Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Dancing in the Suburbs of the Valley of the Shadow of Death

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is somewhere around 600 Visible Origami postings. Okay then! If those were years it would be somewhat more significant ...but what is time? Other than an artificial construct and very relative at that, very relative; such as whether you are on vacation in Bora Bora or doing 20 years in Pelican Bay, it just there if you are there. Like gravity, it's one of those things you can't see but which factor prominently in the day to day.

Where were we? Ah yes, the mind. It can be a cesspit and the percentage of minds so represented is dependent on the age in which one finds them. The mind can also be a luminous, shimmering mirror of Mercury where thoughts 'trip the light fantastic' oft skating in solitary pirouettes, in celebration of the shining interior sun. These days it is often obscured by clouds of doubt and collective degeneracy, so as to appear to be the norm. However, normal has left the building. That's their intent though, to make the perverse normal. Anyone who has the patience to read the length of it, or the acumen to check the titles of the portions of this lengthy collective, for precise descriptors, aptly named, will know the trembling horror of what some get up to. Sure, you thought it might be bad. It is far worse than ever you imagined, far worse. The chapter entitled, “A Sniff of Extreme Abuse” should suffice. Be forewarned!!! This is very toxic stuff! However, if you ever needed to know the degree of monstrosity of which certain inhuman entities are capable, you will find it here and no one can doubt the culpability of the political and law enforcement community, when it came to killing and or subverting the investigations. This is proof positive of international cabals, populated by highly placed personnel in critical positions. If ever the sobriquet, “Sick Fucks from Hell” might be applied, it is to men 'and women', like these.

This, more properly should have been a Petri Dish and the last Petri Dish here but I can't predict these things and will endeavor to resurrect the Origami aspect. You don't have to read that article. Hardly anyone did the first time I put it up (if anyone) because we would have heard about it in the comments. I was shocked and stunned and I have been a practitioner of research in this area, for the purpose of authenticity in my novels for some years, even focusing two years worth of study on serial killers; not for the faint of heart but... this surpasses anything I have encountered before. I am reminded of Nietzsche's; “do not stare over-long into the abyss”.

The mind is the original progenitor of all things defined as evil and there are various reasons; a warped upbringing, irrational appetites, possession and the like. Psycho and socio-pathy are rampant and in some extreme cases, require entirely new definitions.

Here's an example of irony burning brightly at high noon (my time, sort of). I saw the headline at a news site and thought to myself, without yet seeing the article, this is why I look at the charity business as a business. I then thought I would coin a phrase, 'bonoizing', imagine my surprise when I went to the article and saw that raging egotist sitting next to Gates and pointing at... you? Wow! Just, wow! What slippery snakes AND... they have more money than they will ever be able to spend, yet they need more. This is one of the perpetual mysteries of existence. It puts a new light on Bono suing his hairdresser some years ago for taking a pair of his jeans. Perhaps his original pants became soiled during the process of Bono working out some charity ideas and so Bono loaned him a pair of his? It was implied at the time that he had borrowed them. What does a person like this say to himself when he lays down to sleep at night? Pathetic. Besides all kinds of cooperative scams with crotch clutchers like Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow (the last paragraph is telling), Chris Martin, he and The Edge bought up some of the priciest building lots in Southern California in order to build high end luxury housing. This is also a charity effort? Probably.

Yes, Mr Apocalypse, I know you're watching and may I say it is a pleasure to be in your employ.

These days, any kind of scam that can be imagined is in operation. It's as if all kinds of people have tumbled to right action being a bad career move, in their estimation. This is the evidence of corruption in high places. As it filters down into the ranks, it ignites that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' thing. The mindset of, “if they can get away with it so can I” is everywhere to be seen. In defense of those resident in the lower orders of the scheme of things, in many cases, they have little choice but to turn to crime because the criminals above them have made their continued existence a very difficult feat indeed.

I remember Mr. 'I am that I am', Bono, racing off to meet and greet the fairly new Moron in Chief, Drugstore Cowboy Bush with his 'let's get more bang for our buck from the African AIDS crisis', not to mention all that helpful publicity to put your name in lights in Good Guy City.

