Monday, May 09, 2022

"It is Heartbreaking to Watch The Clueless... Swearing their Undying Fealty to a Demon in Human Form."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... the stage is being set for the Anti-Christ. In the links, you will see a number of examples of false teachers and their brainwashed followers. The author of these articles is a queer, transgender progressive, BUT... that does not change the facts of the matter. It is amusing to me, how much people reveal about themselves while writing about others. If you pay attention you will see the buzzwords that keep repeating in the articles by the author, Be Scofield.

None of us are immune to this. We all reveal ourselves, so... my point of view is that you should be fine with anything anyone learns about you. Simply conceal nothing but beauty, so that beauty is all that gets uncovered and exposed about you.

Some of these scam artists are known to me. I agree with what is said about them... other than the buzzword colorations given by an off-color source. I am referring especially to the article about Eckhart Tolle-Booth, where the author starts going off about the real-world problems of racism, sexism, holocaust denial, and...Q, etc. I did not link that article but you can find it on the site. I knew what I needed to know about Tolle-Booth from Offal Winfrey DISCOVERING and promoting him... everything that followed has only confirmed my original first impression.

There is a long list of these people that I am familiar with. Some are mentioned. Others are not. When Heaven intends to unmask you, it builds you up in your own separated mind. It makes you clueless about the impact of your effect on others. Let me be very clear about what a master is. There is ONLY ONE MASTER. He exists POTENTIALLY in each of us, and is Kinetic in very few, BUT... mastery MUST be INSTALLED and authorized by a representative of The Celestial Hierarchy. Otherwise... you are a fraud and nothing good is waiting for you after The Purpose of Demonstration.

Within the Invisible World of archetypal forces and Heavenly creatures, there are councils, lineages, and traditions that over-see and facilitate the stations and roles of those performing the duties of Heaven through human form. Babaji created a lineage through Lahiri Mahasaya, which led to Sri Yukteswar, which led to Paramhansa Yogananda. The Swami Tradition accounts for an unbroken line of teachers from long before Shankaracharya... AT EVERY LEVEL of ability and competence. Some are far more powerful and rarefied than others.

The same is true of the unbelievably complex system of Buddhism. The lamas and arhats, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas continue on, from times unremembered, toward an endless future. In the East, it goes one way. In The West, it goes another. Except for appearances, they are the same. Consider The Shakers and The Quakers; shaking and quaking are both examples of Kundalini in action. In The East, as in primitive cultures... the mad are assumed to be touched by God. In the West, they are institutionalized and medicated... or used to be. Now they are tossed into the community thoroughfares.

You are going to see horrific examples of complete frauds and liars. Why is it that they are so successful and permitted to ride roughshod over the psyches of the vulnerable? Do you really have to ask? Why are real masters so hard to find? Well... mostly they don't announce themselves. They do not need your worship and worldly goods. They are rich already beyond your imagining. They are already busy worshiping the presence of God in everyone. They do not have a purple, unicorn-embossed, Chinese restaurant menu of glittery shit you can buy, and so on, and so on. They are hard to find and difficult to recognize unless they permit it.

Any fool should know that when someone is relentlessly shilling for donations and personal theme parks, in a desire to create and profit from Spiritual Disneyland, and have a Walmart cornucopia horn of tinctures, and oils, and DVDs... seminars and retreats, ridiculous new age jewelry... official clothing; “I went to Bababulltiki's Spiritual Jamboree and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt!”... secret decoder rings, and tattoo parlors, where you get the guru's image fixed for perpetuity on your skin graffiti billboard... you are in the wrong place for real spiritual illumination.

Here is a classic example of your one-stop, holy man fix-it shop. There are many exposes on this ongoing operation where you have to get Osho-Money... or whatever it is called before you go in. You can find these horror tales if you know how to use a search engine. Then you find that just about everything has a price. Here's the really good news. When you go to leave and try to convert your ashram money back into regular currency, they tell you they can't do that, and you have to spend the money before you leave in the gift and garbage shops, OR... you can make a donation. It's a 24/7 pay-as-you-go turnstile spinning, soul-sucking machine, devoted to MATERIAL PROFIT.

There is a vast army of trust-fund-traveling-seekers who provide the revenue for these scam-a-minute operations. Look at the crowds that show up in the photos and videos at the links below. The scamsters mentioned in the links are only a small part of the hucksters I have encountered in my travels. The hustle is not new... it's mostly about 'getting laid with the prophet.'

You either serve The Divine (in everyone) or you serve yourself. No one should want to be a guru or a spiritual teacher, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you simply anoint yourself as one. Invisible witnesses are everywhere you are. They see what you get up to, and they know your heart and your intentions better than you do. Just because you have been getting away with it does not mean you are going to get away with it, because YOU WILL NOT! I can promise you this.

I imagine that there are many people who are outraged at these hoodwinkings. There are also a considerable number of people who desperately want to know how to become a hoodwinker. It is heartbreaking to watch these clueless petitioners, swearing their undying fealty to a demon in human form. True spiritual teachers are NOT about taking. They are about giving. They are not lazy. They work harder than anyone else. I remember Guru Bawa talking about clearing 30 acres of jungle by himself with nothing but a hand scythe. If you've dealt with real jungle, you know it is not like clearing brush.

The greatest and most underrated spiritual teacher on Earth is any mother who chooses to spiritually inspire their offspring. No one has a greater impact on the child than the mother, who nurtures them from birth, and is an expression of The Divine Mother thereby. It is the mother who assists in making the child a sexual deviant as well. Of course, the father can have a profound influence also, BUT... they are not the same. It is within the family unit that true heroes are born, as the progeny of the unsung heroes... who brought them down and molded them to a higher calling.

