Thursday, August 31, 2023

"They do Evil for The Sheer Joy of It. They are The Landlords and Lampreys of The Many Realms of The Dark Splendor."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The love of money being at the root of all evil... it stands to reason that it would branch out underground (metaphorically speaking) and make contact with the carnal nature... the sexual expression. It would make sense that perversity would be the objective... which would explain why so much force, finance, and media would be devoted to alternative sexual expressions, and why the degree of perversity would increase exponentially.

The truth of the matter is that only between 2 and 6% (at its greatest reach during Babylon Rising) are focused on bizzaromundo expressions of low-brow attractions for the place where The Sun don't shine... as the animal nature is amplified, and... only 10%... or less than that... of those attracted to Bizzaromundo-Land would be transsexually motivated.

These are very small demographics. The Divide and Conquer and Despoil Demographic is even smaller yet, and... they are the main force behind all the horrific mutations being foisted upon everyone else. This is because they control The Money Supply. This is why Larry Fink says that behavior must be forced.

We must be forced to comply. The fake COVID scam... the masks... the pressure to accept the unacceptable and the programming of the child-mind to force behavior... this is simply part of The Plan.

So... why would so much force, finance, and media... explicitly... be spent on promoting strange sexual dances? Why would it have extreme government sanction? Why would it become a part of the educational system's curriculum from the moment children fall into the hands of outside influences?

It is because the primary motivation of those... most engaged in the proliferation of anti-family-unit degeneracy... is focused on the destruction of the culture... and on the absolute CONTROL that can be formed out of the wreckage. They play God. It's an old... old story that is routinely acted out For The Purpose of Demonstration.

They do what they do to gain control of The Hive Mind's lower nature for the explicit purpose of enslavement... period. It is at the heart of all of their efforts toward control, along with drugs... bread... circuses, and kaleidoscoping distractions.

Babylon is a real state of being that certain vested interests raise up again and again because... They do Evil for The Sheer Joy of It. They are The Landlords and Lampreys of The Many Realms of The Dark Splendor.

Always... there are two directions pulling on people. Always it has been an internal battle for the soul of humanity... settled on the individual battlefields of the human heart and mind. You win some. You lose some. Centuries go by. Nations rise and fall. On the upward swing... the soundtrack is geared to the upward course. On the downswing... it's what you now hear, but... that is changing.

They do not want it to change. They have been on top for so long. They are desperate to maintain their places. This is why you now see and experience what you see and experience.

Okay... so we know these things. What are we going to do about them? Let us consider mycelium. This is a large network of thin fibers that connect plants across a wider reach, and... not just the mushrooms that connect the trees. Oh! It is a fascinating thing to see. This is all below the surface of The Earth. Let us consider this to be the manner in which Evil communicates among those who serve the interests of The Underlords.

In The Emerald Tablet, Hermes says, “Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee.” Well... that's interesting. What does it mean?

The force of Godhead... Kundalini rises up the column within us... through the stations, and then... it comes back down. Why would it do that? It does it to transform the nature of evil within itself, whereby it becomes the master over that plane. The Wise and Realized have no need to be concerned with the righteous man and woman. That is not their area of interest. However... by changing the evil within... the evil without is automatically changed because of the mycelium.

There is a network of Good and there is a network of Evil. The whole purpose of existence for The Wise and Realized is to inspire The Unwise and Unrealized. First... they are themselves transmuted and then everything they come into contact with is transmuted. Perhaps... not on the spot, but certainly over time. The Wise and Realized infect others the same way that evil infects and proliferates through neighborhoods.

Why are The Wise motivated to concern themselves with the reprobate and crazy among us, and whose numbers grow by leaps and bounds in this time period? It is their nature to do it because they are influenced by The Living Light.

It comes at great cost in the beginning.

When one is... slated for higher things... at some point that same one has their nose rubbed in corruptions that abound in existence. They are brought low... lower than low... so that they can rise again, but the knowledge of their fall and their ignominy NEVER leaves them.

It is said that “every master has a secret life of shame.” This is true. God... however... in most cases... conceals this from The World. It is not concealed from the one who got dragged through it. One might imagine that at times... along the way... one would despair of ever returning to the light-filled rooms of yesteryear. Yes... that would be part of the process.

The Realized KNOW that one must be humbled earlier on. Otherwise... when rising to great heights, one can fall a considerable distance through Pride, and it does happen... now and again... anyway.

There is a calculated reason that these celebrations of sexual otherness are called Pride. The intention is to normalize and make one proud of whatever depravity might occur. Why are they coming after the children and why did they hijack the rainbow? These sorts do not reproduce by normal means and they need to keep their numbers up. They need to increase their numbers because that's what ALL organizations do; all governments... all religions... all corporations.

The rainbow is to push the idea of Diversity upon the public. Diversity is the opposite of Unity. It provides the perfect landscape and conditions for... Divide and conquer. All of these things like BLM... CRT... WEF... LGB-ETC... are tools of Marxism and Marxism is the best of all vehicles for Satanism.

