Saturday, December 21, 2013

Powers, Placements and Potentials. Now is the Given Moment.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Some of us see life through the lens of mathematics, even when we know very little about mathematical theory, we are aware of the concept of random happenstance and it is that feature that predominates in many minds; the belief that we are mere fleshbags who got here through some evolutionary fluke. They believe that what you see is what you get and when you're dead you're dead so... it doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't get caught. That's how a lot of people see it and they got that Carpe Diem attitude. They also believe that people whose lives are screwed up or who find themselves in terrible situations just weren't smart enough to avoid it and Darwin is going to take care of them.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an invisible realm and I can prove it with no difficulty at all. The example of the various rays shows there are bandwidths beyond the senses. But there is much more to it than that. I've no real inclination to prove anything to anyone. As I have often stated, I only have to convince myself. I have and will put my findings and analysis out there as I am doing this moment. Some will find a personal commonality in this. We vibrate to the same awareness of forces and powers beyond The Five Blind Sisters. Sitting atop each of these senses is a higher companion sense that is not actuated in the majority of people. Once these senses are stimulated by one thing or another they grant the one possessing it the ability to perceive things that others have no awareness of; clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, these are examples of capacities that can be developed and exercised.

These powers can be activated in various ways. Some are born with them operational, though usually they only have one of them. They can be activated through yoga and through Hermetic practices, which are simply the western version of yoga. They can be activated, temporarily, through the use of psychedelic substances. I have been able to do this both ways so I know it is so. They can also be activated through trauma and finally (though there are probably still more ways) these can be conferred on you by someone capable of it.

Telepathy, Intuition, perceiving conditions at a far remove and other talents are of yet a higher order still. When I had my initial Kundalini experience I was rendered fully telepathic. In fact, John Hall's awareness of me inside his mind was such a shock that our friendship never recovered. He could not handle it. Along with certain other marvelous happenings that took place that night, the collective effect was too much for the musicians who had come out there with me, to take acid and to make music, so much so that finally they decided they had to go back to D.C. right away. Not a word was spoken during the hour+ drive back from the Virginia countryside. They pulled up to Dupont Circle and I was let out of the car. I can just imagine what a sigh of collective relief must have gone through the car once I was gone. I never thought about it at the time. I was simply thrilled by what happened. I crave that sort of thing above and beyond anything else available here. I see most everything here in the same way the Buddha did; “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire." Interestingly enough, from that time on, whenever I tripped (and we would nearly always wind up in Nature, even if it was just one of the city parks), I would see green holographic Buddhas in an electric silhouette outline. Meaning you could see through them. They'd be sitting in flower beds and at other locations. Besides this I would see massive electronic like serpents moving in and out of the Earth and everything had fiery red hieroglyphic characters vibrating on the surface, even the sky. It was quite a while before I discovered that other people were not having the same visions and experiences that I was.

When I was instantaneously in John's mind he pushed hard to drive me out but it wasn't possible because there is only one mind and I had been propelled into the consciousness of that so it was like being in a large ocean and all the fish swimming around were the thoughts people were having. When I saw "Lawnmower Man" it flashed me back to that period. I hadn't meant to invade his mind. It just happened. Since though, whatever the peculiar reason may be, I have little interest in what people are thinking unless it means me harm and this has saved me grief on many an occasion. Much of the time, when I engage in bizarre acting out, this is one of the reasons. There is a need for certain concealed motivations to expose themselves. Nothing accomplishes that better than a strategy that looks like something else entirely.

Since my life has been filled with supernatural events and... still is, I have to imagine there are others out there who have had their share as well. Then, there is that large body of grazing public that basically, grazes. Their eyes are cast downward at whatever their personal feed may be. That's their focus. Bringing things to their attention in too dramatic a fashion can cause a stampede as well as that “turn again and rend you” phenomena. Matthew 7.6 I think. As I said earlier, it took me some learning to realize that you can't tell people anything unless they are ready to listen. It's okay to put it out there. It's not okay to insist that they hear or see it. They'll come around, eventually. They're on the slow track. Some of us prefer the fast track. It's wilder of course and unpredictable and certainly it can be dangerous but being here in the first place is dangerous and being unaware of that, as many people are, well, that's really dangerous. What you don't know can hurt you and depending on who you know, there is serious protection available. It all comes down to who you rely on. One would think, after a certain period of being here and the inevitable disappointment and heartbreak that the vast majority of us experience, some number of us would tumble to where the power is.

