Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Quo Vadis Echoing in the Darkness.

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, weird is weird and strange is strange and many the twain shall meet. I can see I am getting too Frank for some people and since there is no Frank in my name, that could lead to an identity confusion. What all of this tells me, is that the pressure of the planets upon the individual psyche, is getting fairly intense. The pressure is operating equally upon the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Crunch time is around the corner and as much as I would personally advise everyone and myself, to endure and bear with the situation, well; what are the odds of that taking hold in every heart and mind? The thing is that madness is afoot and it is pushing all of the darker subconscious garbage to the surface, where we don't want to see it but do see it nevertheless.

Of course, into a climate of such confusion, comes the agents provocateurs who feed off of this kind of thing. My position is to placate and faux agitate at the same time because that is the only way I know of to get things to expeditiously reveal themselves. Sometimes acting out of character, causes characters to reveal themselves unintentionally. There's nothing like a good piss up to, get people to reveal their real intentions. Unfortunately, this can paint things in a bad light temporarily but, temporarily is the operative word. Breaking eggs to make omelets, is one of the occasional conditions that arise in the process of getting breakfast on the table.

The tension and uncertainty are palpable. Of course, this leads to anger and outbursts. Something is coming and our lack of awareness of what exactly that is, makes for a dicey emotional state. Unlike a lot of people, I have no great investment in being liked or loved, for anything other than true and lasting reasons. We're all about convenience in this day and age and that leads to a lot of superficial necessity, which we use to justify and define our value in our own minds. It's less important what others think about us than what we think about ourselves, independent of that and that is less important than what our creator thinks about us and all too often we don't know what that is. Going by our recollection of our thoughts, words and deeds, we often like and respect ourselves less than we think we do. This is why we need all that superficial recognition and reassurance.

Sometimes in the end and certainly along the way, we are often deserted by everyone and everything, when we fail to meet their needs and demands upon us. We like to tell ourselves that this will never happen but it does happen. It's hard to take. It tears apart our sense of self worth. At the same time, we don't even know who we are, so what are we basing this self worth on? Life can be very fickle. We don't like that one bit. We explain ourselves by our possessions and all those we consider to be our possessions, as well as our professions; the size of our dicks, the fading flower of our all too brief beauty, our momentary physical power, our status in the pecking order. That's a big deal. The closer we sit to some imaginary seat of power, the more we find out what we are really like, when we are called upon, or think we are called upon to defend it. Life arranges all sorts of conditions, where we think ourselves challenged, just to show us the sort of fools we are. We operate on paranoia and defensiveness. This is all about showing us how little control we have over anything. That's what aging, death, the loss of fortune, mobility and a host of other things is all about.

Some of us flourish through entire lifetimes. Especially in Kali Yuga you see monsters like Rockefeller, Kissinger and a vast list of names, go from one outrage to another, with seemingly no hindrance or opposition. These are all faithkillers for the rest of us. There's a reason for that too. There's a reason for everything. Often there is a very, very good reason. We don't get told or shown what these are, so we assume they aren't even there. We latch on to the limited knowledge and information that we possess and we use that as a template for understanding and that template is such a tiny thing placed over an incomprehensible vastness, beyond limit or measure. This is all discussed in the chapter of Ecclesiastes in the Bible. It has zero impact on the cognitively dissonant, who can read the whole thing and nod their heads in understanding and understand nothing because, otherwise, why would so many people go right back to what they were doing before they read it? How can people read so many books and have so many informing experiences and remain so unchanged? There are so many mysteries that attend the human experience and this is one of them.

We believe that we can get along with everyone and that may be true, if we are aware of who to avoid, who to keep silent with, who to tell what they want to hear ,so that we can get past them and on our way, to wherever it is that we are going and they are not, at least in the short term; “wise as serpents and harmless as doves”. There's always more though. There is so much more than what we think we know and there will always be so much more than we think we know, which is why admitting that we do not know, makes it possible for another mind to know and to inform us, at any time, of all we need to know in any given moment. A recognition of our helplessness and the imperative for surrender and reliance is job one in these times. It doesn't matter what was true or what might have been true at any other time. You are not in those times, so it is irrelevant. All the pretty words; the white suits, the new age thousand yard stare, the ridiculous religious outfits, the collection plates, the limousines and private planes, the exceptionalism, the exclusivity, the hubris and arrogance of chosen status, the endless lies, the appetite for gain, the terrible industry and crimes of self interest and on and on and on; none of these things mean anything. Nothing gained or lost by any of them means anything.

