Friday, September 08, 2023

"The Further You Depart from God... The Further Away God Appears to Be, Even if in Reality God is Still no Further Away."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Please... my friends... keep in mind; in fact... keep it uppermost in your mind when you look at The World through the information feeders that you follow or... simply run into... that this is all designed and staged to shape your perspective... to feed your apprehensions... to direct your focus, and... shape the nature of your thoughts.

It is not as it appears to be. The World is being presented through misshapen prisms with images reflected in distorted mirrors. What... it... all... amounts... to... is... we are engaged in a spiritual war, masquerading as social change... brought about by identifiable forces that some say are nothing more than they ever were; simply changing Trends and Patterns; “it's a natural occurrence,” BUT... this is not the case. These are engineered with intent by vested interests.

The one thing you need to be aware of, above all else is that even if they were aligned with every other agency of darkness that seems to exist... they are not as powerful as you are. They only have the power you give OR HAVE GIVEN them.

You have to reverse the course in that case, and... if you have dark-winged entities flying invisibly in the aether around your head, give them nothing to eat and they will die. Cease to attract them with that which they feed upon. Do not be the bait in your own traps.

In certain parts of The World... in specific locations in The Middle East... in scattered chateaus and estates... upscale locations of obscure address, there are groups of demonically possessed life forms that gather and perform rituals that expel clouds of evil upon The World. They radiate a message to the desire bodies that draw the weak and the willing.

They are creating invisible weather to influence the patterns of your thoughts and feelings... to spread Despair and Confusion... Doubt and Fear... through whatever medium is at their disposal and that means... all media.

The key issue of importance here, and... it outranks every other feature, is that this is... cosmically... permitted and it ALSO reflects the general... collective... mindset of humanity, which... is another reason it happens as it does. Humanity is moving in cloverleaf and helix patterns that reflect the objective lures of the desire bodies headed in the direction they... are... drawn... in.

We each arrive at a location that best represents what drove us there. Sometimes it leads into a crowd of kindred spirits and sometimes there is only you. Sometimes Misery gets company and sometimes it does not.

So far... it looks like I am saying a plague of evil is circling the planet. Depending on what you call evil, I think that a good argument can be made for that. Conditions at every level, except that of the people causing it, are getting worse and worse. This is what I call screen capture... snapshot reasoning. It comes about when you take a picture and use it to wholesale assess an ongoing procession of events.

Whatever the moment might indicate... the moment is in motion... everywhere that the force of time applies. Now... whether Time is an actual thing... or a mental construct... is something everyone is free to bat around at their leisure. We can certainly say that time passes differently, depending on where you are and what you are up to. If you are waiting on something, time slows down... commensurate with the intensity of your desire for... what you are waiting on to show up.

Evil... whether it is a world-swallowing force or merely localized in places; more powerful in some, less so in others, only has meaning if you are attached to it by attraction OR aversion; which also causes attachment. The same can be said of Good.

You carry with you what harmonizes with or does not harmonize with what surrounds you. If you are in harmony with it... you are less likely to be interfered with than if you are in an inharmonious relationship to it. Fear of confrontation controls many who proceed with their heads bent accordingly... almost as if it were a religious ceremony, which... in fact it is.

Fear and Love are the two postures besides confusion; perhaps uncertainty is a better word... that one can adopt toward anything. When Fear is involved, it is controlling you. When Love is involved, you are controlling it. Perhaps it might be better again to say, on one hand, Fear is controlling you. On the other hand, Love is controlling you, and then to say... Love controls everything at all times regardless.

Yes... whenever great change is upon us, the appearance of Evil is very present. This is because Evil is opportunistic. It gets its licks in when it can, but if that Evil or varieties of Evil has no connection to you, it CANNOT act upon you. It often cannot even see you as you have no relevance for it. If you have risen to a greater concentration of Love... then your presence will extend further and create sanctuary for others. That is The True Church of The Illuminated Adytum.

You could look that up but I just made it up. Rather... it just showed up... as all things germane to me tend to do, and... all else... continues on in search of whoever else is associated with it. It's kind of how basic building blocks of life work... kind of.

The laws that control life are not made from whimsy or the demands of a spoiled child. They are integral. They are an essential part of everything they affect. That's what makes getting on the right side of them so important. If you work with them, they work with you. Sometimes, The Divine has you working against it (whatever it is) in order to make you stronger for something entirely different further on.

My point is that no matter how evil or chaotic everything may seem, it is simply weather. Think of it as a stream of threatening clouds... that may or may not land where you are, but... will likely... probably... land somewhere. The fact is, and this fact is irrefutable, all Evil returns upon its author. It may not do that right away, BUT... it will get around to it. The same applies to Good.

It doesn't really matter what Evil is doing. What matters is what you are doing, and what you are not doing. One is not necessarily more important than the other. It's weather... only weather. It got real... for a moment... in Southern California recently, and more recently at Drowning Man in Nevada, and even more real in Lahaina. Varieties of weather... are happening in New York City that are not happening in Singapore. They are both expensive places to be.

Getting an education in Kalifornia or New York is quite different than it is in Japan or Bhutan. Some educations have to do with the place you are learning them in and some create expectations of industry at a further reach. One is not necessarily better than the other. As Lao Tzu said; “Why go outside for better seeing. It is better to remain at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.”

Just because bad things are happening and the indications are that it will get worse, does not mean this applies to you. I have to keep saying this. Most people who come to these blogs are not experiencing the same things as the people who read The New York Times every day. That is not to say anything about the character of the blogs, but rather... about the character of the reader.

Where your heart is, there your treasures are also. That is not just a statement. It is also a law, like The Law of Return and The Law of Gravity, and it doesn't matter if you understand any of them or not. They still affect you.

Cosmic Law is unchanging. Life changes. People change. Circumstances and conditions change. Cosmic Law does not change. If you adapt to the various laws that fall under the heading of Cosmic Law... things will go well for you, and you will have The Purpose of Demonstration. If you go contrary to these laws... things will not go well for you, and you will still have The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you aspire to understanding the real laws that govern the conditions of life... these will shape your perspective... reduce your apprehensions... direct your focus, and... shape the nature of your thoughts. If you adhere to the temporal, then it all depends on the state of the temporal at that time. Sometimes the intention is to make your life better and sometimes the intention is to take your life, depending on who thinks they are running The Show.

There is what is really going on back of appearances, and then there is the stage on which appearances dance. There is the passing phenomena of weather and there is that which determines where the weather appears. What you rely on... what you depend on... what you believe in... these most definitely affect what happens to you. God is real. EVERYTHING else is less real by degrees, depending on its proximity to God.

The further you depart from God... the further away God appears to be, even if in reality God is still no further away; seeming is the flora of dreaming, and appearances are what lure you deeper into them, pursuing what remains forever beyond your grasp because you are the thing you seek. No! That's not just a statement. It is also a law.

End Transmission.......

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Al said...

Thank you Les, as always I leave here feeling closer to the Creator.

Missing Munich said...

I so needed that. Thank you

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You said it! Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your wisdom . I get it. It helps to have it confirmed at times.
sandy in the mountains

Anonymous said...

Another week of winners! Thank You, Visible.

Visible: Stand guard at the gateway to your mind!

Me: You get what you think about whether you want it or not.

What's in your wallet?

priscilla in the desert

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Regular Prayer... Directed at a Particular Location... Will Wear Away The Doubt Shield that Gravitates Around The Object."



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