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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wonder Bread Slinkys on the Stairway to Nowhere

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Dark Times add up to dark shit but... how much of what we hear is true? The truth lies (grin) invisibly between all the personal projections that surround us like molecules of air. That means there's a whole lot of them. Then there are aggregate projections, like air-balls, which, I am not sure if they exist except as an ineffective action on a basketball court, but if they did exist they would be composed of a lot of air molecules jammed close together. These would be the things we hear from the various forms of media that reflect collective perspectives on what is happening, funneled through some mouthpiece or other, most of them bankrupt or bogus and some of them having an element of truth.

Is America being turned into an open air concentration camp? There is an awful lot of evidence that indicates that and all kinds of evidence that indicates it is being spearheaded by the murderous banking vampires, with allegiance to a particular Middle Eastern country, which owns the American political system and by default, the military, the courts and law enforcement, along with all kinds of other things. How they did this we already know about. What most of us don't know about, is what we are going to do about it. That, I'm guessing is a personal decision that, in many cases, will be ad hoc adjudicated, without input by or questioning by those so railroaded into whatever containments and enclosures they may find themselves in, without ever having been aware of it taking place.

I know this is Origami but we will be dealing with the metaphysical sooner or later. Some of us may be dealing with the metaphysical sooner than we want to. That would be something to think about, given the capacity to engage in the process to begin with. The news is disturbing and the scene is unnerving and quantum assisted by the collective indifference of a bulk order of the population. Comparisons to the herding of cattle and sheep are not out of line, when you can see so many people waiting in line and marching in line. Here is a small sampling of the latest entertainment offenses against the culture. It's getting the highest ratings, compared with other offenses that are apparently more important than things like survival, self respect, integrity and a whole lot of other outdated considerations and qualities that have lost their relevance and importance. They got people with medical degrees, simpering in the wake of a soon to be human dirigible from the land of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, whose brains go down the stairway to nowhere, like Slinkys. It's some kind of “grab their balls and their minds will follow” kind of thing and God only knows what kind of sick freaks are already fantasizing about this ambulatory bran muffin. Now I'm not saying this emerged from the shallow end of the gene pool during the season of entropy but... we have definitely raised the state of Idiocracy upon the wreckage of the state of never was.

In 1975 a film called Rollerball came out. I saw it in the theater. I thought it was one of the best films I had seen in awhile. I thought it indicated what I was watching happening in the culture. That has happened. For years after I noticed it show up on ten worst movies lists. The critics panned it widely. Today, I understand why they did this. You should see the film if you get a chance. Keep in mind that a terrible remake got made in 2002. You don't want to see that one.

I've been watching all of this for a long time; watching from a distance because that is the position I got put in for whatever the reason. Every now and then, some anonymous wag comes around and lectures me on my not manning the barricades in the motherland. The implication is that some kind of fear motivated me to run away from the revolution they are not themselves engaged in. This overlooks my numerous arrests for calling attention to the kinds of things that, these days, are everywhere you look. This overlooks my extended stays in various confinement facilities of the emerging police state of America. This also overlooks the fact that I would certainly be back in such confinement facilities, were I to be foolish enough to practice my arts in the cleavage of the beast and would therefor be non practicing or performing at this time. I'm talking about several years in the kind of confinement facilities that would have broken most people and scarred them for life, given the ugly potential of these places. Fear isn't one of my operative mindsets.

It behooves an informed consciousness to act informed and to stay informed. If you don't exercise your brain, your mental waistline will swallow your focus which, by it's very definition needs to be narrow in order for concentration to be happen. I hope this paragraph makes as much sense to you reading it as it did to me while I was writing it.

There are only so many ways to approach the game of life. One might say that there are an infinite amount of ways but there are really only two. Either you are motivated by self interest or otherwise motivated. Sure, there can be a lot of variations on either theme but there are just the two themes and the varying intensities and lack thereof in terms of either. Intensity determines speed in either case and also the amount of impact on the affected environments.

Self interest and what we will loosely term selfless service, are not specifically what the words imply and some degree of either can certainly color the other. It can be truly stated that selfless service is the highest level of self-interest. So, as Lao Tu said, “terms may be used but none of them are absolute”. Whatever you say or do, you're serving someone and you can expect to be paid in the coin of the one whose world you are operating in and what you say and do, determines the world you are operating in and who you are serving. There is a vast historical record concerning the different kinds of service one can engage in and what results from them. I don't need to reinforce what life teaches everyone. You either know these things or you don't know them and it makes going on and on about it moot at either end.

The purpose of those who assist in the performance of life's reasons for being is to prod, provoke and guide us all. Sometimes you are whipped and sometimes you are led but you cannot stand still short of the finish line. You can serve false masters for a very, very long time but you can't do it forever. If we must all return to our origin then we cannot remain in a separated state. Although we might not be aware of it in the day to day, we are all in some degree of torment due to our separated state. This divine restlessness will not go away. We can try to bury it beneath our immersion in the world of the senses but this condition will not endure. It will extract a heavy price and perhaps wisdom will be the fruit of it somewhere further up the road. Wisdom is born of suffering and it blooms when the essential nature of suffering is revealed.

End Transmission.......

End Transmission.......

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DaveS said...

Most Visible,

Yep, you da' man. I wish more folks could read and UNDERSTAND what you're writing about.

Thanks, and did you ever receive the email I sent with the Banker Burger? I think you'd like it (why I sent it) but maybe the spam machine ate it?

Regardless, you rock at truth!

Mouser said...

Valuable insight Sir. you wrote at the very end:

"We can try to bury it beneath our immersion in the world of the senses but this condition will not endure. It will extract a heavy price and perhaps wisdom will be the fruit of it somewhere further up the road. Wisdom is born of suffering and it blooms when the essential nature of suffering is revealed."

Please allow me to translate the above as I understand it: We all seek to be reunited as one with the Divine. That desire is paramount to every other want we have. We can seek pussy, power and gold but it is only a distraction. Wisdom comes through realising in our hearts that all these worldly desires will never quench our desire to be one with the divine - even if we achieved all these in excess.

Wisdom comes from failure or learning that anything we cannot take with us when we leave this world was never really worth anything in the first place.

Love, only love, has any value in an enduring sense. It takes most of us a lifetime of lessons to learn this fact. We all stumble every single day we walk on earth. But we are learning.

The desire to be one with the Divine is the fire within us which can never be quenched by anything this world offers. Learning that takes a lifetime.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Buddhist girl
Emanating sacred sparks
That speak in woven colors
Jump and twist and dance
Weaving through that magic
There is nothing I can do
Just smile and bid you love
Where eternity intunes
That rides along compassion
Fills and makes me whole
Draws along that passageway
Redifines my flow
Surrenders me to spirit
Clothes me in the sense
Frees me into everywhere
Bound in your presence


Anonymous said...

stinky slinky escalator to JEWTOPIA...

by Dirty Harry

very very extra special stinky slinky very very effing extra special "Jewish" invisible terrorists...who are very very extremely efffing extra special, so extra special no one is supposed to notice how effing extra special "THEY" are...

dig this CHUTZPAH...


{there was a Road Kill T-Shirt ad}


the issues these mind virus sttol sculpture deity cult memebers about to commit mass suicide find to fixate on are well....efffing repulsive to you know like...people who can actually think out side the puspocket of talmudvision...

everyday 6 million more looks more and more...likely


How's come Condi wasn't arrested ?

is it bceause she plays the piano...?

does she believe Jesus hates Palestinian children...?


Issa would not be amused...

America the new Palestine...

we're all Palestinians now...unless you're like you know....very very effing extremely EXTRA EFFFING SPECIAL and all...

mazel tov...


John Rambo said...

Your 4th paragraph,

it is indeed frustrating that the vast majority of the population just refuse to wake up, even while they are getting ass raped by the Illuminati satanic vampires.

I mean, in one sense, don't they kind of deserve it, because they are implicated in the KARMA of having supported them.

Just as if you look on the Nuga website, you will see another murder that took place in It'sGone. But this person knew the kind of criminal leaders she was serving by being a part of that organization, and therefore she was implicated in the KARMA of having supported them.

That's basically the reason I left the satanic police state USA because I did not want to be implicated by default for supporting them, and I was also just totally fed up with how ignorant people were. That was in 2007.

