Friday, May 20, 2016

A Potpourri of Reptile Jambalaya

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Greetings friends and welcome to Visible Origami. We were recently over at the Petri Dish and we'd like to feel we've left that behind, until we wind up there again. It's important that there are demarcation lines between the different personas and perspectives, otherwise, one of the personas begins to yoke rob the others and sooner or later, one of them is running around in an Eight Ball jacket with a pimp roll. It's like your mind has been turned into the New York Subway system before Giuliani transformed all the annoying parts into Soylent Green pate at The Tavern on the Green.

We spent this morning reading, scanning, parsing and profiling The Huffington Post. If there is a more Satanic and culturally evil website out there, I haven't seen it yet. They hate Donald Trump, which almost makes me like him. At the same time THP presents things like this. You would think efforts like that and the articles about them were a good thing over all... until you realize, if ever you do, that all these efforts and articles are about the efforts and articles designed to turn us all into Caitlyn Jenner clones, or Kardashian whores and it will all be under the pennants and declarations of a promoted guise of freedom that expresses itself in ever more confining and stifling environments of controlled behavior and imposed slavery.

Is what this fellow is peddling, satire ...or... is he serious?

It's all about this latest meme of transgender rights and as if it were cued back stage, events like this are happening. I can imagine what took place here, the woman who did the shooting made some comment to the dead one and the dead one got massively outraged and began to come at this woman with some dark intent and got hammered by .45 caliber 1911 model from Kimber. I had no idea women would even be carrying guns with that kind of force with them. Meanwhile... agents that had been formerly employed at the Boston Marathon cartoon bombing appeared out of the darkness to assault what seems to be a hippie lumberjack transvestite.

Material culture is a perversion of the feminine force. That is what Kali Yuga is all about. On occasion I would take psychedelics and wander through a mall. It was palpably evident what was taking place. I could feel the pressure seeking to press a negative feminism down upon the shoppers who actually went out to shop without anything specific in mind. They were simply looking for something to acquire. I've never been bit by that bug. This force is directed through the lens of Kali as a certain intention that is then manifested through the bottom chakras. Only through concentration and aspiration can one turn it to the higher feminine qualities which this new age will bring. If you want to be a woman, all you have to do is wait your turn. The wheel provides every accommodation you could wish for. In the same way, you will not get what you think you want, unless you really know what that is. Ramakrishna used to dress as a woman because he was inhabited by the purest form of what was available. That's you other option.

I don't know if the violent outbreaks are Mr. Apocalypse moving through the agitated resentment of people, who just can't take it anymore, or if it is engineered to provide a Hegelian construct in order for the problem-reaction-solution people to advance their social engineering agendas. What I know is that it is like onion layers and the core of it is darkness.

The people at the top of the pyramid of Satanic influence are setting the trend for people at every walk of life at the upper levels of cultural impact; be they in the political, economic, social or entertainment fields and it seems that success is determined by acquiescence.

I don't give a damn about transgender rights or gay rights or lefts or rights of any dimension. I care only about human rights, period ...and animal rights, comprehensively ...and all life rights as they should be accorded in their dimensions of being. I don't feel like issues of sexual choice should be in schools because of the way the effort is being made to skewer the judgment of those too young to be in a position to make a decision on the matter. In any case, this sort of thing at a prepubescent level is demonic. You do not positively adjust the mindset of a majority accord, by attempting to needle and haystack every tiny demographic, at a cost to all the virtues and conditions that the majority, since time immemorable, have considered sacrosanct. It's bullshit and if you don't have the stones to back the play of the entirety in their time tested efforts to realize something better for themselves and their offspring, without the need to shanghai the whole of it, by pandering to behaviors that time and time again have proven to be the downfall of society anyway then... fuck you.

I'm passed being tired of all of these charades. I'm dead beat. I don't know what it is going to take but some of us are going to have to go because a far greater number of us are too stupid to see what is going on. You don't arrive at a higher state of existence by catering to every reverse engineered pathology that comes along. It's not how it works and it doesn't work that way. It just doesn't.