Only one thing means anything and that is who the regent is that is seated in your heart and mind. Who has the rulership of your being? To what do you owe your allegiance and to what degree? This tells the whole story of the degree to which you can be compromised, at whatever point the test for that possibility presents itself. “All have sinned and come short of the glory”. There are a lot of ways to understand that and that is the often overlooked key. All scripture has more than one meaning. All the cryptic things could well be even more cryptic and every time you think you have figured out the meaning of something, there is an equal percentage that says you might not have.

Some things can only be understood through divine revelation and via the medium of the intuition. All the study and all the powers of the intellect go only so far. These are the vanities of the mind and the uncompleted heart. We hear lies and we tell ourselves lies. They satisfy us according to the rationalizations we require to appease the self interest that we tell ourselves we do not have. “All our righteousness is as filthy rags”. These things come out of the book of those we have convinced ourselves have nothing to say but we have to remember who was saying these things and who this power was talking to. Not everyone is doing ring around the rosy with the Golden Calf.

Nothing is so fatal and misinformed than when we tell ourselves that we have all the information and that our comprehension and facts are complete. Fundamentally we do not know and until this is visceral we are running around in circles like a chicken with it's head cut off.

It is not my position to tell people they are wrong about something. It is my position to tell people that they might be wrong and not completely informed about the real meaning of things. This is not to say that I know the real meaning of things and I do not pretend to either but I do know someone who does know the meaning of things and is willing to tell me what that might be, within the narrow window of whatever applies to me personally, or whatever it is I am supposed to say and do about any of it, insofar as I am empowered to say or do anything about any of it.

Well, we've come to the end of another posting, more or less. They just go on and on and where they stop nobody knows. Everything you will ever need to know is in fables and fairy tales, if you know how to extract the meaning from them. Real meaning is often to be found in what appears to be nonsense and very often there is no meaning at all to be found in what seems reasonable and rational because our interpretation of reasonable and rational is often askew. What, after all, is rational and reasonable in an irrational and unreasonable world?

Sooner or later the dawn rises in the consciousness and that light illuminates all of the things we have been surrounded by for so long and imagined that we understood. Until that time, we are simply feeling our way in the dark with the echo of Quo Vadis, everywhere in the air around us.

End Transmission.......

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Laura said...

These three phrases stand out for me, dear Visible ~ sublime, wise and true:

Only one thing means anything and that is who the regent is that is seated in your heart and mind.

Some things can only be understood through divine revelation and via the medium of the intuition.

Sooner or later the dawn rises in the consciousness and that light illuminates all of the things we have been surrounded by for so long and imagined that we understood. 

It is lovely to feel the grace as I begin my day.


Anonymous said...

'The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it'

'Many that live deserve death. And some die that deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then be not too eager to deal out death in the name of justice, fearing for your own safety. Even the wise cannot see all ends'


Art said...

I think you are dead on. I've felt like that for quite some time in this life. I've come to the realization that I will most likely never know the whole story of this existence but I do ask the Great Spirit most everyday that if IT could see fit to show some light to little old me and while I do get glimpses from time to time my brain seems wholly inadequate to interpret said light. Having said that I think the mystery of it all has enough gravity to keep me here for a little while longer. Thanks For the blogs I read them each morning you post and I find it a interesting way to start one more spin of the top so to say.Peace

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
So many postings that were incredibly inspiring but today's take the cake and the slice with cherry on top.
Gratitude arises spontaneously and re-reading foments it to grow. Thank you.Pure poetry in prose ( or is is it prose in poetry?).
Heart - does it need to be defined? Mind - 'intellectual potency of the Soul' - direct translation from Spanish.

Indeed it has been a time of great separation between sincere seekers f truth and those who prefer to build upon much shakier sands.

As an aside, no comments from ipod or ipad seem to pass the 'robot' test, so when travelling without my computer cannot get through.

So even though the next comment is referenced about the 'cat thing' from almost a year ago - nearly dead on , only it was my ex-wife's uncle, male cat, and she at a very early age.... Many efforts at forgiveness at the sub-human- piece- of -shit.,ever spiralling in profundity, thanks again. Of course he says now that he is 'born again', no harm done- only the scars left on the psyche of the victim. Spiralling profoundness of forgiveness. Swallowing and working at the rightous rage, has taken some years, even with the 'stockholm syndrome' being applied every -which-way.
Time to re-read the posting today.
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning dew.
Shiva/Shakti Tango.......

gillman said...

A com on man

Les Visible is a pen name, be real

What is your real name?

Now you know why they are anonymous cause U are

California passes resolution that to criticize israhell
is anti-semitism hr 35 more nail.