"The purpose of those who assist in the performance of life's reasons for being is to prod, provoke and guide us all."

When you try to prod and provoke, most people shut down or hate on you. This is waht I mean. It's like, what is the use? I guess we must keep doing our duties, so that hopefully a few good people can be saved from the lies.

The world rarely appreciates the work of a prophet and rarely thanks him, but in the end, he has the gratitude of the Supreme, and that I believe is the perfection of existence.

John Rambo said...

LOL! Someone used the name Dirty Harry. I just reloaded the page and only noticed it now.

So now you got John Rambo, Dirty Harry, coming to your page. Who's next? The Terminator?

Hey Dirty Harry, this is your superhero action star brother John Rambo here.

You wrote:
"does she believe Jesus hates Palestinian children...?"

Well, technically Jesus cannot hate anyone, because technically he never existed. A FICTIONAL CHARACTER cannot hate anyone. And by the same token, we cannot be damned to hell for not believing in a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

There's not one single piece of historical evidence outside of the Illuminati created Bible that Jesus ever existed. Not one single scholar or historian from 1st century AD mentions even a single word about him.

Kind of weird, isn't it, since he was supposed to have been going around doing miracles and raising the dead. Strange no one mentions such an incredible character.

Love your movies, by the way.

John Rambo said...

PS. no need to publish this comment, but you might dig Hindi movies.

Some are a bit violent, but they really give you an insight into the modern indian culture.

Band Baaja Bharat is probably a good one to watch, a light hearted comedy/romance movie, and very well done. No violence or anything like that. You can probably download it with English subtitles.

william exsminger said...

There can never be a truce with evil. I think many people think that they can be left alone if they don't anger the beast and go on with their business. I use to think that. Then I had this dream where they were bulldozing black corpses in to lake Erie for land fill and somehow I was there and the bulldozer was bearing down on me only I was still alive. I screamed at the driver to stop. I yelled stop I am white, but it didn't matter. Then I made myself wake up. A lot of people who think they for be used for landfill because they are so special are in for a rude awakening. Thanks Les.

Anonymous said...

"That is the truth. It can no longer be denied, particularly since in their drunken joy of power and victory the Jews have forgotten their ordinarily so carefully maintained reserve and now stand in the spotlight of public opinion. They no longer bother, apparently believing that it is no longer necessary, that their hour has come. And this is their mistake, which they always make when think themselves near their great goal of anonymous world domination. Throughout the history of the nations, whenever this tragic situation developed, a good providence saw to it that the Jews themselves became the gravediggers of their own hopes. They did not destroy the healthy peoples, but rather the sting of their parasitic effects brought the realization of the looming danger to the forefront and led to the greatest sacrifices to overcome it. At a certain point, they become that power that always wants evil but creates good. It will be that way this time, too."

-- Joseph Goebbels, "The Creators of the World's Misfortunes", January 1945


Anonymous said...

Vid Rebel is a Jew operative. An agent of Jews or a Jew himself. He has too much information and there is always a poison pill. It takes only one to keep you enslaved. One A Day, the poison pill way.

Visible said...

Look, this anonymous hate shit that is not relevant to the post, divisive and routinely fucked and not germane to the post is hereby not welcome anymore. It's patently obvious to me who is who. You forget that along with my ability to do what I can do and more you don't know about comes the ability to see into things and around corners. I'm not bragging or over stating. Anyone who has been around me knows this is the case.

You forget who I work for and I suspect you don't know which employee I am. Enough is enough. Anyone coming on here screaming about the Jews works for the worst of them. They're not all like that. I happen to know this.

Anonymous said...

That first link about 10 drones for every county is ridiculous disinfo. I'm getting tired of hearing about FEMA camps and Garp controlling the weather. It's a fear mongering lie and props them up as having far reaching and ubiquitous powers.

The rules of war are there to protect the war industry. Would they build a billion dollar aircraft carrier if some loose cannon who didn't want to play ball could sink it with cheap air bubbles? LOL, I don't think so.

The same for the drones. That's not logistically sound. You can fry the seeing eyes in those things, among 100's of other cheap ways to ruin them. All of those weapons have some Achille's heel. When the war is on the public, there are no rules. They invest in lies because lies pay the biggest dividends.

I swear they could have fools running and hiding from spiders if there was a big enough media blitz about that.

"Keepin em in the tribe dialectic here, Boss. Our battlefield of choice" A lotta that going around. A new stupid tribemember trick. Newly discovered, I should say.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

Ironically, Rollerball Plays tonight, Friday 8/31 on TCM at 8:00 Eastern time. I just got this in an email. Odd, what?

Visible said...

Ray, the second half of your comment has nothing to do with the first half and makes the logic wince. I never said any of it was true. I threw it out there as a consideration. However, many sources have reported the manufacture of homeland drones and the report out of Fla. Where they make them is ominous. I don't know but I do wonder.

Anonymous said...

The original Rollerball is greatness unleashed. Hollywood (run by Arabs) has long since ran out of ideas and can't even do remakes right. Most of these movies don't need a remake in the first place. Any people bitchin' about you not being here on the Titanic naming the tune for the band to play are just mad they are stuck in the glorious people's republik with no way out. I'm glad you made it out and don't hesitate to tell the story of the manifest destiny and other fairytales as a warning.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to realize(real eyes) that when you reach a certain point on the path you discover that when you are hurtful to others by being physically or verbally abusive, what you are actually doing is hurting yourself.
There is only one very simple answer to this...love more.

Respects Vis (-___-)

UselessEater U.K.

Anonymous said...

I jumped from A to D too fast. I've had dialectic, thesis antithesis and synthesis on the brain lately.

Some people think they're going to build tanks in their back yards to fight them with. If they succeeded and if it were ever actually a threat, they would find out how obsolete it is. That's the battlefield they want you on. They can detonate anything explosive with focused microwaves. That makes your gun a potential live grenade. Maybe they're all obsolete.

Does that make sense?
I shouldn't be doing this now.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

You didn't agree or disagree with that thing about drones, so I wasn't agreeing or disagreeing with you.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

"You forget who I work for" Who do you work for?

Anonymous said...

Ray Zerwitt, I always enjoy your astute posts...Karen T.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to diss all jews after watching some of Ben Stillers comedies, especially Zoolander, which he wrote and directed, then again, he's Reform and half Irish...Karen T.

Visible said...

I watched Zoolander again 2 days ago but, I'm a big fan of the Jones brothers.

Anonymous said...

"Lance Armstrong, with all that purity (Virgo) represented the untainted winner that America had been craving for decades. Not only was he a true American from Plano, Texas, he was also white. Unlike Tiger and his miscegenated cablination, Lance was white. And while “Figer” created a sense of corporate worship and awe through his Baphometric Capricornius, it wasn’t the same. Lance was the common man with uncommon ability, who overcame adversity. His team was repaid by the postal service, a mercurial/virgoan brand as there ever could be. This is why his fall is strange and as tainted as his urine samples likely were. ..."

-- Robert Phoenix


Anonymous said...

A hungry wolf the chasing wind
The colors pathway through the rainbow
Tokens shining opened stars
The fired top of where mans aim rose
The burning ground of Rothschilds empire
War is slain where peace comes forth
Mans duty,the spirit of everywhere
Where truth goes evil lost
Liars lies crumbling into ashes
The living fire's invincible everlasting flame
The blade of the sharpened mind is a weapon
Humanity's tools along the way
When all people stand together
Each and every single one
The songs will sing into a paradise
The light of a thousand burning suns


Anonymous said...

Speaking of movies - and so far as the open-air concentration camp idea goes - I am reminded of the movie, "A Bronx Tale". In that movie, a group of unruly bikers goes into a bar owned by the local crime boss. They start drinking and carrying on, getting more and more destructive inside the bar. They are asked to leave, repeatedly, in a very nice way. But they continue to get more and more aggressive and physical, with each polite request for them to exit the premises. Finally, the crime boss, who is now holding a baseball bat, sneaks around behind them, locks the door of the bar and says, "Now you can't leave." What happens next is a major beat-down for the bikers. Poetic justice as it were. By cutting off all escape for the masses, the elite are cutting off their own escape as well. Seven billion starving, pissed-off people with nothing left to lose, versus a handful of super-rich murderers and their assorted paid henchmen. Anybody can do the math regarding the outcome of that particular conflict. The elite are delusional and are overextending their reach in a compulsive fashion with each passing day. Soon, the karmic ramifications for their faulty math will be self-evident - "Now you can't leave."