Well, there's what we can see and what we can't see but what 'we can see' is that the plots and pursuits of the bad hair day Big Wigs are falling apart at the seams. Their propaganda news organizations are bleeding subscribers left and right. People are migrating away in hordes, or, from what I just read, 'droves'. I don't know what the difference is between a drove and a horde. I'll leave that to the reader to sort out in their own minds. Embarrassing exposures are the order of the day. It's as if the elite have all turned into school yard flashers. Now comes the stock market, house of cards, soon to come tumbling down. Probably that will come into the new year but I am no financial prognosticator. If I'd had any sense I would have held on to those 30 Bitcoins I bought at 3 bucks apiece awhile ago, instead of surfing on The Silk Road. I haven't really ventured into the new production yet, except to look it over and see what my intuition says about who's behind it. It seems genuine for the moment. My problem is that I no longer have anyone to sell me Bitcoins via Paypal and the other mediums are a tad complex for an economics goofball like myself.. Ah well, time seems to arrive in segments with me, like scenes in a film. In a few months the whole plot will change. Strangely enough, I find myself, at many a point, thinking about my future destination. It has a great deal to recommend it, besides it being a large dwelling, surrounded by big foliage and nestled in a pristine little town, fairly equidistant to two bustling metropolises but far enough away not to give any indication of them.

If our mind is not in our possession then we are possessed by something. You can't just leave your mind lying about like a bicycle up against the garage wall. Someone will come along and steal it. They can use it the way people use hijacked computers, for whatever the reason is but also in much darker ways as well. There are a great many people doing serious time in prison who cannot remember committing the crimes that put them there. A lot of people live in an ongoing state of enduring grief and regret over actions taken, which they cannot understand their reasons for. An uncontrollable impulse sets in, a moment of opportunity to do the wrong thing surfaces, along with the necessary degree of mental and emotional aberration, bad companions certainly account for a lot of episodes. I've heard many a story, passing though this veil of tears, dancing with the shades in Shadowland, one of the suburbs of The Valley of Death. I've seen any number of things and thankfully, I remember so many of them. I attribute that to them having been real, hyper-real in many cases. It's been quite a time period to be living in. I'm super glad I was where I was when LSD came around. Were time travel possible and I'm sure it is- but I don't have a time machine- I'd be right back there in those days. Life was something else in those times, in the times before the coming of the great darkness. I really thought the golden age was on the doorstep. I had no idea that what came would come, or that life could be so profaned and pornographically packaged for these legions of mindless mastubators who slipped into the scenery, shrink wrapped in lost generations, with neither the product nor the packaging being biodegradable; degradable, yes, bio-degradable, no.

The great headstone of this culture floats out in the Pacific. Soon enough you will be able to see it from the moon. The Dirge of Doom is playing, no doubt Bono composed it (grin). Nah, I don't want to get 6 kinds of negative here at the end of the posting (was it 6?).

We each control the conditions and circumstances of our existence. Our mind is like a video gamepad. Unfortunately, a lot of the buttons have been grayed out and are not operational and need to be made operational and that's always a possibility for the intrepid. We use such a very small portion of our potential. If anything is criminal, that is. We can't ascend the height unless we first aspire to them. It's as simple as that. We can't arrive somewhere if we don't set out in the direction of it AND maintain our course. Conscious co-participation is the key. One of the reasons that spiritual disciplines are so highly recommended by those who have profited from them is that they work. They work the way an outdoor water pump works. Maybe the degree of time-lapse passage is greater, probably why so many give up during this, “I want it right this minute” culture zone but... success is assured for the persistent. Success is assured. Nothing of real or enduring value comes with great speed or off of an assembly line. We're just about 'there', now all we have to do is find 'here'.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Yay! Someone from Iran showed up here.

Jenny said...

vis- this post took me way back-
I remember as a little girl growing up with my parents in suburbs of Chicago... visiting a big apartment place that had a huge green space. huge to a little child. it had a pump there that if you were determined enough you could pump and pump... and then, water.... oh sweet water.
loved this post, where the mind goes: the shadow knows. by the way, got me a deck of tarot... and talked with my enlightened 26 yr. old daughter about use.....after a few enlightening sessions with me myself and I, many new revelations have come to me. I want to thank you for mentioning using these tools and gifts from our ancestors. much love- jen

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Man, I thought reading some of the more graphic excerpts for THE SWORD AND THE DOLLAR (Parenti) was bad. That first link you have up must be one of the most horrific collections of scenes on the planet, and I only read part of it. (Time constraints.)

