Friday, August 18, 2023

"They Want No Part of You. There are No Parts of You. You are Singular and Inviolable. You are The End of Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Let's get this out of the way. Why I REALLY don't like RFK Jr can be encapsulated here.

There is also the Physiognomy factor which I employ in every case, and which also involves body language and auric impression. Subsequently... I don't care for any of the candidates. The one I would like to have some fragment of hope for is Ramaswamy, but... his history on the way to the moment is fraught with bad associations.

Sooner than you might think... something is going to be done about those murderous psychopaths in The Middle East. It is ONLY a matter of time, and... the clock is ticking. This is the real reason for the war in Ukraine. When you outwear your welcome... in this case- long ago... you need to find new worlds to plunder.

Much of what Ramaswamy says is in line with how I view the situation, BUT... I don't see how he can have come from where he came from and be expected to materialize what he says he intends; stranger things have happened. His latest ten commandments effort is spot on with my perspective of, how... life... works, and... without which... life does not work.

Enough of all that. We'll see it when it shows up and it will show up... whatever IT is... wherever it has been called into residence by incantation or... intention or... Karmic ball return. It will not show up where it has not been called into residence. The World might be blowing up all around you... yet you are in a safe harbor... you are out of town... you do not have skin in the game.

There are fixed and inviolable rules of law... both rules and laws... known and... generally unknown... depending on the blinders you may be wearing, and... which are fashioned from your particular form of self-interest, as... well... as... the objects of your desire and repulsion... weaving a tapestry from the forced consorting of the two that you... eventually... can't see through.

No one else is to blame for your situation, and... believe it or not... you can simply end your attachments to all your troubles... which is an interior matter... any time you want to. Past behaviors have given you familial associations with all the things and conditions that plague you. Step away from the buffet table of your own sufferings and misfortunes.

Put down the cutlery with which you consume your daily rations of misery. Let those companions who love your company find others to commiserate with.

Here is a little something I learned. You might find it useful. Whenever you are doing something... anything at all... you come into a resonance with kindred spirits. If you are drinking to excess, you wind up with companions who mirror your situation. If you are fixing drugs or obsessed with certain appetites, well... like attracts like, and birds of a feather... wind up at KFC together.

As soon as you stop engaging in any of the pursuits just mentioned, all those kindred spirits fall away. You forget you ever knew them. You are actually unable to recall who they were, with occasional exceptions. Your whole world changes. Some strange and inexplicable dynamic comes into play that shifts and alters all the scenery. You are now in an entirely different movie.

When you fall in love with God, you reap the benefits of the relationship... the same as you would in any relationship, and... that includes the drawbacks as well. Loving God has no drawbacks... unless you consider the loss of your illusions, and... missing the swamps you were formerly navigating... to be a drawback.

I imagine... if you keep thinking about it... it would...eventually... draw you back, so... you would have that waiting for you... if you happen to fall out of love... because you are missing some other kind of love, and here is where Impersonal Love comes into play. You could also call it... loving everyone equally. You could call it... leaving the town where you loved this and hated that.

The only one you should love personally is God. Everyone else is a reflection that you can personally love God in, BUT... not to the exclusion of everyone else that you love equally. This is what God does. You would be emulating God. Eventually, you would become so much like God... you would be in a state of divine unity that no worldly separators would have any power over. Division and discord would vanish from your life.

True unity is inviolable. It cannot be divided and set against itself. Then... all performers of confusion... all agents of darkness... will flee at your very approach. They want no part of you. There are no parts of you. You are single and inviolable. You are the end of them. They must flee or perish, and flee they will; mark... my... words.

Did you never wonder how certain people were protected and prospered in the midst of deadly circumstances? How does the hero come forth unscathed by the weapons of The Enemy? How is it that prisons cannot hold such a person? Only God's Laws are relevant and enduring. Follow God's Laws and you will have no worries about man's laws.

Fear is also an attractor. What you fear you will draw to yourself. Fear nothing except to displease God. In these times... so many people take no thought for God, or... they worship The Dead Guy, instead of The Living Presence. They rattle the bones of the dead and hold up the artifacts of The Dead, and they insist that they are filled with The Living Presence.

They wave censers and repeat the same tired phrases over and over until death finds them. Death is not impressed by incense and incantations... by outdated costumes and ancient and abused texts... from which all virtue has fled. God is a LIVING GOD. God has no need for any hocus pocus. All magic is in The Will, and there is but one will. We... as individuals... have fragmented that and live in separated minds.

If you host The One... The One resides in you. Is this difficult to understand? If you host The One... The One resides in you. Where everyone gets into trouble is by insisting on going their own way. Leave me alone! I know what I'm doing! Do you? Do you really? Personally... I do not know what I am doing, BUT... God does.

