Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hanging Bodies and Dark Towers of Radiating Torpor.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today is our 600th Origami posting. Kudos to Alan from Perth for noticing. We've been at it awhile, nearly 2,000 postings in all. Along the way, we've made some sterling friends and alienated a few and made some temporary enemies. One of the things that really annoys my detractors is that I haven't been rendered persona non grata as a result of my escapades during my period of trial over the last five years, thankfully that is now at an end. Some people want me brought low and discredited. They've gone so far as to send agents to visit me and create false events. Well, I'm still ticking and you're still ticking and together we're clicking (grin). I'm most grateful that those who come against me are mostly of low character, will not reveal themselves and are prone to obvious slanders and vigorous ad hominem. Anyway, onward.

As I have not been shy about repeating a number of times, one of the keys to the pincher assault of Zionism and Satanism is the destruction of the family unit (a fine article) or is that family eunuch? This is already in full swing in the UK, where the control of the financial systems of the west is situated. This should tell you that those in control of the financial system are willing participants in this destruction and also overwhelmingly represented by the two factions I've already mentioned. Of course, you can't have a triumph of darkness unless you have a large cast of supporting Nimrods and bobbing hood ornaments who might have once been human but are now worse than ravenous beasts because they have hands and can do all kinds of things beasts cannot do in the service of appetite, like open the refrigerator, create and handle terrible weapons etc.

I notice a press of despair in the air. I note an invisible cloud of depression that seems to blanket the lands. I noticed it most strongly yesterday. It was uncomfortable for me and the major reason why I couldn't overcome minor technical difficulties with my system in order to do a radio broadcast. The forces impacting on me were greater than my initiative to resist. I tried and I failed. In no way is that an anomaly. Add to this the definite interference with my emails and readers efforts to post comments, well, I had hoped that I would hear more from the people I met in London. I went out of my way to solicit the attention of one of the people I met there but never heard a word. Odd, that.

I make mention of astrology now and again, mostly because I can feel it. I can feel large bodies of influence moving in the aethers around me and that's been an unfortunate and fortunate (by turns) condition in my life. Unfortunate because I have to be aware of it and it's not pleasant sometimes and fortunate that I can associate it with the conditions of my discomfort. So it goes. In past times in altered states, there is a dance I was able to do that involved moving (seeking to move) in concert with these forces. I'm trying to employ some variation of that now but the leaden cloud of tamasic consciousness that surrounds me is an impressive oppression.

My feeling is that the dark towers of radiating torpor and malice have had their wattage upped recently. It's as if one were climbing a hill and suddenly the grade of ascent has increased noticeably... noticeably. The demands of the game have intensified. Perhaps it is to counter the force of awakening taking place? Perhaps it is to preface a new assault upon what little remains of our wellbeing. Perhaps it is an astral radio wave concert, between malevolent inhuman residents and alien ET's. Certainly there is some kind of a technological exchange between these anti-life forces. We've ample evidence of the one and a load of circumstantial on the other. I'm guessing there are good aliens out there. I don't know what they're up to. I hope they do. I hope they're doing something other than watching it all on their saucer monitors. I'm hoping it's merely my lack of awareness that makes me blind to what must be intense efforts on the part of of human, alien and any number of other entities working on our behalf. I'm hoping it's just my personal blindness and not the usual cosmic indifference (grin).

Yes... I don't know if I'm getting more sensitive or they've upped their evil games. I always anticipate crescendo tactics when we're getting close to the shore. Those who have damned themselves are fully committed to every opportunity to pull the unwitting and indifferent down with them; misery loves company and some in our company, having left the human race, love misery to begin with. I'm guessing that's an acquired taste. I'm guessing a lot of things are an acquired taste and that is why there is such an effort on to manipulate the tastes and attractions of the masses in a slow but certain and despicable manner. It's like pushing piercings as a positive fashion statement and later on you wind up hanging from one of these; lovely, just lovely. Or, let's say you start taking ecstasy to free up your inhibitions and you get yourself a few tattoos and next thing you know, you're in a leather lesbian bar, enjoying a welt raising, razor blade tattoo, branding action. You can look that up yourself. Most people are fortunately unaware of the level of depravity going on in certain subcultures. It's a slow moving progression (usually) from one outrage to the next against one's own person, and then the body of another. You don't go from steak tartare to cannibalism over the course of a weekend, unless it's maybe a Thanksgiving weekend with those extra days. The bonus would be the combination of the spirit of Thanksgiving with a real life version of 28 Day's Later. Aren't you glad you come around here where you can be introduced to all kinds of new and questionable possibilities? All these things and worse are going on in the secret get togethers of of the post Jimmy Savile circle jerks.