John Rambo said...

"Anyone coming on here screaming about the Jews works for the worst of them."

The Illuminati is not a solely jewish organization. It's a satanic organization, and many of the people are from jewish families, but so what?

Not 100 percent of jews are bad people. Couple years ago, I was living in a remote jungle area in south India, and an American man, 26 years old, jewish and from New York, came to visit that area. He was a nice guy, very intelligent, kind of a no nonsense kind of guy. He thought some of my jokes were a bit out there, LOL. But he was definitely seeking spirituality, so in no way would I consider him as a bad person, what to speak of being an Illuminati satanist just because he was jewish.

Another jewish girl came around that farm around the same time, she was an actual Israeli living in a rural area of Israel, and seemed like a pretty humble and simple girl, quite beautiful.

The jewish girl and the NYC jew man were having a talk one day, "What's the world's oldest religion?" and they were saying jews are. I told them, "Western religion only started like 3000 years ago. The Vedas talk about a history dating back TRILLIONS of years. So you guys think you are big stuff, but your religion is just a tiny blip on the ocean of time".

Another good jewish man named Marc Rudov, who you sometimes see on FOX News, has helped try to stop what he calls the "gynocracy" in America, or at least raise awareness of it. He's reached millions of men with an enlightening message.

Another jewish guy I know, the famous "Zero Tolerance Man" blogger, is what I would call a man of character. He is willing to stand up for the truth and is not afraid to back down, most of the time at least. He's also vegan.

And then I know one jewish lady named Mad Jewess, who does tend to kind of rant and rave on her blog, but hey, at least she's DOING SOMETHING.

Jews are pretty intelligent people and they also tend to be pretty moral people.

I don't understand the people who are coming here and posting all this Nazi bullshit (Mr. Anonymous always posting this stupid quote from Goebbels on almost every post of Les's). I mean, don't they know that Hitler was a bastard child of the Rothschilds and an Illuminati agent? WW2 was already predicted like 70 years before by Pike. Tthey need an agent provacatuer and obviously Hitler was that person.

I even met one German man who served under Hitler, and he had only positive things to say about Hitler. He told me the whole Holocaust was just a fake bullshit story. It never happened, just like Jesus never happened, just like 9-11 never happened.

Of course when I told that German guy that Hitler was an Illuminati agent, he wasn't too happy about that.

Anonymous said...

Leaping hearts in shaping rhythm
Vast expanse of open sense
Wakened mind of everlasting
Widened fields of great immense
Shining sunlight gripping mountain
Streaking fire galloping tops
Emanations blowing chasing tigers
The gathering charge of burning hot
The lightning paves and turns and rumbles
The truth burns brightly strong and firm
Patterns stir of forces invincible
The sky the life of living earth
Rising freedom riding forwards
The heart of man the is not lost
Just clouded minds held in shackles
That fall away where truth cross


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

" in order for concentration to be happen".... hey, somethings not right there.

at least in Rollerball, like in The Grapes of Wrath, there was a benevolent dictator. global peace, material benefits, and a 'small' price to pay (loss of integrity). what we have here is a failure to commune(icate) the benefits of society and a pathological maniacal suicidal hell bent radical misinformed deformed malaligned twisted disposition. reaching its logical conclusion.

then there was the earlier , which is incomparable but titilating.

remember, THEY made ALL the movies, and the key is degeneration of the culture and redirection of the energies. Not that Goebells was a fag or a jew or funded by the Rothschilds or nothing like that.

or cue ACDC Who Made Who?

Rob in WI said...

Hi Ray Zerwitt,
In movies like "Enemy of the State", and many more, the ability of the state to spy on/manipulate/control us is the message. Same goes for many, many internet exchanges. I contend that its a scare tactic, used to intimidate the timid. The quote, "when you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS", applies. I'm too old to be scared; but what about our younger audience? The PTW can't survive w/o toothless propaganda, IMHO. What's your take?
Respects, and be well, Rob

Visible said...

I just want to share this and I am sending much love to you and all of the readers. The Sun just popped massively.
8-31-2012 Blue moon. As above, it's coming below.

"So many things have to be right for a successful kundalini awakening; going it alone is hard; being insulted and attacked for expressing ones experience--these make it harder. The experience of persecution is a common one, and the individual learns to depersonalize through this, so it's part of the courageous growth to Self, while we live in a society that is largely ignorant of and fearful of metamorphosis."
Jana Dixon, Biology of Kundalini

I experienced a heart opening last night, among other experiences in the past many years on this big blue wonder spinning around in 'space'. None of my 'work' involved LSD as I had a bad trip and never used it again.

There are many ways up the 'Mountain'.

I just wanted to say that you, Vis, were one of my main teachers in this final exam. I am so ready to board my saucer pod (big shit eating grin).

All my Love and Love to All!

See ya in the clouds,
David Widner
in the Tahoe .nat Forest

"Some of those cloudlets might be hundreds of times denser than the local fluff... If we ran into one, it would compress the Sun's magnetic field and allow more cosmic rays to penetrate the inner solar system, with unknown effects on climate and life." Priscilla Frisch, astrophysicist

Rob in WI said...

Thanks for resurrecting memories of "Rollerball", and further disrupting my already dysfunctional sleep schedule. I get to the point when Jonathan (James Caan?) puts the metal ball in the goal, and skates around, with the crowd chanting his name. Is that the end? My old tape disappeared many years ago. Great movie; especially seen in movie house. Small screen doesn't do it justice.
Perhaps you'll get an offer to retire, with accolades and fanfare. The corporations might consider it to be a good policy.
God bless and be well, Rob

Visible said...

I watched Rollerball last night on video. It was even better than I remembered. Critics panned it mercilessly but John Houseman and James Caan gave riveting performances.

I noticed something that blew me away, Ralph Richardson who plays the librarian performs near exactly the persona he had when he played God in Time Bandits. There is no doubt in my mind that Terry Gilliam told him to bring the same persona to that film.

The things he says and does are eerie in respect of how things are in the world.

One can also consider steel cage matches of the mixed martial arts variety and the gloves off trend that is so popular. My knowledge of these things involves slip sliding away with an assortment of quick fix remedies that I never see employed.

What I have noticed in the deeper awareness of the arts is that one just does not encounter certain things due to the nature of one's being. Then there is Karma (grin).

The hardest thing I have had to learn (still learning) is that God loves me. That has been a difficult thing for me. The amount of trial and torment over this extended reach of time is plug ugly.

I know some number of people are worse off than me and I do count my blessings but sometimes the punishment seems harsh. Kali Yuga? I don't know. As hard as I try, it continues to be like pulling a wagon up a slippery hill. I must be doing something wrong but in my line of work it is extremely difficult to find the right professional to help me.

Anonymous said...

Help ?

we don't need no stinkin' help...

Illusions - Richard Bach

orientation, & ATTITUDE....

Stinking Kevin...

The paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual

eventually the LANGUAGE will become the ISSUE...as any small child that knows the difference between elephants and giraffes...will gladly opine

furthermore and notwithstanding what Ben Freedman, Koestler, Sand, et al have surmised, that 90% of the cult members can exist outside the diminished spiritual parameters of that nadir cult compound...

and like, dude has anyone ever seen a polaroid of cocaine snorting dallas cowboys at the alamo...?

beings that your site gets the traffic of real thinkers is why the issue of demanding that people examine the bankruptcy of the entire faux-narrative....

"MOM.... DAD ....don't touch it...

IT'S Evil"


{if the going is getting easier, you aren't climbing...}

OK, I'm busted...in all things give thanks....sometimes that's extremely difficult if not impossible...was Potiphars wife pretty ?

<==== not a polaroid

happy celstial events to you

Anonymous said...


Off the topic here, but I am into your book "Darkening Splender..." by about 150 pages and I love it. It is a riveting page-turner and I only put it down yesterday to get some other things done. I can't wait to see where it all leads and what happens to CarryAnn, Whip, Alan, Billy Joe, and all the other motley characters. I think you should write more novels. You are wasting your true talents here.

