Tuesday, September 05, 2023

"One Kind of Crazy has Infected The High and Mighty, and... Another Kind of Crazy has Infected The Low and Desperate."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... I recommended the reading of the first 26 pages of Sri Aurobindo's book. I had never really read anything else by the man. I was never attracted to him. After reading another hundred pages or so, I can see why. Something is very off... at least it is to me... about the grandiosity I have encountered. My inner guide said to me; “I wanted you to read this and see what you thought about it.”

The first 26 pages is a remarkably comprehensive primer on The Divine Mother. It is outstanding in the way it encompasses so much in such a short space. The rest that follows, I can do without. I do not mean this as a criticism. The mass of complexities is simply not my way.

There are wonders aplenty in this world, and there are people that reach very rarefied states of consciousness, but anytime people are comfortable with other people worshiping them as God and calling them God, and going about as if they are God... it troubles me. It is not that God has not walked upon the Earth. God walks the Earth this very moment... BUT, everyone I have encountered God's presence in is utterly humble.

I read more about the background of this fellow and his consort. I read more of his words and the manner in which he permits them both to be viewed by others and... I guess the best I can say is... it's not for me. He says that he and she are avatars. That's a bridge too far for me, but maybe I don't understand his meaning and intention.

From various points... they seem somewhat legitimate, but something just isn't right and it troubles me. As is usually the case... when this sort of thing happens... I move on. I will continue to recommend that portion of the writings, but I remain uncertain about the rest.

It's concerning that they promote the psychic nature so often, and then there's the intuitive physiognomy perspective. Maybe I'm looking for flaws and seeing too much of what I carry within me. That sort of goes with the territory, BUT... all my life... these urgings and inner voices have proven right further on.

Oh well... we shall see. I've sent my impressions up the line and asked for any clarification that is possible for me to receive. I do know that some will be forthcoming.

A lot of people are not who you think they are. I have long held the same mindset as this author concerning the person in question.

The links at the end of the article are also informative.

As a sincere seeker after the Truth, I have been temporarily deceived many times. Most of that was some time ago. I don't spend much time looking outward anymore, nor am I as gullible as once I was. I am left with a small handful of individuals that I trust, and an enormous number that I do not trust.

There have been many spiritual leaders and teachers who possessed remarkable powers. Many of them proved to be frauds and deceivers, brought low by the carnal appetites they pretended to be above. God has The Purpose of Demonstration for all that. The masks and concealments are coming off of everything and everyone now, so... be watchful and attentive.

Possession by the demons of Materialism accounts for what we are seeing far and wide... high and low. One kind of crazy has infected the high and mighty, and... another kind of crazy has infected the low and desperate.

Heh heh... they found Oliver Anthony linking to sites that associate Mossad with the 9/11 attacks. The truth is getting out there at every level of the population. For more info see the 9/11 link in the right side menu. Oh! They are howling about that!!!

Elon Musk is suing the ADL!!! I don't know if this is controlled opposition. It USUALLY is. The foxes sell access to The Henhouse... while promoting PETA. You got to watch out for them. They come at you from all sides, but... God has no sides. He's above that sort of thing... beyond Good and Evil. I see Good as the road I choose to walk and Evil as that which runs along behind me... bumping into everything and often falling down the embankment.

Evil hasn't figured it out yet, so Evil sets snares and traps and routinely steps in them. Evil picks up the unexploded cluster bombs it dropped at an earlier time... and then... shakes it by its ear, as if that might tell it something. Sometimes it does, but then Evil is no longer present to get the point.

Once again... Mr. Apocalypse is upping The Game. It's getting tighter... and hotter... and viral across the land. The Truth is coming out left... right... center... up... down... and all around. It can't be stopped. It can't be contained. Something's going to blow any day now. Volcanic action is rising to the surface. It is overflowing, and setting fire to the dream curtains that shroud reality. They are burning. Lies are flammable.

We have been telling you this is coming for years now, and no doubt you have seen it yourself without anyone having to point it out. God is not mocked! Invisible angels are walking The Earth and turning every effort of evil against itself. The Towers of Darkness are falling.

As The Light intensifies, The Darkness loses ground. The real estate it once ruled over no longer has enough shadow to work in. This is relentless and inexorable. It CANNOT be stopped. This is why I go to The Altar of The Sun several times each day.

The Sun is the source of ALL life on this planet. It is the source of ALL nutritive energy in whatever form. It is the source channel through which The Love of God flows down upon us.

IF... one knows how to present before The Sun, one can be healed of ALL maladies. One can attain Wisdom through resonance. One can become in tune with God and in Harmony with ALL life. This is not an idle statement.

The Sun is the material Throne of God on this plane, and it has higher octaves that can be reached by those who have banked and channeled the carnal fires within. One simply changes the focus of attraction.