Whenever I think about the sort of things the titled aristocracy gets up to, I'm reminded of the differential between the simplistic common folk and the Byzantine mentalities of the genetically privileged. The more complex and devious the mindset of the entity, the wider the parameters of perversity. The brutish are... well, brutish, whereas the jaded sophisticates have a wide range of singular appetites indulged in. Certainly not all of the common folk are brutish, many of them are as decent as the day is long, although the days are no longer as long as once they were.

It is an amazing thing to have once thought that Bush Junior was as low as it could get when it came to venial and vile offenses against the public but Obama has outdone him noticeably.

Regardless of whatever our perspective on anything may be, we are generally judging from appearances. Appearances are a lie and a blind that conceals the essential beneath the manifest detail. This is why Patanjali constantly repeats his admonitions and instructions to restrain the chitti; the mindstuff. This is the basic tenet of mind control. You aren't going to get very far on the path until mind control takes place and then, boy! You can move at a rapid rate. Once again, as the Bhagavad-Gita states, “success is speedy for the energetic”. Believe it. So... it doesn't matter if you believe in the existence of The Devil or not. It is a certainty that evil is afoot in the world and it is a certainty that there are evil forces. Maybe it's just a problem of semantics, or some prefer to believe it is just human nature as opposed to a mentating power. In any case, what I am about to say is for the purpose of argument, insofar as I want to illustrate something. Appearances are a lie. The Devil is called the Father of Lies. Ergo, the mind is the seat of The Devil when it embraces appearances as they seem to be instead of the deeper view. This is why control of the mind is all important because you unseat The Devil and restore the rightful ruler to the throne of the mind. Once this is accomplished, your inspirations are of a different order and you have access to the higher muses in a more permanent manner because your state of mind no longer offends them.

It is said in occult teachings that there is a corona of light around the form of The Devil should you see him. This is the form of the angel concealed behind the misconceptions of the mind; “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” If you want to reject all possibilities of religion intruding upon your thought, you can say 'the appearance of evil conceals the presence of potential good'. Masters of the mind know this as a fact. Knowledge of this is what distinguishes an initiate from the rest of the pack.

It is a very simple matter, simply restrain the mindstuff from shaping nonsense on your behalf, or see it as casting out thought with a continuing series of brief snorts. It works. I don't pass out techniques that don't work, or that I haven't proven true myself. Here is the key to evading all disease and all aberrations of the mind. Here is the key to brimming and sustained optimism. Here is the key to the doorway of wonders, to The Door of Everything. There are ancillary wisdoms to be gained from many sources, like The Kybalion and seriously, anything you want to know is out there and, if not, it's in there... if you would only look. A determined inquiry that will not quit, will not be denied.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

All of what you wrote today is true. It is so pervasive that everyone across all corners now feels it. It is so strong that even the least sensitive feel it. It is so searing that even the brain dead are burning from it. We dont know what it is. But the last few days, it has become close, amd strong, and clear. We just have no eyes for this identification. Its real. But what it really is, i dont know.

Jenny said...

oh yes anonymous- so very real.anticipation...is in the air...Cettttctias-jen

Visible said...

Truly beautiful. Wow!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 600!!!! WooHoo!!!!

Please keep them coming. :D. And that story on the dog and fox is simply amazing! I don't think I' e ever seen anything like them. To me it was pure innocence seeing them play and trek through the woods together.

Thanks for that, too!


Visible said...

I was one increment away from bursting into tears. It was the perfect thing to find in the face of recent moments concerning how it all 'appears to be'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
meaningless suffering
perverted abuse
calculated evil
disfiguring misuse
desecration of conscience
manipulative crime
disturber of the harmony
infector of the mind
contaminator of the earth
collapser of the feilds
pollutor of the air
maker of false ills
taker of the people
obstructor of the just
parasite by nature
fall back into dust


Wednesday, December 28, 2011 1:07:00 PM

Thanks Neil.........

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet - know this: for me, reading your most insightful work brings a bit of peace to my heart and soul. No matter the horrid situation the world is in, and whether there will be an intercession by any loving entities, ETs, or most high Divine God and Creator (insert your non-luciferian directed concept of God, the One here), in time to provide an opportunity for the many moral, spiritual, kind and loving beings to come together, writers with your eloquent way of sparking the mind and soul are so desperately needed. You prod and inspire readers to think and hope for more.

