Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fish in the Ocean and the Monkey Mind

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First off let me share a lovely photograph of a banker as they really look. No need to wait and put it in later and kill the mood, if there is one... Well everything has mood and tone. Using tone with another meaning, we see a connection to the concept that everything has vibration. Sound underlies and permeates all that is. That's the reason for the image of Shiva's drum. Om is a resonating harmonic. I'm guessing that if all you did was chant that at every opportunity, you would be well on your way to that state, which is the true objective of life. The essence of personal tragedy is not to know that there is a true objective of life. You can pretty much hang the blame for everything on that. Study your mind in the aftermath and notice how it goes, “Yeah, that's true” then the mind just saunters right on its way with the usual business. Interesting?

This is the thing. We know that there is a true objective to life. However, the magnetism of everything else, subverts the mind and makes it the plaything of external interests. That's the point of why there is a Devil but this Devil is only the Devil, so long as the external is predominant in the monkey mind. Why is the mind called a monkey and what has that to do with Hanuman being Krishna's most loyal servant? As previously stated, the Devil is an employee of The Divine. Why would there be “lead us not into temptation” in The Lord's Prayer, if God did not tempt us into things that were not in our best interest? Since The Divine does not directly engage in this, there must be someone who handles that department. Then there must be a reason, other than simple malice. One might say that the mind is the Devil's chief instrument and herein lies the key to that phrase, concerning the mind being your worst enemy and also potentially your best friend.

We have things upside down and this makes us constant victims of circumstance. When one is in a state of utter reliance upon the divine, everything runs as smooth as glass, after the initial bump and grind of the docking maneuver. Of course, this can go on for some time. Let us look at ourselves as fish in the ocean because we are very much like that in many respects. Let us look at the ocean as the medium in which existence takes place. Under ordinary circumstances, a fish out of water is a dead fish pretty quickly. You can ponder this on your own and consider ideas like being 'dead to this world'. You can consider the image presented by a teacher whose name I can't remember; nobody important (grin). He said that your desire to come into the presence of God should be like that of a man holding his breath under water, until the need for oxygen is the single most overpowering thought in his mind. I've never liked that image. It seems so extreme, as if no one could possibly feel like that, or rather that I find it hard to imagine that I could be like that, although I will say that my drive to come into the presence is greater than anything else and I think that is the key. It just has to be stronger and more intense than everything else. In fact, if everything else meant nothing then it might not take much effort at all.

Back to the ocean; the culture of the ocean is that a great many fish swim in schools. We probably never think too much about why they are called 'schools'. Is it just something like a murder of crows? You see these fish suddenly shift direction all at the same time, much as you do with large groups of birds on the wing. These schools of fish are completely subjective to the planetary influences, which are the component gears in the cosmic watch, which tells you both time and destiny. Then you have all kinds of fish that are more solitary or even when they are in packs, like sharks, still operate independently. A shark can never stop swimming or it will die. They are very prehistoric. There are a lot of sharks in the ocean and plenty of them in our ocean.

There are the bottom feeders, like lobsters, shrimps and crabs, which are among the tastiest things in the ocean. Shellfish are similarly inclined, according to dietary preferences. Why do garbage eaters taste so good? Then you've got your Manta Rays and Moray eels. One hides in the sand and one hides in holes in the coral reefs. If you happen to be standing near by when a large Manta Ray comes out of the sand, it can be a startling event.

There's that thing called The Rapture of the Deep and we can certainly say that in our ocean many people are deeply mesmerized by their surroundings and it's contents. Then there are things like Buck Fever and Gold Fever. One can look at the effect of passion and romance on the blood and the way it affects the brain and makes everything look different than it actually is or, in the case of the object of the affections, different than it appears to anyone else. Most of the time the bloom goes off of the rose and in the case of the things of this world, the bloom goes off of everything eventually. One should make it a point to visit some old folk's homes sometimes and study the people there. Get a feel for what is in their eyes and consider that this is a general thing for most people. Then you see the exceptions and in most cases they display a childlike persona. They are also alert and energized.

The nearer presence of God, confers energy all through the life. The power of Love is infinitely variable and a mystery to most people. One might say it remains a mystery for everyone because no one has ever plumbed the heights and depths of Love; no one. 'Those who love much are forgiven much'. That is a phrase that deserves serious contemplation. There are so many things that come to our attention, which are of great significance, but we just let it pass us by.

