Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Endless Pageantry Across the Face of Inflexible Space.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The levels of absurdity keeps going up and what the mobsters at the top of the landfill don't get, is that it is set to backfire on them soon. They're putting people in jail now for comedy. There are two different reports that I came across in relation to this. One of them is here. The other one is here. The thought and speech control over the world has reached an insufferable point and the comments that follow this video demonstrate how the majority of the viewers and respondents think about it.

The most difficult thing about comprehending that revolution is on the doorstep is the stretched and tortured appearance of normality, passing in front of the eyes reach, as if to confirm that all the trembling subconscious tensions are simply a personal fantasy, generated by one's inability to integrate with the conflicting reports of the senses. On the one hand, everything just putt putts along on the surface, while beneath the surface, the reports of the senses are translated according to a deeper logic because that which is below the surface is closer to actual truth than that which prances about on the perpetually deconstructing stage of manifest life, as it breaks down and reinvents itself with every day.

Certain aspects of reality definition are in the hands of different generations for set periods, until those aspects are taken over by a following generation, until that one is mulched into whatever phase it passes into and each of them go through all of these stages in their cycling... coming out of seemingly nowhere and then disappearing into the same but in a different fashion. We each come here, in our turn, to demonstrate whatever it is we came here to demonstrate and then are followed by the next and the next and the next. Past generations decompose like dead leaves under the pressing cover of dead leaves, under the pressing cover of yet more dead leaves. Every turn of the seasons brings more dead leaves and they burn at the bottom level with a special kind of fire, as they are returned to the same elementary composition they were formed out of to begin with.

The human heart and mind are contained within the inflexible routines of this process and regardless of all protestations and momentary defiance of it, they submit regardless. This is the cardinal feature of existence that everyone ought to get and ought to be profoundly aware of but most are not and it often dawns on them in a horror of futility, as the inescapable unknown begins to loom upon them.

Of course there are a multitude of options available to all but the amount of time and industry, invested in other options, varies widely and the greater the press of materialism, the more unlikely that wonderful possibilities are left unexplored and one remains in the grip of the huge cosmic gears that churn on relentlessly.

It takes a unique and truly fortunate awareness to see beyond the endless twisting of the material kaleidoscope, to the source of the light that is responsible for all of those colors in the first place. Most lives are uniformly pedestrian and don't want to be otherwise. Is it a matter of choice that this is so, or is it something impressed upon them that they submit to without reflection or understanding?

They compose the large mob of the willing ...and all the true believers seduced into one construct or another. They compose the canon fodder ...and the millions that scurry about in offices and restaurants, down the sidewalks and across the farms and plantations, in and around the factories and foundries, to the kneeling sleep ...before any number of altars designed to represent some litany of faith in something incomprehensible to them but which is defined in myth and legend, allegory and fable. Some measure of them bear similarities to one another and some measure seem to exist in defiance to this shared similarity in the rest. All of them have been disfigured over time, until the useful elements are obscured or rendered useless.

Certain minds that are aware of this, purport that this is an indication that it's all bullshit, constructed to delude the masses and to separate them from their coin. It proves quite the contrary to me but everything in life proves to me that there is a divine presence and that the whole point of life is to come into contact with it and that everything else is just a waste of time or a series of experience designed to show us we don't know much of anything and to provoke us toward a curiosity about the rarefied planes and the blessed realms.

Most of the time, life goes through one form of pageantry or another and acquires titles like The Age of Reason, The Enlightenment, The Dark Ages, The Industrial Revolution and so on. These are theaters of time, where the unseen builders construct the stage and the play takes place and then the unseen builders come around and dismantle the stage and then move on to some other location and construct the next stage, usually a series of them, so that whatever is coming can leapfrog through continuums of influence, as is always the case when the next thing emerges and spreads around the globe to be integrated in the general synthesis of things. None of it has any real meaning except for the lessons learned and the historical record, which one would hope might impinge upon the general consciousness in a positive way ...but which is shaped according to the will of the manipulators to tell a tale very different from what actually happened.

One can well ask, “What is the point of it all then?” That is what we are left with to figure out, or to have revealed to us, should we have been fortunate enough to cultivate or acquire a relationship with someone that makes it possible. It is my belief that this is the critical necessity in life; to meet someone remarkable and to have them take us under their wing. Of course, we all have a guardian angel; after a fashion and the presence and the force is different for each of us. It is one thing to have a guardian and another to have a relationship with that guardian; something other than just a perfunctory shuffling of situations designed to bring about moments of potential epiphany, which may or may not occur, especially under the suffocating cloak of materialism which surrounds us on all sides. This is why grace is all important. It is grace that weaves the necessary serendipity that brings us to a pass where we are fully empowered to take advantage of what is possible for us, rather than what is predictable at any point. What is predictable is the turning of those massive cosmic gears and someone is always going to win the lottery after every turn of the wheel but the majority will have to comfort themselves with the long haul of life following life, until their numbers come up.