The planet and we are truly 'boiling frogs'. The poisoning goes on everywhere. We cannot wait until others discover themselves and eventually, maybe, wake up in time to turn the burner off. We are in the 11th hour, and no white knight, nor uncorrupted band within the militaries or militias, nor kind and loving ETs, nor other 'divine' interceders, look to be coming over the horizon to save us from ourselves. It’s up to a small clan, unwilling to be intimidated, already knowing the machine has all the data, insight, and gps coordinates it needs on any of us, all of us, to turn out the lights should they so desire. The small clan must reach out now to other like-kind wandering clans of reasoned and responsible people.

Initially small, this clan of internet-based, morality and truth driven writers should come together and be the Genesis Seed to speed up and enhance the awakening process of the 3-monkeys everywhere. Dialogue and focus is horribly fragmented, ensuring our demise. Enlightened writers, such as you, must find kindred spirits to arouse the conscious of the world. I know that on a country or global level you and others are doing this, but from my vantage point, what is so desperately needed is a community-by-community, state-by-state, and then country-by-country ‘awakening cooperative’. Initially, writers and protagonists endeavoring to bring people together, in the Light of Day, humans unafraid of the machine, working quickly and with purpose to insure the exponential growth of the goal to Save Ourselves, Save Our Planet, and Crush Untruth Everywhere.

The clans will grow, merge, and strengthen until we have critical mass. This is how our enemy has nearly won out. It is long past time we came to ‘Know Thy Enemy’, and prepared for a win or lose it all battle for humanity.

Rather than working from the shadows, perhaps a viral campaign to awaken people’s senses is what’s necessary. By way of example only - Imagine an aggressive campaign to get billions of people around the world to turn off their TVs for 1-week. True musicians, artists, writers, poets, scientists, and historians would freely contribute some internet, radio, and/or concert time. There would be but one caveat - NO companies or artists that have ever advertised on TV would be accepted to advertise their companies or wears. And no known Illuminati whores either. One week of awesomeness to try to awaken the younger and older generations to the lies of the mass media, mass politics, and mass corruption fed to us everywhere, every day. A sort-of Michael Jackson, JFK, RFK, MLK, Gandhi “We Are The World” and “TED” mini-symposium “Week of Awakening”.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. The past two days, I’ve felt depression/despair. I thought it was just me. When that happens, I attempt to remedy it by tapping into the positive. I don’t want to give my energy over to darkness, so this is how I attempt to fight it. However, since you and others have mentioned it, maybe the ramp-up coupled with the fact that we are able to pinpoint it may equate to several things. 1. The veil is becoming thinner. 2. If it is an attempt by the dark side to siphon energy, it may be getting ever more desperate. Seems to me the dark side needs more and more energy as time goes on. And when enough isn’t enough? Oh happy day!!!
I always seem to cry when I see different animal species getting on as pals or when I see humans accepted by animals who are capable of overpowering and seriously injuring/killing a human. I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of it all and the desire to live with and be reverently respectful of all, freely and naturally. LOVE. For those of you who appreciate seeing different species cohabitating , (plus one of an elephant giving birth), I share the following. Love to all, Serena

elephant birth

the gardener said...

Wonderful perfect life saving post once again Vizzie! Thanks for keeping Neil alive - very much love seeing his posts here again. <3

Due to Vis' prolific output which changes and encourages so many to live...he, like Neil, will never truly die on this realm either.

Funny the friends that are made when both personalities are ripe for one and other. I've heard many times of pack horses way up in the mountains being joined by their herbivore brethren -moose- bellying up to their feed troughs and not giving a snort about it...lol

This article really cracked me up, having multi species sharing living space with me forever... Too scared to pass which is really very indicative of the monsters lurking outside our doorways and stairwells of our lives.

The cats are really just SITTING there -doing nothing...might show a claw, grab some fur but in reality, the dogs could ignore them or show a bit of their own powers and release that fear that can reduce them to whimpering puddles of teeth chattering fear balls stuck or forced to retreat until somebody intervenes... this has really struck home with me on my fears! of 'the others' the harm/evil doers that lurk and sit and watch me/us cowering in the corners of our own lives/world!


Congrats dear man on your success. You are an incredible creator and deserve only the very best of what life has to offer.

the gardener

Visible said...

"to save us from ourselves", indeed

I know Serena, when I saw that fox and dog, tears began to well spontaneously in my eyes. It was saying so much more in the images than words convey. Even now I feel the same thing just thinking about it.