You might get your initial awareness from someone like Castaneda and his thesis on one's place of power. The right Shamanic lineage certainly can open any number of doors and some of us are drawn to the more primitive expressions. You might say it's in our DNA. Some of us are drawn to traditional means but that plateaus in a hurry and it's corrupted beyond repair as well. Some of us are drawn into the occult and metaphysical. That can be a dangerous proposition without a guide. A good safeguard to have in place is not to mess with anything you don't fully understand. A good analogy would be trying to fix an electric problem when you are not an electrician. Some of us are drawn to the mystical side. I tend to favor that more and more.

You might have a capacity for mental telepathy or you might have the gut intuitive feature (vibes). You might be able to see things clairvoyantly (rare and unlikely), or you might be able to visualize things yet to manifest on the mindscreen. The problem with a lot of these talents is similar to what happens to nations when their technological powers outstrips their moral constraints. As the old maxim says, "Power corrupts". In the majority of cases when people have certain gifts there is the inclination to use them, regardless of need. This is the problem with varying access to psychic insight, not to mention that psychics are usually wrong. If you do not control the moral condition and that includes the profits objective of your gift completely, it will naturally come into the hands of entities who are waiting there for that opportunity. So now, you possess a gift that has been transformed into a liability and potentially worse.

This exists because you don't have to be highly disciplined, morally tight and focused to have any of these tools. You only have to want them more than anything else and all kinds of people in India have them, simply through mantra work or austerities. Then you find, as many of them do, that you have not a blessing but a curse. Once you have these abilities they are yours, unless you give them away and you have to 'know how' to do that. All of this is why people should first ask for self control and self awareness. That's the ticket, to all kinds of places.

The big tragedy about life here in the unconscious zone and... it does matter if you're conscious, is that there is such a total lack of awareness of what lies beyond. I read an occultist once who said, more or less (paraphrasing here), "It is unfortunate for people that they head off into a landscape they are completely unfamiliar with. They have no maps and lack all recognition factors. It behooves anyone to familiarize themselves with where they are headed and even to make the acquaintance of guides 'before you go', rather than to be bewildered and fearful in a strange land upon arrival." Anyone can have invisible friends. You just have to want that more than anything else (grin). Getting the picture? Actually there is more to that and a much easier course as well. You simply have to impress them with qualities that they admire. You also have to presume their existence before it becomes an operative reality. You have to interact with them as if they were already there and they will be. Far be it for me to recommend psychedelics to anyone but under the right circumstances you can certainly make some acquaintances that way. I did and do. Friendship is a time lapse consideration for them. Every luminous entity has different requirements and of course, there's the past life factor. You may already have friends you don't know about but you've put your focus more on terrestrial associations in this life. Those will depart and some of them even before you go.

Here I need to mention two critical things, which I have mentioned in the past. Brand them on to the important graffiti wall of the mind. You don't go anywhere. You arrive where you are. Of course that seems misleading because in a sense you are no longer here. All that happens is that the present scenery is gone and replaced by a new scenery commensurate with right where you are at the moment of departure. The other thing is that Heaven does not begin somewhere up in the sky. It begins where your feet touch the Earth. One of the magical things I try to engage in is to consciously land my every step on the Earth accompanied by a mantra or associated with a song. The Earth responds to this. The Earth is a conscious living entity. You can be in accord with the Earth, or you can be out of harmony with it. These conditions will land you in two separate places and also lead to yet more places that follow to either fulfillment or painful learning. Make her your friend. She is a bad enemy and she resides and can act though every creature here resident in all kinds of ways. She's also wedded into your nature and your physical form. Getting out of sorts with her is a sure route to dis-ease.

End Transmission.......

Visible is engaged in his next book which is due in mid-Spring. It's titled, "Walking with Invisible Friends in the Hidden Realm of Nature." This would be walks with Visible and his curious encounters, real and whimsical. Our Merry Christmas Origami will be the next posting.

