Thursday, July 20, 2023

"Do Not Mistake The Form for The Spirit Contained in It. When The Meter Runs Out... It Will Escape into Something Else."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to summarize a transmission I received recently... only now is it surfacing out of the subconscious... where it was going through the stages of being translated into a conversation I could understand. Perhaps that creates even more mysteries for the readers?

Let me preface it with something I was told much earlier; “Visible, I realize that sometimes you worry that you might be only talking to yourself. This is a trick played by The Mind that is desperately trying to stay relevant and in charge, which it has not been, but that is another story.

“You are actually talking to yourself because The Higher Self is still your self. Is this not so?

“What happens is that angelic-speak has to be translated into the speech that is understood by your particular individualized consciousness. This can happen over time or in an instantaneous fashion depending on the intent. There are no errors on our side of the conversation, but your mind slips occasionally and causes you... if you are honest with yourself... to see error. Don't pay any attention to that. We'll fix it in the mix.” (grin). Yeah... they actually said that.

Last night... I was told something about the religious practices of this very fundamentalized time period. Religions have gotten about as stratified and crystallized as they are going to get... here on the verge of their transformation into the new vision... for the arriving new age. Let's face it. All of the present religions are either crumbling or getting much more uptight. East... West... it doesn't matter.

And complexity? Minutiae? There's Dogma and Cant up the wazoo where The Sun don't shine, and... perhaps that is the purpose of it... to confuse you for long enough for them to pick your pocket. People latch on to pithy sayings and name-brand affections.

My God is the only God! That's actually true, AND... it... applies... to... all... of... them... regardless of your fetishizing ideations... that are similar to rooting for your favorite team, prior to the drunken riot in the parking lot afterward. Drunk on cheap beer. Drunk on fanaticism. What's the difference? Unity... my friends... is the name of the game. UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please try to let that sink in... while you are contemplating your favorite bobblehead on the dashboard of your car.

The enduring principles upon which they were founded have not changed. Ageless Wisdom is... ageless. The Truth is an actual light that shines through Eternity without a flicker; it is that it is... what it is... as it is.. without beginning or end. The same cannot be said for religions.

I'm not going to get into specifics and perhaps offend traditional sensitivities; as if I have not already done so. Let's just say their time is at an end. That said... here is a rather long... but very interesting article that speaks... somewhat... to what is going to get said here. This should be an eye-opener to anyone who has not entertained similar thoughts previously.

We are on the verge of tremendous technological change that... given the opportunity... may well transform The World... in short order... to something much nearer the heart's desire; if... it... gets... the... chance.

We are also in the midst of the biggest die-off... for a variety of reasons... that this world has seen so far in recorded history. Also about to go through massive change are... the religions of The World. They are also going through a die-off... due to corruption... and a wide departure from original intent.

Prayer wheels of mechanized devotion... are the slow and tedious evolution of cosmic machinery. Fumbling through The Rosary mumbling... mechanically... the words created by sexually twisted priests for the control of the host body parishioners... and completely lacking in the romance on which Heaven depends for actual sustenance. You want to feed God? This will only give him heartburn.

Saying something over and over... is devoid of the life-giving sustenance that keeps existence lubricated and functioning. It's love that greases the ball bearings of the cosmic vehicles... the galaxies in space... the stars in motion... the attractive energies that drive the individual... and collective destinies... in search of a lasting union that cannot be found in the worlds of time.

It's why you must fall in love with God, and see everything coming and going as an expression of his existence... in and out of form. Do not mistake the form for the life force contained within it. When the meter runs out... it will escape into something else. It will keep doing this until it finds peace. That can only be found in union with the author and not ever in anything outside of it.

A consistency of sincere devotion... is a much faster route. Faith is an accelerant, by virtue of belief in the unseen... it causes the precipitation of the form believed in... into manifestation. A greater faith is capable of ANYTHING. Faith is one of the powers of God. Still... it requires Certitude and Determination to bring... the... vision... into... being.

That is why the angels and the initiates always have the upper hand in everything. Yes... sometimes The World seems grim, and... as if there is no hope nor promise of clarity or peace. Just because what is coming remains outside of your limited sight-line, does not mean it is not coming. It is... in fact... already a reality in The Mind of God. Angels and Initiates can see this. It is a fait accompli.

