Thursday, September 21, 2023

"Sailing to Charleston Bay, Doesn't Always Work Out as Advertised or... The Pitchman Told You it Would."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am my own circus animal. I have to decide when to feed and water it. I have to decide when... and where to let it run. I have to determine which tricks to teach it, and which behavior patterns are not to be allowed.

Over the course of a person's life, they get into the habit of permitting themselves indulgences. Depending on how long any of them continue... on that depends how deeply rooted into the subconscious mind they are, and... how hard they are to remove. Sometimes life removes them and you can no longer indulge. Your health concerns might stop you, but that doesn't work a lot of the time. I have seen people smoking through the hole in their throat.

The state can cut off your access through incarceration. Your supply line can run dry. Your ability might go. There are many reasons why you might no longer be able to do what you did too much of.

I existed through periods of extreme indulgence and extreme asceticism. I have been supremely in control and wildly out-of-control. I was possessed of great thirsts... with one... prevailing... overarching... greater thirst. Early on, I had everything ordered in the right fashion. For reasons that still escaped me, I lost the reins for a while... more than once. Then... without my even being aware of it, everything was back in order.

If... and when... you decide to put your house in order, you just do it. You don't whine. You don't complain. You keep it to yourself. The quickest way to lose the force in anything you do is to run around telling everyone about it, BEFORE the discipline has kicked in, and become a pattern stronger than your casual will to break it. Don't act like a character in Bridesmaids.

You are your own circus animal. If you let the animal run wild, it is you who will suffer. Materialism provides the opportunity for the enjoyment of excess. Celebrating sexual kinks... morbid obesity... clueless exhibitionism, and all manner of what is called, living your own truth, are forms of self-justification; I do this because it is me. I was born this way.

The migrants are coming here in search of a better life. There's nothing wrong with that. However, success comes with repeated effort. You have to work for what you realize. It's a Law of The Cosmos. Some already did this in a previous life, and depending on what credits they accrued... they will last for a specific period of time. The meter will run until the meter runs out.

When people are displaced... and they are made to believe they going to ♫ sail away... sail away... we will cross the mighty ocean to The Charleston Bay ♫ it doesn't always work out the way the brochures advertised or the pitchman told you.

The people who are behind the forced migrations... George Soros and sundry are counting on the dissatisfaction that comes to those who thought it was going to work out differently. No matter where you go, you are still taking yourself along.

When criminals are in charge of The Temporal side of things... as is presently the case... criminality will flourish. Existence becomes a dirty kitchen. These conditions cannot prevail because other conditions arise out of the disorder and cut off the source of what feeds that existence. Sooner or later, the party ends, and many people will have written their names down as the authors of what was... and is... no more.

Sooner or later... the bill comes due, and... the cosmic accountants know right where to send the bill. Then... all those responsible will be required to clean up their mess. That's how it works. Things like forced labor... chain gangs... whatever you see at different times... they don't just happen. Earlier on... various groups of people forged the templates that turned into their gameboards..

Sometimes mass executions take place. Sometimes Lady Nature does it. Sometimes it is The State. Sometimes it is the public run amok with vigilante fire. Sometimes it is mass suicide that can take all sorts of forms. You can say life is harsh. Life's not harsh. Life is exact. Life is precise. Life metes out a return on your investment.

Perhaps you have been exceedingly cruel. Perhaps you have been exceedingly kind. Perhaps you have been generous. Perhaps you have been cheap. Perhaps you have been This... or That. You can then be sure that This... or That... is on its way to you right now.

How do you get around that? What happens if you wake up and realize... Oh shit! What have I done? Well... (well... well...) just because everything has to be paid for does not mean it has to be paid of exactly as it happened. That would require a ridiculous kind of micromanagement. Whenever you do anything, it leaves a mark on you. That mark is a magnetic attractor for a return on your investment.

Here is some of the genius of existence for those who know how the operation works. You can pay ahead. You can get something similar to Carbon Offset Credits... something legitimate. Something not bullshit, like Carbon Offset Credits. You can pay up in one way BEFORE something comes for you in another way, AND... let's say you evolve into a practitioner of selfless service... uh huh, and then?

SUCCESS IS SPEEDY FOR THE ENERGETIC!!! In this case, I do know what I am talking about. I'm a been there... done that kind of a guy, and that is part of why I talk to you about these things.

Like I said, I am my own circus animal. In this world, there are masters and sages who are animal trainers. They are the ones who have taken complete control over their animal nature (Key 8- Strength). They did this by following the rules and commandments (Key 5- The Hierophant). Then they employed applied Discrimination (The Lovers- Key 6). This led to Triumph in The Mind (Key 7- The Chariot). Finally... they became The Hermit and... that spun The Wheel of Fortune in their continuous favor.

The result then was that they had an abundance of favor and good fortune to share out. IT IS HOW IT WORKS!!!