Song: Merry Christmas!The Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon


Anonymous said...

When I was in basic training at Fort Knox I had a strange experience. I would hear a song playing in my mind and within 5 minutes I would hear that song over a radio. If I was marching our unit would pass by a window through which I could hear the radio playing a song I just thought of. Or, a car would go by with it's radio on and I would hear the song. This happened dozens of times. I think the Army playing games with my head had something to do with it. Stopped right after I left basic.

I like my experiences with acid, too. One time me and some army buddies went to see the Exorcist while trippin' balls. Fun, Fun, Fun...

As always a good read. You are one of a kind.

Have a good Holiday Season!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
different religions
say the same thing
different paths or roads
one mountain
if people just practised
what was said
maybe we wouldnt
have this trouble
with this cult of death
a minor problem
that wont go away
needs to be dealt with
as soon as today
I know it looks big
but that's just how it looks
mother nature has all in hand
the elites are mistook
they credit themselves
with fineries
whilst sacrificing kids
dominating society
with intefering tricks
but they didnt go where I went
I know they dont know that place
I know a lot here do
maybe together this beast we'll chase
weave together with our peace
send it on
on high
mother natures waves increase
penetrate elites
shut inner eye
cos when mother nature flows
in their
nothing can stop
life lessons multiply
the sums
peace internally drop


Sunday, December 13, 2009 11:43:00 PM

Thanks Neil.

This poem was gifted to us from Neil again. First random picked.
(or was it sent)

Visible, this post Kicked Ass Today. Resonance for me big time.

Thank You All !
I Love This Place !

walking hawk

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Yeah, having seen two gangster Presidents, father and son, which was sent to me from various entities pissed off there too, as to what I "experienced"/strongly intuited, on TV in my mind's eye a whole month before the low key signal of actually seeing them on that particular CIA godfather's favorite holiday on TV, Halloween, then it happened, let me understand that there's much more to the esoteric, occult story, and I play a small part there off and on...I guess. Much like Les said, and I'm a big adherent to the idea of not knowing epistemologically and ontologically unknowable info one way or the other "but" always bear good intent with what I intuit and am not joking about, and I tend to stay away from the want to employ such methods on account of the same sentiment that Les expressed about not wiring up your house if you're not a licensed electrician, literally thinking the same analogy that I live by in regards to too much power, not enough control. The "deal" would be, if they need me, members of the Cosmos "bent" on NO HELL ON EARTH, then they'll let me know, and off I go, so to speak. Also, I have very much so the same sentiment about the Earth being a different type of sentient, high order living being that, having much influence but no arms or legs to get much done, "hires" out people here and other types of people elsewhere of principle, not paid in any way, to get "stuff" done for her. Apologies to anybody being confused by my cryptic take on things and the use of many a quotation mark, which is just my indication that that's what I intuit but don't know for sure, or that I'm just being sarcastic, given how farcical reality's gotten on my watch, so to speak, when it comes to what "normal, sane" people consider to be insane all as a big laughing glob. Real intuitive crowd they are that do not need to use any deductive, intuition-based logic to read between the lines and follow plots about being plotted on because they may be, "inferentially", under the hive-minded impression that looks are never deceiving and it is what it looks like, rendering a big old dump on logic and reason itself if they get disabused all at once about "all those inferences" that the sea hags had when it came to 911 being done by Arabs, and the War of Terror being righteous, amongst many an "inference" they "know for sure to be true" and then, "oh no", the truth gets out and they kind of anti-steeled themselves for it.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Only two types of logic, inferential and deductive, but if they know, inferentially, about what I perceive to be, rather plausibly at this point, BIG LIES put out by authoritarians whom they, beyond obviously, trust as tellers of truths, then they didn't need to use deductive reasoning to see something they're not looking for, the "normals" may have went a smidge, and I mean this not to be mean to poor people born with genetic damage whom I do not consider the r word, retarded when it came to atrophying faculties of the mundane. Then there's just laughter about concepts involving remote viewing, clairvoyance, and the like, which is kind of a good way to be told "way to go Merlins!" in the end of what I'm seeing setting itself up, shooting square in the temple any of those abstruse faculties that are just crazy talk to them, and that's beyond theoretical to them...for now. Then, they get to have fun with the rest of the "jesters" poor Earth hired out to make sure the NO HELL ON EARTH policy gets implemented that they "had to" laugh at because they were "just figments" of crazy people's imagination...til they showed up, and the idiotic irony there's not lost on me about who actually went crazy and why. There's the goofy, valley girl saying I just heard about a month ago about awesome sauce, then there's my version, EWWWWW Stew, which they've been munching away on that's a compote of shit lies and vomit from "truth telling" gatekeepers, devouring just about every bite with glee. Look at all that STUPID "ever-so gracefully" masquerading in front of each other as smartness and sanity. Yup, I've been into using the adjective stupid as a noun for over two years now myself.

