Tuesday, August 15, 2023

"You Have to Get A Handle on It or... It WILL Get A Handle on You, AND... You Will Go Round and Round on The Calliope."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Heaven is playing chess with human pieces. This is ALWAYS going on. Pieces are sacrificed for the overall plan of Wham! Bam! And... Thank you, Mam. Sounds like a law firm... doesn't it? What am I implying here? Let's go back to when (at another time) I said all of manifest existence is the product of a sex act happening at every level of being. It even started as one. They don't call it The Big Bang for no reason.

Yes... there is physical intercourse and that provides physical progeny, but there is also etheric... emotional-desire-body... and mental intercourse as well; also with representative progeny, AND... progeny from the highest levels... descends to the lowest level... according to the law of As Above... So Below. We leave an evidence trail wherever we go.

The Self Conscious Mind impregnates The Subconscious Mind, and we are awash in invisible children that EVENTUALLY find their way to the physical plane. The Female Aspect... faithfully reproduces the seed image of the father. Don't blame The Mother for this. She does what she does because she is what she is. Of course... she operates at a particular level as well; be it twerking or resting in prayer.

(and all the stations in between)

When people copulate in animal fashion... they produce animal intelligences in human form... who behave like animals. You can take that any way you like. The Law is The Law. This is why you reap what you sow. This is the proof of actions have consequences. This is the truth of what goes around comes around. People behave like beasts... because they were conceived by bestial mindsets... in bestial fashion. When there is no positive parenting... The Rules of The Jungle apply.

In Times of Material Darkness... the likelihood of progressive degeneracy... in the generations appearing, is... a... certainty...

FORTUNATELY... Heaven has a hand in the matter and The Better Angels of our Nature are a reality. People who make mistakes at an earlier age, learn to behave better once life has gotten up-close-and-personal... or they don't, and certain outcomes are set into motion... BUT... EVENTUALLY... everyone gets a clue... even on The Slow Highway of countless lifetimes.

Think of The World as... usually... in Times of Material Darkness... a distortion of The Mind driven by impure desires; a carnival ride of funhouse mirrors... where the images are not a true reflection. Sex operates accordingly and produces results... accordingly.

When people are in states of mental torment or emotional distress, it is because their children of The Lower Mind and Heart have come to call. They've come home to live in your basement or terrorize you through the whole house.

Just like children... they can be cute when they are young. They are small. They get bigger as you feed them; whatever it is that you are feeding them. They can get bigger than you and become a terrible adversary that you nursed into that position of power... step by step. It's the proverbial monkey on the back turning into a gorilla.

America was/is an experiment. At a certain level, it has been a wonderful place where dreams are realized by hard work and dedication to certain principles. On the other hand... being a capitalist dog-eat-dog venue... people have done everything they could think of to get what they wanted... and it didn't/doesn't matter who got/gets hurt/.

Lawyers came to be the footsoldiers of selfish interest. The more lawyers you could afford... the more successful you became. In times of advanced Materialism... people start to eat whatever tastes good, and food manufacturers catered to the senses. Health problems became a growth industry, so a lot of sociopaths who did not become lawyers became doctors... or worked for insurance agencies... or pharmaceutical combines.

Of course... Bankers set The Play, but those are familial dynasties that are closed to the general public at a certain level of enterprise. All of this is self-evident IF... your selfish nature does not stand in the way of a greater clarity of seeing. When one becomes truly impersonal... everything stands out in stark relief as what... it... is. The Dark Side of impersonality trends toward socio-psychopathy. Your values and intentions define you. You come to be and look like what you are... sooner or later.

I am NOT saying all lawyers... doctors... whathaveyou... are criminals who serve the coffers of self-interest or... first do no harm; just most of them... as the culture trends... more and more... toward Material Darkness. Eventually... most people become criminally minded because they have to get around the laws that are passed by the political criminals who created them for their own profit at... your... expense.

If you are going to operate in The World... as it is at this time... you need to know what's going on around you. Otherwise... you need to control what is going on inside you. The primary force of immediate concern should be your sexual nature, especially when The World is deliberately engaged in perverting it in order to enslave you.