Welcome to 1917 Russia... lover of jews

Hopefully the invisible man will show up soon
with a big stick and whack some sense into you
clowns that believe in fools gold

Visible said...

If it says Les Visible on my passport and my driers license then, what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

"Today, if you try to explain to someone how the Federal Reserve works, that person will not be able to understand you. When you get to the part about the Fed being a private business, you’ll lose him. That’s because it just doesn’t make sense and he gets brain freeze. Surely, such a scam could not be.

"Only three powerful men in the modern era have understood the concept of debt-free currency issued by the government and put that concept into action. Lincoln’s 1862 US Note, Hitler’s 1933 Reichsmark and Kennedy’s 1963 US Note.

"All three men died from gunshots to the head, one of them to avoid being captured by the Communists and tortured and hanged by American Jews. Issuing debt-free currency is the most dangerous thing a leader can do, which indicates how vital it is to our well-being. ..."

-- J.B. Campbell, "The Tribunes"

Flood said...

Enjoyed this piece. You've got some talented IN..VIS..ible friends. Great job Vis!

You are right about the nodding your head in understanding and going back to bad habits, whatever they may be. I enjoyed this piece and even found it useful and yet I am one of those people. It is an uphill battle.


Josh in North Carolina

Henry said...

These guys are GOOD! Still collecting from the 'holocaust' Control and own the USA. Allow the goy jesters in Washington to fight over a classic 'divide and rule' smoke and mirrors act. The more outrageous the better (Obama and the White Knight in his satin suit, of the mormon temple) While the obese yoks watch the next installment on CNN, while reaching for more chinese cheese-dip......

Mouser said...

Thank you Visible.

The term anti-semitic has been hijacked by the zionists.

Most jews living in israel are not semitic, they are descended from the Khazars - you can tell by the lilly white skin.

They have also hijacked the money supply of the world, the 'elected' governments of the world, and the spirituality of the world - meaning people's individual search to get right with their God.

Rothschild and the zionist international bankers have hijacked your world and that of your children and your children's children.

This is anything but okay.

Everyman said...

All you really need to know.

"The Terrible Spectre of the Dreadful Few"

written by Les Visible
narrated by Patrick Willis
video by Snordelhans

Zio-ogre fubared the last link on Youtube!

DOWNLOAD this classic truth before it disappears down the memory hole!

neal said...

Romam vado iterum crucifigi.

Again. The Empire never ended. And if that business model is endless cycling, that is OK, someone has to be led into places angels fear to tread, if only to hollow that out for the rest. Remaining wide open for that, is the one promise kept, myths are not deals.

Well, if that is waiting on empty tables, and all the white phones ring around, so be it. Service with a Smiley, as it goes.

Proof in the pudding said...

Syrian Minister Accuses Mossad of Assassinating Syrians
September 4, 2012

Source: Israel Hayom

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoebi accused Israel’s Mossad on Monday of carrying out targeted assassinations in Syria, as well as aiding the rebellion which has brought Syria to civil war.

“We found arms caches with the weapons used by the terrorists, and their source was Israel,” al-Zoebi said.

preacher said...

"Sometimes in the end and certainly along the way, we are often deserted by everyone and everything, when we fail to meet their needs and demands upon us."

Yeah, that's me and I am feeling really tired this day...

My horoscope for today:

"Seething inside

During this time it is necessary to proceed slowly and cautiously. The more thoroughly and carefully you perform any task, the more chance there is that it will succeed. This can be a very frustrating and irritating time, when all your efforts to assert yourself are blocked, more by a sense of internal inadequacy than by circumstances or other people. However, you are not likely to take negative reinforcement lying down, even if it comes from within yourself. The part of you that is struggling to break free from inhibitions will feel very angry at being held back. Consequently you are likely to be irritable and easily angered, although your inner doubts make you reluctant to show your anger openly. But no matter how you try to cover it up, everyone will be quite aware that you are seething inside."

(Thanx @Gardner)

I think this makes sense at any time. That's why I pasted it here.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

and on that final note cue Dianna Ross
♫ Do You Know
Where you're going to?
Do you like the things?
That life is showing you
Where are you going to? Do You Know" ♫

no coincidence (Neal) but where angels fear to tread was something I said 2 days ago when me and the surgeon called off an unncessesary operation (the beast (little pain thingy) there lives still though). the journey continues.

still, I need a word for the people who are primarily Jewish who are not all Jews. ZioOgre hasn't quite caught on. on that topic, as far as the Khazars go, I came across that then (8th Century AD) as now, it was Jews from Turkey (who were mercenaries par excelance) who got the state converted (as they do), but the vast bulk of the population were mere goyim. that means (correction, would mean) the elite were still, as now, primarily Jewish ( ie 'real' Jews). does it matter? yes and no. (Where's Lao Tsu?).