Doug Pearson said...

Hey, it's a place to come for what's right and noble. Honor. Merry Christmas Visible and more importantly to all that come here to find the path to remain true to themselves. Cheers.

Ginnie said...

I just recently found out that I am Sami...big family secret that was (apparently for our protection)never told to us. Big genocide story and all the people who could get themselves and children out of Norway did so!

You have discovered what was forbidden to my people...yoiking.

It isn't singing about a thing or person or situation. It is singing THE person thing or situation. Supreme magic!

My grandmother was a famous cook in her day...always at the stove.
She was always singing in a manner I did not understand until just recently...yoiking!

She "yoiked" her food and ingredients into magnificence. You can do this with anything and I am just now getting into this discovery of an ancient truth. Here is a video of a reindeer herder who has brought this back into the public eye.

Another fine fact about the Sami is one night a year the entire too...would drink a mixture made up of that famous red and white mushroom (reindeer love to eat them! Makes them fly!)
before retiring for bed. The next day every member of the family would report their dreams and it was use to guide them for the coming year.

Knowing this now explains many of my gift/curses. Having no one who would talk to me about my unusual experiences my whole life
made me a most lonely person. I am now embracing my difference from others as a wonderful thing.

Telepathy, the first comment about music on the radio...all my life, flying, pre-knowledge of events...all the things I suppressed are now being re-activated...with my permission!
Dreams and visions have always been a part of me. Now I know why. Especially my propensity to seek out tents to live in!

My mother knew I was "different"
and told me not to talk about these things or people would think I was crazy. Now I don't care. Genetic memory is very powerful.

Here is some of what it sounds like...indigenous white people of the arctic circle do exist!

Still can't hotlink!

Anonymous said...

I was smiling the whole time reading your comment.

Welcome to the Spiritworld !

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Telepathy (I will use for lack of a better word/description) seems to be one of our next steps. It’s a form of communication I think we may have lost some time back, but the remnants are still there. They seem to be stronger in some individuals than others currently. However, as we grow, I suspect we will be able to recover it. I suspect it is going on now, tho’ we may not yet recognize it (due to doubt/fear? – and yes, I get that we are all actually one mind). Possibly, it (telepathy) will play a part in the re-balancing? However, uninvited projection into another’s thoughts regardless of intent may not be “proper use or etiquette” of this form of communication at certain levels. (free-will) I may be a good friend of yours, but if I come to your house to visit with you, I knock on your door first, I don’t just simply barge in unannounced. Possibly sending an invitation and acceptance/non-acceptance will be enough to determine another’s intent at that moment. Part of my own summation of this was listening to an animal communicator describe how they communicate which was; projecting a thought and directing it to the specific animal’s space. That seems to be the most simplistic form of this type of communication, but I suspect that there are many more intricacies and nuances involved, as this post states, or as I have interpreted. Just as our approach toward another can be done in a respectful manner, or not. Love to all, Serena

Ray B. said...

Ginnie, December 21, 2013 6:17:00 PM

What a wonderful post! In a certain way, I envy you. What is affirmed or suppressed early in a child's life is sooo important. I am glad that your ancestors and culture were so 'enlightened'.

"Still can't hotlink!" A really easy example that I use to make mine is here.


Vis, an exceptional column. So much good stuff laid out in one place. Thanks.

Vis: "They believe that what you see is what you get and when you're dead you're dead so... it doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't get caught."

I wrote about the background implications of reincarnation, Karma, and the existence of the invisible planes in response to an earlier post of yours. This is why they don't like to accept them...
Vis: "In fact, John Hall's awareness of me inside his mind was such a shock that our friendship never recovered. He could not handle it."