It doesn't have to be this way and singular souls have demonstrated this in every period of time, in every country, sooner or later. It is possible to hothouse your evolution through unwavering focus and unshakable determination, through unbending faith and an unwavering certitude. This degree of effort does not go unnoticed where it counts. It is not the appreciation or approbation of your fellows that counts, unless your fellows, at least one, anyway, are members of a high plane of awareness. What counts is to get the attention of those who can really help you in the most important ways and that does not mean something along the lines of getting you a position in a high profile investment bank, or securing a recording contract with Vampire Records. It doesn't mean engineering a massive bank loan or bringing you into a level of society, where you can marry some soulless debutante, whose father is going to grease the wheels for your slide into perdition.

Just as it is who you know that counts on the material plane, the same rule applies in the planes above. If the right personnel take notice of you, then despite all the appearances of trial and suffering you might pass through, you are golden. You are slipstreamed into realms beyond imagining... depending on you meeting the criteria as you go … but even this is handled in the approach. The greatest of good fortune is meeting the remarkable among us and having all confusion and doubt removed from the levels where they can do the most harm. This is not to say some measure of these will not come and go in your journey ...but you will know it is only clouds passing across the face of the sun and you will know that the sun is always shining, whether you can see it or not.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Materialism! The biggest ball and chain of all. Perhaps rivalled by egomania. I dunno. The latter's caused me some major issue, the first, not really.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "On the one hand, everything just putt putts along on the surface, while beneath the surface, the reports of the senses are translated according to a deeper logic..."

I kind of wonder if the ineffable / Mr. Apocalypse is shooting (pun) for a quiet transition. All three "The Book" religions are into a great apocalyptic event with plenty of blood & gore and misery, before the arrival of some Messianic figure. The first part, at least, never made sense to me. Too melodramatic. I always leaned to the 'house renovation' scenario: Plenty of hustle and bustle for a time, a lot unseen but heard, and then the house looks pretty much the same but is 'sound' in all the important places...
Vis: "Certain aspects of reality definition are in the hands of different generations for set periods, until those aspects are taken over by a following generation..."

In a simplistic way, I wonder if that is what is going-on in the current US election cycle?

From an emotional/spiritual point of view, the fall of the USSR could be taken as simply the aging-out of the traumatized WWII generation and the lack of warfare on their soil since then. This allowed the younger generations to put their heads up, look around, and ask themselves if they liked their current system. They didn't.

Note that the US population has not gone-through this 'reevaluation' process, possibly because of the continuing micro-wars since then. However, the WWII generation (and their fears) is about gone. The micro-wars are seen as more and more unpalatable by the younger generations, most of whom have not been 'in' the micro-wars by definition. So, the US is set-up for a long-overdue 'reevaluation' of the WWII-viewpoint system. Perhaps, this is what is really 'under' the turmoil of this election process...
Vis: "Most lives are uniformly pedestrian and don't want to be otherwise. Is it a matter of choice that this is so, or is it something impressed upon them that they submit to without reflection or understanding?"

I see it as an unconscious recognition of the pain they would go through if they 'woke up'. (As individuals.) Shunning. Social isolation. Belittling. Even physical danger, if they prove to be popular. Some people recognize this aspect and still go on; the majority cannot shoulder this burden and take the blue pill...

(That is why I believe species-wide 'changes' are happening, below the ego. Sooner or later, it will be more painful [species-wide] to stay asleep than it will be to awaken. Then, wow.)
Vis: "Just as it is who you know that counts on the material plane, the same rule applies in the planes above."

Is this a case of "As Below, So Above"? (grin) Seriously, your last few paragraphs are so 'golden' (and true) that they should be reread a few times by everyone. Kudos.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

edward said...

Profound, Mr. V. A high water mark in your own revelations of the schematic.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

very good, very good, I read the paragraphs twice (even though I half got them the first time).

cuing The Doors Jim Morrison (That would be Johnathon Moses wouldnt it?) "we are stoned immaculate", though his daddy started the vietnem war and he thought himself a Lizard King.

better Warren Zevon, "even a dog can shake hands"... or do a Heel Hitler! Bachtung? Pawn Free? Mine Furrer?
SwatsLicker? KayNein? Evacua Brown?

this guy is way ahead of me in the game.. you can dig some here, it was mostly a subscriber thing though.

I thought he was very much on the level (Brother) as the link RayB gave us for the ISIS comment in that other blog, similar standard.

and for the want of anything better these days I am starting on Dave Allen At Large for superb comedy.

thomas said...

