Monday, November 25, 2013

The Seek-Speak and Spread Truth Conference.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Wow! What can I say? By any standards, the Seek-Speak-Spread Truth conference was a rousing success. For this, massive kudos must go to Tahra with the able assistance of Tyler Vincent, James and Steven along with Tom Fry and Anthony doing the video which you will see shortly somewhere. I'll link it when possible.

We'll forget about my presentation. It's not my place to comment on it. Someone or several someone's will come around with their two pence at some point.

Alan Hart started it off and was lucid and very well informed. After that the day took off and never stopped. Ken Shott came up and did a slideshow about his amazing work in Sweden. The amount of work and industry put out by himself and his associates is impressive. There are a lot of good things going on on this planet.

I had an epiphany of sorts at the conference where my former perceptions about someone did a big 180. In keeping with Visble's Full Disclosure Act of 2003, I'm left with no choice. I'd had certain reservations about Gilad Atzmon, on the publicity end and Litmus Test end and what I found in real life was a larger than life personality, which canceled out my concern on the first concern and made moot my second concern. Gilad is, as best I can tell, a social philosopher. That's the best definition I can come up with. He's also an, off the charts, jazz musician. He's a consummate showman as well as a very articulate and subtle speaker. I was impressed and I am not easily impressed. He's also a generous soul who came over to me and laid his books and a musical CD on me, following my moments on the dais.

I missed David Messenger, I'm sorry to say but... it was 12 hours of non-stop action, except for lunch and there were all kinds of people I was supposed to speak to; had no choice but to speak to (grin) and this is just how it wound up. I came and went without thinking about who was or wasn't coming next because it was a terrifically high energy scene, still, I managed to catch most everyone.

Ken O'Keefe followed Gilad and continued in the spirit of the extemporaneous, which seemed to be the order of the day for nearly all of us. You hardly ever see anyone speaking off the cuff anymore. They're either reading directly from a script or a teleprompter and it's also usually nothing but lies. Ken was as lucid as anyone I've ever seen in my life; clear and sustained power of precisely organized thought. That's how it comes to my mind now, on reflection.

Tyler read a moving poem then, I think it was then (grin) and at various times in the day they would take an opportunity to play one of Patrick Willis's renderings of some of my blog postings. They closed it out with “A Place Called Gratitude”. Following that we all relocated to the dining room, bar area where Gilad and a couple of supporting musicians played their asses off. All in all it was an amazing day. There was a seriously celebratory mood taking place at the end which I figured it was best if I missed most of it, so I left with Dr. Richard for his place in Forrest Grove, where I actually managed to get some rest. I'd only had a couple of hours the night before and was planning on not sleeping this night either since my plane left early on Sunday morning but Richard invited me to his home and I got a few more hours. I was pretty exhausted when I finally got home... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It occurred to me that any number of people might have been expecting any kind of results from the day. I'm pretty sure it passed everyone's expectations, positive wise. All of us who were able to participate feel a great deal of gratitude toward Tahra in the aftermath.

Like I've been saying, things have changed and dramatically so. The most amazing feature of the whole affair was that not a single Hasbara shill showed up at the event. That is nigh on unheard of. We were sayanim-free, there in the belly of the beast.

My great thanks to all of you who remain unnamed. Thank you for your exquisite generosity and unqualified support!!! We will do it again. I probably should be living in the U.K. despite the political situation. The quality of humanity there is incredible.

I'm going to cut it short here today. I'm pretty frazzled; overdosed on human contact, given that I spend my days pretty much alone, pretty much all of the time. I do believe I will go take a nap. Thank you one and all.

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Anonymous said...

wow...reading about it and the extreme copacetic nature of the event makes me sense an historic meeting of the supreme beings of the welcome wagon committee for what's to come..

i love it

liz in l.a.

Old Boy said...

Wishing you well for your talk in the UK. I would come and see you,
would love to in fact, but money money money...

The word is getting out. There really are very few people who 'get it'
these days, and it has heartened me to see others linking to you from
other websites I visit (Chris Spivey being one - he's a bit raw and
tells it like it is, but he is a fearless researcher).