Anonymous said...

gregory meeks {d.JEW/YORK} is a house nigger..

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Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3461

"We use such a very small portion of our potential.
If anything is criminal, that is. We can't ascend the height unless we first aspire to them.

It's as simple as that."

in case you missed it a Lady caller handed house nigger meeks is sautéed testicles flambe on cspan this am....

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During that time he has earned the coveted gold embroidered Zionist kneepad award 3 times...

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shakin' it here boss

dig that irony



Unknown said...

Probably just a troll laying a trail so you can be put on an official drone terrorist hit list.

(It amazes me they don't see the hypochrisy of terrorizing innocent people with airborne terminator units to get terrorists to stop terrorizing innocent people. )

The stupid has been mighty thick of late. It's giving me a headache.

galen said...

Ut oh. Gilad strongly defending Chomsky today. I was so surprised no mention of 9/11. Love Gilad, I mean 87% of him. I guess that one of our earth lessons is to accept what good we can from whatever source, even if it is off the mark on a subject of great consequence (Chomsky/9-11).

Note: A Bono picture can be helpful if there is a need to induce vomiting.

I am cultivating the courage to deny (boycott) nearly all celebrity. I see us singing and dancing for each other, acting out plays, doing stand-up in living-rooms and backyards, in pubs and parks, uncensored. Real people entertainment sans censorship. Just some ideas on how to escape the cult of celebrity that is so horribly contaminated. But how difficult this is. We love great films, astounding voices, the Nureyevs of dance, and the Pryors of comedy. I guess it's up to any celeb with a conscience to bust out. And asking them to do that is like asking them to martyr themselves. But I guess even between a rock and a hard place, one side is bound to be less hard, making room for something to give.

The above paragraph may be all grand delusion as there are 4 holiday films I will see, knowing full well where the money goes. Yeah, we all kinda have one foot in and one foot out. Popcorn?

David V said...

I think "drove" referred originally to livestock, possibly deriving from the concept of cattle drives (or drivers), while "horde" refers to a large group of humans whose mentality may or may not be slightly above that of cattle.

The whole English language thing gets so confusing, it's apparently more than a lot of bloggers and commenters can handle. I see so many uses of words that sound the same but mean different things, or even spelled the same but mean different things. For example, "horde" roughly equals "mob", "hoard" means to stockpile, while "whored" is what your sister did last Saturday night; "drove" is a herd of cattle, and it is also what my driver did; "there" means "not here", "they're" means "they are", "their" means "belonging to them"; "Where" refers to location, "wear" is what you do with clothing, also what rough terrain does to your shoes, and "were" means you left out the letter "h". And so on, and on...

Not to pick on this blog, it just happens to be one of the very few where I bother to comment. I'm thinking of writing a compendium of such words and shotgun posting them to every blog I can find.


Anonymous said...

abyssus abyssum invocat

Visible said...

I guess I just got charmed. It happens. I'll query him on that. I'm so inclined to want to get along with people, at the same time, if they are engaged in the defense of deception that can be a deal breaker.

Thomas said...

regarding that first, gruesome, link, I just read "a sniff of extreme abuse" or what it was called...

I spent some time with a victim of ritual abuse earlier this year, and apparently, child sexual abuse is called "cleansing" in those circles…

Anyways, thinking of stuff like that, I am happy that karma is. A word you've used, "clusterfuck", comes to mind. Poor babies who get molested and killed, and poor bastards who'll get the end of the stick (or razor blade, as it might turn out) later on. Even if they deserve it yes they do.

Nice post, besides that. That Bono picture is hilarious.

Visible said...

Yeah... I regret having to post that link but I don't think a lot of people FUCKING GET how depraved these creatures are. What makes it mega-worse is that the political establishment and law enforcement actively work to retard, subvert and outright do away with investigations and evidence; KNOWING...KNOWING what these fiends are up to but... they'll put us in jail for getting high.

Judgment will come. It takes all I got to hold on to my compassion sometimes but I know Lao Tzu wrote that just for me (grin- probably not but it feels like it).