Heaven is not in great appreciation of mindless repetitions; are you? Heaven is not enamored of dour countenances... tight asses... (of a specific kind) or by-the-book cinderblock heads. Heaven LOVES the childlike aspect... the sincere lover... Heaven is a reflector of what is... upon what is, and... a corrector of what is not.

Hymns that put the living into an even deeper sleep... weird costumes... fogs of incense... collection plate mentalities... these are not big attractions for The Celestial Realm, which is not built on matter.. such as we know it... and which does not matter to The Celestial Realm... due to its impermanence.

We are in The Age of Folly and Unreason. This is a transitional period in which many things turn into comic exaggerations of original intent. We are in an age of the appearance of massive injustice and inequality... being badly corrected... by those who have no clue about either Justice or Equality.

It's more of a scramble for a bigger piece of awful-tasting pie. It is an opportunity for grasping fools to make a public display of their greed and avarice; two things that Heaven is also not big on.

Most of what you see in this time of EVERYONE ON CAMERA... is the chimpanzee-mind throwing shit through the bars of its cage. It's people behaving badly in clueless fashion. Look at me!!! Look at me!!!

Mr. Apocalypse is forcing the inside outside. The formerly concealed intentions of the crafty... plotting... mind... are being exposed to the eyes of The World. Everyone is revealing themselves through what they say and do. Because their desires and appetites have driven them mad... they do not see this. They... do... not... see... this!

God has invested and concealed treasures... powers... and arcane abilities in various souls. These are soon to be demonstrated, as The World awakens for the performance of a great drama... with lasting impact. Everyone will see this who does not have their eyes tightly closed, and even they will see some part of it in their minds.

Everyone will see something different... according to the lens of their desire... their hopes and expectations. Subsequently, it will be awe-inspiring... terrifying or... mystifying, or... even all three of them simultaneously. As the rollercoaster plunges in its downward arc... or loop-de-loops... people will scream from fear... or excitement, and the outcome will vary accordingly.

The Justice of Heaven is precise... beyond the calculation of The Human Mind. It is specific. It is exact. It is infallible. It can't be bargained with. It can't be evaded. It cannot be stopped. It is in progress now, and... always, but... sometimes it comes as a mighty wind that sweeps The World and leaves great change in its wake.

End Transmission.......

A little something about Honey, which is my main food source.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting and well documented article on Truthseeker.
However there is a fact that needs clarification . There are photos of hundreds of skeletal dead bodies from the camps piled on top of one another. Of course they could be the bodies of Germans jews christians and anyone else so it must be clarified and acknowledged by these writers of holocaust deniers that horrible things did take place in the camps. Thats all I am saying. No one offers a reason or a mention of that and there are stores from the liberators about the camps. The camps were a horror but I doubt they were only a horror to certain people.
If the story is to be rebuked and proved a fabrication then the writer or researcher must address the visual that goes along with it.

robert said...

Gracias Visible!

The frequency of the energy carried upon the electronic words is raising consciousness for real!

A consistency of sincere devotion... is a much faster route. Faith is an accelerant, by virtue of belief in the unseen... it causes the precipitation of the form believed in... into manifestation. A greater faith is capable of ANYTHING. Faith is one of the powers of God. Still... it requires Certitude and Determination to bring... the... vision... into... being.

Realizing recently that when we break through our mental blocks, make room for a larger heart to live through us, there is more space for pure faith to occupy

Or, Faith is what remains of our minds when we see through our limited identities and let go of them for good.

Being faithful is more than the mind locked concept of conforming to the social order arranged by psychopaths on loan from hell!


Not limited to a miserly measure of faith, just enough to eke by a dreary slave existence!

But a cup, cleared of junk which steals space and capacity to transform faith into manifestation, which can now run over from an unblocked well spring!

To cut through some of the mind-control muddy waters spewing from the media Matrix:

Expanded minds does NOT mean an expanded egocentric perception!
Narcissism/Psychopathy do not scale; they spindle out into a fragile ego tower which trips and falls, breaking into shards.

For our true perception to grow, our perception of self must become smaller

From the perspective of a tiny electron, there is less space between it and the Sun than we perceive at the human scale of perception; a paradox worth pondering!