Things seem to be going a bit pear shaped for David Icke as well these
days with his new OFCOM approved TV Internet show. Talking of
charlatans. Check out earthlinggb blog for lots of good info. The David
Icke forum is pretty much totally compromised what with trolls and shill
and even worse - the over the top paranoid censorship from the
moderators there, that will not even allow questions to be asked. Citing
it as 'negativity' man. I guess that is where the saying 'never trust a
hippy' comes from. But hippies are ok, you know. Proper hippies. :-)

A lot of people don't like to question Icke or point out any criticism
of him. But he's turning into the new Alex Jones and lines are being
drawn. I refuse to get caught up in all this guru bullshit, unless it is
types such as Manly P Hall or Alan Watts. A bit of Terrence McKenna too.
Not too much more than that. Oh, I discovered a new living guru called
Geoff Thompson. Actually bought a few of his books. He comes from a
Martial Arts background, but is such a complex mix of frightening and
warm and enlightened, that he is very compelling. Seeing someone with
'cauliflower ears' won through hard battle, talking about Hermes
Trismegistus is a real treat. You just know he is for real. Just like
you. Another rough around the edges soul.

It's a shame we haven't been able to hook up this year. I still haven't
been able to clean my place up due to crippling depression. But the
offer is still on for us doing some music together at some point. No
doubt. And also hooking up with some of the cool people I told you about
in Europe.

I still don't know where you live you dark horse! :-) eh eh.

Never mind. We may not win the war this time round, but we at least have
the moral high ground and all the power that brings.

I wish you well with your musical endeavours as well. You really got
something special going on there with that. Lyrically, vocally,
dramatically and dare I say it 'X-Factor'. Time for a .

Be well and break a leg and knock 'em dead my good man!

the gardener said...

I am so glad to hear all went well. Thank you for letting us know about your engagement and that you're back home too.

the gardener

Victoria Malcolm-Story said...

Hi Les: I really enjoy your various blogs and the bits of your music that I've listened to; you're an artist, and as with most revolutions, such people are in the forefront of the action. I'm sending you the link to this (I think) very interesting website called 'Servant King' ('s done by a Canadian man who calls himself only 'Marcus' and who has been 'done over' in many ways (see the 'Marcus's Mind' section) by the 'authorities' in the supposedly 'free and democratic' country of Canada. He has an interesting explanation for the problems we find ourselves in and some interesting solutions. I hope you enjoy it! Blessings, Victoria

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Les, I'm pleased Patrick Willis' works were included; his readings of your writings helps us all become better people.


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful to hear and learn of, Visible. I am very happy to hear it went so well. I think you needed something like this. I think we all needed something like this. Look forward to seeing some vids. Love to all, Serena

wiggins said...

Big well done to all the participants for shining some light in very dark places... Gilad can sure blow...

Peter W. said...

was privileged to be present at this event.

Les Visible in person is as impressive in person as he is in his writings.

There is an element of the uncanny about his demeanor "on stage", like a benevolent magician on a roll as if influences and disembodied entities from very high levels beyond him and around him are interpenetrating his aura and helping him along.

He kept away from tribal doings and misdoings which I was expecting - he left this to others.

Instead he focused on what each one of us as individuals can do to work on ourselves to make the divine connection. The answer lies within. One of the techniques he recommended was "snorting", expelling short bursts of air through the nostrils, a term (and method) used to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts and allow silence and the soul to speak. Like Jung (and others) have said - Les V. put this across v effectively.

The signature thing about all the speakers to me was their balls-to-the fire courage. Alan Hart, Ken Shott, Les V, Kevin O’Keefe, Tahra, the organizer, they all have more or less put their lives on the line. Brave, very brave souls. Courage - the first virtue - at this venue was in abundance ! I hope this is the beginning of an avalanche !

This event has really made me re consider my own life and what I should be doing at my late stage. Les V described how while in prison (he had landed in a high end "bad" one) he was able to marshal his "siddhi" powers to prevent attacks from inmates. I can just imagine he put the fear of God into these thugs just by "being himself." It was a wonderful and inspiring day.

Anonymous said...

That was some serious optimism! I love it! "I here the train a comin. Its comin round the bend!"