Anonymous said...


First Clif High's latest wujo, and then this one in quick succession sure sets the tone for the day.
Many thanks, needed that.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm a Californicator, I will not stop criticising Israel, and I will also remind anyone that calls me Anti-Semitic that Palestinians are Semetic, and Ashkenazies are not.

I've also held a ton of Ashkenazies in very high regard, and still do. Person first, labels second. I don't think very highly of genocidal psychopaths.

Also agree with the roman empire still being with us. The u.s., u.k., vatican city are the worst of last remnants of it, and hopefully the 'next Aleric' does a better job when his time is due.

Anonymous said...

"You know, something I have learned.
All we have, everyone, is the need to give each other our love. If we forget that, we lose everything that we got. Let's remember we can get out of this place alive, ok.

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Anonymous said...

They should bring out an abrogated version of the song and call it Mr Scam Man...

Scam Man, I'm so alone
Don't have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam
Mr. Scam Man, bring me a dream

Boulderdash said...

Visible: "Everything you will ever need to know is in fables and fairy tales, if you know how to extract the meaning from them. Real meaning is often to be found in what appears to be nonsense and very often there is no meaning at all to be found in what seems reasonable and rational because our interpretation of reasonable and rational is often askew."

Albert Einstein - "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

the gardener said...

Powerful place to be put back into LV...

Until one has experienced even a taste of what is read about there can be a surface connection but I have found it truly impossible to change unless I've experienced it myself. Why multi lives are necessary for a developed soul.

Many books I have read, many speakers I've listened to have spoken of things over my head spiritually. Most of the time I respected the speaker/author enough to realize that I wasn't knowledgeable or experienced enough to know of what they were relaying or teaching, and figured I'd re-read it when I was 'older'.

I remember having a Japanese Sumi teacher. She was winning awards for her calligraphy in Japan when she was FIVE YEARS OLD. Totally awe and soul inspiring watching her work as she attempted to teach us Sumi brush and ink works. We'd spend a good hour at first warming up our bodies and souls by painting big circles on newspaper.

Grinding our own ink set the stage-got us in the mood... the smell of it, the drops of water until the ink was perfect. Loading the brush ... setting the stage for opening our souls. Dropping our concrete barriers, loosening up to allow Soul to present through our brushes onto our paper through the black ink.

"Use your entire arm! your shoulder, your elbow, your wrist and your hand"... like port au bras in ballet work... learning those movements could have come through a book but once done in the physical again and again and again-the movements until the body was trained and knew what to do... like ballet. Again and again and again. Repete' again and again and again until it was a natural movement. A natural reaction to brush in hand.

In the 90s I came upon Mark, resident homeless person having an argument with someone who wasn't there. I heard Mark very dramatically exclaining around a corner of the library garden... 'you think you know...but you don't know'... 'YOU think you know...but you don't know'... He was getting louder and more emphatic with each repetition of that sentence... I was kind of worried about who he could be arguing this with and went around to see what was going on. Mark was there theatrically pacing around-Mark the best accessorized street person I've known... Standing there in long coat-rakish scarf flapping with his strides... "YOU THINK you know but you don't KNOW'... Finger pointing in exclamation! Lips tight in aggravation of explanation...

Mark was alone. Or who he was correcting, informing was not visible... to me.

He shot me a stink eye... I went away convinced that Mark could handle himself in that altercation.

"You think you know...but you don't know" ... many times since then I have used that line of Mark's. To the observable others, to my self, to the invisible ones.

It can be very enlightening and fun to re-read books that you thought you 'knew' about in times before and now you get it or see stuff that went over your head, heart and soul first time around. Repete' again and again and again until the day comes when you don't have to anymore. Your body knows what to do when the brush is in your hand. Soul takes over.

the gardener

PS-caused me to know why I like that one Alice in Chains song so much-where Layne (same BD as Vis btw) does the 'again and again and again and again and again'... followed with a lot of woot woot woos... BIG GRIN

flying cossack said...

“wise as serpents and harmless as doves”.