Best Regards

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, Happy Pre-Labor Day to ya...since the subject matter has difted toward movies here, I've got a joke to pass along. I think it's funny (and sick at the same time). I actually heard this joke in a movie with Ryan Gosling. So this child molester is walking into the forest with this kid, holding his hand as they move along. And the sun is going down. And the two of them are trudging through the brush; they keep going deeper and deeper into the forest. And the forest is kind of creepy; weird noises and such. Finally, the sun goes down completely and they are still walking along, going deeper into the woods. And the little kid finally says, "I'm scared, Mister, this place is really creepy." And the child molester says, "What are you complaining about, kid - I have to walk out of here alone." Well there you go, I'm sure some people will accuse me of bad taste, but Hollywood is responsible for that joke (or at least for putting it into a movie)...don't shoot the messenger.

Skepticfrog said...

John Rambo:

Pretty sophisticated agitprop.
However, those of us who grew up in any of the Soviet occupied European countries got the ability so sniff out the mindgames and read between the lines with mother's milk.

You may be fooling most, but you ain't fooling me. I'd be surprised if you fool Vis. However, the last time I was on to your kind with perfect accuracy (of hidden agendas) even before he was.
The commies trained us well...

Anonymous said...

Good question, Rob in WI

Do you get the distinct feeling that FEMA was too scared to go into Katrina, for all the marauding blacks and looters? They hato mental masturbate it over for 3 days until the situation was a little more predictable. In a real emergency, cowards that they are, they're the first ones to piss their pants and cry for their mamas. Why go to the moon when you can fake it and say you did and keep the leftover.

The difference is the ante, young or old. When I figured that out, I went to ante and it wasn't accepted. "Well, I'm gonna die anyway..." is an admission that it's a substandard offering. Also, your value of it can change when it's that low, and you might want to hedge on your vow later. The potentially fickle are not accepted. When it is accepted, fear is fired as counsel. The 30's bank robbers anted and were able to size up a situation clearly, without consulting fear, and act on it. Their foes showed up to not die, with fear as counsel. If it were a footrace, the one with fear would trip over his dick, get up and run the wrong way, have a lot of stray thoughts like "did I remember to put my gas cap on?", while the other guy just routs and buries him. Yeah, I've been that loser. You might as well show up for a foot race with 2broken legs as show up with fear.

That's the root of it, as I see it. Fear is consent to let them roll right over you. They're the ones whose god it is. They won't make a move unless it's safe. They don't have a fuckin chance without consent.

The latter day explosion of knowledge and the smoke from the pit are the same thing; it's the internet.

There's one family of all the people of the earth who were cursed to be "non-goyim". When you look up the names of this tribe, you learn their crafts.

Karen T
Thanks for that vote of confidence. Are you the one who used to have a drinking and blogging night at one of those questionable smoke from the pit places? LOL, if so, I kinda miss that.

Was I scatterbrained again? My understanding is wearing a little thin from studying something else.

Ray Zerwitt

Clarity said...

@ John Rambo - Sayanim, or do you get paid?

How much?

The regulars here are pretty intelligent. You'd probably make better use of your time elsewhere.


Eat the trolls said...


Fuck you and all your circumcised brethren. Even to THINK that is worth repeating confirms you as a really sad fuck.

Get the fuck off Visible's blog - if you were standing in front of me I'd crack you a hard one right in the jaw. And if you got up I'd put your in the hospital!

Visible said...

Hmmmm.... I am pretty sure that there are several someones reading these words, sooner or later who are estranged from me, do not like me or variables. Then there's everybody else and their variables. I don't know who is who. I don't even know who I am, so that's a start and DaveS, I did not get your banker burgers email and you people should know that if you do not hear back from me, most of the time it is because I didn't get the email. Google owns Gmail and Blogger and they mess with me routinely.

I don't know what to say here. Someone very close to me asked me to forgive them for the way they treat me sometimes, due to an incident. I had already forgotten about it. I don't hold resentments. I don't hate. I'm incapable of that. When I get angry it lasts for a moment and then it is gone, most of those kinds of things work that way for me so, I don't know what to say here.

People get their vanity or ego tweaked by me and... I can be abrupt and I am always sorry and then I forget about it. Some of the people it happens to do not forget about it and go off and simmer somewhere. I can't do much about it. I am so busy and so occupied most of the time. I can hardly watch a movie without working alongside of it. I forgot to respond to stickman who is one of my favorite people. Some might call me a stickman too.

Anyway, I'm just going to ride right over this bump in the road. I can't recollect what it is even about at the moment. I'm too occupied to even write a post but I am so glad that I don't hold resentments. That's a big one.

Anonymous said...

'I don't hold resentments. I don't hate. I'm incapable of that. When I get angry it lasts for a moment and then it is gone.'

I'm the same Vis,
holding resentments is such a massive drain of energy/life force, as is being angry for any length of time.

Is it just me...or are there some freaky negative vibes flying around in these Blogs lately?

You Da Man (-___-)

Long Live The New Flesh!

UselessEater U.K

Visible said...

I am experiencing ("are you experienced"?) several noticeable discords in my own network; thankfully my associates are, by varying degrees, somewhat aware of the Freak Circus atmosphere of the moment. There seems to be a movement afoot to alienate us from one another. That's not going to happen. I'm so close to having my shit together that it tastes like ice cream.

It is a rocky road and slow walking takes it.

Anonymous said...

I've had some real problems with that word verification. They can't rule the day with sayanim and hasbarats anymore. They were overwhelmed. Cowardly anticipating every contingency, like they do, they were ready for this. They're about out of backups. Consider it a victory.

Anonymous said...

Lord visible,,calm yourself and forget what ever that was,,,,it is better to allow ourselves the atmosphere to do whatever we have got to do,,,,even though I know that is sometimes hard

Truth movement has got to stick together,we allow ourselves our short comings flared tempers,,,it's Kali yuga

It's only ourselves that pull ourselves out of this mess
Grudges are stupid things as we all know,,they are boring and just get in the way

We should be as water,,,
Or something else a wise person would say

Respects,,,,,neil. : )

John Rambo said...

Couple people here have attacked me and basically told me "Get the fuck out of here".

I couldn't really decipher their incoherent messages though.

Could they please explain WHICH part of what I have written they found so offensive? Was it the part about Jesus being a fictional character? Or was it the part about how we shouldn't discriminate against jews?

"There is some pretty freaky negative vibes around your blogs lately"

Are you referring to me? And are you sure it isn't your own projections?

Anyway I have appreciated a lot of what Les has written and a lot of his music as well. Sure, Les is pretty elevated in consciousness and I don't even try to fake like I am anywhere near him.

It's just funny how people (I am not talking about Les here but the afore mentioned two characters) who claim to be "loving", ie Liberals, immediately become intolerant and hateful towards anyone who doesn't agree with their ideas.

And it is not so much the ideas that I disagree with. It is their hypocrisy. All throughout this life I have been disgusted with hypocrisy. That hypocrisy whether ti is coming from "spiritual" people, conservatives, liberals, or whoever else.

So to the Clarity who said "There are some pretty smart people around" and "who do you think you are fooling", I would please request that you could actually explain what you are talking about in normal English?

Otherwise I guess it would be better to take their advice and not hang out in a den of clearly schizophrenic people.

Don't mean any offense to you Les, and peace.

est said...

oddly enough
on a planet with
seven billion others

i think loneliness
will be what actually
kills me

to me
the definition
of truth is

what doesn't change

but the truth is
it is constantly

when i figure out
what it - is
i'll let you know
l v
liked those last four
paragraphs - a lot

the spigot is open
for the thirsty ones

Visible said...

Now we see the evidence of that of which I was speaking. We're all friendlings, but something seeks to disturb us. Things are not what they seem and that has been going on for awhile.

I have difficulty with languages. I am not linguistically abled. Let us see deeper into the cortex or possibly the hypothalamus and just try to accent the positive. As my friends can tell you, weird shit is the order of the day.

You'll note there are no names so... maybe there are no blames (i had some corn on the cob for dinner)

These are troubled times and all kinds of things are going on. We don't want to turn on each other. That is the object of evil, to turn us against each other. Just let evil destroy itself on it's own. We're all friends here but things are being pushed sideways. Give it a disco bump so it can motor on elsewhere.

Many greetings, much light and much love.

Skepticfrog said...

John Rambo
You've been made. Even your last post fits, in more ways than one.
This much I let you on: You people have a pattern, instantly recognizable to many of us.
Once you've been made, the game is up.