This is why it is the intention of The Bad Guys to destroy The Family Unit, so as to pervert human sexuality. Nothing more is needed for the downfall of civilization. Look at the barking dog, talking heads who revile all that is good and decent. To be a decent, sincere, and honorable person in these times is to become a pariah in the wider world. “C'mon! Everybody's doing it! It's so fun!”

Sometimes... I think of all the true people, going about their days, helping where they can, and dreaming of better things; working toward that end. I see them in their garden of life. I see what they have done in that garden. I see the crops that they have sown in The Field that is their bodies, whether it be nutritious fare or a tare.

Mastery will come to everyone who is humble and industrious in the service of others. This is a given! As you persist, so does it inexorably lead there. Mastery comes with the greatest responsibility of them all; NOT to lose control over that which you have mastered. Many have fallen from a high station through Pride. This is why Humility is SO IMPORTANT. Pride is an insidious thing. It can take many shapes in its seductions. You must stand guard at The Gateway of the Mind, and allow no thoughts to enter that Heaven does not approve of. The Mind is a vehicle. It can take you almost everywhere. It can take you to Hell. It can also step out of the way at the appropriate moment, but we will say no more about that now.

How do you know what Heaven approves of? You'll figure it out. It's a matter of how much suffering you can handle. Job One; do-not-lie-to-yourself. Observe here today; briefly or at length, these poor, besotted victims of Pride, on their way to somewhere no sane person would think to go. At various turns, consider how bizarre and ridiculous their behavior is.

There are habitations of angels. There is life on other planets. There are far more things in Heaven and Earth than any of us have dreamed of (to paraphrase The Bard). HOWEVER... people who have experiences... such as some of these charlatans claim, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THEM in any public way, or... they will not happen again. Higher minds from rarer climes do not suffer fools. If you want the real thing, you will have to pay the real price. You will also have to be what is required of you. That last is a sticking point few can pass. They think it costs too much; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

End Transmission.......

I realize that I insult certain people, like calling Oprah Winfrey, Offal Winfrey. Either I have yet to evolve to a higher place where I insult and ridicule no one, or... this is what I am supposed to do; either one is fine with me. The one is pending and the other is in operation. I'm not trying to pass myself off as a model of behavior. I do thank God I am not one of the examples you will encounter today.

The appropriate links (and also a bonus twofer on Jim Jones... well written)=

Via The Guru Magazine
Yeah... but he has a nice smile=

Via The Guru Magazine
Although you can see the author is a bent coin that won't go into the vending machine... we at least get to read about people so stupid that they actually believe this stuff. If someone is selling you crap as a magical fashion accessory to your spiritual journey... they are bogus... PERIOD=

Via The Guru Magazine
Oh boy!!! I hit a bonanza of confirmation concerning the scamdemic of snake oil sales-bots, hungry for tha dolla!!! Sometimes I muse about how I could easily do any of this... merged with the certainty that God would help me kick my own ass if I were foolish enough to try. The videos are hysterical by the way=

Via The Guru Magazine
It stuns me how gullible people are... so very sad=

And... if you want a lot more you can go here=.

Via Chris Bray @ Substack
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Via Chris Bray @ Substack
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Although this does not look like a demon to me; more like one of those ancestor or hungry ghost manifestations... I don't really know; do I?=

Via The Real History Channel
Well... it beats being in a Village People tribute band. I've noticed the beauty of the Russian people for some time=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Such is life when so many are programmed to find everything outside of one's self. Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding to never follow these bullshit "gurus"... OSHO was quite convincing tho, his basic idea was that we should go back to our natural state that we had as a child, free of shame, before religions programmed us with guilt and shame and fear. Whether he is right or wrong, who knows.

I do know that I will never be a part of such horrible cults, as I've already been in a couple so far. ISKCON isn't really a cult per say, as it's mostly just preaching krishna bhakti, but it does have cult-like tendencies.

No one wants to be in such shitty cults but due to the horrible economic conditions nowadays, many people join out of desperation.

The modern society is the cause of all of these issues, and well, seems like big change is coming. I've felt it for more than 10 years, been reading your blogs for about that same amount of time too.

Kazar said...

Obviously Visible has been around a while. You quote Osho's words, but what about Rajneeshes actions?Trying to take over a community, fancy cars and waepons. So I agree with visible as confirming some of my intuitive impressions of folks that sometime take years to bear out. Your mention of Eckart Tolle was one for me as well. And if I go back a bit I would add Elizabeth Claire Prophet. Although husband Mark that passed early seemed true. Its funny, years ago it was stated to me that Alone is a word for the foolish, because Father is always present within you. And that Time is a communing moment. In that way for my path I never Feel lonely. I look at the Gurus that Visible points out and it appears they are almost never alone, constantly seeking involvement. The mix of energy in large crowds is difficult for me. It requires a lot more focus on holding the Balance.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

None of us are immune to this. We all reveal ourselves, so... my point of view is that you should be fine with anything anyone learns about you. Simply conceal nothing but beauty, so that beauty is all that gets uncovered and exposed about you.'

This is why I keep on coming back here - little distillations like that of (a)lifetime(s) of Wisdom and Experience ☺

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You Want to be Sitting ON The Lily Pad, Not Dog-Paddling in The Swallowing Murk Beneath It."

Anonymous said...

Guy Reid-Brown: I know, right?

Love, Priscilla

Anonymous said...

Heeey, isn't that the Divine Ms B sharing with the Golden Boy all those years ago, lol.



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