This is why I have wished for a community of equals somewhere undisturbed. Two problems, money and being very judicious in your selection of residents.

lightandlongshadows said...

Ah yes, this Balrog that lays at my feet breathing it's last breath. People don't want to know. It takes courage to know such things; to call things by their proper name. Know your intention, it's easy to get lost.

Temporal power is extremely insecure, disconnected, fearful; beastial. Sharp minds honed to a fine point of fear are our greatest threat. The Alpha with no Omega.

Most people prefer grey, it's understandable though detrimental. How does one give another courage?

Transform and shine. No one else can do it for you. If they could it would be theft.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This isn't nice, but regarding the abuse victims of your top post. . .I wonder how many of them had been the perpetrators of The Inquisition, and stuff?

Also, considering there is ultimately only One Soul in the universe, I'd say Source is one HELL of a sado-masochist. All things that are capable of being experienced must be experienced in every way possible, and that's beyond good and evil. Intellectually I recognise this, but deep down inside my head wants to explode.

Sorry, but there's more than 101 ways to peel a baby. Or are they better rotisseried with the skin on? I dunno. It's been too many lives ago that I lived in one of the societies that indulged in that sort of cuisine. I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

LSD is the answer. Not for twitwits and fakebook schmuckerberg ballwashing lamers for they are the walking zombies who gently moan text me.
Once you go through that LSD door everything is changed and you can never go back.

Disclaimer:I am just some Joe Neckbone webserfing around do not consume any LSD without reading about it first and speaking with people who have experienced it.

galen said...

Thank you, Lightandlongshadows. In those three words sits a key, a dense compilation of centuries of spiritual teaching, a very, very short shortcut: "Transform and shine." I will put them in a frame in my home. And to accentuate that. . . The story from the link you provided had one of the main characters saying this: "I've always wanted my life to be about what I can do for myself, not about what other people did to me." Always the work is here. Only way out, it seems. Wonder why we delay.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

To help explain a lot (in theory, but this resonated with me BIG TIME) about why everything is the way it is, there is a video series called 'Soul Ages'. Old soul describes me and my 'twin flame' flat mate to the core. For those who've never heard of it or seen it, parts 1-4:

Soul Ages: 1-4

Parts 5-7:

Soul Ages: 5-7

I think it was about 1 1/2 hours total give or take a wee. Some might find it comforting. Some of it is pretty funny, too. The narrator rocks!

It also makes me gladder than ever that this is it for me. I didn't even have to live this life. I was warned about taking it, but I WAS SO DAMN STOOPID I SHOULDA BEEN SHOT!

At least the worst is over. I think.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, December 03, 2013 10:32:00 PM

"Also, considering there is ultimately only One Soul in the universe, I'd say Source is one HELL of a sado-masochist."

Since I do a lot of clearing/cleaning of folks, I have much-too-much first-hand experience of this. I don't get much details on the bad stuff, just a huge amount of accumulated pain (through lifetimes). Across many, many, many folks. Thus, in one way, I am not a big 'fan' of Source at this point...

"All things that are capable of being experienced must be experienced in every way possible, and that's beyond good and evil."

That line of thinking is about all that keeps me from a hatred of Source. I have had my share of blissful or transcendent experiences; don't get me wrong. Right now, though - perhaps because of the line of 'work' I'm currently in - my human side considers Source the biggest 'perp' around. Really twisted. In consequence, I have to frequently back-off to regain the bigger picture before going back to 'work'.

Man, I'm ready for a 'vacation'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Diane said...

Must know the truth no matter how ugly it is.

I happened across 'the first link' info some time ago learning about The Children of God (presently The Family) abuses.

Had to tell young adult son (just last night, in fact - odd) about how parents of the sick society break a child's will by making a young 2-year old child kill a kitten by hand and get beaten, caged and abused until they do it. He has trouble believing MK Ultra exists even though it's amazing what he does know exists 'inside'.

Your links are most helpful, but your analogies are so much better.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
for the duty's of a living heart
a turning of the will
learning of the dutys
a bow and axe and sheild
for the flowers on the meadow
the life in formed of must
touch the living higher
bound in peace and trust
on a wing tip of a humming bird
mighty river free
lifting of the inner
a rush of living breathe
brush the cosmic patterns
multicolored light
ascension of within
the wind of eagles flight
ascending of within
alligning of the height.