People are very devoted and dedicated to their sexual nature. They will force their spiritual viewpoint to conform to the necessities of their sexual imagination. They will make allowances in their value system... compromise their integrity... and sell themselves out for a turn at the honeypot. They want what they want and everything else HAS TO adjust accordingly. It is what makes hypocrites out of most people.

You have to get a handle on it or it WILL get a handle on you, AND... you will go round and round on the calliope... one more painted pony going up and down; ridden by... and riding everyone else... who torques your fancy.

Kundalini is a force driven to union with Godhead. All along the route... inconsistent seekers will twist it to the definitions that suit them. Everything short of union with Godhead becomes a painful disappointment, and you can get stuck at certain levels for lifetimes... or like a runaway horse, it will take you into rough country and toss you from the saddle into terrible circumstances. Everything I say here is true... like it or not.

IF... you can concentrate your focus in an unswerving intention toward union with Godhead... the rewards are considerable. Considerable doesn't quite do it as a definer. Let's say, well and far beyond considerable. It will lead you directly to the mouth of the cornucopia horn of everything worth having... and nothing that isn't.

There is The World... The Devil... and The Deep Blue Sea... The Ocean of Death and Rebirth... and The Light Within. I tried to express my perspective on it all... in Light Up Ahead.

Each of us will shape it according to the heart's desire... unless we get a clue and let God shape it for us. That is the route I prefer. Others may differ in their take on the matter. There is no telling people anything where their mind has been made up otherwise.

The Truth makes people angry. They will shitcan a friend of longstanding in an instant if The Truth gets between them. You have to be very careful with The Truth. You have to feel your way. If you step on someone's frog... or gore their sacred cow... there's no telling how bad it might get. It doesn't matter what The Truth is to most people. PERCEPTION is all that counts, and preference dictates that.

There is no accounting for taste or the beauty in the eye of the beholder.

At any point... people might discover they were wrong and blame it all on you. Do not upset people's apple carts if you can avoid it. This is one of the primary reasons that The Wise are silent. I do not have that luxury... nor am I implying I am wise. My commission is to do what I do as I do it... under the aegis of my guide, and my invisible friends. Some people get to be shoemakers... some chandlers... some this... and some that. I get to be this... for the moment.

Many things are hidden. Some of them are hidden in plain sight. Some are revealed through inquiry and... experience; by those who acted in haste and repent at their leisure. People argue about all kinds of things and it doesn't matter if they know what they are talking about or not. It's what they want to believe, and only time and circumstance will modify that, which is what life does to us... and what we do to life.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...


Let's sort this at the original location. It's out of context here and the last part of this post does not apply to that situation at all. It's just how it came out in respect of the direction of the preceding post. I'll have it up in the next half hour or so once I've proofread this and taken care of those things that I usually take care of after posting.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

robert said...

Some people get to be shoemakers... some chandlers... some this... and some that. I get to be this... for the moment.

Fabulous truth knitting or real yarn spinning, Visible!

We get to observe and absorb a craftsman love their work into being

Your effort transmits as effortless and your purpose carries joy along with the word patterns

Gracias again, brother!

Always loved the song, Light Up Ahead; leaned on it heavily (lightly?) to get through hard work days.

0 said...

"Each of us will shape it according to the heart's desire... unless we get a clue and let God shape it for us."

That line right there. Thats why I always had issue with religion. You go to church and they tell you what to obey so you can get the predefined kingdom access to the terrestrial, telestial and celestial. The idea being you are as you are now but then stuck in that position for eternity in one of the 3 kingdoms. The very idea that one and done causes you an eternity of unchanging reality was to much to take with a straight face.

I don't really get people who are religious. They Obey so they hope they get a deferred reward in their next life. As if obedience was a virtue that pays off. I suppose in some measure it is, but not within any religious context. The obedience ones better off cultivating is to their own Curiousity, chase it and see what the all produces in ones experiences.

My parents would espouse being dutifully religious as something to aspire to. In my head I'd hear a voice saying something to the effect of "does it take more faith to obey to win known rewards or more faith to act rightly with No promise of any benefit to self" And then which will continue to do so when there is Nothing to Win. Of course if one knew what all was in Nothing, huh...

I guess we'll see what shakes out.

Take it easy,

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"It's Doubtful; Kinda Like Dead Gender-Fluid Prepubescent Children... Riding Minotaurs and Looking for Mermaids."



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