Monday, July 17, 2023

"They are The Ones Who Sleep in Dreams of Earth... Snout-Rooting for The Acorns that Fall from The Tree of Darkness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Go to any organ of mass media... the daily newspapers... magazines like Newsweek... Rolling Stone... Vanity Fair... The Atlantic... all the electronic media... and the bobbleheads that read the perspectives... written by the people who shape them, and... if you possess enough objectivity... you will see that the people creating and shaping the news... are shaping the minds and perspectives of the people who sacrificed their objectivity... in order to belong to a demographic... that hopes to live unhassled... in an enclosed and safe neighborhood in The Hive Mind.

A particular group of mind shapers... and controllers of human action and thought... own The Media... 90% or more of it and this is hard... cold... indisputable... fact. They shape the minds that agree we must go to war... they shape the playing fields where children are a sexual commodity. They wave lures attached to hooks... that snag people into wind tunnels of guilt... fear... and desire. They are button pushers.

They create and present the news they want you to see, and redact and hinder the news they do not want you to see.

They are the force behind the None-Too-Swifties who pawn off formulaic... self-indulgent... 2nd rate... lo-cal... artificially sweetened... and uninspired crap... on the declining intellects of those who have chosen The Ground for their harbor... who sleep in dreams of Earth... snout-rooting for the acorns that fall from The Tree of Darkness.

They think they know what they are doing, but... they know not what they do. They are playing a role in a cosmic drama with an orchestrated end. One term for them is... poor little fools, but not in the way Ricky Nelson meant it. The dances of good and evil are necessary for context and continuity. Good ALWAYS wins... even though evil is always present. However... evil is not everywhere. It has its approved areas of industry; the Combat Zones of Life where people go to seek it out.

If you are looking for it... it will find you. If you are looking for it, it... will.. find... you. Some are looking in darkness and searching for the light, and some are bringing The Darkness to Light, but... you need special glasses to see it... here in The Grand Theater of Perpetual Illusion. The shudder running up your spine is not The Kundalini.

As you will note, it is no accident that the celebrities of our time are depraved and dysfunctional strokers who make Evil tumescent, like Sam Smith... Lil Naz X, and the aforementioned none-too-Swift... deer in the headlights... Hallmark jingles writer, who are the templates used in the factories of deception... where THEY stamp out the banal personalities of the day... to create the anti-inspiration icons for the times.

It is The hydra-headed Media who brings them to your attention... who presses on you to like them and seek to be like them. It is the ones who own and run The Media who tell The Media what to say; what to laud and condemn... what to raise up... and what to shoot down.

What are we to make of this?

Then... maybe you think... was there actually something called COVID in the first place? If there was... where is it now? The Killer Vaccines that are not vaccines... certainly did not stop it. Was he actually talking about The Killer Vaccines and not The Virus? Why would he even say this; knowing who presently has the appearance of running The Show?

Wheels within wheels, my friends. Never forget that Mr. Apocalypse is a real entity that is like The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is hard to tell... sometimes... if this is another thing that THEY are making up or... if it is something Mr. Apocalypse is lifting the cover off of with his walking stick.

The manifest agents of The Dark Lord reach into The Hive Mind with The Media BECAUSE... The Mind is a machine that operates by replication. It is The Image Maker. You must become like the force represented by The Chariot to gain... Triumph in The Mind. You must bring the twin Sphinxes to a state of arrest with the force of held attention. Otherwise... The Media... and The Conning Towers of Darkness that radiate into the subconscious will replicate for you.

This is what advertising does. This is what the continuous appearance of the same roles and plots in movies and TV is all about. It is programming. It takes command of The Mind's picturing power and controls what happens in your head... by arranging it in certain sequences. It's what I call... The Bad Tarot.

The Media is owned by a network... of similar-minded members... of a specific demographic... who use it to enforce their will and influence public opinion... to control the way you think... and to shape your ambitions and actions. The streets are now being overrun with those... who... can't... keep... pace, who can't keep up. It's the ambulatory fallout... The Walking Dead victims of aggressive Materialism.

We are in The Age of Awakening, which WILL lead to its prevailing archetype... Brotherhood. THEY know about this and are doing everything they can to control the outcome. THEY will fail, but many will be brought low by them, through Fear and Desire... through the applied agency of The Judas Goats. The Media is The Dark Shepherd who leads those who follow him. The Media is The Chief Sway-Master of The Judas Goats.

Look closely at what we are saying here and you will see that it is so. The Media is a false construct devised out of altered Nature... creating a forest of bewilderment... with all those waving branches and trembling leaves... as the manufactured wind blows through them... to create a dancing chaos of attractions and terrors; “yea though I walk through The Valley of The Shadow of Death...”

What we see in The World around us is a replication of all the myths and legends of yore... when divinity was personified through the activities of Nature... and Nature altered and adapted. This is when prophecy becomes real... at the changing of The Symbols of The Guard; it is always in the cities where all Hell breaks loose; what to do... what to do?

The job of The World is to make such a big noise; such a mesmerizing confusion of lights and images rising in The Mind... reflecting The World... so that God... The Divine... is excluded from your thoughts, and... no longer The Big Ticket Item in your heart.