Rob in WI said...

The word verification, as used here, is a good thing, IMHO. One has to be thinking somewhat clearly, when posting a comment. The registered comment filters allow one to bypass this moment of thought process. If I can't accomplish word verification, my comment probably ain't worth sh*t.

preacher said...


@John Rambo

Jesus in India - The Movie

neal said...

I bump it, but that is mostly over time, and not space.

I do not mean to do it, but now they say I never was there, and a fiction, the facts bear that out, and that is what was the last thing to go.

She sees this, and does not mind. Even the son is up to that speed. I do not know if that is what was excepted, but we are becoming whatever that wants.

Only very few can follow this, not my department, just old people inviting this one to that table. I tried to hang out on the ground, never worthy, but a space was made, and the head of the table was just that, and food, well, you could spend some time, but it is rude to refuse those offers. That is funny, how that remains.

Lemurs mostly do not play those kind of hands, unless commanded from heaven. It is probably better to be cute in the light, and spooky in the dark. That way you mostly avoid being hunted, and can hurl poop on the tourists.

Times,sort of this,department.

Visible said...

I see that you are called Skepticfrog for a reason (grin)

You know why I take the trouble to do that 'grin' thing? it's cause of all the shortcuts of love :) u no wat I mean? I figure I will take the extra trouble and bother to do that because it means that much to me. That is probably why I am as busy as I am because I care. Some things are very important to me and though I have had a difficult life and have made a ton of mistakes, I feel like these are part of my treasures.

Anonymous said...

@ John Rambo

'some freaky negative vibes flying around in these Blogs lately'

I wasn't referring to you or anybody else for that matter..
I was just pointing out a general sense of unease I've been 'feeling' these last few weeks in the comments section.

Hope that's cleared that up.

UselessEater U.K

Rob in WI said...

Oops, I can accomplish word verification, and my comment still ain't worth sh*t. G'dnight all.

Anonymous said...

@Ray Zerwitt, I don't drink...Karen T.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

ditto here on being "lovable".
double edged sword, ego destruction, awareness vs childlike surrender and forgiveness of one's own foibles. must be hard for the Divine banging his head against some mad buggers wall.
but as they say, the meek shall inherit....
I say the buck starts here. (the (Judas) goat has his own ideas? and I see a bit in me of that nasty element Visa Vis Vis's bee (in the bonnet) - ♫yo may be right, anger is an energy♫).

neil . I do understand your inputs when I make the effort. assessment wise it boils down to "is a good guy and makes an effort, reaches for".

here's one I got from Oz comedian Adam Spencer... goes like
"a wise Jedi knight shall in his hands his testicles hold whilst the universe he contemplates". in my case, for now, literally (I've put a sock in it, or vice versa).
it's fun to be more alive and creative than ever, ironically.
hope, like Fukushima meltouts, springs eternal.

Anonymous said...

John Rambo: Board agents often use the pile-on technique. Who cares. Keep posting. If you base your attendance here (or anywhere else) on whether or not agents are frequenting it, you won't be visiting any "truther" boards at all. Disinfo agents visit all of them. They are just doing their job. (With your tax dollars, I might add - ha ha.) This might help - whenever anybody slings shit at you online, ignore it. Flat-out ignore it. Don't get dragged into a shouting match, or in trying to explain yourself. That's what they want. Just make your posts and don't address the mud-slingers. The truth will sort itself out. It is self-evident. The people who visit these blogs, who are actually awake and aware and use discernment (instead of always running with the herd), they already know the score. So what I'm really saying here is don't worry. Fire your rounds. Ignore the goons with the New Agey names who preach love and light for all, while they are stabbing anybody and everybody who disagrees with them (lol). Same old shit. Been there, done that, got a hundred T-shirts.

Anonymous said...

My friend, I heartily agree.
I swear, I am one Jedi mind trick away from all I could want and all I could need in a lifetime. The creator continues to educate me in ways I have a hard time comprehending, much less understanding. My whole life has been like crawling out of a sand pit. Never easy, no rest. Obviously, the easy day was yesterday. I may not like the process, but I can not deny the results.

Farmer Butch

Anonymous said...

via Homer..'

Les Visible prabhu,
does it matter if you or me or thee knows "who is who?"
So long as we know who is Who.

That's pretty easy, huh?

Yes John Rambo, you're just like the rest of us, only more so!
Hare Krishna!
(Ha ha!) Look where John lives! Rural India..

Certainly we won't begrudge an atheist like Skepticfrog, etal, providing he has some philosophy, this is true.

Neither do we (john and I) cater to hither and thon academic fooling around, subtle material nitpicking, time wasting exercises or any such nonsense no matter if a tribal honorary of Aryan sub-Aryan or Arab or East Asian or West Asian or Semite or semi-Semite or anything other than human, interferes.

Kali yuga supra phenomenon, I see it as. And?

There are rules, li,e it or not. Period.

Even Lord Brahma, the secondary creator of the universe has to die.
And so does an ant.

I'm not confused.
I'm lazy, sassy and a goof off but I'm not confused at all.

People like us smile and somehow remember the Govindam Adi Purusham (or like) prayers each day. All day is the goal.

How could such a thing ever be errant or null?

Remarking on the Lord's glory is also the goal.

It makes us cry.

Ray B. said...

John Rambo, August 31, 2012 3:50:00 PM

"There's not one single piece of historical evidence outside of the Illuminati created Bible that Jesus ever existed. Not one single scholar or historian from 1st century AD mentions even a single word about him."

There are good reasons for that. The historical Jesus (as opposed to the 'Biblical' Jesus) was not a pacifist, and may indeed have been part of the militant Jewish rebellion against Rome. This had to be concealed.

Author Ralph Ellis has 'teased out' details about the real Jesus through cross-referencing Saul (St. Paul) and the 1st-century historian, Josephus Flavius. Even though Ellis had written several excellent books before this, he met great resistance in getting the above material published. That in itself should be of interest to readers of these blogs.

Ellis does a virtually watertight proof that Saul and Josephus are the same person. His comparison list of the two lives (especially in the details) leaves any fair reader with no doubt. Other details from many sources corroborate the point. This is the true 'core' of the book.

Ellis states how his thinking was in his Acknowledgments page. "[This book] was intended as a joint effort on the subject of Saul-Josephus, but no agent or publisher was forthcoming and the project stalled. However, the concept still looked worthwhile, so I built it into an investigation into the entire New Testament."

With apologies to Ellis for 'reading him', this is probably what happened: Ellis did his usual excellent work, this time extending his earlier material on Saul-Josephus. The results clearly exposed some major inconsistencies in Biblical history. Various 'agents or publishers' took a look at his material, said "Oh, my God!", and either backed away slowly or ran screaming into the woods. They knew what a can of worms he was presenting them with. (Assuming no 'bad guy' freeze-out.)

Ellis was then presented with either canning the project or making it acceptable in some way. I presume that he chose to 'disguise it' by wrapping it in additional material (which DO provide much to think on). But, the really explosive and provable content remains the Saul-Josephus 'core' and the subsequent gleanings.

For anyone who allows themselves to think deeply about this, the Saul-Josephus identity should be both highly enlightening and troubling. This one man, who may have been a Roman agent since early in his career, has been responsible for much of the shaping and 'information flow' of his version of Christianity (or what Ellis calls 'Simple Judaism'). With the near-extermination of the original Jesus/James side (at the hands of the Roman legions), Saul-Josephus had a near free hand.

(Although Ellis does not speak of this, I feel that Saul-Josephus was unlikely to have been 'alone' in his later career. As Saul/Paul or Josephus, he was probably accompanied or even 'coached' on what he could speak or write. Remember, if he was not already a deep-cover Roman agent from his early days, he was a top Judaic general who had turned quisling against his own people. He was in a very vulnerable position. He was also [intentionally or not] one of the few top-level survivors of the day. If you were a Roman emperor or Roman intelligence officer, would you have failed to make use of this fabulous asset?)


Ray B. said...


