiant Mirror of God?

All the strife in The World takes place in The World. This is why we are admonished to “be in The World but not of it.” Retreating into the mountains makes perfect sense for a time, and even better sense in times when The World has lost its senses, BUT... you can't hide out forever. The duties of those under contract... is to serve God while helping others. Of course... one can accomplish this from the mountains also. The Power of God is Limitless, BUT... for... some... reason, those in service have to put in an appearance now and then.

I think the key is, not to overstay your welcome... while leaving the smallest footprint. A welcoming smile is actual food. The Heart... in times like these, is often empty while The Mind is confused. When you can provide the mystery ingredient which is Unity, you have manifested Peace on Earth. It is folly to think of accomplishing it everywhere on Earth. That is not the purpose of Earth. That is the purpose of Heaven, which is filled with light... where there are no dark corners.

Earth is a perpetual playground of light and dark... seeming good and seeming evil... in seeming contention. The Bhagavad Gita... AND The Way of Life are instruction manuals of tactics and techniques that have proven out again, and again, and again, by those acting in accordance with them. If you think you can do better... heh heh... that's why we don't have Peace on Earth, BUT... BUT!!! We do have The Kingdom of God within... wherever it is present... in whomever it is present in.

The thing is not to change The World. When you change your perspective... you change your relationship... this changes The World you inhabit and carry where you go, as the tortoise does its shell. You are an actual structure, like a house with wheels. This house has some form of lighting system or little light at all. This accounts for the shadows that compose The World you see... in shapes you believe to be real. It is a dream no more substantial than what you encounter when you sleep.

There is a reality, and there is The Universe of Forms. Some are closer to this reality, and... we call them archetypes. These archetypes set the stage for the dramas being performed. As ages change, the archetypes change their appearance. They are still... the... same... archetypes. As ages change, certain archetypes are more prominent than others, based on the intention of the dramas being performed. It works according to cycles that endlessly repeat themselves to provide an environment for the dramas being performed.

Every form of comedy and tragedy... farce and fantasy... is playing out simultaneously here. They only change the costumes and settings to reflect the times. The characters are always the same. We learn if... we... pay... attention. We learn if... we... want... to... learn.

Heaven says... let them go after their own pursuits. The folly of their courses will eventually dawn on them and we will be there to help and guide them back... and to open their cells in The Penitentiary of the Mind. Not everyone seeks this liberation. It's not what they signed up for on this planet with so many things to have and to hold, BUT... the toys and hearts are soon broken or abandoned. Sooner or later... comes sooner or later.

One has to be very careful when one seeks to be useful. Often, the effort to help is not rewarding for either side of the equation. The Recording Angel is taking it all down, and before you know it... you need help yourself. Until you have The Imprimatur of Heaven, it is hard to see the end from the beginning sometimes. It's the forest getting in the way of the trees. It's something hiding in plain sight. Don't overstep your boundaries if you don't know what you're doing.

Life provides opportunities for service all the time. Sometimes that means leaving well enough alone but blessing it in its passage. Sometimes... it means letting the other guy have the gold and the girl, and... the heartache to follow. Sometimes it means living vicariously through others, as a silent patron of their best intentions, and... not seeming to be present at all, BUT being more present than any other thing. The aether penetrates everything. Everything comes out of it by the drumming hand that powers the vibrations that give specific shape to the object.

Not everyone is up for this sort of thing. People love their dramas just as they love to tell you about their problems, AND... when you offer a workable solution they are horrified. They don't want anyone taking their problems away from them. Their problems are what defines them. In order to follow this route, you have to let go of your problems. It's kind of like, “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” Everywhere has rules, even the places that claim to have no rules.

So... it is altogether possible that you might have to head for the mountains, at least for a time. Still... even if you are in The Midst, only that which can identify you can harm you. Otherwise, it won't even see you. It's like carrying a gun and not having to use one. It's like a shield that acts as a mirror and sends a true reflection. This can have a wide range of effects on life, and on the clumsy dancers.

Consider the dancing bear or the tiger with his head in your lap. There is an unspoken understanding in place. There are still rules and if you violate them... yikes! Why... violate... them? Given the possible outcome that... is... a... mystery. There is this force that trends toward chaos... confusion... fear and uncertainty. It's always looking to cause trouble. You have to do what Shiva does and put it under your foot, so... that... you... can... dance. Apasmāra takes away your elegance and style and makes you a clumsy dancer.

Fabricated and pretentious elegance and style are not what we are talking about here. The best dancers can be near invisible because harmony, and blending in is their intention. Lao Tzu talks about the elegance of simplicity, and how it might appear rough-hewn to those putting on a show. Simple is not stupid, but it might look that way. Sometimes it is a wonderful disguise.

We are coming into a time of trial for entire countries. Everything affects everything. You don't live in a bubble or a vacuum unless you are in showbiz, and you can be sure that something is going to pierce that bubble or fill that vacuum when the meter runs out on the power to drive the illusion. It takes force to power and maintain illusion, and... all power is borrowed power.

You are watching The Fall of Empire(s) and the rise of what is to follow, DEPENDING on where it is taking place, and... why it is taking place, and... who is present for them both.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I swear. I think the biggest favour humanity could do to itself is stop breeding and leave this place behind. After all, if we're not here; we're somewhere else. I've been wanting to be somewhere else since age 6, but I'm still stick here 54 years later.

Oh well. I asked for it, and I got it. $%#@^&*&%*&&^$%*&&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

greetings Viz!
Thank you ;]
just what i think i the grace of god i go.
ps ..hahaha spellcheck can't figure out tymeflyz :]

Anonymous said...

Hi viz ...its Time again :]

your post today reminded me of-

the hope experiment?

Curt Richter placed rats in a pool of water to test how long they could tread water. On average they'd give up and sink after 15 minutes. But right before they gave up due to exhaustion, the researchers would pluck them out, dry them off, let them rest for a few minutes - and put them back in for a second round.Apr 24, 2020

and …Did rats tread water for 60 hours?

Here comes the amazing part – those same rats now swam for an average of 60 hours – YEP – that's six with a zero or two and a half days. A rat that was temporarily saved survived 240 times longer than one that was not given any intervention.

Hope Floats - Heartbeat International › hope-floats › hope-floats

your friend

M - said...

"People love their dramas just as they love to tell you about their problems, AND... when you offer a workable solution they are horrified. They don't want anyone taking their problems away from them. Their problems are what defines them."


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Now... Traditions are Breaking Down All Around Them... and Being Replaced by Advertising for Glittery Shit."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's More Than That; A Kind of Gestalt in The Mind Where The Thoughts are More Than The Sum of The Words."



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