The Sun is a living... conscious... being. You must grasp this in a visceral sense. You can communicate directly with The Sun. I know this from personal experience. I first became aware of The Living Presence of The Sun through psychedelics. Over time we developed a friendship... and intimacy. It is only lately that I can have a back-and-forth with The Sun at any time. This is the fruit of persistence. I know it is so. I have proven it to be so. You can do so also; love that last sentence. (grin)

Of course, there are those who doubt all this. They doubt themselves. They make no effort to accomplish it. They would rather bark at those who do. I do not get what the payoff is. I have studied this from all sides, and... I don't get it. What are they getting out of jeering at what they don't understand? The barking dogs are always present here... the caravans are not.

The Sun is not The God. The Sun is a God. The Sun works for God... and the heavens are filled with countless stars like The Sun. Many of them are much larger. This should tell you something about the incomprehensible power and majesty of God; keeping in mind that only a fraction of God's power ever even comes into manifestation. Wow!

The Sun is a massive city-state country. It teems with millions of souls of all sorts. It is the central clearing house on your way to the lightning, and from there to God's personal kingdom. Why would you not want to be a friend of God? Obviously, most of what you think about The World and what is going on in it is wrong. Otherwise, you would have no problem with any of it, but... many of you do.

I don't get it all either, but I'm not claiming I do. I don't know but... God knows and that is enough for me. Anything I need to know, God will tell me. Otherwise, it is not something I need to know. Knowledge can be dangerous, AND... it is a continuing source of Sorrow.

This is too much to cover and I am near the end of the post. I will offer some small advice. Many people now take exhaustive amounts of supplements and other strange compounds that they believe will bring them health. This sort of variety will make you sick. It will kill you if you keep at it. The key is... ALWAYS... simplicity. Everything you need for perfect health you can get from The Sun, IF... you know how to do it.

It's like anything else. You have to establish a positive relationship. You have to make an effort to become like The Sun. How do you do this? You emulate The Sun the same way people make heroes out of others... because they want to do what they do. They model their behavior on them. The Sun is my hero. I like The Sun as my ideal of the way God presents to me. You might prefer another portal. There are a great many portals.

All the world-changing teachers come from The Sun. You can travel to The Sun at any time, as long as you can sustain the focus necessary to accomplish it. It takes time... application... consistency and Love. Love will make you like that which you Love. This is why The Greatest Commandment is The Greatest Commandment.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

"The foxes sell access to The Henhouse... while promoting PETA."

Love that. Truth.

My instincts (gut) have never led me astray. I may not be able to pinpoint what's wrong, but something always DOES prove to be wrong. The only times I get messed up is when I talk myself away from my gut instinct.

Not the most eloquent way to put it, but there it is.

Anonymous said...

another channel for absorbing the sun light is cow urine. The cow is said to have a surya ketu nadi on the back and thus directly absorbs the sun energy. The urine of the cow is so powerful, it cures almost all disease, everything you need is there. I am taking shilajit, Cod Liver fish oil, and NAC, plus the AmWay daily multivitamin, but i think i will quit all of those and just do cow urine daily.

Cow urine raises your mind and energy too, it isn't just a physical thing.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

"You have to establish a positive relationship."

What a curious framing. Positive relationship. The earth is positive but not as positive as the Sun, thus when one has bare feet on the ground one becomes a channel of sorts thats higher or lower resistance than the atmosphere around self. The height of self, like plants, reduces the gap between source and sync, self being the sync when properly put "in circuit". There must also be some mental aspect of willful intent. Perhaps that acts like a pump priming.

I have been stewing on the dotto ring idea and how I think I want to approach it.

But perhaps I should just ask for how you'd go about interacting with the sun to reinforce and strengthen ones spine?

I think it was the leon sprink device that accellerated the degeneration of my back as it was 50-60,000vdc glow discharge gap setup in a specific configuration and then oriented a specific way relative to the compass poles.

I had started taking 1500mg of reishi, lions mane, and cordyceps (genius mushrooms brand)a couple weeks back and take that every other day, and am noticing pains and pressures showing up where I had no sensing of such since the fusion surgery. I wonder if I should continue or not. Perhaps the fusion was needful for other reasons that I haven't accounted for. Perhaps the deadening of sensation was purposeful. I don't know, so I wonder.

Anywho, take it easy!

Visible said...

That's exactly what I'm talking about. I've seen this get really wack with some people. Of course, I can't comment on your individual case since that is not my department.

However... I can say with getting more from The Sun that The Sun operates on a number of octaves at the same time and people are routinely closed off to most of them for a variety of reasons but those are not important because the solution is the same in every case and it has to do with openness. People assume that they are being open when they are more closed off than they suspect.

Modern life makes one defensive in the first place and all the invisible rays bouncing around everywhere confuses the etheric body which also gets very defensive because each body, from subtle to gross has a defense system and since they operate automatically people become more and more shut down. Then eventually their systems attack each other and go into cannibal mode which is the acting-out nature of any number of diseases which we had far less of in former times.