Water, like ether, is a medium for vibration and there are currents of sound that move through them. Some of these currents are life transforming and sustaining. Some of them are immortal and so are those who swim there.

Then there are the dolphins and the whales. The dolphins are special creatures and a wonder and a joy to be around. Words fail me. When I was going through that serious period, which stretched across a period of about two months, in Italy, a couple of years ago, the dolphins showed up in my hyper-reality and it was a very festive occasion. I came very close to death several times during this period and it is times like those when the heart and mind can be very receptive to certain impulses and see things not generally visible. Being Visible however, might give me a leg up (grin).

The reason I bring up the ocean and the fish is to show that there are analogies all around us. There are people who call themselves atheists and who are dead (grin) certain that there is no God. It is quite true that the God they don't believe in does not exist. I am in full agreement with them. On the other hand, the evidence for the existence of the God that does exist is everywhere, concealed in everything. This thing called God, which physicists have proven the existence of, with their discovery that everything is thought born and created out of mindstuff well... if you study the thing it becomes evident what the implications are. This entity called God make everything out of its own body. It's consciousness permeates everything in some fashion and it is also apart from it's creation as a Supreme Personality. This being has 3 main aspects and a host of other expressions such as archetypes and what have you. What have you? What has you?

So, let us say that a particular fish is swimming in the ocean and God is fishing. Maybe there's a connection to that Big Fisherman thing and being “fishers of men”. So this particular fish takes the bait on the hook and gets hooked. Now, depending on the fish, it might get hauled right into the boat, or it might take awhile to land it, if it's something like a swordfish or a Marlin. In any case, the hook is permanently affixed and it's only a matter of time before the fish tires of the fruitless flight and resistance. Eventually the fish gets too tired to be able to fight the pull. It's just a matter of time. I'm one of those hooked fish and... I suspect of the swordfish or Marlin variety. One doesn't want to fight but sometimes it is your nature and God likes the struggle. For some reason he's more impressed when he has to go through a lot of trouble (grin). As a living saint once told me, “No, not you, you fight and fight and fight and when you can fight no longer, then you surrender”. I had asked him about surrendering.

The highway of life can be a real monster of a course and sometimes perseverance and endurance are the only tools we have. I never thought it would be so incredibly hard. I thought it would even out at some point but I guess that's just how it is and one never knows what the next moment will bring. Hope is the last thing to die.

Somehow we find our way but it is ever so much better to find someone who knows the way. I've always believed that you can learn all kinds of things about how the world operates and be really successful at what's possible here but be entirely clueless about the landscape of your next location. That is the thing I have never understood about the human race. Your time here is temporary. All the power, sex and money games, are pointless exercises in futility, especially given your next role, in relation to the role presently screening. It would behoove one far more to learn about that unknown kingdom to which we all are bound and the varieties thereof. Familiarity eliminates fear and fear itself is often a more dreadful liability than that which is feared. Understanding something and how it works, grants one power over it's operation in respect of you. As Lao Tzu said, “There is a man so sure of his inland path that no tiger may claw him and no bull gore him. Why? Because he has no death to die”. “Cautious as a wayfarer, crossing an icy stream”. It's funny, when you put that last sentence into Google, two Visible Origami's come up and no one else quoting it. That's how many people read “The Way of Life”, translated by Witter Bynner. In the original Chinese, each sutra rhymes and so he sought to capture that. There are dozens of translations but none come as close to the clarity of this version.

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(I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Clarity and Sim for putting that birthday page together for me. That was really sweet and the expected tears did flow, which was probably the intention (grin). I had a veritable beast of a morning, with all sorts of things not showing up and all sorts of things getting bent out of shape; technical things and such. I must say, running across that page when I did was totally out of left field, although I knew those two were up to something last week. I could feel it. There's nothing special going on today. I was going to go to to this wonderful bath nearby for the sauna, steam and mineral hot tub but that is now put off for a later date. I will have a dinner tonight, with a single friend in attendance and the residents of the household. I'm making Eggplant Parmesan, Caesar salad and garlic baguette. There will be no cake, I don't much like birthday cakes. I never have. Thank you all for the splendid messages. They seriously warmed my heart. A lot of my time was taken up just thanking people over at Facebook. I was afraid it wasn't going to stop (grin), now I'm afraid to go back there. If I missed thanking you; about half a dozen of the messages got disappeared due to computer possession, then let me thank you here. I can't say anymore than Thank You! Words never have been adequate for that kind of thing.)


niijii said...