Very, very good for you Mr. Vis.

I find myself wondering, "What could be next...?"


Annsie said...

Good on ya Vis, Glad you changed your mind about Gilad as I felt he was a good one myself but it was up to yourself to judge. Its none of my business. Many thanks for your blogs. I miss Zen Gardners site as its blocked at the moment. Hope he gets back up and running. I have tried to post loads of times but i keep misreadiing the verification code.

Anonymous said...

I've got a simple rule of thumb when it comes to sniffing out truth: research the works of people who were murdered for telling what they knew, or were threatened and/or destroyed to the point where they were summarily shut up - William C. Cooper, Danny Casolaro, Phillip Marshall, Aaron Russo, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Raymond Rife, et al. Anybody who is given free rein to wander the earth, and spout their various versions of the truth, is ultimately disseminating information that suits the overall agenda of the elitists. If this weren't the case, they wouldn't be allowed to do it. It's a pretty simple exercise in mathematical logic here, when you break it all down. And it takes logic (mathematics) and discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff. The elite-sanctioned blowhards, disseminate mostly chaff. The mavericks with huge balls who have no fear or reprisals, disseminate mostly wheat. So if you want a lip-smacking bowl of Wheaties, hey, just follow the dead.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You can get Zen Gardner here:

Anonymous said...

Vizzy beloved,

Glad you are back and thank you for reporting.

Did you caution the empire about their recent somnambulance about fluoride allowed to be added in their drinking water?

Saw Alan Hart's interview, and had myself reached the same conclusion about the doing it for the next generation. Then it struck me, the conspicuous absence of this type of thinking among the third sex that live for a combination of NOW and screw (perjorative) the breeders. The attitude being a tangled mess of God made me a freak, hate you mom, dad sucks or is absent, and y'all hate us forever etc etc.
No offense to those who genuinely want to become parents and raise a kid for the love of it - not internet porn nor social soapboxes

Kudos to the Rabi-d Makow for denting these callous mental cases - and watch out for the increasing reverse discrimination and heterophobia from the generates. no surprise that these dominate the higher echelons - whether in design (have you seen the face of the CEO of Abercrombie? Or the *ing wart-kissing Katholic Church or the piece of hidden master of mordor aka Adolfo Nicholas, the black pope in Spain, who after the Royal takedown scandals want to penalize their citizens and charge them for sunlight for solar square feet on their rooftops.

On the other hand, Is-Unreal has now taken Saudi Arabia for a proxy - Sunni disposition all around from their to the Pakis, note how the day Saudi Israbia almost cut diplomatic ties with the US, their was action by Barney's against African American shoppers - yes precious Barneys and Harrods owend by the Saudisrael.

In the meanwhile, the relentless assault in the New York Times, bullshit broadcasting company (bbc), and their ilk continues magnifying, nay digging up ever dehumanizing stories about the BRICS - even obscure matters not of their national interest or part of their headlines- and playing musical chairs with how to humiliate them today it is against Brazilian, tomorrow Indians and white South Africans, the Russian, then Jimmy says Ki** all the Chinese - it never stops, yet Kerry dines with Assad and Putin is ex-MI6, trained in Jerusalem - the whole Royal ARch Freemasonry and more and the band plays on.

Welcome back and try not to freak out your guests in Deutschland nor Hindustan.

Also thanks to Peter of Lone Tree for some insightful links.

Persevere, and if you would like some soul heartening entertainment:

Merlin series and Ram-Leela
playing near you perhaps

And also always, remember:

Kol Nidre
Protocols of Bourge Fontaine
The Secreta Monita


Greg said...

Yes! Yes! That makes all kinds of sense. Jeffrey Dalmer, Ted Bundy, John Gacy. Know what? You're full of shit and typically anonymous. At least when you die no one will know or care.

Visible said...

Go Pats, heh heh.

marilyn said...

good. love ya', les.
those were some good people you were with..glad you are safe at home.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Zen's Page

For those who haven't checked yet.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Welcome to the Age of I Don't Give a Shit.

Visible said...

A new late night (for me) Petri Dish-

The Black Friday Palindrome Boogie Down.



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