Friday, July 07, 2023

"God is Sleeping in All of Us... in The Kunda Pool Where The Kundalini Sleeps... at The Base of The Spine..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What you put your attention on responds to that attention... within the framework of time it is resident in; a person... an animal... a plant... or a rock... exist in a different time frame than do the residents of the other stages of being. If that attention be good... or ill... or dispassionate, the reactions will reflect this. There are people who can cause flowers to wilt by being in proximity to them... and they have the same effect on people.

Of course, the reverse is true and masters shine like The Sun on all life wherever they may go. The problem is that there are too few masters, especially In Times of Material Darkness. They often retreat from the common thoroughfares of life because of the conditions of the times. This does not mean their influence ceases. It simply expresses in another fashion.

I asked The God on The Beach; I'm going to stop calling him The Man on The Beach... since it is evident to me now that he was no man, though I was not permitted to have that insight at the time or for some time after. I asked him why he wasn't in the city where he could help more people. He snorted and said, “I don't like being pushed around.”

As you can see... part of me knew that he was something more than the ordinary life form or I wouldn't have asked him that, BUT... I was completely under the spell of the moment. On reflection... it seems that the whole episode was scripted.

At the time I met him, I had had no exposure to Eastern thought. It wasn't until I saw a seated Buddha statue... in an antique store window in Palm Springs... that the tradition was revealed to me. The right hand of the Buddha rested on its wrist on the knee... with the index and pinkie fingers extended horizontally and the middle two fingers curled down and inward.

Here is Ramakrishna in Kundalini exaltation.


The whole time I was with him he held his hands in like manner, only his hands were formed as if he were holding the reins of a brace of horses, with the thumb pressed into the middle digit of the index finger... and the index and pinkie fingers pointing to the side... with the other two curled in along the palm. It was the same position as the Buddha, but... differently aspected.

When I had my Kundalini experience in the Virginia woods, the same thing happened to me and my hands have stayed that way until this time.

Early in our interactions, he was seated cross-legged on the beach and I was in front of him. He suddenly raised directly straight up. Heh heh... I found nothing odd about this. Like I said, I was under his spell the whole time and... no doubt... ever since as well.

He rose up and said, “Everything's under control. Take the reins.” Then I saw four birds in flight across the sky and they were flying on the force lines of his thought. He said, “God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream.” I replied... “but, he's going to wake up right? He'll wake up?” He answered, “I don't know.” This was his response nearly all the time, and then... he might follow up afterward.

Later... I realized that another way of understanding that is that God is sleeping in all of us, in The Kunda Pool where The Kundalini sleeps... at the base of the spine... until it is awakened. God is dreaming our lives in us. Sometimes he wakes up, but mostly he does not.

The Kundalini is The God Force. When it awakens... it is... from that point... unstoppable. It will rise to Godhead, no... matter... what. Periods of madness may ensue. This I can corroborate. It will rise through all the stages of human awareness until it reaches the bridal chamber in The Sahasrara... where it unites with The Indwelling Spirit, and they become one.

This might not all transpire in one lifetime. I don't know the details of the matter. I just know it can be shorter or longer a period of time depending on who it is happening to; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

When it does happen, all thoughts of an ordinary life are blown to smithereens. The basic personality is fractured... that sense of self is vaporized, and then... whatever time is needed for the building of The Personality of God then ensues... in a generally chaotic fashion... unless you are fortunate enough to have had that groundwork done at a previous time.

Of course... The Mind has something to say about it all, and it works relentlessly to impose its will upon the one experiencing this, through distraction and agitation of The Desire Body. It's different for everyone. There is no set pattern of sequences... or occurrences.

Every one of us is approaching this experience. It might be directly ahead. It might be many... many lifetimes yet. We are consoled by not being aware of any of this, so... we are not tortured by the time span that we are also unaware of.

I've tried to describe the body of the one I met on the beach. Words fail. All I can say is that he was perfectly formed. I am reminded of statues of Shiva Nataraja that I have seen... or certain Buddhas. His features were all drawn in lines of concentrated force. I asked him if he was Chinese... because he looked Asian. He said, “No.” Heh heh. If brevity is the soul of wit then I could say he was a very amusing guy. He was often abrupt with little follow-up.

His face looked somewhat like that which I have seen on the figurines of Japanese immortals. The serpent aspect was palpable. He radiated it. There is the serpent that crawls through the grass and there is the cobra-hood behind the heads of the gods. It is the serpent force raised above The Carnal Realm. The serpent of The Fall becomes the raised serpent around whom paradise is formed.

It is ALL God force... top to bottom, but... how you experience it at either end is VERY different. There is the face of God that The Wicked see, and the face of God that the righteous and pure see. It's still the same God.

Most people can't get their heads around this, but scripture clearly says he created both Good and Evil; “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil,” should clarify the matter. If one wants it clarified. Most people prefer to pull the covers over their heads; literally and metaphorically.

The Gnostics have a certain perspective on The Serpent Power to which The Established Church was violently opposed. They figured they had the divine right to deceive and mislead The World, and they don't like competition.

As long as you have one foot in The World, and one foot in the land of hopeful expectation, you will be confused. You are either all the way in or all the way out. Both of these postures have their benefits; temporary as one of them proves to be. You cannot see... and The World will torment you until you cut all the ties of attachment to it. There is no halfway about it.