I don't know what success you're talking about Gardner but thanks anyway (grin).

Erik said...

Heh Vis, Thanks!

Recently read "The Door of Everything" and ... last night started re-reading "The Kybalion"
Now what are the odds? (grins)



Visible said...

that's that synchroblissity and razornance that's we have around here.

Thomas said...

Thanks Vis,

I wish I could take away your despair (not that I never feel it myself). One of the few things I know, deep inside, is that everything will work out for the best. They might take our mortal shells, but what we really are is forever free, and will eventually find it's way back to the Source. You know, I know, it's not real. It's simply not real. Here words fail me, but only "Love"/"Light"/"Being" is really real.

That being said, maybe you should allow yourself a break from the bad news some of the days...

All the best, to Everyone!

Visible said...

Thomas, I'm fine... I gave you the wrong impression. My every day is generally filled with optimism. It's just that I noticed this heaviness of recent times and it was/is quite palpable. Thanks for those encouraging words!

Anaughty Mouser said...

"If you ask me how the world functions, then you have to understand one thing plain and simple – the head of the snake, the system of power is headed by the financial system. The bankers rule the Earth, through the private control of issuance of money, debt-based money which we all are supposed to pay. Ultimately with all of these things that they call “austerity” and whatnot, the bankers, basically, through the control of issuance of money which allows them to provide themselves with an infinite supply of money, means that they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought – so if we look at it, the vast majority of governments around the world, they are nothing more than puppets carrying out an agenda for the bankers, and the bankers at the top of this pyramid are, as I’ve said, plain and simple psychopaths: they’re drunk on their own power, they are used to getting everything they want, they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought. This explains the corruption of virtually every government we can look at, and the policies do not reflect the interests of the people. They reflect, pure and simple, the interests of the bankers." - Ken O'Keefe

Ray B. said...

Vis, congratulations on your 600th Origami (& nearly 2,000 postings). I suspect you have helped a lot of people in that time. Thanks. (And thanks for the fox/dog link, too. Touching.)

Vis: "My feeling is that the dark towers of radiating torpor and malice have had their wattage upped recently."

My thought, too. I know that 'we' are taking-out more and more of their astral-infrastructure, so I suspect that they are feeling increasingly desperate. The good news is that - to use a quasi-military analogy - the more they 'radiate', the easier it is for them to be triangulated.
Vis: "I'm hoping it's merely my lack of awareness that makes me blind to what must be intense efforts on the part of of human, alien and any number of other entities working on our behalf. I'm hoping it's just my personal blindness and not the usual cosmic indifference (grin)."

I can tell you that there is still a lot of activity going on. The good guys are 'handicapped' by wanting to provide positive outcomes (including very long-term ones), rather than just having a high body count. Comes with the territory...
Vis: "I always anticipate crescendo tactics when we're getting close to the shore."

Excellent turn of phrase! As you say, hard to tell if inside or out - especially if you know that you've asked for an 'upgrade'!
Vis: "I'm guessing [misery]'s an acquired taste."

I have watched the progression in my own preferred venue: science fiction. It used to be that the 'up' moments outweighed the 'down' moments. Now, the television and movie emphasis (with exceptions) is on as much grinding misery as possible - with the plot just there to keep you from leaving. And, of course, as much physical and emotional violence as possible. I grew up with the 'good stuff'; I fear for the newer generations who only know the current versions.
Vis: "Appearances are a lie and a blind that conceals the essential beneath the manifest detail."

I am looking forward to the moment when all of humanity gets a big shot of 'essential' from within. Won't that be a kick!?!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Flecker's Magick said...

Your intuition seems to fit with what i overhear.

If i may, here's a little of what i see coming.

First, there's word from on high and kept down low that a global currency reset is due in short order (90 days tops). More than likely this event is going to be sparked off by an inter-national military conflict(s) that bring(s) the major powers to one another's throats. .

Within that fog, the u.s. dollar is slated to be nixed as the reserve currency. and promptly thrown into a basket with certain others, plus gold. With that, there will be a global currency simultaneously introduced by the imf/un/world bank/bis cartel.

Knock-on effects will included the following:

Inter-bank lending rates will drive interest rates way up, causing a massive cataclysm in the derivatives market and leading to sever implosion of financial services.

Cash will run for the exits and disappear. Retail banking systems will seize up like a motor running without oil. Stock markets will fall precipitously into the abyss. Bit coin will not be spared a painful end.

All kinds of pension funds will be raided by governments and corporations for use as collateral in the global resetting.