You've been putting out some really excellent posts lately (everyone single one of them, in fact!), Vis, but this one is special, somehow, touching (at least me) in some indefinable way. Really beautiful, and, might sound curious, sober. Sounds like the Divine gave you a peek into the machine room. At least one artist lives! Hallelujah!

Thanks Visible :) you rock and roll.

Anonymous said...

wow ...Les...Your inspirations are being delivered right on tyme for me..
thank you so much .

was it
Mickey Mantle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Yogi Berra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

that hit it OUT OF THE PARK!

yogi get my vote with
"It gets late here early"

the power of one so lies to the masses

unification of disparate thoughts from unlikely place.

Re: Gravitational Limit

BCii said...

I want to thank Scarlett for her touching comment at the latest SM. Also to express my appreciation once again for Visible's top-notch work of late. So many awesome people here . . . thank you all!

I had a most odd dream last night. The milieu was dystopian, a Red China flavour. There was an Artist that everyone was all hung up about. No one knew where or who he or she was. The authorities were putting pressure on everyone to help find this person. There was a sense of silent admiration toward this heroic individual who stood up to tyranny and dared to express the human spirit. I was minding my own business, riding shotgun in a van going down a city street, and this young, Asian-looking woman about thirty was coming up on the sidewalk. She looked very anxious and concerned. She indicated that she wanted to speak with me, so we stopped and I leaned out the window.

"Do you know where the Artist is?" she asked. Very direct, pregnant with significance. What to say? I felt and knew that my fate and that of the world hung in the balance. Neither path appealed to me: the cowardly lie would lead to lockdown and tragedy, while the brazen truth would lead to who knew what - an unknown and unknowable future, a very risky path of full responsibility.

"I don't know," I said in trepidation. Deep in my mind, I was saying "I don't want to know" because of what it might mean if I knew.

Instantly, the landscape bled from red to blue, like a stain spreading through cloth. I saw a vision of the future with hundreds of abandoned cars stacked up in several metres of water under a moonlit sky. Society was a post-apocalyptic skeleton of what it had been.

I was left hanging with the knowledge that the choice was still mine to make. I could step up, recognize and unleash the Artist within me, of whom the famed anonymous person was an outward symbol, or I could seek refuge in the familiar, well-worn patterns of limitation and condemn my world to a living death.

Haunting stuff. . . .

Anonymous said...

sorry the link did not post
unification of disparate thoughts from unlikely place.

Re: Gravitational Limit


Ray B. said...

BCii / William, far be it for me to interpret your dream, but... (grin)

I can't help but notice the red/blue theme. I am sure you remember the famous red pill/blue pill 'choice' in the original "Matrix" movie. Gulp.

Contemplate that "Instantly, the landscape bled from red to blue", right after:
"I don't know," I said in trepidation. Deep in my mind, I was saying "I don't want to know" because of what it might mean if I knew.

For me at least, your hopes/fears were emerging within a "Matrix" matrix...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Lately your postings have been interstellar and sheer genius. This one is so clear and complex at the same time. I have never seen the like. Bravo!!! It is a real pleasure to come here.

BCii said...

Ray B.,

Definitely, that was the first thing that came to my mind as well. (grin)

My understanding is that these themes are bursting forth out of the collective subconscious, timed and driven by cosmic imperative. Those of us who resonate with the coming change are getting "nudged" and "pulled" like this on a more conscious level. It's quite an exhilarating ride once enough fear and resistance break down. I was shown here the hesitation and uncertainty that still seem to hold me back from committing one hundred percent to my "dharma." The separate ego identity doesn't go gently into that good night. It sees the barriers it has put up as being for its protection, while spirit is bound and determined to undo that "safe, comfortable" ignorance for the good of all.

Remember: fear is illusion. Go deep enough into what is and its solidity evaporates, becoming the merest of smoky veils. We need not even fear the ego and its stupid tricks, for its time and power are borrowed from the Real. We need only withdraw our investments in the Bank of Illusions and place it in the God Trust. The whole world will reap the benefits of our true alignment with what we are.

torus said...

Greetings. Why do I smell the stench of shitty Scot whiskey emanating from that Pugly Fucktard in the first video? A typical "SJW" type, with the ear jewellery to confirm it. You'll probably say, 'that's not the point, his arrest is', and I get that. However, he falls right into obeisance and apologizes to his communist oppressors. He couldn't see the reaction and accusations of antisemitism coming? Probably not, as I imagine the fermented piss of Murder Inc has him firmly in its glass cage.
Let's rearrange those deck chairs some more, shall we.

Kazz said...


BCii - "I was left hanging with the knowledge that the choice was still mine to make. I could step up, recognize and unleash the Artist within me, of whom the famed anonymous person was an outward symbol, or I could seek refuge in the familiar, well-worn patterns of limitation and condemn my world to a living death."