The people preying on us and manipulating us and destroying us... and themselves... are not stupid. They may be ignorant but they are not stupid. They own all the mediums and they control who they hire and employ by making sure that they have hired either the most opportunistic and spiritually dead among us, or the dumbest rote players and respondents that you can imagine. These are the people who can color inside the lines, no matter where the lines are from one day to the next. These are the people who follow orders and don't care if their passionate outcries change into the very thing they are crying out against the following day. They will adjust their positions according to the prevailing wind and even if that is created out of the bowels of a demon and regardless of their having to sit in an unimaginable density of noxious fumes, they will pronounce it as perfume and be glad that they had the chance to sit there and experience it. Bizarre and getting more so.

It can seem overwhelming at times. The truly sick have infected those not inoculated against it and it accounts for an army of marching zombies these days. The facts are that the majority of the public cannot stand political correctness. Just today a report was issued that 90% of Native Americans don't care about the use of the term, Redskins ...and it is probably across the board true that 90% of Americans do not care about any of these PC issues and are probably collectively as offended as the parasites and predators who pretend to be about the issues they promote. These cynical reptiles promote their causes solely for the purpose of creating division between everyone and everyone else except for those who have banded together in clueless cabals of temporary alliance over batshit schemes of forced equality, under the banner of alleged diversity, which helps no one in the end. The point is to destroy cultural cohesion and create a kinetic atmosphere of pervasive paranoia. Jezz, I'm starting to sound like Spiro Agnew.

Yes... this is the metaphysical blog but there are metaphysical implications all over this area of critical concern and if you don't recognize them as critical at the moment you will encounter it as such later on unless awakening comes to match its mendacity and send it whimpering back into the darkness like Shelob. You'll soon enough be at the red eyed mercy of monsters such as these.

Clinton and Aguilera

Conversely you get Trump. I don't know what is possible in the man. I've never met him. However, his impressive megalomania is a weakness when it comes to any idea of sustained integrity. His across the board solutions to problems, which he defines in racial and religious terms, instead of practical solutions defined in another fashion, strikes me as troubling. It could be he is so wise- and an expression of 'The Great Man Theory'- that he knows you can only get the public's attention by pandering to their fears and so far that has proven true and... maybe... later, he does all the smart and intelligent things the people are so desperately hoping for. It could happen. The odds are not great, given the personality type, but stranger things have happened.

This is the time of Mr. Apocalypse so... all bets are off. I've been looking at what is out there and the perception of enormous control on the part of sick twisted weasels from the south end of Hades and it looks like that kind of dark you expect just before the dawn; something like being in the middle of an enormous tire fire. Even more toxic is the ad that precedes it and you see the helicopters with their pitiful loads of water flying into the smoke. It makes me wonder what the positive effect can be from that tiny segment of us that seeks to expose, retard or circumnavigate it. I've noticed that a small handful can make impressive changes over time through fixity of focus and a true linkup with the source at its moment of concentrated intensity on the moment, as it ceaselessly does... or there would be no moment but... if it isn't a crap shoot, it is made to look like one. Maybe it is best that the scene gets rolled up at every closing of the scene ...and that bad men seem to get their way and that we all seem to get mulched at some point; regardless... the greater mass want what they want and envy their oppressors, seeking to emulate them and hope to be them should fortune smile in that regard. This is one of the horrors of humankind. They seek to play along and they want to belong but the advertising gets them and the role models change and without their ever catching on they are now modeling what they would have never considered before they were led to that place.

We cannot let the force of perception determine our destination. Wherever I go I meet good people. I see people trying to hold it together and being ignored as to what they really aspire to. I walk through neighborhoods of houses and schools and all those thousands and tens of thousands and millions who really want to do the right thing and who are finding that more and more difficult because the entire system is feeding on them like vampires do on unwitting hosts.