To grow into the mind of God, we must be willing to scale out of our personal, traumatized POV in endless fractal zoom-outs simultaneous with endless fractal zoom-ins, like mandalas in concentric toroidal recursion

Only when the self-limited mind is retired, no longer blocking the flow of the One motion behind all emotions can the heart grow to include more of life and bring compassion from the highest to the lowest

To join the One, "we" must become "I AM"

Let go of our partial identity of pain and dissolve our hard shell into a diaphanous diamond that our soul is at heart
Where the only sustainable solid is of no matter at all, only a persistent pattern of force from out of time, directing the flow of Spirit into timely motion
Where material solidity is but a dark persistence of vision, but the Mind stuff projecting matter into being is of ultimate persistence, sustaining Consciousness though all forms of creative desire.

Our great work is letting go of what we think we know that "ain't so" and being consistently open to continual learning that has no end in sight
Learning to trust and wipe away any pattern of frustration and temple abuse before it gets in the way of creating something that works sustainably.

Is it time yet to find joy in taking out the trash?

Anonymous said...

My Aunt, who i love dearly is of the fundie variety in some ways, but not altogether clueless, was able to sustain a fairly lengthy conversation with me on religion yesterday and now here i am reading your essay thinking there must have been some kind of synch going on during that time. Very interesting, for me anyway.

And boy, ya learn something everyday. I will have to change the choice of spoon when
i dip into the jar from now on. Wish i would’ve found that out earlier, like a lot
of other things. It’s one of those “If i’d have known then what i know now” kind of things. So, thank you for that.

all the best,


Al said...

Les delivering the "good shit" once again.

Many thanks for the continuous supply of downloads Amigo.

robert said...

It's more of a scramble for a bigger piece of awful-tasting pie. It is an opportunity for grasping fools to make a public display of their greed and avarice; two things that Heaven is also not big on.

But Heaven's lack of resonance with greed and avarice is not from any human-like aversion but from the fundamental ignorance of spiritual law being mindlessly repeated.

Greed comes from a perception of lack/not enough/limited reality
Since this perception is in error, is from a sleeping consciousness, Lady Nature/the Divine feminine is not amused, or moved or even interested in that form of ham-fisted unconscious courtship!

Avarice is a by-product of an enslaved mind, willing to enslave others to fill the hole in their center piece
Enslaved minds do not register as being in live communication or real-time relationship with the Real

Heaven demurs from despoliation, actually impervious to profane proposals

Only humans can condemn themselves
Only deeper Being can liberate trapped bubbles being less than intended by the One

When we cease projecting our limited concepts, our very concept of limitation upon Creation, the super-sensical can even make sense to human perception!

Flow forever or get stopped in time
Flow wisely!

0 said...

Stumbled onto a new film with Viggo in it. "Crimes of the Future"

It was hard to watch, had to turn it off at about 43 minutes into it. Went back after a couple hours and tried to watch some more, ended up fast forwarding thru some cutting scenes, and still haven't finished it.

The premise is that at some point, likely about now, people were innoculated with something that removed PAIN from being felt by anyone. So instead of sex for pleasure it became Cutting for Sex like pleasure. I dunno if I can finish it. I liked the guy in the lord of the rings and that Hidalgo flick. This one came out last year it looks like, but I don't remember seeing any adverts for it in theaters.

Anywho, might be hard to stomach. Hope its not a prelude.


Visible said...

A History of Violence and Eastern Promises were remarkable. He's been in some good films and he's been in some crap. I'll be sure to miss the one you mentioned... sounds like some Cronenberg Freak Circus shit.

Visible said...

Whaddya know? I went and checked and it is Cronenberg. I give him a hard pass at all times now. That is an extremely sick fellow.

M - said...

"The Holy Land did indeed reveal to them centuries of devout monotheism during the time recorded by their ancient scriptures – but, it was a reverence for the Goddess, as shown by the thousands of figurines dug up everywhere in Judea where they excavated. They were all similar with head, torso and large naked breasts."


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...


I know... That's the part that cracked me up too. Must be difficult for those sex gods who go to the wall every day and scream, "Thank God I was not born a woman."

Chillease said...

There is something good in this man. He says he is an agnostic. He is for sure, a salesman but something else is going on with him. You may appreciate his videos- a million + followers. Thank you for all you do. Your insights and wisdom are appreciated. : ) L.

Sukh said...

Smoking Mirrors:

Honey is Pure Condensed Sunlight. Gold is Another Pure Material Expression, Just as Diamonds are Indicative of Starlight

Visible said...

I know for a fact that I posted that link today. I must have put it in the wrong place... or something happened, cause I did everything after that... skipping Truthseeker cause that doesn't happen till Sunday.

Visible said...

Yeah... I put it at Petri Dish. I've had my mind on other things lately.




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