As The World grows in prominence in The Hive Mind... God recedes or... is pushed aside. God is not intrusive. God must be courted like a shy lover. God must become convinced of the sincerity of your devotion and your love. Ergo... trials and tests ensue. The vines are pruned so that new growth will be stimulated; those who The Lord loves he chastens.

The Cabal of Evil from The Think Tanks of Death did not do all the horrible things they have done in recent times just to hit cruise control and say... “well, that's probably enough. Maybe we should back off now and go to Bermuda.” No... any reasonable... higher mind would intuit that they have much worse in store for everyone else. They've been coming right out and saying it lately.

I do not know how it is going to play out. What I do know is that they will fail. They will not fail everywhere, but they will fail where The Presence of God is in residence. They will fail where the light is concentrated. In those locations, they will be unable to even approach. At some point in what... I assume to be... the near future... Heaven is going to make certain souls incandescent. Heaven is going to awaken within those... who have been held in abeyance... for the chosen hour.

Heaven will appear wherever it is needed in The Hour of Need. Portals will open and angels of light will rise to the occasion.

Here's a little something of a closing. It probably answers any question anyone might ever have again. Every time I have a problem... and they get thrown at me regular... I am told that I should ask God to solve it. That is the only reason the seeming appearance of problems... continue before me in the first place, and... as soon as I remember to do this... poof! There goes the problem.

Yet... I constantly forget this... over and over... and I am caused to forget it. It's not like I forget it all on my own. It's a constant cycling of the same dynamic... upon which hinges... the entirety of creation... so... I'm not supposed to get it right off, but... day by day... minute by minute... moment by moment... incrementally... the totality of the meaning of this is taking over the whole of my heart and mind. Sooner or later... what I've known to be true all along, will be allowed to remain as the glowing... dancing... centerpiece... of all my attention.

And then I will remember and get the meaning of; “rely on me. Rely on me.” I will not need to be reminded again.

Everything in my existence... (or in the existence of any separated part that believes itself to be in a state of separation)... has NOTHING else going on except the single dynamic of God and me; God and You. There is nothing else. There is ONLY the appearance of everything else. It's Shiva-Shakti... Purusha and Prakriti.

So... when I am told... over and over... again and again... that I have accomplished all that it is possible to accomplish... and that there is nothing more that I can accomplish... and that I must wait for The Ceremony of Uniting... the investiture... that's all there is to it, but... The Mind keeps trying to find a way around it. It keeps telling me there is more I can do... and there is... nothing more.

The Psychic Web is being melted away. I (you) must endure the interim of purification. It's on a timeline. I (you) am being freed of it. I (you) will emerge from the cocoon of ignorance. The long sense of separation (the idea of time) is soon over. The Reactive Mind is destined to collapse inward upon itself.

I found him early on, decades ago... but I had to go to Hell and back, to... realize... him. Many do not make it through the conditioning phase. Over and over... they throw themselves against the walls they have built around themselves. If we stop building them again and again, the love of God will... all on its own... burn them away. That... is... what... it... does.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

'THEY' are committin' suicide, and takin' much of the world with 'em. But hey! I know what I am, and I know why I'm here. I'm also in the world (prison), but not OF it. This is a great time to hate life and be contemptuous of the world.

We signed up for this experience. That's all it is. After we get to the Otherside, if we have more than half a braincell, we might as well see it as a cinema we watched.
For those still focused on this place, that's their problem.

Nostrils to the sky for this uber informative post.

Al said...

"Ergo... trials and tests ensue."

That intuit hit me (this part of us) at week 2 of the Covid hoax beginning, talk about knowing the ending of a drama movie years before it comes to fruition but hey it saved me feeling ridiculous for wearing a mask as I see some still do.

Many of those asleep still have that one critical choice to make and they will have that opportunity very soon, then it's game on. A little birdie told me that and the birds\friends I seem to have around me are uncanny in their prophetic ability and kindness in sharing.

P.S. It helps if you plant food for them and feed them in the winter.

The rest of your share today could be written for me\us which when viewed as truth is so very obvious.

Thanks and Much Love Amigo

Garlin said...

“The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages…will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests.”

John Sherman, a Rothschild protégé in a letter sent to New York bankers on June 25, 1863 in support of the then proposed National Banking Act

Anonymous said...

Thanks LV, beautiful post.

You hit on so many threads for things going on in my life (those who love the Lord he chastens) and a loved one's (we must go to war) with these comments, and many more in the post, as we also constantly forget. As if we were in recent communication about the toings and froings of our lives.

And yes, the RFKjr snip is curious (saw a Kennedy bumper sticker yesterday), sure does make you wonder, as so many things do these days, as to who/what (in humanoid form) is pulling the strings presently.

Whitney Webb's recent works connect the dots in a way that (indisputably) identifies the same Perps. Having just finished them, I was just pondering that it seems a suicide note if those Perps are still running the show. So many promising signs going on in the margins and behind the redactions.

Also, super encouraging to hear what you are being told.

Peace and keep up the stellar work


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Life is Self-Corrective... Following The Effects of The Storm... Generated by The Explosive Passions... of a Low Order."



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