One cautionary note: Readers may not like some of what they read about Jesus' revised family history. If true (and Ellis makes a good case), Jesus' grandmother (Thea Muse Ourania, or Cleopatra of Parthia) was a real badass. She was given to the King of Parthia (Persia), Phraates IV, and had a son, Phraates V or Phraataces. Then, she "managed to manipulate the aristocracy into excluding all the king's other sons from the succession bar her own, and have them sent to Rome as hostages." Oh, and she also murdered (with or without help) her husband, Phraates IV, and then married her son, Phraataces. The latter was an Egyptian custom, but decidedly not Parthian. So, as a result of all of the above, the Parthian aristocracy raised an army and persuaded/drove Jesus' grandmother, son, and entourage westwards out of Parthia. Quite a black widow.

Ellis makes it quite clear that 'a' Jesus did exist, but was distorted almost out of recognition. The book(s) are worth a thorough read, if you want a good idea about 'unedited' history. As always, retain or reject as your intuition prompts.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. For completeness, I need to mention that Ellis is a self-proclaimed Mason. However, I find no overt agenda in his books. He is also a self-proclaimed atheist, though he believes the human race was created in a "2001, Space Odyssey" type manipulation. In addition, he has mentioned 'greys' being around in our earlier history (in an appendix to one of his books).

Anonymous said...

Harmony calms
Summertime breeze
Sweet meadow whispers
The wide open seas
A heavenly tempest
A temple of stars
Painted in golden
Grandmother chants
Infinite courses
Weaving in braids
Waves of a token
Limitless aims
Brushing in harmony
The touch of all cause
The opening essence
Of the nature of all


Anonymous said...

Sorry about these jumbled up poems today people
Will try to do better,, Neil : )

Anonymous said...

Actually lord visible can you pull that long poem,don't know how the grandmother one is but pull that aswell if it's bad,,,,
I need some of those dynamic love harmony things,,,,
Will try to get open.......Sorry neil. : )

Visible said...

Neil, I haven't the time. Maybe Sim can pick up on it.

Sim said...

Neil, you never wrote a bad poem yet...

I'm seeing the poem with the "Grandmother reference" but not seeing any long poem in these comments; anyway, "Granny" stays, it's one of your best.

If you really, really do want this "long" poem deleted, mail me at storeATlesvisible.net, include the comment link (time stamp) and I'll deal with it.

Respect (and peace)


niijii said...

Thanks V, good learning experience around here as always. I sort of feel like we drifted into "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" episode of the The Twilight Zone though.

Was gonna say I can accomplish word verification, and my comment still ain't worth sh*t, but Rob stole my line, man.

Had corn on the cob too, grilled in the husk on a wood fire, mmmm doggie.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Cheers fellows,,,, don't like that long one much at 11.42 am today,,it's jumbled,,,,if you could remove it Sim would be appreciated,,,
Grandmothers ok though,,,,,,

Respects neil

the gardener said...

Beautiful full moon Friday, beautiful Sun blow out too. I love to watch those vids with the 'filaments' flapping open and a Sun fart whooshes a big blurb.

When I start feeling discombobulated and scattered, tired out, even whiny I take a look at http://spaceweather.com and see what's happening or just to look at the pictures.

Lengthy kick ass electrical storms with rain so hard it sounded like hail. Even mama cat got up to look, scared, out the window at what was going on outside. Huge winds, full sky electrical show, minute long thunders... EEEEE HAWWWWWW!

I was told to get out and huff the negative ion enriched atmosphere after a big electrical storm full of that orgone smell. So huff I did-again and again... it smelled so wild and fresh and clean.

An armageddon this and that kind of summer storm.

Spent last night reading lengthy Psalms to a friend whose needs are like mine.

The Psalms

The Insecurity of the Wicked
A Psalm of David.



The Psalms

A Prayer for Rescue from Enemies
A Psalm of David.


Read these aloud if you please. Charged words... read them aloud before or after doing a 'shine the light' experience.

Charged words. In a charged world. {{{grins}}}

the gardener

PS- William exsminger... agreed, no deals with the devils, no truces with evil... that's how they welcome you into their insatiable maws.

PPS- RE any 'agents' in here or out there. With words being the only communication field-one has to go with ones gut... and feelings... if it does not apply-makes one do a snarled 'wtf' then I usually just move on to the next. NO ENERGIES... I'm working on not fretting on anything... ignore the negative assessments and the positive assessments as well.

Anonymous said...

"... Rule 3: Before going public, consider the chances of success in winning the public discussion. Some people confuse the act of taking on detractors with having success in taking on detractors. The primary objective for Jews should be not demonstrating Jewish dignity, but winning the public battle. It’s far better to pick your spots carefully and fight when you have a real chance of victory."

-- Forward, August 24, 2012


Ray B. said...

I see that the first half of my two-part posting did not make it here, even though it was confirmed as taken into the system. (You might see that as disagreement with its message. Or even 'confirmation'...) Here it is again. The second half is back 'up' at Sunday, September 02, 2012 10:53:00 AM.


John Rambo, August 31, 2012 3:50:00 PM

"There's not one single piece of historical evidence outside of the Illuminati created Bible that Jesus ever existed. Not one single scholar or historian from 1st century AD mentions even a single word about him."

There are good reasons for that. The historical Jesus (as opposed to the 'Biblical' Jesus) was not a pacifist, and may indeed have been part of the militant Jewish rebellion against Rome. This had to be concealed.

Author Ralph Ellis has 'teased out' details about the real Jesus through cross-referencing Saul (St. Paul) and the 1st-century historian, Josephus Flavius. Even though Ellis had written several excellent books before this, he met great resistance in getting the above material published. That in itself should be of interest to readers of these blogs.

Ellis does a virtually watertight proof that Saul and Josephus are the same person. His comparison list of the two lives (especially in the details) leaves any fair reader with no doubt. Other details from many sources corroborate the point. This is the true 'core' of the book.

Ellis states how his thinking was in his Acknowledgments page. "[This book] was intended as a joint effort on the subject of Saul-Josephus, but no agent or publisher was forthcoming and the project stalled. However, the concept still looked worthwhile, so I built it into an investigation into the entire New Testament."

With apologies to Ellis for 'reading him', this is probably what happened: Ellis did his usual excellent work, this time extending his earlier material on Saul-Josephus. The results clearly exposed some major inconsistencies in Biblical history. Various 'agents or publishers' took a look at his material, said "Oh, my God!", and either backed away slowly or ran screaming into the woods. They knew what a can of worms he was presenting them with. (Assuming no 'bad guy' freeze-out.)

Ellis was then presented with either canning the project or making it acceptable in some way. I presume that he chose to 'disguise it' by wrapping it in additional material (which DO provide much to think on). But, the really explosive and provable content remains the Saul-Josephus 'core' and the subsequent gleanings.

For anyone who allows themselves to think deeply about this, the Saul-Josephus identity should be both highly enlightening and troubling. This one man, who may have been a Roman agent since early in his career, has been responsible for much of the shaping and 'information flow' of his version of Christianity (or what Ellis calls 'Simple Judaism'). With the near-extermination of the original Jesus/James side (at the hands of the Roman legions), Saul-Josephus had a near free hand.

(Although Ellis does not speak of this, I feel that Saul-Josephus was unlikely to have been 'alone' in his later career. As Saul/Paul or Josephus, he was probably accompanied or even 'coached' on what he could speak or write. Remember, if he was not already a deep-cover Roman agent from his early days, he was a top Judaic general who had turned quisling against his own people. He was in a very vulnerable position. He was also [intentionally or not] one of the few top-level survivors of the day. If you were a Roman emperor or Roman intelligence officer, would you have failed to make use of this fabulous asset?)

(continued [above])

Anonymous said...

Vis --

When I AM the 1 seeing the number 2s in control it makes me want to wipe my ass.


Visible said...

And I am sure that everyone realizes that that has nothing to do with the christed state or station

Anonymous said...