"A recognition of our helplessness and the imperative for surrender and reliance is job one in these times"

i am trying to understand this ... nearly 100 million people died in the 1900s without fighting back ... many shot in the back of the head while digging their own graves ... what is different now, that makes you think that passivity will work today?

or am i looking at this the wrong way ... is this some sort of "process of eternity" where if we act without evil/violence, then each of the subsequent worlds that we are born into, will be worlds with less evil ... until we are finally born into a world completely without evil

are you implying that we cannot change the world, so we musnt try ... we can only change ourselves ... and by changing ourselves, we are changing our next world


flying cossack said...

i am faily certain that submission will not change this world ... the last couple thousand years is evidence of that ... we are not the savage war mongerers that has been brainwashed into us ... what do farmers in england, or farmers in germany, or farmers in spain, care about land in palestine or russia ... they dont ... they never did ... people just want to live on their own land ... i believe history has been rewritten to make it seem that every country was in some way a conquistador ... when in reality it was only one group all along

submission has emboldened evil on this planet ... its at the point where every person has a gun pointed at their head, or is pointing a gun at someone's head ... and you are better off playing along so that its you holding the gun

i am certain it will take action to change this planet ... however, by doing so, are we not changing our eternity ... i must be doing something wrong to be born into this F%&*@$&#*@%#@$#@*

flying cossack said...

yes stevie ray vaughan, we have all learned that ... we have all learned to love satan and tolerate evil

but perhaps we need to unlearn it

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis: Have you ever given any serious thought to writing a book of memoirs? I know that you met Elvis Presley, and Charlie Manson, and were at Woodstock. I also know you were on a jet that was hijacked. And that has to be the tiny tip of the iceberg here. But your life story would make for a hell of an entertaining read. And I think people would eat it up - not to mention virtually any mainstream media publishing outfit.

Parzival said...

poet1parzival here...
Still sucked into the illusion of things I see. One might have thought that by now you would see beyond the dualism and choose the path of love over fear. Once chosen the only thing left is forgiveness. You mentioned that in one of your other postings. It's the seventy times seven thing... Anyway, in choosing love over fear, and remembering to forgive everyone that comes your way to give you the lessons you need, otherwise they don't exist, you will certainly see how imperative it is to forgive yourself for buying into the separation. Once the veil is lifted and you see that I am another way of being you are another way of being me, the Ego creations are brought to truth and right mindedness leaves ego in the dust. Forgive your brother/sister, yourself, the illusion and trust in the Great (Holy) Spirit. A treat for the mind would be a journey with 'The Disappearance of The Universe', a great read @ any time...

Anonymous said...

Salute thee Lord Visible,
not yet at the end of this Origami, but it urges me again to simply thank you - again one of your best, as was the previous one (Origami). ABSOLUTE synchronicity - all the uneasyness of these days, planets, stars, denouement - altogether. I feel very mind filthy often these days, as being unnecessarily rude sometimes, not concentrated, stressed, often more stomach oriented (body alarm?, last feeding possibilities? - don´t know really),... Hard to bear all the weakness of mine last times. It is somewhat tranquilizing at least to know that others probably feel the same way.
Be blessed and my biggest thank to you.

Now back to the rest of your last Origami.

Be well and thanks.


John Rambo said...


Let the culling begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"If it says Les Visible on my passport and my driers license then, what does that mean?"

It means you most likely have a very interesting time at airports and border crossings!

Maybe you should post a copy of your birth certificate, or something from Hawaii. It worked for Obama didn't it?

Oh, wait...yeah...maybe just a copy of a water bill or something.

I hope I meant this in good jest. If I didn't, please let me know:)
I generally like people to know clearly when I do things in bad jest.
-Andy M.

Visible said...

no harm, no foul,yeah... airport security does wonder about me. I guess they think I'm a somebody but why am I in the cheap seats? and so on. Interesting things have happened and, overall, I've been treated well.

Anonymous said...

@ John Rambo... cull-to remove rejected members from a herd... Seeing as you'd be one of the first to be removed for the overall good of the herd then I agree, bring it on...Karen T

Neko Kinoshita said...

Ah, so nice to read more Origami to help straighten out my headspace.

So much dust flying about in the cul-de-sac these last days. There is hardly time to read these posts, much less try to compose a comment that is any more than “Me too!”

All around me are those so caught in left/right and looking for more divisions. At least the kitten is occasionally showing vision. I suppose I should read her more fairy tales…

Let us just keep our perspective when we know so little.

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily,


Anonymous said...

pierre said...( to me too or to not me too ?).

flying cossack,
surrender to the Divine, not directly to the F%&*@$&#*@%#@$#@*.
if Mr D tells one in all fullness to go and kick ass or resist, then this falls under right action (I struggled with the Bhaga.Vita on this point) .
better to be reaallly sure though, which is a lifetime quest and I doubt many are in a position to cast those stones.

Anonymous said...


This morning I idly wondered whatever happened to you and if you would surface here again or perhaps you just drifted away.