Well... yeah... I do kinda know what I am doing, BUT... before I am doing anything I go to the one who gives me my marching orders. You fail at what you do by setting yourself against The Will of God, and this is what you see many people up to all around you. They are going their own way and trying to make it on their own.

I don't eat out anymore. I eat at God's restaurant at home. When I used to eat out, it would amaze me that I seldom ever saw anyone say, Grace. This is one of the things I liked in Sufism and any spiritual setting where people lived in a common agreement about the reality of God. What I did not like was the level of hypocrisy... rivalry... competition... and self-interest that also existed in these communities.

The poisons of Material Culture have infected everything. This is why The Avatar returns again and again. The degeneration happens on schedule like the seasons repeating themselves. Of course... the key is to not see the poisoning... the sin... the competition of everyone set against each other. I try to live by that perspective. HOWEVER... in order to discuss components there must be components. You can't effectively discuss True Unity. You can only exist in it.

True Unity is silent. The only sound it generates is a hum. It is a humming accord between all of the components... in a perpetual living resonance... with each other, AND... The Living Light at the core. So... in order to write about it... I must separate it for a time... until we bring it all back together... right about now. (grin)

God is one. Why not be at one? Is that what is intended; at-one-ment when it is connected as atonement? Words and meaning have long fascinated me. Of course, nothing has any meaning... at least this is true of me... unless God gives it meaning. Something means one thing at the common level. It means something else at a higher level, and something else yet again at the revelatory level.

If I want to know something... ANYTHING... I ask God, and God tells me... directly... or indirectly as life unfolds before me. I'm not going to miss anything this way, and... you won't either.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Vivek Ramaswamy is in bed with the WEF. He is a 2021 graduate of their YGL program; and as such, I can only see him as controlled opposition - much like Musk.

I will never trust anyone with ties to the WEF.

Anonymous said...

"The poisons of Material Culture have infected everything."

And once again you have given us the antidote.

Thanks, Visible!


Al said...

It is my feeling that there is no politician that can fix what we have here. Was it Ron Reagan who coined the phrase "Government will never fix government" I'm unsure but there it is. Once inside the mouth of the beast you will be dinner now or later.

It is also my feeling God is showing us all the futility in basing a society on materialism and in the hands of the soon to be corruptors. A society based on the goodness of God/Love within and without is what we may see. When people no longer seek the material wealth but the spiritual Icon of all, change will manifest, until then The Purpose of Demonstration comes to mind.

Have a great weekend Amigo and much Love to ya.

M - said...

BTW, I employed electroculture antennas here in the Concrete Jungle and I have this to report: The alpine strawberries are more lush than ever (I've had them for YEARS), and after I inserted an antenna into my Arabian Jasmine pot - lo and behold...she is putting out more flowers this year than in years past.

And I don't EVEN want to go into how monstrous my Borage grew. I've since started new seeds, complete with antenna.

Even my boyfriend has noticed the strawberry plants. ≋;>

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Repulsion? I'm repulsed by this whole realm. I can't believe how many times I've been here. Proves you can be just as stupid on the Otherside as you are, here. That's ego for ya. Me thinks we choose to come her for four reasons. Ego, obligation, addictions, and atonement. Could be wrong, but I'll find out when I get to where I'm goin.


Visible said...

Oh... by the way. I am neither endorsing nor supporting this guy, BUT... here is something concerning his alleged connection with The WEF. I had already known about this but I wanted my facts in order before I said anything.

This does not give the man a clean bill of health, BUT... it is something=

robert said...

True Unity is silent. The only sound it generates is a hum. It is a humming accord between all of the components... in a perpetual living resonance... with each other, AND... The Living Light at the core. So... in order to write about it... I must separate it for a time... until we bring it all back together... right about now. (grin)

Could that be the Om? (grin)

We only gain comprehension by breaking unity, examining the elephant one piece at a time and then reassembling. This works for repairing machines.
Not so well with other people or understanding ourselves.
Some rational cutting through the bullshit and poking holes in apparitions of fear helps get us calmed down.
But we finally discover that we can only comprehend by tuning back into unity somehow. Expanding our perception by opening our consciousness to include more of everything, to encompass ALL we know and beyond
We practice becoming one with the One by growing into being large enough to contain All-That-Is within our souls
Easy to map with words, but a great work that can never end as the One's Universe grows faster than we do!
The deliberate cruelty of those programming our feeling nature with hell-inspired scenarios binds us down to earth:
A clear emotional body can be rightfully used as radar, a ground-penetrating, mind-scanning, lie-dissipating companion like a queen of hearts who sees through base motives to the core

However, when mined with emotional triggers locked into mental perceptions, our feelings lie to us and we try to divorce from them, adopting coping tactics that cut us off from our hearts
Not accidental that, after deceiving men and women with the partiality of "feminism", the new pivot to "trans-humanism" has returned to the oppression and suppression of the female embodiment with a vengeance!