Well, hey - that's good enough for me. Case closed. A Freemason writes a book that explains why the honest-to-god, 100%-true, intimately detailed record of Jesus-in-the-Flesh had to be scrubbed from the annals of history. Jesus wasn't made up, you see, he threatened the power structure of Rome and they eliminated all historical references to him. Well that certainly is an interesting premise. But it's far more likely that Rome never died - it just went underground, hidden beneath the mask of the Roman Catholic Church. In which case, the fabricated story of Jesus-in-the-Flesh has served them quite well, eh? It enabled them to spread their tentacles on to every continent, where they proceeded to kill and torture those who disbelieved the made-up story, while gaining incredible fortune and power in the process. You might do well to research the origin of the term "hoodwinked". This is a Masonic term. In the priesthood of Amen-Re in Ancient Egypt (which is one of the forebears of not only modern Masonry, but the Christian church as well), the priests had secret knowledge which they doled out to their flock in dribs and drabs, while wearing hoods. This is where the word "priesthood" comes from. (These priests wore hoods - thus, "priesthood".) The followers of these priests were scammed into believing that their regionally specific gods were the god of all gods. Each city had its own god - much like each city in the USA now has an NFL team that is "worshipped" by the city's inhabitants. So you have the Ancient Egyptian priesthood giving rise to Freemasonry AND the Christian church. The scam worked so well they kept it alive and it developed tentacles and offshoots. Which gives us the explanation for the origin of the Masonic term, "hoodwinked". But no, this can't be true, I read a book written by a Freemason that explains why the story of Jesus is real, and why it was scrubbed from the historical (or is that hysterical?) record. The simple explanation which I just laid out might lend itself to a person with discernment realizing that "Saul" (i.e., "St. Paul") was invented as well. It's a tight fit, when one looks at it this way. But no, case closed. Uh-huh. Jesus was real. A Freemason said so. And the Church is a fine institution. There are no conspiracies, Watergate never happened. "Got my mind right now...and I'm shakin' it here, Boss."

Ray B. said...

Vis, Sunday, September 02, 2012 11:08:00 PM

"And I am sure that everyone realizes that that has nothing to do with the christed state or station."

If your posting above was to address my twin-postings, I thoroughly agree. Regardless of how 'far' Jeshua ben Joseph progressed on his spiritual side, the "christed state or station" does exist. It is a state of awareness, not an individual. In my 'Consciousness Levels' system, it corresponds to Levels 28 through 37.

If a reader scans the historical literature impartially, he/she can pick out many individuals who show the indications of that state. That should give us 'mere mortals' some hope that we might aspire to that state in due time.

(Conversely, I strongly disagree with religions that dictate that Jeshua ben Joseph was or can be the only one of that state...)

I hope this clears everything up.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Richie (Dana) said...

I can appreciate your interest and dissemination of history. What you say here may well be true on some level. There is a possibility proposed that perhaps there are multiple times lines and that we switch between them at all times.

If that is case, then any hard evidence is subject to question. I do not intend to be critical, so please stay just a second.

All things that are "real" can only be seen with the heart. In viewing some evidence, it is a choice to see things perhaps from another level in that all hard and physical evidence may not be so important.

Right, Wrong.
Black, White.
Good, Evil.
Love, Fear.

This is the game created, called duality. There is nothing inherently wrong with this game, except for the fact that we are quite removed from our true source.

From my personal experience, I now find this all to be some sort of movie as Vis has mentioned several times. While I am one of the players, something may be going wrong. There seems to be a glitch somewhere as I refuse to play my part.

I propose that the list above does not apply to anything.

"Everything is always perfect"

Could this statement be true?
Is it possible that we all came from the One?
Would we agree that our creator makes mistakes?

I propose that he does not and just allows all to make choices and reap consequences. I do not see any wrong choices at all. I just see fellow beings choosing the path of their choice. everything will work out in the end.

Jesus happens to be one of my favorite avatars because his words resonate in my heart. I really have no strong opinion on who, what, or where these words originated. They just speak to me.

If perhaps, there was no Jesus, then the words remain regardless.

Wow, I did not mean this to be a sermon at all, so apologies.

I have not commented on Mr. Visible's work for a while and do not intend to dump on you Ray.


Visible said...

shakin it; you're not necessarily wrong either. As I've tried to point out, the truth is at right angles to everything else. The cluster fuck of not getting it on all sides is that every side sees only from that side and you need the Origami Helmet with the 360 radius. Then you get a better picture. It's just not in the shops yet. You pretty much have to desi9gn it for yourself. Try one out. They work real good and you can still shake it because the device is hands free.

marxist-socialist said...




Mouser said...


Ron Paul delegate has bullets planted in luggage when leaving RNC

THIS is where Amerika has devolved to! The alphabet soup agencies are actively lying and planting false evidence against patriot Americans opposed to wars for israel, zionist fiat money and Obomney.

God save America because ALL the status quo politicians of the red/blue one party system are corrupt and WILL sink the SS America according to zionist Rothschild international bankers plan for a NWO.

Ray B. said...

shakin' it:

I'm glad that you're a person of discernment. I discern that you danced around, set up several 'straw men', and knocked them down. Congratulations.

I was simply responding to John Rambo's statement that no historical data existed on Jesus. Some does.


Richie (Dana):

Thanks for the spiritual reply. While I agree with all that you say here (non-duality, everything's okay, etc.), I would be lying if I did not admit that those concepts are currently a 'head trip' for me. I have had many elevated experiences, but none have gone so far as to explain (in an inner knowing way) why the whole trip was necessary. I ask for this knowing frequently.

My outlook on 'life, the universe, and everything' is probably colored by my last two 'jobs'. I was an aide at a state (un)employment agency for a year, where I got to see the results of bankster and corporate rule. Now, I work part-time at a local non-profit umbrella aid organization, where I get to see (and feel) scores of truly desperate people daily. At night, I spend a fair amount of time 'feeling through' the activities of the day in order to not 'load up'. Sometimes, being an empath is not all it's cracked up to be (ironic grin)...

I understand how 'sheeple' applies, how everybody is 'learning' from their personal choices, how everyone is part of all-God, effects of karma, etc. Sometimes, it is just hard not to hate the 'being' that permits this, from an in-the-trenches standpoint. Hence, my 'plea' for fuller knowing.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the two headed zionist NWO marionet-lackey is called OBOMNEY.

And yes, Amerika you are f*cked with a ten foot donkey's d*ck by your zionist jew overlords.

"All the policies our government is following — especially the confiscation of guns — are exactly the policies followed by the genocidal Soviet Union. That country was decimated by Jews, with over 66 million native Russians destroyed — according to Solzhenitsyn — from 1917 to 1953. What Big Jewry did to the Soviet Union they’re now planning to do to us. Right here in America.

That’s why it’s so important to realize that Communism and Judaism are pretty much the same thing." - John Kaminski

Juri Lina did years of primary investigative study at libraries all over the former USSR. His careful analysis of the jewish Bolshevik genocide of white orthodox christians arrived at 150 million exterminated.

150 million christians murdered by a jewish controlled soviet government 1917 - 1953.

What do you think those millions of plastic coffins piled outside of the 200+ FEMA camps are for?

Is anybody listening?

Too good a quote to let go by said...

"Tick…tick…tick! Ooops . . . your life’s just got a bit shorter! And you’re now getting panicky. An anxiety attack is coming on. Because you know that no matter who you vote for, you’ll be voting for a Puppet President controlled by the Jews. By the warmonger neoconservative Jews salivating for new wars — dual citizens joined at the hip to that shitty little country in the Middle East built on stolen Palestinian land." 2012-09-03

Genuinely concerned said...


Anonymous said...

"Treehouse Church Closed by Communist AshkeNazi Dicksucking Non-Semitic Fake Jews in Lost Vegas"

The story by PirateNews concerns a christian church closed by 'the firemarshall'.

But it is the title of the article which caught my attention. What are zionists? Well they use parts of judaism, including the rabbi sucking the penis after circumcision, but they are not semitic, they are white from khazaria with no blood or DNA link to the land they have stolen from the Palestinians they are genociding after Rothschild's Balfour letter.

So the zionists are fake jews.

These people are mentioned in end times in the book of Revelations by Jesus:

"Those who say they are Jews, but are not, they are the synagogue of satan."

Say no more. That headline contained a huge amount of truth about zionists.

How to end the wars? said...

Rothschild's USrael/NATO is using death squad invaders against Syrians. Civilian men, women and children are prime targets. Everyone supporting peace and stability is a target.

I'd add ANY PERSON IN THE WORLD supporting peace and stability is a target for zionist Rothschild's murderers.

How to end the wars?

Answer: Stop private central banking by Rothschild zionists based on fiat and usury and the need for neverending new credit to keep the ponzi scheme going.

End zionist international fiat usury banking and 99% of the wars (of aggression) will end overnight.

Anonymous said...

I get a big chuckle out of posters who assert that freemasons are behind everything.