Without the power of unseen angels and the blinding light of the central generator of the celestial realms, we are toast. You've got your choice. You align with the one or you align with the other. The other is a front that works its magic through appearances, but make no mistake, the one is behind both. It automatically generates according to the intentions of the one perceiving it. Nowhere is truly dangerous to the informed. Whatever danger there is, you carry in with you as you go...

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Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that many people have reached or simply blown by the 'saturation point' for the whole LGBTXYZ thing. Just like Catholic pedophilia - it is there, and you can scream and feel awful all you want, but it never goes away, and their karma seems to be suspended indefinitely. I know it isn't, that they are likely bathing in their own excrement and loving it - such is karmic justice.

Maybe the real issue is that every little trauma or titillation or slant on each issue is parsed and dissected and beaten to a pulp in internet media. Those doing the parsing, bleating and screaming each have an agenda - but nobody seems to ever have a solution. The lack of a solution comes from the lack of any moral or ethical compass in most people. They refuse to take a stand for ethical right, worried about offending the unethically wrong.

When I stay with the girlfriend in her tiny village of 600 people, there is no equivocating. All but a few look on this mutating morass of muck as simply w-r-o-n-g. How is it that a small enclave of people can 'get it' while billions do not?? I watched a guy stand up, walk to the TV in the restaurant and switch FOX News off. In the ensuing silence, several people clapped and nobody complained.

Performing this same act in a large city would get you tossed out of the establishment...

Maybe the only thing to do any more is simply to switch it all off, because what isn't simply made-up is distorted and slanted for the sole purpose of engendering outrage or framing diametrically opposed positions, and thus division. Only, the poor souls are now so jaded with exposure to toxic messages that they consider it normal or cannot figure out what the two sides are - and thus confusion reigns.

I don't know the answer for others, but for may of us, the answer is to cease listening to it all, because there is nothing to be learned or gained from it. It has become a flood of insane, black noise.

Oliver said...

Always been impressed with how you nail it in your analysis of this mad world we seem to be of/in. It's like reading my/our own thoughts if only I could verbalise them some effectively. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the mindless consumerism, I read this just after reading you:

When radio inaugurated the soap opera, the medium became the message (ah, misdirection!) and women who listened while performing their chores were already being processed into a new form of consumerism. The troubles they heard were more interesting (and romantic) than their own, but they were troubles just the same. Hence, another woman's problems became a vicariously glamorous substitution for what could, with luck, be the listener's. The genesis of the soaper is pretty well defined . Now, most who view them neither toil nor spin while doing so, but simply absorb the blissful turmoil and sexy anguish, wide open for the inculcation of the real substance of the show: the products advertised. And the supreme irony is that the viewers prefer to believe that they are more independent and emancipated (like the women on the screen) than ever before.

Can you guess who wrote it?

Visible said...

No... but I can guess who wrote the soap operas (grin).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I wonder what the result if more lived like me. No tv in over 20 years, don't listen to radio, don' do media, might watch 3 or 4 movies a year on yootoob, which are mostly oldies that I just gotta see one. . .more. . .time. . .like Carnival of Souls, or newer stuff that everyone is saying I just gotta see like The Matrix, or occasional accidents that people bring up like Splice or Zardoz.

I don't really like watching movies so much anymore. Sometimes I can't even watch a 90 minute flick in one or even two sections because I get distracted by my political research. Imagine if no one went to all the silly propaganda flicks and basically killed hollyweird?

Couldn't happen to a nicer industry.

torus said...

Yesterday morning, after a prolonged visitation at the hospital, I dreamed I was in hell.

"MENTALISM, the teaching that this is a mental universe, is too hard to believe for the ordinary man yet too hard to disbelieve for the illumined man. This is because to the first it is only a theory,but to the second it is a personal experience. The ordinary man's consciousness is kept captive by his senses, each of which reports a world of matter outside him. The illumined man's consciousness is free to be itself, to report it's own reality and to reveal the senses and their world to be mere ideation.