The way I see it we are all that artist BCii. The realm in which we live is our canvas. This world will not be saved by one person but by a multitude who choose the correct path. I feel those who are in positions that give them more pull will have a larger role to play and therefore they will have the hardest choices to make. Simply by being where they are in this life they have put their selves into this position. The politicians who are giving the go ahead to destroy rivers and farmland are the one's who will be accountable for that choice, not the farmer who loses his livelihood as a result of that politician's choice. If this were not so then we would blame the victim of a shooting for not getting out of the way of the bullet, but we don't, we hold the person who shot the gun accountable, which is only common sense. At the end of WWII many of the german troops used the defence that they were simply following orders, but the outcome to the Nuremberg trial was that each of us has a higher duty to humanity than we do to any superior, so if we are told to do something that harms others and we do it, that is our choice and therefore our responsibility.

It is not my job to make others do what I think they should do, or for that matter hold them accountable for what they do, that is God's territory. My job is to make sure that I am not harming anyone, I am not poisoning people's water, I am not forcing people to eat GM foods, I am not lacing vaccinations with toxins, I am not stealing from people etc. The people who are doing these things are the one's who will have to answer for their actions, not me.

What I have noticed is that when I put my time, attention and energy into trying to deal with what is going on in the outside world, or what I perceive to be going on, all I do is harm myself and the people I am meant to care for, because my energy is focused on things I have no control over rather than on the things I should be doing. I believe the old adage is, God please give me the strength to change the things I can change and the wisdom to know that which I cannot. There is also the matter that none of us really 'know' what actually is going on, all we know is what we 'believe' is going on, and these two things are not the same. I believe it was St. Augustine who said, 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions.' How many wars have been fought by brave, valiant men, whose deaths only served to further the agenda of bankers. Maybe one day we will realise that it is not up to us to save the world, but simply be mindful enough not to screw it up.

As George Carlin says, you can't blame me for what the politicians are doing because I did not vote them in!

Luv Kazz

torus said...

Greetings. It's going to be moderately "difficult" for me to leave the internet behind come 2017. If I can't handle the spider, perhaps I should exit her "web".
The "flat earth" campaign on youtube is unreal, and it's also full of malicious people. Watch some Eric Dubay videos, and you will start to be drawn in to the plausible flat earth model. That we are NOT hurling through "space". That NOBODY has seen the curvature of the Earth. Soak a tennis ball in water and then spin it. It's called "sea level" for a reason. Einstein was a Zionist shill whose gravitational theories are pure bunk. And on and on it goes.I informed the viewing audience that my refracting, as well as my reflecting telescope, have allowed me to see Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. All of which are "round". I queried them about the nature of the optics and their "influence", ie, round lens, round reflector, etc. = round imaging? A round moon, round sun, visible without optical aid? Yet earth is the flat anomaly? And what of Mercury's transit in front of the sun?
I was answered with, "saying the moon is round, therefore the earth must be too, is like saying the basketball court must be round because the ball is. Why don't you go play in traffic you stupid zombie!"
The response wasn't from Dubay, but from a loud-mouthed Texas Mason. Interesting. As I thought the "Masons", ie, Buzz Aldrin, are involved in promoting the round earth conspiracy via their alleged trips to the moon. The internet has brought out the worst in me at times, which may have a cathartic effect. But it also brings out the worst in others, as I perceive it, and there's no real catharsis in exposing myself to this endless discord.

Les' blogs will no doubt induce trips to the library so I can log in and read.

Where's the poetic Robert?

I appreciate you people, and I'll eventually be leaving you; with the Holy word Peace.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Those Precious, Tenderskinned Prima Donna's of the Material Plane.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Seriously, Does My Ass Look Fat in These Pedal Pushers?

Visible said...

A new radio broadcast is up now for download-

The streaming player is not working so download is the only option. We'll get that fixed shortly.

There for download only.

torus said...

Flat-earther Eric Dubay is a fraud. @17:34 of his own video, "The Earth Is Not A Planet" by Eric Dubay, he states; "You can see with a telescope that the things that they call planets look exactly like the things they call stars..." Now I know why Dubay's passionless, insipid, and effeminate voice, bothers me so much.See what happens when one is too self-enamoured? The things "they" call planets look exactly like the things "they" call stars. I also think that Dubay is enamoured with all things "flat" due to his Thai girlfriend, but hey, who knows. I can say nasty, sexist, shit like that, since Dubay ejaculated such utter bunk.
Even to the unaided eye, one can see that Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, do not "twinkle". I've viewed Jupiter numerous times through my 3" reflector telescope. It's an "amateur's" telescope, but it gets the job done. Even a cursory overview of online "amateur astro-photography" will reveal great views of the ROUND planets.
6.5 months and counting, and I'm outta' here. So much contention, strife, back-biting, vengeance, hate, etc. And that's from just being online for half an hour.



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