Their game is filled with contradictions. Why is there a B in the LGBT? Doesn't that mean there are only two sexes? Doesn't that mean all this wide spectrum non-binary is bullshit? Why yes... I believe it does. Are human relations improved by a fixation on buggery? Do we rise to a more enlightened plane of being by abusing Nature? Nature is not to be trifled with.

What is the fruit of trifling with Nature? Disease and Death are the fruit. Any fool should know this simply through observation. Why is ill health being forced upon the public? Why are schools now designed to make one dull and compliant; not to mention grossly misinformed? It is for the profit of those who feed off of Disease and Death (which would make them vermin; wouldn't it?) It is also for CONTROL.

Well... they will NEVER really be in control. It will only seem that way to those who have been weakened by their influence enough to be compelled to submit. I've been dealing with this very thing through the whole of this go-round. I do believe I have some awareness of it.

Mycelium is not evil... it is simply a medium that is used by both Good and Evil. How best to understand this? Consider The Sun above, and The Moon rules what is below. Something gets lost in the translation between the source and the reflection, and then... further reflections more and more depart from the nature of the source. Things get bent out of shape... harder to see... to make out... to distinguish one from the other.

Certain information travels along the mycelium below The Earth and above The Earth... there are forms of telepathy... but... one thing remains constant, The Darkness does not change the light, but The Light assuredly changes The Darkness. A great light is now coming. Nothing can stop it, but... they will try. They will try.

Yes... this posting would have served better if I had been more comprehensive. However... these posts exist within specific parameters of size. The Reader is meant to extrapolate on their own and come to their own conclusions of what is implied and not spelled out entirely; sometimes only briefly sketched out. The meaning is there, but it requires a degree of thinking and introspection. It will come to you... or so I am told.

End Transmission.......

Given the nature of the post... this might possibly prove to be of interest to some.

And here you can find more, including the cultures to grow them in.

Links there are, such as they are... at GAB=


Al said...

"It is at the heart of all of their efforts toward control, along with drugs... bread... circuses, and kaleidoscoping distractions."

Brings to mind an old favorite from Bob Dylan; Standing on the waters casting your bread While the eyes of the idol with the iron head are glowing.

I can also sense a fellow Jokerman pretty quickly which is why I stop by as often as I do. That song seems to hit that old nail head and I'm sure Bob is glad to know that the Truth is upon us and no longer far off.

Musical Prophecy

Much Love Amigo

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hm. Family. Having spent 5 years of young crotchdroppinghood in a very dysfunctional 'family' setting, it made me swear off the concept forever. I'd say being a DINK (Double income, no kids) is where it's at if you like discretionary time, more freedom, less work, a higher standard of living, less stress, and the list goes on. I can't GROK the appeal of conventional family. I think the concept of family is for masochists. I actually had more fun working 50-65 hours a week as a computer operator, and even a lettershop operator after I got really good at it than I would have taking care of one or more perpetually inconvenient, annoying liabilities, not to mention the repulsive concept of being their ride to get here. (Barf me outta the Nose-iverse!) I did have a lot of fun at my NCR through Regulus days, despite the fact it was high stress.

Control? I ignore the garbage to the best of my ability, and comply as little as possible. Easy to do when your life is mostly virtual, or reading a book. The HELL with the world. The body's in it, but the mind is NOT!

Nostrils to the sky, nevertheless. You haven't done a 'meh' post in many years, and there is less than a handful of those. 2 or 3, maybe outta how many?

word bird said...

Hi Vis, the rainbow flag that's used to celebrate the mother of all sins, pride, is a false 6-color rainbow. The true rainbow is made of 7 colors (7 being number of perfection), as seen through a prism showing the composition of white light. As to why evil chooses a 6-color rainbow to deceive the masses with a false light, it's probably for the same reason that evil insists on 6, not 5.9 or 6.1, but exactly 6 million sacrificed in a burnt offering to saturn, the 6th planet from the sun.

Visible said...

word bird;

Thank you! I did not know that. That is an interesting point. I just assumed there were the 7 colors there... seven planets= in the early days... seven tones... seven chakras... seven swans a swimming, and... no doubt more. It all comes down to numbers.

Anonymous said...

Re the rainbow flag, it's also upside down and in the opposite direction to the Chakra system.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"All Urban Planning is Done by Cenobites, and Hell Follows After... Up The Slippery Staircase of The Dark Subconscious."

Anonymous said...

I also had never noticed that the flag was short a color, visual spectrum-wise, with the truant hue being "indigo". After a little digging, it appears that there was a seven color version in use, over forty years ago, that did include indigo (said to represent "serenity"), but that serenity color was case aside in 1979, ushering in the six-color version of today. I leave it to you to judge the significance of serenity being shown the door.

Chillease said...

I just want to thank you for outdoing yourself yet again. Liz



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