That reaction forms the basis of my supernatural 'litmus test' posting of long ago.

Vis: "I crave that sort of thing above and beyond anything else available here."

Me, too. In analogy, to quote a pilot in "The X-Files" episode 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space' (Season 3, 1996), "You ever flown a flying saucer? Afterwards, sex seems trite." (My favorite episode...)

Also, a wonderful description of your 'visions'. Thanks.
Vis: "Anyone can have invisible friends."

One of mine is a friend that I call 'Ship'. 'He' and I have been together for a long time. I call him that because he resembled a kind of teardrop-shaped spaceship when I first 'met' him. He was left behind long ago when his 'race' transitioned to another level, because he was injured in some irreparable way (for them). After I heard this and called in some 'help' to heal him, he transformed in shape to like a dandelion fluff-ball. Maybe, that is his race's true appearance. For some reason, we really 'clicked' and have been hanging out together (loosely) since then. Way cool.
Vis: "Every luminous entity has different requirements..."

I had some other-side Buddhist types who wouldn't have anything to do with me if I ate meat...
Vis: "Make [the Earth] your friend. She is a bad enemy and she resides and can act though every creature here resident in all kinds of ways. She's also wedded into your nature and your physical form."

One of the 'fruits' of my experiencing various body-therapies was that I discovered first-hand the intelligence in the body. In some ways, it is way beyond us. After all, cellular life has been evolving for some four billion years, while the intellect is a relative newbie. Think about it. As a result of this 'knowing', I treat my body as a 'compatriot', rather than as a horse and rider. In return, my bodysense has supported me in many seen and some unseen ways. If ascension is possible, I plan to take Body with me, assuming that is appropriate. Should be interesting...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

est said...

what to say ?
thank you l v, for your offering
received with gratitude, truly
i have spent my whole life
avoiding people and situations

that struck me as unpleasant
or onerous, to my patience

and now am realizing they were
placed in my path for that exact reason

to teach me patience - even today
i know my expectations won't be met

but i have become more sanguine
knowing everything is going as planned

my liberation will be complete
and final with no prospect of return

i have tried to share my insight
with those around me at every turn

and if i could write like you
that is what i would be doing

almost exactly two years ago
i came very, very close to death

it changed me in many ways not the
least of which caught my attention

namely, life is a gift given freely
and one man can have a huge effect

i will never know where the ripples go
but i'm gonna keep throwing stones into this pond


as far as buddha
i was the tree
that he sat under
that set him free

i was the stone
that he became
i was the wind
i was the rain

i was a cloud
drifting by
what the hell
i was the sky

i was the night
i was the day
not one word
did i ever say

in honor of 'the buddha'
and a sermon he [supposedly] gave

when, in silence, he pointed skyward [?] > [inward ?]
with his forefinger

Thomas said...

zero doubt that there is an invisible realm, vast beyond imagining and mostly unknown. Contains both good and bad "spirits", I've verified for myself. Very exciting. I used to have incredible synchronicity with the world, and experience some seriously trippy things, but I think I misstepped to some extent, let my wants and my ego get out of control, got badly burned a few times, and now it's not nearly as much. It was cool, but now I'm more going after "Know Thyself". That, and practicing gratitude, Love and basic humanity, as well as speaking the Truth, to them who are ready to listen (as usual, dear Les, you're spot on). I am so forgetful of the Divine, in myself and others, hehe, but it's still fine. I do remember, at least a couple of times a day, and make a point of doing it first and last in the day. It's the right path for me, in this ever-moment.

I think everyone has ample proof of the supernatural in their own lives, even if it's just something "low"-level like thinking about someone you haven't seen for a long time and then meeting them. Or thinking about someone, who then calls. Most people, however, don't WANT there to be more, it seems to me. I don't know why. Fear? Laziness? Or just plain conformity with the brainwash? I myself was a materialist for most of my life, and I don't even think I paid it much heed.

Many thanks, Les, for doing your thing.

All the Best, everyone!

Ginnie said...

Just when you think you are alone...the family shows up!

Thank you!

Hmmm...when the child is ready the family appears!