I am not promoting The Tarot. I am using that system to make a point. There are other systems I could just as well have used. The Tarot... like a specific Yoga... like Astrology... like psychedelics... are tools for the use of those who have the required dispensation for them... those whose Dharma accords with them. Otherwise, they will be of little use... could cause harm... or your interest won't last.

You have to know what applies to you. You need to know what ray you are on. For that... and so many other things... you need a guide. You WILL get lost without a guide. I have a guide and I still got lost, but... that was for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The World is about to change DRAMATICALLY. Technological marvels are going to appear that will put an end to many of the persistent scourges that have afflicted Humanity. Marvels of science like you cannot imagine are coming, but so is the other side of the possibilities of application... and waves of mass destruction are also possible. The wrong people know something of what is coming, and they want to be the ones who are left to enjoy them. That goes counter to The Will of Heaven, and... The Will of Heaven prevails, in... all... circumstances.

I would love to see the crippled walk again. If science can do that, WONDERFUL... if the blind can be made to see...the deaf to hear, but; what about those who can see and remain blind... or those who can hear but refuse to hear?

You can fix one thing but still be left with something else OR... something worse now appears as a result. The tale of The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a real thing. Many tales... fables... allegories are real. The Purpose of Demonstration demonstrates that every... single... day.

Remember that Atlantis was ahead of where we are today, and... Atlantis is no more. Many great civilizations have come and gone. It is the nature of existence because certain settings and environments only come into being for The Purpose of Demonstration for the education of The Soul.

Technology consistently outpaces our morality. Morality often goes by the wayside in deference to technology. Civilization as you see it is humanity's reaction to pain in search of greater comfort, BUT... the comfort of the physical body is not the objective of The Divine Hierarchy. The education of The Soul is the objective.

End Transmission.......

Some links are at GAB= (the internet for my region has gone down... went down last night at around 7:00 PM. It is now almost 9:00 AM and it is still down. Perhaps you may not see this post. The World as we know it could end at any time.)


Visible said...

My internet is down and I have had to battle Balrogs to get this done. Major Strange has been unleashed. Bear with me.

Anonymous said...

By selfless service, do you mean trying to spiritually help other people, even tho most of them may not be able to appreciate it at the time? Is that the best form of selfless service? Helping serve people's souls and spirit?

0 said...

Excellent Post!

Understanding is the Goal. Comprehension. Bumped into a meme that said you can communicate all you want but if theres no comprehension the points been missed. What is it in self that lets one Understand/Comprehend.

Its also about seeing how each one makes use of the comprehension eh? do they Lord it over people and make others feel small? or do they share it 101 thousand ways till sunday till it makes a Click, like the VizMeister here.

Progress is speedy for the energetic. Mostly cuz they take aim and keep pounding till it makes sense. Then being able to make sense of it for others becomes possible.

Balrogs be damned too. Come, Take. :)
Take it easy!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Remote viewing. Not one of my talents, really. At least not very often. Then there's the question, did I know it, or did I make it happen? (Don't ask.) Anyway, if this is fer real, this is awesome news. We might get nuked this yearend.;read=229515


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I haven’t read your writing for a while. Now I am remembering the somewhat spooky feeling that you are telling me exactly what I need to hear. I got lost being angry about death. I spent a lot of time thinking about dead family members, Rock and Roll, musicians and the controllers, to the point of watching spirit box sessions that purported to contact people who had died suspiciously. I heard a voice say, “She dares to disturb the dead…?” The height of spiritual rudeness. No more Tarot either, just a lot of clunky prayer. I think you might enjoy a book I am reading The Clans of the Alphane Moon by Phillip K. Dick. My friend recommended it. It is a bit like a galactic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The clans are people with the same psychiatric diagnosis who have set up their own society in what was an abandoned sanatorium on the third moon in the Alphane system. It seems like many of the ways we use to break out of our clans lead to further problems.

Al said...

Glad to see you were still able to get the message through.

Many blessing's and Thanks for what you have shared over the years Les.

Creator looks out for those who look out for Creator.

M - said...

I ALMOST sent you an email yesterday asking if you were OK. Then I remembered I had saved all of your blog URLs... Relieved to see this posted and that you were, indeed, fine. ≋;>

Apparently, though, GAB is not.

Lotsa strange in the World for sure, but I've had a number of very lovely, synchronistic gifts happened to me this week. Here's one example of someone doing something nice for someone JUST BECAUSE:

I also stumbled upon several things that I'd been looking for (for a very long time). But perhaps that's how I choose to see things. Doesn't really matter, though, does it? My heart is light this morning and filled with MAGICK.

In any event, Merry Mabon everyone. I'm celebrating by making an Apple Mabon Cake and smothering it with vanilla ice cream. Or whipped cream. Or maybe just cream...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Good News... In Evil Times... Is That The Evildoers Give Each Other no Peace. They Are Constantly at War."



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