Keep up the good work. I could use the laughs.


Anonymous said...

Ray B., you stated that some historical proof is out there, which makes the case for Jesus actually existing. Let me provide a couple of additional tidbits here that might help a few people make up their own minds about the matter. The proof you cited was written by a Freemason. I already got into all of that, people can scroll up if they are interested in my initial premise. But let me reiterate, the proof you cited in your post was written by a Freemason. Now, this is telling given what I wrote earlier, for obvious reasons. But what's more telling is the simple math surrounding the entire "Jesus" myth. If Jesus-in-the-Flesh existed, his Superman-like deeds would have echoed across the entire planet. People would have horded his "carpentry work". His sandals would have been passed down from generation to generation. (Or as I like to ask men of the cloth, "If Jesus was real, where's his museum?") Nothing could have eliminated the truth regarding his deeds. So in the end, which is more likely - were a couple of snippets added to the modern historical record ("It's all true...I read it at the lie-brary!), to provide cover for the myth (which would certainly explain why there is so little of it to be found), or were massive swaths of the record expunged from every library and private collection and every single letter ever written, on the entire planet, and they just failed to wipe out a couple of snippets here and there? Which is more likely? Give yourself one point if you said, "The first one." The entire story of Jesus is allegory for the Sun making its way through the heavens. The Vatican is adorned with solar imagery. They rape little boys and girls for sport at the highest rungs of the ladder in all of the major religions of the world (and at the lowest rungs, to some degree, as well). Which means they know something the sheep don't know (interesting aside, note the words "flock" and "sheep" here). As above, so below. White is black and black is white. And at the highest rungs of the aforementioned religious ladders, their one true god is Lucifer, the light bearer. What does the Sun provide? Hmm. Light would be the major thing, life would be another. The story of Jesus mimics the story of over 100 other Man Gods who came before him. Many researchers have documented this ad nauseam. Gnostic Christians believed in the Christ within - they would have been horrified at the notion of a Christ-in-the-Flesh. The Roman Empire usurped the original story, altered it, stuck a Man God in the middle of it, just as many previous religions had done, and used it to conquer the planet (via the church, which they also created). No more proof is needed here, other than the fact that as they were busily spreading it around the globe, the penalty for non-believers was death. Which in itself proves the whole story was bogus. But as the wise man once said, "Religion is Santa Claus for adults." Spirituality is another matter. But the two are mutually exclusive, when you break it all down. Which the Gnostics knew all too well. This is not something that a person can get angry about, once they've considered all the evidence. Because the truth is self-evident. It will crack the fault lines of any belief system, if it is eagerly sought. And with that being said, I hope you all have a very SUN-ny day. I truly do.

Skepticfrog said...

Please read between the lines...
It goes back to some of my earlier post(s). It's again about the message and messenger. The message is Christianity, the messenger is Jesus.
The message is important, the deliverer is not (or less so).
We see (again) the usual MO of the usual perps: Discredit or "delete" the messenger in order to invalidate the message.
(Jesus did not exist).
Don't fall for this kind of mind manipulation; please learn to read intents, motives and manipulation.

I personally don't care if Jesus lived or didn't. But even the Chinese deduced (last year), in their study and research to determine the success of Europe and the West, that the single most important factor was in fact, Christianity.

It's not the church, not Jesus which are the determining factors. It's the (christian) philosophy, the moral precepts; the belief system.

There is a concerted efforts by the you know who, to destroy Christianity, as it is a moral and philosophical bedrock and underpinning of Europe and the West.
You destroy people and nations by destroying their belief system. [Hence the Communiststs' virulent anti-religious (especially anti-Chritian) stance and actual carried-out measures]
BTW: Brainwashing works with the exact same principles: i.e. destroy the existing world construct of the victim and install a new one.

Once you understand the motives and aims, it is easy to discern the steps and manipulations taken to achieve those goals. It is done by proxy: i.e. not a direct attack on Christianity, but systematic corruption of personal integrity and spiritual values, moral relativism, systemic (and relentless) attack on Churches (except Fundies) and ultimately even the denial of existence of Jesus.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

You like my Rolex, Black Widow, Kali Watch, Slim Shady?.

Anonymous said...

Thing is in the west we have been limited in Our view so much by these supermarket versions of Christ we are basically completely blind,,,,the Christ for me is that harmonic template at the origin of our heightened nature,,,everybody has it,,we just don't know how to use properly,,,,,,

The ancients it seems had a much clearer concept of things,,,,They were able to make maps and utilise in different ways,,,,,

Respects neil

neal said...

neil, I do not know how that brushed across, but you hold to it, while considering that something not to be grasped.

I think you may be seriously blessed, I hope you duck when asked.

The department of transportation has agreement, for what that is worth. Not really anything, just hidden things, to be considered, that is the same department.

Ray B. said...

shakin' it, September 03, 2012 4:55:00 PM

Thank you for the comprehensive reply. Much of what you generally speak of has been discussed in these blogs in many ways and tones. Appreciate the summary.

However: You imply that, simply because Ralph Ellis is a Freemason, FACTS that he dug up do not apply. Do you see any contradiction in this?

Ellis has carefully documented his source material. Any reader can obtain the quoted material and make their own judgments as to his conclusions. Your stance is as if a cookbook or dictionary should be thrown out because it was written by a Mason. Strange...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

On a completely different note, I guess my reply to Richie (Dana) was heard by 'someone'. Starting at 8 am and proceeding straight through until almost 4 pm, my Higher Self was working intensively on me. (I was neither hungry or thirsty during the whole 'process'.) Energy was flowing everywhere. One 'something' was added, and a different 'other thing' was lifted off. Lots was happening.

As of 6 pm, I have eaten and done house chores. I feel 'lighter', but not dramatically different. If I can tie any future unusual occurrences to this time, I will try to let you know. Just thought I should 'document' this...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Neal,,,,,, Neil

Anonymous said...

Ray B. - you made the statement, "Your stance is as if a cookbook or dictionary should be thrown out because it was written by a Mason."

A cookbook written by a Mason, I would have no problem with. A dictionary written by a Mason, I would have somewhat of a problem with. "Facts" supplied by a Freemason regarding the existence of Jesus, whose Craft forebears very likely invented the entire story to begin with, I would most definitely have a problem with...

An argument could be made that Masons did indeed supply us with all of our written words. And all of our modern historical records - including the made-up story of Jesus.

Since Ralph Ellis is a Freemason, and my initial premise was, it is likely the Masons, along with the kingpins of the Roman Empire, and other assorted sects which arose from the Priesthood of Amen-Re, made up the story of Jesus, any written words offered to the Profane (a non-Mason is referred to as one of the Profane, by members of the Craft; which is akin to Henry Kissinger referring to the non-Elite as "useless eaters"), on that subject - i.e., any "historical" work which provides "evidence" of Jesus - is automatically suspect.

It's much like the Warren Commission doing an "impartial" study regarding who killed JFK. Or the Bank of New York auditing the Fed. Or Benny Netanyahu investigating the mistreatment of the Palestinians by Israel.

I'm sure you can understand that premise here. If not, it's possible that some people who stumble upon this thread might follow the logic.

In any event, I hope you keep responding to my posts on this matter; I am enjoying our exchange of ideas and information. And your arguments are very compelling.

If we both keep posting on this matter, I have no doubt that we will continue to help wake up many people who ultimately view this thread - which is the whole point of the exercise on both our parts, I am quite certain. We are both just after the truth here, of that I have no doubt. And however we might arrive at it is irrelevant. As I'm sure you'll agree.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Guest, Montreal, July 10, 1968: [...] Is faith in God more necessary than proper protection? In other words, is this process actually more necessary?

Srila Prabhupada: Well, when one has got faith in God he must have the necessary activities. Otherwise what kind of faith it is? Just like if I say that “I have faith in you, but I don’t trust you,” what kind of faith I have got? If I say, “My dear friend, I have faith in you,” and if you want me to do something, I don’t do it, then if I say, “How can I do it?” then what kind of faith that is?

So this sort of faith is not required. Faith means real faith. So whenever there is real faith, there is activity also. That is faith. When there is real Krsna consciousness, God consciousness, then there is activity for pleasing the God. Simply I believe in God simply for exacting things from God, that is a different type of faith. That is in the lowest stage.