Anonymous said...

Was that a test? It brings into question El Shaddai's omnipotence. Seriously, do you think He makes mistakes? Can man corrupt His purposes and His ways? Did other gods write their unerring word to test? Where can I read their words?

First, they tailored your tastes. Now, you pray for "real god" to show up. You'll get your savior.

Apostate of Babylon

Timothy1954 said...

If there is "one mind," why do people not understand each other, let alone agree, so much of the time.

If chemicals change what you see, are you not seeing the effects of chemicals, rather than reality.

If Time-Life was CIA-government connected, and if Timothy Leary was publicized by Time-Life, was it not the government telling us to scramble our brains with "psychedelics?"

Anonymous said...

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth and Ray B...what are you guys doing, simply posting comments on blogs? Do the world a massive favor, and start your own. Seriously, you would not only be doing yourselves a huge favor, but you would be doing the same for anybody else who happens to stumble upon your words. Observations like yours are the very things that keep me coming to these blogs. Namaste and godspeed...

Visible said...

Here's the thing Timothy, when you are a fundie Christian you get all your info from certain sources that are colored so the information can protect you from the tendency to engage in objective thought and from all those risky possibilities where your mind might go through changes that contradict the findings of dogma control.

This comment here is remarkable for it's density and lack of intelligence- "if Timothy Leary was publicized by Time-Life, was it not the government telling us to scramble our brains with "psychedelics?" Does this mean that anyone and everyone ever mentioned by any of these magazines is also this way?

I'm sorry that my response may come across as insensitive but your degree of cluelessness and lack of logic and objectivity is breath taking. Have you ever taken psychedelics? If you haven't then what are you doing having an opinion on them?

I am honestly surprised that people like you come around here and remain readers of this blog for such a long time. Isn't that potentially dangerous for you?

I apologize for any wounded feelings this may give you but I honestly cannot think of any other way to present my reaction.

I just erased the last paragraph because it occurred to me that nothing anyone says to you will have any effect.

Ginnie said... have a serious problem!

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man? " Da El Shaddai (the shadow) do!

He never wrote a book so, where are you going to read this indictment?

"If it is on paper I will believe it!" who writes! Authority...belief in the one who writes it giving him power.

I am writing which makes me an author which gives me authority so you had better follow my authority...(please bow as you quiver in your supreme anti- omnipotence!)

You need a spiritual douche, enema and emetic before speaking here!

God is! And that is all.
Brings into question your Omni-impotence.

PS. If it was a test you get an F- to infinity.

PS...Sorry to all the frogs who lost their lives during this post...a moment of silence...croak!

Unknown said...

Getting to be an old softie there?

You politely told someone they're clueless!

Good dog poet!

Also, I'd like to thank you for moving more into the "what the hell can I do about it?" Mode of blog operations.

Visible said...

I suppose it's easier for people to accept the truth if you lubricate it first.

Anonymous said...

Check the I AM's record, Ginnie. OR ignore it.

Where are your god's inerrant and eternal words?

No sophistical contortions, ok?

Apostate of Babylon

Anonymous said...

And Ginnie...

It's easy for us now to see that the walls of Jericho were brought down by sonic resonance, but who knew that then, but Yahweh? Were you walking around the walls to vibrate the soft spots out, thinking "this is stupid"? Yahweh knew the weakness, built in, of the walls of Jericho. It was no miracle. It was about trusting Yahweh. If they hadn't, would they have seen what they could never have imagined?

Consider this and DO note it.

Habakkuk 1:5

Behold, O you presumptuous, see, wonder, and be amazed, for I will do a work in your days that you would not believe if a man should declare it to you.

That's the El Shaddai I know. No image. He will do it with or without you.

Apostate of Babylon

Lee said...

I believe people are born with the Blessing/Curse. At an early age I was very sensitive. I heard and saw things that were just plain weird. I could go on and on,but most of know what I am talking about.

I was miserable growing up. The one distinct happy year was 1965. It was The Beatles movie "HELP" that really did it for me.

In 2002 I made a spiritual pact for truth. Almost immediately I understood that this world is nothing but bullshit on a massive level.

After seeing a picture on the internet of a innocent child with a blank look in his eyes, dead from a cluster bomb, I began questioning my belief as a Christian.