There is a reason that wisdom is silent and often conceals itself. The World is a dangerous place unless you have invisible support. Those all the way in, and... all the way out... both have this; temporary as one of them proves to be. “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

There is one hierarchy that seems to be in charge of The World, and another hierarchy that rules the spiritual plane. In fact... there is only one hierarchy, and all that presents itself as a member... and is not a member... is an impostor. One must always keep in mind, “They know not what they do.”

Of course, this hierarchy has two forms of appearance, depending on The World you inhabit. Both of them use temporal forces for the fulfillment of Divine Will.

At the moment... a lot of self-important psychopaths and assorted miscreants are running about and forcing their will on others. A lot of The World is going along with that. Some of them are fat with wealth and privilege, but... they must needs bend the knee to the false God of Woke. None of them are free... though they pretend to be. They are nothing more than the shapes taken by weather as it comes and goes.

Always before the one who comes to set The World in order appears... there is a great deal of disorder. There are all kinds of vicious excesses and vile nonsense. This liberator. This Sun King. This organizer... is also The Punisher. It's not personal with him. Your fate is decided by your position in respect of him.

It's like that thing about Santa Claus. He might also be Santa Claws... AND... ♫ He SEES you when you're sleeping. He KNOWS when you're awake, He KNOWS when you've been good or bad... so be good for goodness' sake.” ♫ Words to live by.

The hour approaches.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

nice post... it was interesting to read about your kundalini experiences. I had read that Ramakrishna had eaten beef in order to prove he is beyond religion. I also heard he ate his own stool, to prove that everything is one.

Here's an interesting story. I was sitting on the vyasana lecture seat at a Hindu temple in Dhaka, Bangladesh in front of an audience of around 400 people. I actually criticized Ramakrishna using that above example. Ramakrishna is especially revered in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Anyway I was just a naive vaisnava at the time... I hadn't yet experienced kundalini or had a glimpse of samadhi. I got great respect for Ramakrishna now.

M - said...

I told my BFF one day "I'm glad I'm not famous in any way because having to interact with entities within that realm would make me want to puke every second of every day."

I wouldn't be able to handle it at all. They make me sick to my stomach. I much prefer being "just a normal human being".

Anonymous said...

Greetings V and All...

It's been a long haul since my K awakening in 2012.
Looking back it's just what I needed...

Found this Anne Marie site below a few weeks ago. The symbolic art all in one place is a great meditation tool.

I also was led to the Soham mantra recently and wow it's really amazing.

Free book pdf here:
Soham Yoga: The Yoga of the Self — A complete guide in the theory and practice of meditation on the mantra “Soham.” Including:
What great teachers say about this practice, such as Ramana Maharshi, Swami Sivananda, Gajanana Maharaj, Swami Muktananda, Kabir, Sankara, and many others:

All the best and Love to All!

David Paul Widner

Visible said...

I never ran across those anecdotes about Ramakrishna in the voluminous biography by M or any of Vivekananda's writings. I'm not saying they are untrue, but... I would look for provenance on such matters.

The reason I even bring this up is because of another anecdotal snippet that I know to be true because it was verified by several who were present for it. One day... one of the devotees put a coin under Ramakrishna's bed. As the story goes. When he went to lie down he jumped up immediately due to the coin being put there (heh heh) He never handled the filthy lucre.

I should also mention that he was a saint. There are different categories, as you know... sage... master... illuminated being. I don't know all the subtypes... just that they exist.

So... it is not that he couldn't have done these things. It is simply a departure from what I've ever heard or read about him, which is why I suggest tracking back to real provenance because there are many stories that circulate about these people that are not true. Some are due to overzealous... imagination-driven devotees. Some are malicious. Many are unfounded.

Once again, I am not saying these things are not true. I don't know. They very well might be. It simply sounds a little out of character for him... and he never... as far as I know, was the sort to demonstrate he was beyond things. Much of the time he was in samadhi and his followers had a time of it pulling him back into his body now and again.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Andy said...

"Wise as a serpant and innocent as a dove." The Authorized Vatican release verse

According to the Book titled ~ The Way ~ which is an account of Jesus time in Tibet.
Note: it can not be found on the internet anymore, although i do have a printed copy
"Wise as a serpant and innocent as a clove"
Tibetan scrolls translation.

Both are quotes accredited to Christ.

Which is more innocent?

A dove
A clove

It is only a small space that provides entirely different understanding.

Well written, thank you Vis.

It rymes true of an experiance i had recently. I was sitting under a maple tree, in quite contemplation with a monarch butterfly resting on my knee. I was perfect serenity. A dark storm came. It begain to rain and hail, the thunder shook the windoes on the house. As i sat there under the tree with the monarch butterfly not a single drop of rain touched me and i remained in perfect sereneity. Everyone else ran into their houses and i just sat still.

Two different worlds. While occupying each simutainiously, i was unaffected by the one that raged around me.

I hope the same for you Vis.

0 said...

I wonder how Mr. Nah is doing? :)


Visible said...

He disappears for long periods of time.

Andy said...

i am sure i only came here to find you.

0 is the cosmic egg. It is bestowed from the Unseen world upon those it chooses. It is not by accident or happenstance it found you.

It is the humblest form of infinity. If you tilt it sideways it makes the shape of a halo. It is a non material blessing from the Ineffable.

Again, what you do with it, is your choice.

My part is done here.

All the best.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It is All About Self-Containment... and Self-Control. Control The World Within and... You Control The World Without."



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