Gas prices will sky rocket, as will the terrible twins--corporate bankruptcies and unemployment. Logistical services will also stop functioning like they normally do.

Smart meters are intended to regulate dissent by messing with the 905 MgHz frequency of the brain in those places where it matters most.

The tribulations will not be televised. And Fukushima will be forgotten.

You can't eat gold or silver, so farmers will be kings for a spell.

Twilight is upon us, good people; whilst dark forces are gathering for black masses.

Be well.

insiam said...

I also have felt the heaviness for the past few days. Couldn' really put my finger on the reason as there was nothing really different or unusual going on from a personal perspective.

Due to an imminent big move i found myself having to place my two lovely dogs (both strays that have been with me for over 5 years) in a new loving home. I was fortunate as my wifes aunt truely loves the dogs - and has in fact coverted them for a few years :) I know they are happy as she has a nice plot of land where they can play freely and where she goes they go. Thailand is a very bad place for dogs. Buddhism and care for dogs do not go together> Suffering animals are to be seen daily - broken legs, cancers, and all sorts of terrible ailments. They are forced to die in agony - due to buddhist beliefs. Ironic!

I digress. I miss my dogs so so much - even after two months i am still so sad at times. The truth is i feel more for the loss of the dogs than i ever have for any close friend or relative. Hmmm, Make of that what you will.

Anyhow, i know that they are in good hands and i guess they wont be missing me as i miss them.

I watched the recent Interview with Ken Okeefe on RT and for me a few things simply dont add up with this guy. It was mentioned several times during the interview that he had relinquished his US passport. And and the very end of the interview he was asked again to clarify how this affected him. To which he simply talked (waffled) about his love of Hawia. The real question for me was: how does he get to reside in the UK if he has no passport.

zepheri said...

kon thee west

slaves knew

so do we

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

It's rather, possibly, true that the actual devil's rather pissy about ANY level of dirty-ass satanism going on the whole time on his watch, while a lot of people that like to laugh at both mundane plots about what's gone seriously wrong with conscientiousness in the world become knee slapping "sweethearts" about the cosmic plots, that simply "don't exist" and laughingly so. It's like, if the world's kind of like a movie plot, that said, self-professed "normal, sane" people that love to laugh at "crazy conspurcees", the hicks, they just can't follow the plot line. Not good, but I know they're still enjoying ignorance and bliss, not that I, at all, am using much more than honest, introspective intuition, along with certain inferences, and I was there, and they weren't. So, the laughing might trace itself back to literal Heaven's less than heavenly personnel issues about getting the obtuse idiots to think for themselves, and, barring that, Kingdom D.U.M.B, so to speak, has them in a head/soul lock. Not good! At any rate, their free will, so used, might end up instantiating, thief in the night style, and that's not me, a big ol' "epiphany" for the whole, hive-minded lot. Good to know that there are esoterically honest people trying to help with the whole, cosmic NO HELL ON EARTH POLICY, which is what I get to see here as opposed to what I get to see if I even try to get feedback from people on Facebook about worsening, mundane issues of institutionalized injustice. That "moment of silence" will just keep on going, I guess. Also, in regards to the subject matter one anonymous person posted here, and this is merely my strongly intuited, honest opinion/take, offworld and interplaner entities highly into the NO HELL ON EARTH POLICY are getting pissier by the nanosecond about what's been going on on Earth. There's always been "something in it for them", the salvation of the Earth, and they're just "jester figments" for the "normals, sane" people to laugh at until...Well, in closing, and I'm going to use a quote from Muldoon from Jurassic Park as an analogical template, "If you look at her (the Earth, not the alpha female raptor), you can tell she's working things out". Earth is alive and not working for darkness! Duh, huh?

Eudoxia said...

you could not hit the nail more spot on in this article. The past couple of days and yesterday in particular was really bad, I don't think I've been so low in a long time. I had to be really harsh with myself to snap myself out of what I can only describe as the pits of depression. I ended up packing up books at midnight - the bottle of red I had in the wine rack really wanted to be consumed. Had I had cracked that I would have drunk the lot I'm pretty sure. The mood was obvious over at Petri Dish mine included. Thanks guys for being here and thanks Viz for your brilliant articles and motivation - I've been doing a lot of snorting to say the least! On a lighter note, I've just realised we start 2014 with a new moon on the 1st January and a 7 year to boot!

Farmer said...

Snorting snot out of noses for ages the invisible visible Teachok.

Citizen Elle said...