I understood the plight of the Palestinian people and their sufferings. How can I as a follower of Christ think it's okay to let this happen? Why do Christians look the other way when these people are murdered by the Christian endorsed Chosen people?

Ever since I made that pact, my life went down the drain. Now that I think of it, I don't regret that decision. If innocent poor people suffer, so will I.

Merry Christmas

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, December 21, 2013 11:06:00 PM

"...start your own [blog]."

Thanks for the positive stroke. It's good to hear that someone is reading. It gets lonely sometimes when there is no cross-communication.

My own circumstances dictate against me starting a blog. Due to all the stuff I do, I may go for a week before having ample print-time. Randomly. Also, Vis is the true 'teacher'. I moved away from the teacher mode a long time ago. Now, I figure that whoever needs to see anything of mine will be 'drawn' to it. As long as Vis kindly allows me to post here - and conditions permit it - I will do so. (On the other hand, if I become a 'nuisance', I hope he will email me and tell me...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Unknown said...

Yes. It is a bit large and rough. Lubrication helps.

Wen Ao Long said...

So you would say you believe the earth to be a controlling force, along with "the heavens" to create the conditions mankind experiences here. You don't feel that evil is a really existing, non-negotiating, utterly reprobate type of consciousness that can be the essence of an entire planet, or even a cosmos?

Timothy1954 said...

Got to say, i haven't been in a war, but i have opinions about them.

And yes, what the public is told and not told by Time-Life, etc. is filtered and serves an agenda. All of it. They weren't trying to make young liberals wiser. They were trying to destroy them.

And chemical reactions in your brain are just that. I like for mine to correspond to reality.

And yes, it's dangerous to be here. I'm sure all the readers are on some NSA/Mossad list. And if we're really good, on some "principalities and powers and hosts of wickedness in the sky" list.

Anonymous said...

An interesting article here, by long-deceased researcher, Mae Brussell, regarding the CIA's war against the sixties counter-culture, Operation Chaos. It appears that "conspiracy theorist" Dave McGowan might have stood on Mae Brussell's shoulders, when he put together his theories regarding mind-control, and its connection to various well-known rock stars, both living and dead. In the previously linked piece, Ms. Brussell discusses LSD, and why it might have been created, among many other fascinatingly interconnected topics...enjoy.

Visible said...

Afshin, how does what I said conflict with what you are putting forth? It doesn't. They don't connect at all. With that consideration I'm not even going to respond because it wasn't addressed properly and will probably be delivered to a house down the road from me.

I will say this. What you postulate could very well be true in your own self created universe. Each of us has one. In mine, evil is only a part of the dynamic for the purpose of demonstration and it always loses and it definitely loses every day to those of us who are in a position to know how to handle it.

Visible said...

Yahweh is a demonic force. All bloodthirsty entities are.

JerseyCynic said...

i wonder if i can post over here (still catching up) I'm one of those who read all your posts and all of your links in the post and all of the comments in your posts and before my head completely freezes over - most of the comments in all of those links.......

as per instructed somewhere 10 or 20 posts ago --- still reading John 8:44-47 over and over. couldn't help but click onto this link Jews - children of the devil ( John 8:44 )

Anonymous said...

Ray B., what about a book? I mean if you can only write sporadically, it might make sense. I know you have had a large number of other-worldly encounters. And people read your posts here and appreciate them. Just an idea.

There are only so many of those, "I seen one of them bad guys at the store" posts, or one of those, "The Bible says this it how it should be done" posts, that a person can stand. So it's refreshing to see someone actually put some work into inferential correlations, and thoughtful musings.

Visible said...

Well gee Ray, I would have emailed you about that a long time ago if I had had your email. Kidding!!!

Despite the fact that you are an asset here as are some others, you're never in any danger of negative response simply because you don't perform in those areas to begin with and I usually don't respond to what you have to say because, given that I seldom, if ever argue, what would be the point?

I believe all perspectives are true at least and if only for the one possessing it but more increasingly real depending on how many people instinctively respond to it. That's the real test of truth and lies, the amount and type of people responding. For instance, there is no one here who goes to Fox News expecting to get actual news but there are people who do. No one here is going out and slitting the throats of bullocks and then burning them on an altar to Yahweh. Then again...