Resonance abounds in these parts.


flying cossack said...

if a jewish officer tells the americans to attack the russians, and a jewish officer tells the russians to attack the americans ... we should just shoot the officers and go home

the gardener said...

I think that for the bulk of souled humans here at this time-the test is to cut all karmic cords with those whom you've experienced violent relationships or lives with in prior times.

I've known three people who said they've had soulmates who eventually in the relationships wanted to kill them. After a few of these one wonders what is going on with that crap that is not related to experiences here in this life together.

One friend who had three wives all turn on him in very dramatic and scary ways said he'd gone to a party in the 70s and a past life regressionist was there and came to him with the explanation of wth these relationships MARRIAGES were all about. All three had past life ties with him due to one or the other murdering the other. His last wife and he had 'been in WWII together as opposing military members and one killed the other'... he said he came out of that reading with a 'this life is to wrap up all intense relationship ties-like those of which murder played a part. He or thee.

So to cut the cords one has to not every involve on such a personal or intense level as taking the others life for example. Those are the ties that bind. And bind and bind.

So for the others I've encountered in my life who've experienced the same intense love and married only to have that person threatening to kill them... I'm sure it is the same thing-to escape this life without doing the dirty deeds again. Tit for tat doesn't play out well even if it might work out in this life time.

Here is a very interesting bit of history that, alas, was left out of common knowledge like so many other interesting bits of how other times worked it out for the good of the majority instead of just a few violence mongers.

About the non-usury talley system of transfer of energy... from 1100 throughout the Renaissance period when that cycle was one of brilliant and beautiful works and creation.

the gardener

PS-can disgust how much time is wasted on whatever in schools these days. So much cool history that everyone would enjoy knowing about.

Anonymous said...

stand and deliver

Thanks Joe

Song of the South


wither goest thou...

games people play

well done


flying cossack said...

zengardener, thanks for the link to that old money system ... i rejoice when i learn real history

like your karma cords example, but i think that responsibility exists in every life

if you bring a strain of evil into this world, it is your responsibility to take it out ... confessing to a third party (like a priest) and then reciting some irrelevant prayer, will not remove the strain of evil you have introduced into the world ... for if you stole from someone, do you think they care if you told a priest? ... they dont, and their world view has been corrupted and they will likely transfer your evil to someone else ... your evil strain will now propagate for eternity, until you take it out ... 3rd party confessions is one of the ways religion has been undermined

to take your strain of evil out of the world, you will have to do so practically ... if you stole from someone, you must give back what you stole, and ask "what more need i do to make this right?" ... once you have completed your real pennance, your strain of evil is no longer in the world

flying cossack said...

however, we must be careful, the real meaning to that "history" could be to subconsciously convince you that the crusades was a christian endeavour ... which they were not ... in the sense that europeans cared about the land in palestine

it would be correct in the sense that christianity is a judeo-religion manipulation ... because it is the judeos that always wanted palestine ... i dont believe europeans ever have

this is how background information mind control works ... it is an assumed reality and never put up for debate

people always ask me, how can you be so sure the crusades wasnt a european invention ... im not sure, but have you met any european that ever wanted palestine? who wants palestine now?

Ray B. said...

the gardener, September 06, 2012 6:29:00 AM

I really enjoyed the above post and wanted to thank you for it, especially about you and the Japanese Sumi teacher. Appreciated.

(Wax on, wax off... grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

So happy to hear from you. This Origami post describes the mechanisms that promote the right/left division, the crap that supports it, and how, by looking within, and to the Divine, we can rise above it. The cul-de-sac is like rural WI, just a place to physically exist while reality is at work.
Be well Neko, Rob

Anonymous said...

"I think that for the bulk of souled humans here at this time-the test is to cut all karmic cords with those whom you've experienced violent relationships or lives with in prior times."

Gardener, I want to thank you for giving me one of the most profound and meaningful insights I have received in this life. You have no idea how much this means to me. May your God shower you with blessings.

Farmer Butch

Richie (Dana) said...


I will have to say that I honor you. I see that you can see some of that big picture. (No criticism intended).

The whole thing comes down to Acceptance. I was confronted by this in a serious way, some 9 months ago when I was forbidden to do a part of my job that was extremely important to me. Once I began to accept my supposed loss, the empty space filled with thoughts of the game, duality, Love versus Fear......blah, blah, blah.

Ever notice when you are having a real hard time everyone else is having a great time? Haha.

So back to that thought....You have people who are in service to self and we all know who those are. You have others who are service to others and all of us could make a list of the "good" guys.

There is a 3rd option called Unity consciousness.

We know this is game.
We know that we are eternal beings.
We know that we cannot die ever.