Women's intuition has been sabotaged and women made into loose cannons by design, as everyone is encouraged to let emotions run away without mental balance and women host more of the infinite supply of emotional energy through their more integrated nervous systems.

Women are key to bringing brotherhood into play
First the insistence on treating the female as distinct from mankind has to end
God is one. Why not be at one? Is that what is intended; at-one-ment when it is connected as atonement? Words and meaning have long fascinated me. Of course, nothing has any meaning... at least this is true of me... unless God gives it meaning.

Thank you for bringing clarity to this primary concept!
Rather than employ labels, distinctions which make no difference but to comfort the intellect with convenient cuts from the set of people we must love, better to use operational constructs:
Those who consume children
Those who divide to conquer
Those chose not to see that there is infinitely more to life than they perceive
If the shoe fits…
If the operational description encapsulates their behavioral fruit, THEY have judged themselves!
The rampant empowerment to judge others is a major factor in the psyop entitled "the pandemic":
Corpse media made judging others a game to be played by all or else!
Ultimately we will all answer for the constructs our mind has failed to see through
The sword of truth will be cutting through all of our constructs and mirror all the judgers to what they have become: worse by far than those they labeled in collective ignorance and allowed themselves to hate.

No fun being THAT guy or girl when the light makes all matter incandescent!

0 said...

The rate of change of costs increasing are getting ridiculous.

Food costs up 23% since 2020.

Insurance cost for home insurance DOUBLED this year, from 5k to 10k, had to increase my deductible from 1% to 2% to get it back down to 7k.

Property taxes in texas are supposed to see a tiny bit of relief after the last 4-5 years saw any and every property assessment increase by 30-40% forcing revalution by the county tax office and a higher tax bill by Thousands more annually.

And all this while Wages are pretty well retarded relative to the inflating costs of existing all around one. I got a whopping 3.3% raise this year, while in July alone inflation of food costs went up by 9%.

I guess I should be happy I'm working but with the way the worlds going, doing a normal fulltime job is getting to Not be enough to cover expenses. The wife does two jobs as an executive admin trying to bring in some extra money to cover all these cost increases.

Its well past time for shit to hit the fan.

And given Dr. Milestones maui fire book, perhaps the clown authorities feel the same way now that the slow boiled frog is coming unglued.

One things for sure, it can't keep on the trajectory its on without turning into a Revolution, which at this point seems to be WHY they've been setting policies to hurt Americans.

Lets hope The All feels it and lets it Fly.


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas visible
Out of hibernation, enjoying french toast and maple syrup... Funny thing, it is humorous after and before all, this difficulty the biped speech capable mammal awareness has applying the finger with thumb up, three fingers pointing to the , well the body that contains the arm and hand, is it the wetiko, or the wetigo ?, ahhh english language with its spell'ing.... The same criteria of the , usually index finger pointing, applied to the three fingers, thumb, whether up , or down...
Physiognomy, ancient science, on own genetic family tree..... and , for the really brave, the shadow reflected in the mirror...
Thank you!!!, still trying, generally, in self-estimati, failing!!! to measure my self as fitting to be within your word-smithing frase :'out of function at armageddon junction'....
about to put goat-milk in the french toast egg-mixture.... keep trying here ' Boss-friend', within available tool-set, to the measure of own conscience....... and nose to the food, not to the sky, seems to block access to the voice of conscience, at least in my biped structure.... Playing hide and go seek, coming out of my hiding place, and 'where am i, God ?. where are you , God?. Why have you not found me , yet , My Friend ??? Does this sense of my self mean i won the game ? can we change the rules, ? I'm starting to consider i prefer to lose,.... and be found, ....Friend !!!!
Cheerful Love, GrizzlyBear Hug

Anonymous said...

Multiple threads and sources are saying that there will probably be a new mask mandate, new vaccine mandates, and maybe even a new lockdown in late September. The new covid booster vax is coming out late September, so it's pretty much certain that the governments will bring back the mask and vax mandates. Another source suggested that this new vaccine will be the kill shot one. I guess we won't have to wait long, just 3 more weeks or so. Anyway, that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

link about the upcoming mask and vaccine and lockdowns coming mid September:

Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis,
With ya on Vivek Ramaswamy, loved his ten commandments esp the first one: God is real.
also loved the interviews:

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Living God is Resident Within Them. Religion is for People Who are Still Wanting That to Happen on Their Terms."



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