Friday, December 31, 2010 11:32:00 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
chanting chasing river
breeze of seven sea's
weaving inner union
a charging tip of free
the power of a thunderbolt
arising liberation
revitalising union
rise up through the nations
revolve around division
lift the life of one
on multicolored lightning trails
shinning rays of sun
that make the meadow glisten
a living heart arose
flowing inner union
through the conscious flows.


Saturday, January 01, 2011 12:30:00 AM

Just the first random poem (2 for 1) from one of our favorite travelers from the past.

Thanks Neil...Love Ya Man

Submitted by walking hawk

insiam said...

Ever more I find your ability, through your writing, to highten conscious awareness a little distrubing. But in a good way. If that makes sense :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a non ziogre page for a second, get away from goog they are not your friend.
They dropped the don't be evil slogan for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Gilad always gave me a bad vibe, so did Alex Jones and Chomsky from first sight, but with those 2 it wasn’t long before I managed to put my finger on exactly why. Gilad, something disturbing about that fellow, chipped aura, I don’t care what anybody says, he’s not on the side of light, then again he’s not the only one who’s not on the side of light at that event.

“This is why I have wished for a community of equals somewhere undisturbed. Two problems, money and being very judicious in your selection of residents.”

We already have that community, right here.

You don’t want to live in a commune of posed equals and hypocrites, trust me.
Anything that starts out pure, in kali yuga, as soon as it shines a bit of light and attracts a bit of attention, in the span of only 6 years it will attract all the demons, pedophiles, murderers.

Nope. That community you want is right here, short of the benefit of seeing our smiles faces, but look on the bright side, as soon as anyone of us inevitably annoys each other, we can always go take a nap.

As to the first link, yes it is that bad and much worse. In Australia, and America, all the top politicians and judges are pedophiles. Ted Gunderson former FBI agent exposed that, and he was poisoned to death with arsenic powder sprinkled on his steering wheel every night over some time, turned his fingernails black, sure sign of arsenic. In the US, the Great Satan alone, each year between 300,000 to 800,000 children go missing, 90% never to be found again. Last I read, a blonde hair blue eyed boy goes for 50,000US$ in Hollywood. Fritz Springmeier spoke and wrote about the child sacrifices they do, probably why he’s locked up; Alex the jew gate keeper Jones filmed a real child sacrifice in the Bohemian grove; Icke the liar told enough half truths to gain credibility and pointed out that “sacrifice a virgin to the dragon” old fairy tale meme actually meant “child sacrifice”, something they’ve been doing for millennium on all continents, the Aztecs sacrificed as much as 20% of their own children, the jews in Carthage did a grand ‘burnt offering’ to molech as a ‘defense of the city’. They even joke and brag about child porn and snuff in the current online video games, namely, Pride of Taern quest, entitled “a monstrous task” given by “Yavorny monster” involving delivering a little blonde haired blue eyed boy to some troglodyte in a cave for ritual sacrifice, and also “a dirty trick” quest, trick meaning prostitute, involving delivering a 12 year old girl to some high ranking city official’s home for sex. Yes, they do joke about these things in the video games to the youth today who are so blind they think it’s just a game and fail to make the connection to reality. Clearly, the games are designed both as a subtle bragging, but also to lead innocent souls down the dark path.

It’s a sick world. I will pray the imprecatory prayer that God or Kalki Kala or whoever will do it, Shiva is great but Virabhadra rocks, kills them all.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Rack'em and Stack'em, Critical Mass for the Planetary Ass.

Thomas said...

it's not that I disagree with you posting the link. I think it is good that people should know the depths of depravity that's going on. But at the same time, I agree with you on Nietzsche and "don't stare overlong into the abyss"

all the best

Visible said...

What I got from your comment Thomas was clarity and integrity, nothing more. For whatever the reason may have been I got a lot more from your comment than what the words contained.

the gardener said...

I first read that total expose of the depravity of the many on this earthly plane years ago.

One of those reads where one gets shocked and feels like it is dangerous to even be reading it due to the names named the actions and by those involved so incredibly horrific.

I felt like that with this expose and also when first confronted with the documentation about Prescott Bush financing the NAZIs and how that all works (wars).