Anyway, the word Yahweh is actually a corruption of Yod-Heh which would imply the source of creation manifesting in the manifest. It's lacking the last two syllables of Vav and the second Heh which has it expressing in established religion also manifest, or something like that. I'm not left brain enough to have that side of it down. I'm a mystic heart center kind of a guy who just happens to have a mind as well, in other words, one that functions.


Timothy, your response reminds me of Clint Eastwood in that movie with the chimpanzee when he says, "Right turn Clyde." I mean that in the sense that someone just spontaneously went off into left field, not necessarily because someone slugged them and in defiance of their initially being sent right.

If chemicals are bad for you then what are we to do with all the chemicals in our bodies? And if you're going to suggest those are natural chemical well then, what are mushrooms and cactus? I suggest you read "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross", keeping in mind that some of us utilize these sacred substances in sacred ways. It's the intent that defines them, or anything. It's the intent. The components are merely components. Things are rightly ordered or they are not and some of us have to be fundies (or think we do; as a man thinketh so is he") and some of us not. Some of us have a dispensation to use these things. I am one of them. They are consciousness defenses against materialism. They lift us out of the not into the is. These proofs are incontrovertible to me. My impression is that you have very limited knowledge of the possibilities inherent in these things. In a way, you are someone with only a parrot's relationship to words in relation to one for whom they are living things. You are lecturing a swimmer on swimming... from the shore without having been in the water.

Well, we are mostly polite here.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Yahweh's Boys, the Wide Boys from the Temporal Swamp.

Visible said...

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. is there to be read.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Soma: The Mushroom Star Goddess of the Rig Veda

Soma, the Divine Physician

Anonymous said...

In Hebrew, Yahweh means "I AM".

When that most humble of men, Moses, had the balls to ask him what his name was, that was his answer.

There are translations and transliterations and always a jew in the woodwork.

That most humble of men bit fire when he was a baby.

The sacrifices also meant 'dinnertime'. Just because we didn't kill it, doesn't make us innocent. If people had to see what was sacrifice so they could, they wouldn't be so fat, and they would insist on animals and plants being treated a lot better. Domestic animals wouldn't survive outside the care of man.

They stick straws in the veins of an innocent child and suck the blood until it's dead. That's a ceremony of the red shield. A powerful reminder of how they live. Guess where the rest goes. Wanna hint? Look up who owns the meat packing plants and slaughterhouses. It tastes like pork.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, December 22, 2013 11:10:00 AM

Thank you again for such a nice post!

"...what about a book?"

It is an idea. These days, I go mostly on inner promptings from Higher Self. If I get a strong one on this subject, we will see. Otherwise, if I get famous somehow (grin), someone can make a living from fishing out and editing my posts...
"There are only so many of those, 'I seen one of them bad guys at the store' posts, or one of those, 'The Bible says this it how it should be done' posts, that a person can stand. So it's refreshing to see someone actually put some work into inferential correlations, and thoughtful musings."

Two thoughts. One; I agree with the first part - although everyone has their own part to play in the great drama. That is part of why I am beating a third path. Also, I enjoy reading about people's first-person experiences; that is why I offer some of my own. (Vis is a good example in this...)

Two; musing on your posts, you appear to be intelligent and reflective, yourself. Why not join us in attempting to enlighten and to hold a virtual community? I.e., post away! (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. And thank you, Vis, for stepping in and yakking/explaining.

Visible said...

God grief hair splitting and angels on pins. It comes from Yod heh vau heh the tetragramaton and it means 'I am that I am'. That's widely prominent in all legitimate history tomes.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Since this is 'Origami' here is one last item to entertain a thought.


Anonymous said...

Great post and I agree totally. Anyone who thinks we are just worm food when we die doesn't know about physics. Quantum physics to be exact. Nor have they contemplated infinity in any serious manner.

Just one thing though; we should all stop calling our senses by that name. They should more correctly be called 'filters', because that's exactly what they do!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Here's your Vichyssoise from Hell, Bully Boys.

Ginnie said...

Reindeers and mushrooms and origami hummingbirds...these are a few of my favorite things!

Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This is a blast!



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