To those who wish very much to play this game, any attempt to make them see some truth will be resisted. Is this not what we see today?

I have been considering that God is perfect and everything around me is perfect as well. There are others who wish to continue to play this game and I honor them as well. We are just viewing the Divine creator beings make a choice. All of us judge ourselves and God observes. I would suggest that we might do the same.


Anonymous said...

Ever read the posts on these threads sometimes, and it feels like your I.Q. goes up about 10 points? Me either...

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Once again, it is if you had me under surveillance.

You wrote " Life arranges all sorts of conditions, where we think ourselves challenged, just to show us the sort of fools we are. We operate on paranoia and defensiveness. This is all about showing us how little control we have over anything. "

Only yesterday, after a foray into the outside world, I was asking myself just those questions."Why did you react the way you did? - How in the name of heaven did my reactions fit my self-image".
My examination of my behavior came up with 'fear''.
What a lesson.
Just as you say, it is all for the purpose of demonstration.

On other matters, please pay no attention to those who try to disturb you from your work.
It is truly valuable work, and we who witness it and partake of it are grateful for it.


Anonymous said...

Ellen Brown:

'If your going to change anything you have to change the money system because controlling the money perpetuates the cartel's power.'

The control of the money enables those possessing it to wage war anytime and against anybody they want.

It is a global financial dictatorship.

Just say NO to fiat usury.

Say NO to the zionist Rothschild money cartel.

Anonymous said...

Here's why the usury system is 100% going to fail: More money is owed to the private central zionist banks than exists at any given moment because of usury. It is a mathematical impossibilty to pay back more money than exists.
Borrowing more money pushes the collapse forward.
When the borrowing and debt go into the hockey-stick graph stage, the end of the system is at hand.
We entered the exponential growth phase of the debt in 2007. The collapse has been looming since then.
It does not matter how much austerity is imposed to pay this year's debt to the private central banks, because next year an even larger amount will be owed and further austerity measures will not be possible.
At any point now the entire fiat usury system is going to grind to halt.
It is a mathematical certainty.

Richie (Dana) said...

So, it is about 2 AM and my sweet black lab just died about an hour ago. I woke up in time to say good bye and thank him for being such a good friend.
Since I consider dogs to be a gift from the Divine and always have been my best friends, this is quite hard.

May God bless Toby.


Visible said...

Ah my friend, my condolences are surely not enough. Toby or not Toby is no longer the question. His answer has come. May he ride the rainbow highway to the Dogstar, transform as he is abled and return to you again, in in a new coat.

Clarity said...

Richard, I am so sorry to hear this. Toby leaves knowing how much he was loved, and you are left with the heartache of losing a precious friend and member of the family. Look for him in your dreams until such time as you are able to be together again.

Love, prayers, and a big hug,

Anonymous said...

This is crazy, but you'll see why I'm posting it. I had a Siberian Husky whom I lost about 13 years ago. I think of her from time to time. Tonight she came to me in a dream. (Sometimes she does that.) In this dream she was "lost" - it's a recurring dream I have about her. I'm trying to find her and I will catch glimpses of her, or manage to grab her and hold for a while, but she always gets away. About 1:30 a.m. I woke up after having dreamt about her for what seemed like a long, long time. And I woke up because she had been coaxing me, right before I woke up, to "wake up and get going, get busy, time is running out". For the last five or six weeks I have been in this sort of eddying current that has trapped me and made the simplest tasks seem impossible. Had some health problems, too, but basically I hit a brick wall and had no energy and have been trying to pull myself out of it with no success. Well, that dream did the trick. I woke up, wide-eyed and fully aware of what I needed to do (get busy, basically). I am convinced it was actually my dog in that dream, and she was checking up on me and kicking my ass in gear. So, Richie, you might not be done interacting with your black lab. We go on and on, and who knows when or where we will meet again. I hope this gives you comfort. The synchronicity is quite evident; at least it was on my end, after reading your post. One of those "wow" moments.

Anonymous said...

When are you peeple gonna lern to use the language properly and capitalize and spell? You sound like what Skepticfrog said you are, a bunch of Amurkins.

Totally turns me off.

Skepticfrog said...

My condolences.
Seeing your pet die - like a family memeber - is gutwrenching. At least, you had some forewarning (not that it helps a lot when it comes).

It made me think of the 75 year old lady's dog/companion (you linked the story), killed by the police ogre-thugs with a shotgun, bleeding all over, dying slowly, painfully. I can imagine (no, I really cannot) her pain.

May you have happier days.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Be Smart as Paint..

Craig said...