This time around I dutifully skimmed it and found myself more fascinated with the civil servants and private head honchos involvement. Same culprits in all the industries of our countries today-banking industry, legal/court industry, schooling industries,media industries, medical industries and they've all gotten that much more flamboyantly over the top with their very psychopathic behaviors out on the ground levels now.

It's become rather obvious that the Cream of the Crap in these jobs are there as gatekeepers or insider procurement agents.

At least it can answer the age old question of: What perverted addictions do these people have that requires them to steal so much money?

Another question answered is: Why has it become almost impossible for those in high responsibility jobs to even be capable of doing their work and even just acting like they care?

So many perverted and so little time.

Look at how much further down the mainstream cesspool this world has been driven in the fifteen years since this insanely horrific expose was published! The perverted behaviors by all industries has outdone itself with the now sinking to even the bottom tiers of working class America.

Teachers constantly caught fucking and TAPING interactions with the students. Incredible abuse by law enforcement agents on the streets. Outrageous blatant drug dealing by doctors of outrageously addicting substances. Unbelievable outrages of injustice meted out in the courts all over this land.

It is quite obvious that life on this planet is not respected at all-that life is in fact very expendable and I do advocate to all young people to not reproduce until 'things are cleaned up a bit' (snort)... that is the one very powerful action women and young girls can take right now. Quit reproducing right now. Too many murdered/sacrificed one way or another to the fiends running industries in this world.

Important good jobs of responsibility are not given to those deserving them-but to gatekeepers and as rewards to the perverted maniacs desiring a 'steady income with access to data to constantly fuel their perversions'. Explains a lot of the failures in this society for sure.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

@ the gardener

“It is quite obvious that life on this planet is not respected at all-that life is in fact very expendable and I do advocate to all young people to not reproduce until 'things are cleaned up a bit' (snort)... that is the one very powerful action women and young girls can take right now. Quit reproducing right now.”

You know, I think you’re right. I think you have a good point. In fact, I think You, the gardener, should go kill yourself right now. Yes, please do, use fire, it’s quite purifying, and ‘clean things up a bit’ (snort). Right now.

Kali yuga is absolutely fucking hilarious. I mean am I the only one seeing this self snowblown gargled joke. Here we have a self proclaimed ‘gardener’ advocating we the good seed who are trying to wake ourselves and others up by seeking and spreading the truth should all stop planting good seeds while the wicked seed and wild seed are running amok. Can you spell ‘hypocrisy’? How ‘bout idiocy?

It is better to remain silent and let others think you are stoo!pid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt with your logorrheic flatulent pomposity, you who, braying like a typical donkey, who is so fond of the sound of his own voice, fancies himself a great teacher and preacher. Yes, but of course, true to its namesake, zen, which you don’t even know what it means nor do those who pretend to follow it as it is reverse lost in translation from English to Japanese 禪to Chinese 禪定to Sanskrit Samadhi which merely means “fixed” or “of fixed mind”, and when asked, “fixed on what?”, they don’t really know, and when pressed they mumble things like “those who know don’t say and those who say don’t know. On the ineffable, on nothing.” What tarradiddle; God cannot be a person but you can be a person, what is this, you are higher than God?! Your fat ego and feebly limited understanding has placed limits on God’s omnipotence! There is the sunlight, there is the sun planet, there is the deity force residing within the sun planet, who can very easily when he wishes assume personal form, but the ahankara, the false ego and pride of the ignorant, who are willfully and make-believe-blissfully in ignore-ance, the nasuyave, the envious, deny God by calling Him ineffable and nothing. There is the brahmajyoti, herein likened to sunlight, for purpose of demonstration, that the gymnosophists and zenists are wont to speak of, the ineffable yet felt effulgence of the Supreme, and the English equivalent of empyrean from which we have pyre and empire, but higher still than this Brahman is Brahma himself, one of the countless Brahmas anyway, with their 4, 8, 16, and sometimes countless heads, but higher than the countless Brahmas is Shiva Nataraja, also a person, and higher than Shiva also called Dhira, unshakeable, is Vishnu, who expands in descending order MahaVishnu to Garbodakshayi Vishnu to Ksirodakshayi Vishnu also known as Paramatma, Caitya guru, the Supersoul and teacher from within, the ineffable, the conscience, and higher yet than these is Narayana in 4 armed form and when the times are come as they do in universe after universe, there is also Kala, Kalo ‘smi, “Time I am, the destroyer of worlds”, with his unlimited arms, higher yet than Narayana is Krishna, in 2 armed form, who is known in different epochs by countless names that Arjuna says if he had a thousand mouths and recited the names of God for a thousand years, he could not begin to name them all, Achyutya, Infallible, Madhusudhana, slayer of the mead-demon, Keshava, Narayana, Govinda, Madhava, Vishnave, Trivikramaya, Vamana, Varaha, Shridaraya, Hrishikeshaya, Padmanabaya, Dhamodaraya, Vasudevaya, Narasimha, Caitanya, Rakta Gaura Kalevara, Balarama, Jaganatha, Parasurama, Rama, builder of Rama sethu, persons all, but fool that you are, declare that God is dead by preaching that God is nothing.