So... the deal is... from my perspective... how I work it. It takes Time and Attention to bypass or rise above the defenses in place. it's a process of gradual and conscious letting go... surrendering... more and more deeply as one engages more and more, and the very attentiveness informs the defensive systems that then back off by degrees.

I am getting a much wider bandwidth of input than what was happening initially so... it must be working because that is the result I am getting from the constant application of it. One rises on the planes and those areas of the being that are ordinarily shut down open up.

It's the same principle that applies to flowers at specific times and seasons via The Sun's impact. Things open up before The Sun and... from the human end... one opens progressively the more one tunes to it. I'm not describing it very well. It's one of those things that give occult the meaning it has.

robert said...

Another day, another way to guide our wandering minds back toward the depths of our being!

Of course, there are those who doubt all this. They doubt themselves. They make no effort to accomplish it. They would rather bark at those who do. I do not get what the payoff is. I have studied this from all sides, and... I don't get it. What are they getting out of jeering at what they don't understand? The barking dogs are always present here... the caravans are not.

In the deeper sense, the payoff, the fruit of the jeering jabbers is death
In the superficial plane, the "payoff" is their overshadowing sentient parasites giving them dopamine hits for every insertion of egotism into the shared mind of planetary awakening

IOW, monkey wrenching, delaying tactics, throwing shit in the eyes of the awakening is simply friction added to the inevitable

The minions get minimal reward but for them to reverse course now and learn to sustain on non-ego-centric manna appears beyond their belief in faith

Pardon the captain obvious reply to Visible's rhetorical question!

I don't get it all either, but I'm not claiming I do. I don't know but... God knows and that is enough for me. Anything I need to know, God will tell me. Otherwise, it is not something I need to know. Knowledge can be dangerous, AND... it is a continuing source of Sorrow.

As a child of 6 or 7, I snooped in the closet and found a toy I had asked for for Christmas
With the naive triumph of the hunter, I brought it to my mother, who burst out in tears and broke my heart...
Her trials as a mother and wife were particularly intense at that time and I will never forget the lesson learned.
I had crushed a tender dream in her heart of the joy anticipated by giving me what I asked for.

By being the typical egotist if a child, I had obeyed my ego's directives to the exclusion of others' feelings

This metaphor for human vanity has been useful ever since in checking my little self at the door

Whenever I see through the illusion too thoroughly or look ahead further than the path directly before me, I have made a mess
By anticipating pain, I create more
By knowing too much, I have diverted what was intended by the One, through the intrepid beings assigned to guide me, to show me love

Painful life lessons have trained this humanimal that ONLY by staying focused in the moment I am in hand, can the sorrows be held at the periphery, unable to enter the Presence as long as my focus is upon the singular moment

Why spoil what the One intends by playing with the know-it-all fantasy football?

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
Matthew 6:34

The compassionate one, who faced the fury of the darkness incessantly throughout a lifetime of walking in obedience to Spirit, showed us the way and the practical reason to stay in the moment!

Any departure from being present is a psychological/spiritual risk for no reason!
Projecting our emotional body anywhere other than here and now is not our job!

From the still point of our being, we can radiate whatever our spirit calls us to conceive
Any action required follows our step by step along the way, plodding onward out of blinded obedience to what we cannot fully know anyway!

There is joy in this moment which we have not connected to all because our unminded mind is seeking escape from our real experience into fantasy, where we die of thirst in a desert of our deserted dreams....

0 said...

Thanks for the words Viz. I'm not one to take this or that, I try to just Be. Most of my life I've been looked after by the unseen, it seems a weird thing to wonder at it now.

The only thing I take infrequently is advil for when a headache gets to outta hand.

I guess I'll see what my inclination is and go with that since that seems to have not lead me wrong so far.

I getchya on the wider bandwidth. One need not be limited to "their ray" or a few from the visible seven... light on that spectrum chart is such a narrow banding relative to the rest of the spectrum that there must be other rays outside our sense bands that may still have affect on oneself. Takes one back to the patanjali commentary and seeing the formed iteration of self as bathed in all light, seen and unseen.

I do like me some Cheeses tho. Cheeses n spuds. And now and then a steak.

Tho frankly even eating has become a hassle given the limited things to consume and the recognition that most foods one purchases are less healthful than they were a decade back.

Thanks again man, glad ur still Watching the stewed pot.


TotoFromOz said...


TotoFromOz said...

Weird...don't know how / why that above heart went from red to black. Must be those Pee's That Be messing around!

Visible said...

Heh heh, I did not notice. I have emoji-blindness.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Do Hit The Button at The Bottom of The Screen. I Need The Hits to get Corneas for The Eyes in The Back of My Head."



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