It is all like a gigantic dream, with every human inserting his own private dream inside the public one. A double spell has to be broken before reality can be glimpsed - the spell which the world lays upon us and that which self lays upon us. The man who has completely awakened from this spell is the man who has gained complete insight. This faculty is nothing other than such full wakefulness. It is immensely difficult to attain, which is why so few of the dreamers ever wake up at all and why so many will not even listen to the revelations of the awakened ones.
However, Nature teaches us here as elsewhere not to let patience break down. There is plenty of time in her bag. Life is an evolutionary process. Men will begin to stir in their sleep erratically but increasingly."
-Paul Brunton

Anonymous said...

megadittos Les.

mammon is a "Jewish" dung god.

incredible as it may sound to the great unwashed
the stool sculpture deity cult compound is optional

have you see Kingsman ?



Visible said...

Saw it when it came out.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Oh Lawd, I Got 99 ... Talking Apocalypse Blues.

grassapelli said...

Does that image look photoshopped? Blond girl is in front of Madam Secwetawy, but her head and face are much smaller. Her skin looks severely jaundiced. Then, there is the black line astound her head. I don't believe this image at all.

Visible said...


My dear friend, how wonderful to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Hillary loves Gwen; another angle

torus said...

@anonymous. That's not "Gwen", it's Christina Gaguleira. That shitty tan job of hers is almost shaming Clinton's dearth of pulchritude.

torus said...

No ya canny shove a tranny off the bus.
No ya canny shove a tranny off the bus.
No ya canny shove a tranny 'cause he's your daddy's mammy.
No ya canny shove a tranny off the bus.

Anonymous said...

That woman shoots tranny story is a bit suspicious to me on account of gun details.
If you let loose with a .45cal in an enclosed space without ear protection the shock wave severely disrupts balance and vision. To do so three times with no mention of these effects leaves me thinking this can't be the real story.
Bryan Carney

Visible said...

You have to do a little better than that. When have you EVER read a story about a shooting at any time EVER where they discussed the concussive effect of the firearm being used. Wouldn't it be better to say it was a fabrication for some other reason, which I suspect you already have? When is the last time you know about when someone felt pressed to use a handgun but who didn't because the noise would have been hard to bear; and the result of not using it would have solved the problem? Uh no... not argumentatively trenchant nor reality prone.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Christina Caligula was it?

funny you mention Shangai, my current book on Sterling Seagrave, Gold Warriors, on the rape and looting by the Japanese of Asia (and almost Australia). shall tie in with the stolen nazi euro loot and Farrell's fourth reich meme).
so the Japs, with $20million from Jacob Schiff (not mentioned in this neutro-semitic book) stole the southern half of the Russian railline through Manchuria, Harriman (one of the bloodlines of the Illuminati, not mentioned in this neutro-Illuminati book) was knocked back on acquisition, and then we have the banks (Morgan, mentioned in this book) boycott the Japs, as they did later and like Hitler in 1933 when he printed brownian "greenbacks".
almost makes me think fukushima was a good thing - the atrocities, gangsters to admirals, japanese versions of Yagoga (Jew Checka who killed 10million ukranians alone, with his company) training with the Nazis, who aforesaid et al banksters also started off enabling.
so were they just rogue rogues that pissed off the bankers? that is one question. are all rogues variations on the theme (closed systems, secrecy, organised and statehood criminal sydicates, enough fools amongst the plebs to oil the machine)
I doubt the ptb will stay around to pick up the pieces even if their 'closed system' falls through (and the internet empowerment persists), they shall fear being hung and drawn and quartered and eighted under the barnacled hull. though who shall throw the first stone, or say "giddyup". or "hi ho silver".
signed, the lone though limited ranger.

torus said...


That funt is literally cucked.
Did I say something wrong?

torus said...

Good article from Soren Dreyer. Synchronous for me this morning. As thoughts of "ending it" have been wafting through the air, but not due to a clinical diagnosis of "depression".

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Truth Within and the Lies that Fly Around the World.



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