Visible, your writings are always a good trip and this one hit in a very special way.

THANK YOU beyond words for sharing your gift on your birthday.

the gardener said...

Did you know you share your birthdate with Dorothy Parker? tee hee

I've noticed the parallel of fishing and sociopaths before but your writing today really brings it home.
'First the fish has to take the bait...'... then the fisherman can reel you in and let you back out-end results with fishermen and sociopaths is the food source is exhausted... then it's either into the net or left to die without oxygen somewhere.

This Pisces Monkey loved your post.

Hey! Sun @29 LEO-changing signs into Virgo asap and MARS @29 Libra going into SCORPIO... big big changes of energies... Out of fixed and cardinal into Mutable and Fixed... Fixed Scorpio Martians yessssssssssssssssss

the gardener

Clarity said...

*Repost from Petri Dish

A little birdie told me that today was your birthday, Visible! Or... maybe you mentioned that in the August 14th Petri Dish?

Whatever the case may be, there are many people here who appreciate you and want your birthday to be a special one. I was hoping that before you get started with whatever you have planned for today, you might stop by this page where something special awaits you.

Some of your elves have been busy trying to contact your regular visitors and friends from around the net. Unfortunately, the gremlins and Zio-Ogres have been out in full force, thwarting efforts made to get in touch with people via Fakebook and Google Friend Connect.

I imagine you have a full day of celebrating planned but I hope you can pop in and revisit the page later in the day when you get a chance. While you are off partying, your friends will be visiting your birthday page. The elves want everyone to join in, and they left a message with instructions for those who could not be reached earlier. The page will be updated periodically, so when you return there will be more to see.

I know I am not only speaking for myself when I say that I hope your birthday is everything you could wish for.

Happy Birthday!


preacher said...

Another great read Vis!
Did you know that 'vis' in Dutch means 'fish'?
I wish I knew in which direction the Great fisherman wants me to go, because I'm really tired of fighting now...

Happy Birthday!

Underworld - Cowgirl (Bedrock Mix) Full 12 Mins

nina said...

I have not even read your post yet, I will, of course, but first I send you BIRTHDAY GREETINGS. May you have a long and happy life and a very special, beautifully psychedelic day full of multitudes of joys, big and small. XO love, nina

Anonymous said...

"it is quite true that the god they don't believe in does not exist."

pretzel logic works for me.

to the therapist it's control issues. to the financially disenfranchized it's greed. to the denominational it's justification of choice.

the existence of the 'devil', at a minimum, suggests the converse. at best it serves as a prime example of the heartset to which one might not wish to aspire.

to each his own ... and in their own time.

Anonymous said...

The in Germany very well-known song Mit 66 Jahren (by Udo Jürgens) describes a kind of childlike persona you were talking about at roughly your age.
Happy birthday to you!


Terrance said...

Happy B-day Visible....good on you!

Ray B. said...


A most hearty Birth Day salute to you! (Raises cup...) May all-God grant you your deepest wishes!

Much Love,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Vis. Not much to add to that right now except general appreciation for your continued efforts to call it as you see it and let the Devil take the hindmost.

From a Virgo in the Northwoods to one less Visible in the heart of MittelEuropa comes the realization that Virgos as a type tend to be very driven characters ~ in my own case driven to get on outdoors and with another stonework landscaping meditation project and bits of interaction with a dynamic garden season. All the best.

preacher said...

Euhm, there seems to be a one dollar sign behind my name on the birthday page?
Thanx for your great work by the way!

McKenna Fan said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Dagnabbit Viz: now i'm confuzed. I have read that desire is the sticky web that entangles us in the material; that "freedom from ALL desire" opens the portal to the divine. Therefore a aching desire to be with the divine creates further entanglement & keeps the portal closed?
Happy Birthday!

Visible said...

Thank you all and... as it so happens I am a Leo, albeit but 5 planets also in that sign adds something.

I'm quite worn out from this day so I will try to attend to all the communications on the morrow. Guten nacht.