Hello Visible – congrats on the 600th VO post. I love this amazing body of work & still don’t know what I would have done without all these words the last several years to help me process my new vision. There was a period of time in my travels for a year or two where I wouldn’t have internet access so, when I’d get it, I’d copy your blog posts & paste them into a .doc to read later. As time went on, I would copy the comments into them as well. These MANY files are hundreds of pages. I should tell you, I did this for no other writer. Why? Like a moth to a flame, it’s some kind of instinct. To say the least, your eloquence is impressive and your awareness is keen. Plus, the blogs have certainly attracted an eclectic, empathetic, energetic and educated group of folks that, like you, have really helped to elucidate some challenging aspects of reality of which I was previously “unawares” < luv dubbya for entraining that one into me, for some f’d up reason>.
I was going to share last week that I am really enjoying your extended focus as of late on self mind control/mastery (a nice change of pace in lieu of the israel saga). It really has helped me somehow . So many times I’ve begun a response to one of your writings that gets left in the dust as your prolific”ness” brings another post & another & another. I love it & have also felt a withdrawal when you’ve been in the thankfully rare times of absence around these parts.
You said: “The forces impacting on me were greater than my initiative to resist. I tried and I failed. In no way is that an anomaly.” This condition has been plagueing me for going on a year. It’s given new meaning to surrender for me.
And, FWIW, this post brought the background music of Citizen Cope’s “Son’s Gonna Rise”. Often, your posts have triggered a song in my head(?) that’ll just play over & over as I read.

*the visible onslaught of “meanies” here & there is sad to witness but, I trust the resilience of your highly tuned being – keep on : ) you are love(d)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Mr. Dutroux to the White Courtesy Phone.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Zio Claws and the Imperial War Bank Machine

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray B. said..

"I am looking forward to the moment when all of humanity gets a big shot of 'essential' from within. Won't that be a kick!?!"

Yes Ray, may we all die laughing!
Much better than my personal prediction of "the firing squad is good enough for me"

And furthermore, gosh, what would an alien with even so much as fractionally better eyes than our own see when he looks at us filthy Kali yuga oozing human missing links? (not to mention the smell)

Maybe it's the thought that counts?
(but i repeat myself)

Would this alien see obnoxious barbarians who have mites running up and down their very own eyelashes even as they fail to see them? How about the millions of prolifically unnoticed bacteria and germs oozing per square pore?
Or perhaps a few million insidious parasites unnamed, sucking fluids here and there? Damnit! Those noseeums really are real.
And just what are those nasty brown stains?! Back demon back! Likely the opposite scenario as regularly promoted and coerced.

If we could see what even a slightly more superior alien sees, we might just pull the covers over our heads and go back to sleep.
Once again, I repeat myself.

Ironically, the very few humans who really do possess fine opulences, manifest personal spiritual sadhana and kindness for all are rigidly avoided like the plague.

I'll suggest the (haha) aliens would probably (shudder) see something along these lines when they look at us.

And then there's the many and various nonsensical noises we make. 99% of which certainly do not compute.

Of course this is just one person's opinion. This could be off a bit..

Anonymous said...

When you comment, you check your gestaldt at the door. It's just the nature of this marketplace.

People get their panties in a bunch when the hoi polloi don't prostrate themselves at their feet and chant "I am unworthy". They expect to be high priests of some new religion and when eager proselytes don't line up, everyone is going to get punished. They're in the wrong marketplace. When they have their way, it becomes a mutual masturbatorium of the same few people building their ivory tower higher and higher. Round and round and round in circles they go. It's a windmill symbolized by their satanic herald of Shebna. They want you on a merry go round singing "We won't be fooled again". Not to be confused with studying or creating holistic systems. A 'one thought at a time' denizen of earth has to repeat the course, filling in the dots of the circle with each pass.

It's plain to see what they've done to art. It's not so plain to see the worm in science and history and anything else where you see those names. The lies permeating everything are coming down. The elements are going to burn with fervent heat.

I thought the internet would be a big part of that. This internet hasn't lived up to it's potential.

Alan, Perth said...

Visible, you write in a way that can only be described as beautiful.

Your words hit me, they freeze my brain over like an ice-cream. Your words make me stop, get up from my seat and wander aimlessly; lost in thought.

Thanks a bunch.

Oh, and i loved your acapello 'alcohol'. Your lyrics had such a poetic, resonating A-grade quality worthy of world-wide success. I'm not sure whether or not you were glamourising 'The Heavy Fuel' or not, but i still enjoyed it.

from down under



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