Anonymous said...


How deluded. Such low level, corrupted compromised convenient distorted and adulterated realization which underneath all the glittery glossolalia properly is none other than voidism, nihilism, mayavadhism, egoism and daemonism, demonism and atheism, preacher of cowardice and defeatism, you feckless sexless sapless spineless balless snoodler sack of stool.

The zen voidists’ paling of God and dearth of lexical flexibility are merely symptomatic of their mental dis-ease and idiomatic of their idiocy, pathetic and enviously willful lack of understanding.

Fear not, gardener, God in his infinite mercy, will no doubt give you the merging into the Brahman effulgence that the zen voidists desire, which is noneother than atma-deletion and soul-suicide, but unfortunately for us in the interim we have to listen to your preaching of suicide to others.

‘Yes, we should all just give up. Evil prevails. Let’s just let the demons have this planet. Resistance is futile.’ Pahlease. If this were an army you would be ordered to commit seppuku and the kaishaku who administers the coup ‘de grace would be deliberately late. In any civilization and army that produces victory, from the Alamo to the Hot Gates, from Stalingrad to Great Britain to Potiers to ancient Rome where cowardice was punished by 10% sortition and clubbing or stoning and in Sparta where cowardice was so unspeakable that on one occasion, a mother who saw her son return from war as a sole survivor and discovered hidden a “wound of shame” in his back, beat her own son to death with her bare hands for the unspeakable sin, “Not one step back” is Holy God’s universal law, and you, gardener, would be dog food and subsequently dog stool and your name, if you have one, would be anathema and eponymous curse for cowards. But instead it’s the internet so donkeys like you spend ten hours a day heehawing your inanities laced with pretty words replete with modern ersatz ‘art’ imagery to mislead well intentioned people and stroke your little little ego.

Please go practice what you preach by dousing yourself in gasoline or petrol or whatever you prefer to call it and light your ass on fire. Yes, and do it on live upload so we can all watch, the passing of a coward so useless as to be unfit to be fertilizer. Lead by example ya false prophet. And take your david icky you’re so fond or promoting, that gatekeeper useful idiot shill shabez goy whose self proclaimed guru krado mutwa is a self proclaimed sodomite/catamite gravedigger and cannibal corpse-eater, with you. And don’t come back!

You sir, ya beautiful snowflake, are a coward and a fraud, and you have been exposed. You may fool others with all of those “Lao Tzu says” alleged quotes you make up as you go, funny I can’t find them in the original traditional Mandarin, nor is there in existence as yet an English translation worth shit. You speak of the sanctity of Life and then are quick to defame and profane it by encouraging others to abandon it with your vociferous cowardice, bandied behind flowery language. If God wanted you to be a gardener, he would have miracled you a garden for you to clusterfuckup with this dry, hyposophy, by now.
Now get the fuck off my internet!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the stilling of one's mind, and Zen and all of that, the following story will make you feel really good. It's "The Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac, and you can read it in its entirety right here. (I recommend copying and pasting it into a WordPad document; easier on the eyes with a nice white background.) Wow! Yes! Ahem! Go! Go! Go!

Eudoxia said...

Viz, nice going with the speak no evil tour. It took a while for me to get the whole talk - shit head gremlins in the works etc..... I hope the best for Poncho, I know how that goes........Cheers Eud.

the gardener said...