Sim said...

Hi Preacher

Thanks for your kindness... that $1.00 by your name... my bad. That $1.00 tag is there by default, and in your case, I forgot to make it zero.

It's now fixed!

Sim said...

LOL, go to bed Vis!

Ben said...

Much love to you and happy birthday.

This Origami resonated off the charts with me. Thank you.

Jesus frequently used the analogy of men (mankind) being "drawn" to God... in our culture we don't realize that Jesus was using the same word that fishermen would use when "drawing" fish to them via a net. Your analogy was more precise... "more Visable".

preacher said...

Thanx Sim!
I know how complex it can get.

Another present ;) :

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland

Rob in WI said...

Fellow Dolphin lovers, an interesting story,
Was electrician at an amusement park that had a Dolphin show. Was working on the PA, after everyone was gone, (wireless MICs were new and needed much attention). Was walking around the pool, checking sound, when a Dolphin flips a basketball onto the deck. What the hell; threw it in and he made a basket, (one of the tricks), and flipped the ball back on the deck. So, I tossed it in again, another basket, ball on the deck. Third time, he pushed the ball to the edge of the pool, and when I reached for the ball, he grabbed my wrist, not painful, but if pulled back, would loose some flesh. Thought he was going to pull me in. He shot me one powerful, but non-threatening, telepathic message; "Where's my fish?", then released me and tailwalked back ten meters and dived, laughing as Dolphins do. They are truly fascinating.
Be well all, Rob

preacher said...

And another one...

Tom Waits - "Hell Broke Luce"

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,

die besten Wuensche zu Deinem Geburstag, wenn auch ein wenig verspaetet.... Moegest Du auch in Zunkunft das fuehrende Licht Deiner Leser bleiben.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for once again posting about how to basically "let go and let God". I need to be reminded all the time that this must be my mission in life, now more than ever. The simplest, yet most difficult thing for me to do is to rely on the divine, but to do otherwise always spells disaster.

Have a fabulous birthday and may God bestow many blessings on you!

Ellie Bellie

Patrick V1.2 said...

As you always pray it's so in the day. You ask for the qualities that make you true. They come from the one we always knew.

Happy birthday I love you lord.

Patrick V1.2 said...

I Know you don't usually watch videos from the peons but you better fuckin watch this one and the view count and the comments. Shit is happening.

The unwashed Code

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I'm coming in very late and now the day has past but it was nice to read that the plans for your birthday evening would end your day better than it began. Anyway, as is obvious from the comments and the surprise audio greetings, you play a very special part in the lives of very many people. That includes me, even though I let the muddle of my own bad day make me miss sending you birthday greetings on time. So may this day after your birthday and all the coming days be good ones for you Vis. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and your music with us.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday lord visible

Sunlights compassionate
Humanity's gaze
Divine living truth
Unitys place
Words like butterfly's
Rare is the heart
Deep are the ways
Long is the path
Lasting infinate
Planting the seeds
Pulling the mind
On the arms of the breeze
Wholeness vitality
The place that is home
In the heart of compassion
Where humanity roam


Visible said...

Patrick, when have I referred to whoever it is you are referring to as peons? As I have often explained but which, I'm guessing has been as much of a waste of time as tying to keep people informed of what to do when Zio-Blogger prevents them from commenting, is that I receive large amounts of links to articles, videos and broadcasts that I just don't have the physical time to consider. If I stop everything else that I'm doing it might be possible and that's under consideration to, though not for that purpose.

neal said...

When I was like five years old the family went to Seaworld. Shamu, the Orca, really wanted me, in a good way, so the His pet trainer let me climb inside his mouth and sit awhile.

Respect and Love will aquire a front row seat, the view is something to try to share, even if that seems like a backseat.

I do not know how innocent faith can be twisted into conditional trust, then suspicion, then weaponization.

That is really spinning into realms that are not wise, I think.

Anonymous said...

pierre said

"Did you know that 'vis' in Dutch means 'fish'?"

so "Hasta La Vista" means "so long and thanks for all the fish" (ta is slang for thanks), as Douglas Adams had the Dolphins sings as they left this somewhat sad planet. It all makes sense now, apart from the no-Lunacy conundrum.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

The, Hang the Banker's Christmas Tree Ornament.



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