Richard your news is weighing heavy on my heart. Best friends are hard to come by and even harder to lose. My thoughts and prayers are with you. What I do know is that the good times out weigh the bad when it comes to dogs.
Craig out

Ray B. said...

Richie (Dana), September 07, 2012 11:18:00 AM

I am sorry to hear about the passing of Toby. I hope it was as peaceful and painless as possible. Our hearts and love go out to you.

If I may, I would like to share a small story. Liz' and my dog died about ten years ago. He had been ailing, being old in dog years. We knew he was going to depart at any time.

One night, I had an impulse to go out to his doghouse. His 'ghost' was hovering about three feet over his still form. Looking down, I confirmed he was gone. I called Liz out to inform her, and literally ran my hands over the space where his 'ghost' was, to show her where he was 'waiting'. Then, after some emotional farewells, he was 'gone'.

I thought you might enjoy this true tale (grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, September 07, 2012 11:06:00 AM

I, too, agree with the truth that we are in the 'hockey stick' part of the curve. Sometimes, mathematical training is useful (ironic grin).

If you have not already, read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." In it, the author describes how a nation's debt is 'rolled over' into a larger, more controlling principal plus interest. Usually, the 'concessions' forced during this 'negotiation' involve 'privatizing' the nation's crown jewels of state-owned industry or mineral/oil assets. The interesr-stream to the banksters increases, plus the assets are Romney'd. "Trickle down' is more like acid rain.

I agree with, "At any point now, the entire fiat usury system is going to grind to halt. It is a mathematical certainty." In one way, that would involve a 'showdown' which would expose the banksters' apparatus. That would be good.

My worry is that the banksters would simply write off a portion of the principle to get the interest service to a barely sustainable level, force more concessions, and the whole world would end up with a true 'feudal' society. Good for the 'nobles', not so good for the 'serfs'.

My knowing is that higher interests have already sawed a leg or two off the game table. It simply hasn't started moving yet. Hope this proves true...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Richie, it's very likely Toby will show up again, as Visible prabhu said, with his/her new coat.

My dog Rikki saved my life once, right before my eyes!

I'm sure that wasn't the only time, either.

Best of health to you!

the gardener said...

ahhh Richie... awwww Toby... THEY love us so much... Imma hugging my sweet girl good enough for the both of you Richie... right now.

One of the hardest deaths I've ever gone through was the female of my first set of dogs. Probably because she suffered from liver failure, we'd go get her belly tapped and she'd be ok for another week or so... and she had been so incredibly vital and healthy... and I had just gotten her all of her shots updated so wth killed her liver like it did.

Her brother dog outlived her by four years-lots happened in that four years. Their hearts so incredibly true blue... sorry man. It's a LOSS! What they witness with our lives. No wonder Mother made them mute!!! I've had some of mine pop back up in dreams years later... even dreamed I married my first dog Max... it was a funny wedding. lol You guys will be together again... asap... I had a dream of my beloved little cat Tim... Tim came to me in a dream to visit with us-I could smell his fresh fur in that dream, saw his drooling purr...his stitched head where his ear had been removed... it was TIM... he said 'we're together for eternity... and that's a long time... I got lonely for you...came back for a visit... he lived 12 years with us. I still burst out eight years later 'I LOVE YOU TIM'... then start laughing. Be glad you were with him when he went Richie... I'm sure he was. Oh it was Ray B. who had the hovering experience...

the gardener

Richie (Dana) said...

Thank you those who recognize the passage of Toby. Perhaps dogs are just dogs, or perhaps nothing is an accident. I swear the hardest part is the acceptance.

Toby was sent to me to do a job and I admit that I am still trying to figure that out. I am lost but I do know that you are what you believe you are.

Is everything always perfect?
That is my challenge.

To my very good friend Toby.
Now that you are gone, perhaps I can begin to see what is valuable.


Anonymous said...

I know you know that when you cannonball into the deep end of the lake of fire, observers are going to get splashed and hiss and spit and spew and growl. Others are going to jum to conclusions. People are jumpy in 2008.

Al Symers

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Al Symers, Ha!Ha!
That's a hot one!

I once worked in a pig iron foundry! It's 3000 degrees but in truth is about 1500 when it hits you and sticks. (haha)

Malleable University we called it because a lot of guys done graduated out of there. Most by lunch the first day.

Some know what I say and some don't.

We joke about that kind of stuff because we all (still have) molten tattoos as a 'hot one ain't it' initiation from such hard and yeah it really hurts but the pay is great labor.

I think it was well worth it.

Much like Visible prabhu I had a lot of jobs, some pretty good jobs.



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