Hey anon 8:51-go frack yourself you ridiculous idiot.

Project much? And obviously due to the many 'zen' references you projectile vomited-you are mistaking me for the online personality of 'ZEN GARDNER'.

hahahahahhahahaahahah (snorts)

At least you got your no doubt Hep C cirrhotic liver vented for the day... ((shows the powers of the "out demons out"))

The only one advocating death and murder is YOU! What a horrible piece of projections and anti-life expression.

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Political Correctness and the Rise of the Ridiculous.

est said...

so many words
no compassion
or decency

so i'm thinkin'
who can this be ?

it's gotta be
a paying position
or a mentally ill

what kind of 'normal'
would take the time
to put another down
in this sort of faczion ?

est said...

and on the same thread walking hawk
posted neils' poems, shame on you

search your own dark heart first
perhaps you find a shred of light

Visible said...

I think the name of the person who put that up is Richard Taylor. He came around all incensed early in the week bitching about Gardener. I won't ever again post an anonymous post of that kind. It's funny how he's so quick to toss around words like coward when he won't even post his name. That is the thing that always gets me and what proves them to be chicken shits. It's like some of the people I have known who talk about what they're going to do to me and then, sometimes by accident they run into me and have a miraculous change of heart.

Visible said...

I know you people get disturbed when you see people paint the walls of the comment section with their own shit but if you take a deeper look as the way his words are arranged and the contents of his posting you can see all kinds of revealing things. I have the benefit of a pretty extensive psychological background and curriculum vitae, so I can see things, glaringly so, in what people write (if I so choose- most of the time I don't turn on the magnifying lens).

This fellow is riddled with self hate and also has a really inflated sense of his own knowledge, importance and prowess (actually it's the reverse underneath) but doesn't actually possess much. Notice how he states that Lao Tzu isn't much available in Mandarin and that there are no English translations of merit? He expects us to believe he is familiar with Mandarin and by extension so much more.

His life is not going the way he wants and he's very angry about that and is enraged and wants to lash out at people and places where helpful info gets shared. He refuses to avail himself of any of it because he feels he should be the source and isn't, so his impotence feeds a great rage. He's recently lost either the company or confidence of someone close to him.

He's obsessed with doing injury to people who are on a course he refuses to walk because he lacks the proper humility. There's a lot more but I've got better things to do. Oh yeah, I suspect he is also drinking heavily as well.

Read carefully through his extensive screed. Even the length of it should tell you something. It's quite possible that the person he no longer has access to exhibits traits similar to what is found in Gardener's thoughts.

Once you can put aside your own sense of injury and outrage you can clinically and objectively and yes, compassionately look at what's there and the person will reveal themselves and you will see you are looking at a sick, wounded and frightened soul whose lashing out in his misery.

The sexual confusion is not to be underestimated either.

This is one of the reasons that negative commentary doesn't much affect me. I can see where they're coming from. Especially the intense need to stay private says a great deal. He's having thoughts of suicide too and this also enrages and scares and then enrages him again.

est said...

well done, maestro

a very unhappy man
deserving of pity

reminds me of 'the
rampaging buddhists'

if they are killing muslims,
they are not 'buddhists'

they are just racists
wrapped in a 'religion'

as far as the self immolators,
here is a link i found disturbing :

here they are

perhaps you can fit this link
in a post, so the others can see

Farmer said...


"Nothing is something".

Considering that most physical is empty in 3 Dimensional terms.

Its the perception that is the issue.

One will look into the air around you, and say nothing is there, while something is there.

The Word "nothing", is just a placeholder for something that Humans can perceive.

Farmer said...


To take that further, one cannot really say that god is everything, because who even knows what everything is, but god?

So you can only assume that god is everything, because of limited perception.

The truth might be further away than that, and more far fetched.

Maybe god is a bum on the street whom has lived so long he forgot who he is.

Or maybe this Earth is just in the stomach of a large cow, that is purple, on some farm somewhere?

Who knows. Who cares. As if anyone is EVER going to really find out.

It might be even, that this one, if ever did find out, would cease to exist.

I would imagine, its more like an ant farm, in the corner of a room somewhere, and god is a 4 your old, that shits magic everywhere.

I dont know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis,

Great stuff as always. Thanks a heap.

And happy 600th.




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