Friday, September 29, 2023

"Everyone's Relationship with Lady Nature IS An Unavoidable Association... Given that You Have a Physical Body."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In recent times... Joe Rogan said he is going to vote for Trump. He has one of the biggest followings in The World. Elon Musk is down on the Texas border, live-streaming an ongoing encounter... with legislators and law enforcement... about the people transported to the border by George Soros and his affiliates (from countries around the globe).

Russell Brand is getting hammered... at every level... by the usual action of rape accusations when you speak truth to power. He's also got a huge following. Kim Kardashian has one of the biggest followings in The World and I haven't seen her much lately, but I haven't been looking for her either.

I did not know this but it confirms what I do think I know, and...

...there is the curiosity of those two paintings in his New York City home. One of the paintings shows Bill Clinton lounging in a chair with a blue dress and red high heels on. The other shows Segway Bush tossing a paper airplane at two collapsed Jenga towers.

Given that every appearance of Epstein is that of a honey-pot blackmailing Mossad agent, and the obvious truth that Monica Lewinsky worked for the same team, and knowing that Bush The Stupid was a main player fronting for Israel in the attack on 9/11; what conclusions can be drawn?

None of these things are of any lasting importance to me. Why do I bring them up? I follow Trends and Patterns, and so does/or did everyone mentioned here so far. You might say it would be one of the top interests of every one of these people. Trends and Patterns are important, especially if you are seeking wider influence and more money. Most of the time these are Siamese Twins.

Tucker Carlson has a massive following after cutting ties with The Murdoch Clown Show. Is Musk following his lead or... are both of them sniffing out the same trail to an even wider audience? I do not mean to imply any cynicism here. I don't know these men, and they are in a different field entirely from me.

I do consider Transhumanism a form of Satanism, so... there's that.

It's easy to lose sight of what you can't see in the first place; bear with me, I'll clarify that. In the color changes of the coming and going of Trends and Patterns... there is what appears to be taking place, AND... there is the long-term objective of The Mind of God.

If you don't subscribe to The Mind of God... even though you live and move and have your being in it, that can be a hindrance to your understanding about where I am going with this, but... you probably don't come around here in the first place.

For example... let us consider all the people gravitating toward same-sex action... progressing into Transgenderism... progressing into fetishes of all kinds... progressing toward the end result of all such engagements, as they have to do with anyone's relationship with Lady Nature; an unavoidable association... given that you have a physical body.

One perspective could indicate that these people are just exercising freedom of choice given the laissez-faire... comme ci, comme ça environment of the moment. Another perspective is that these are all examples of the self-involvement and laziness that occur when Materialism makes self-interest the crowning objective in life... and raising normal families cuts into that.

One thing for sure, it's what happens when new planetary rhythms are introduced, and people who consider sex to be the be-all-end-all of existence... feel subconscious compulsions to respond to these rhythms... whether they are consciously aware of them or not; or not would be the general case.

What God wants from existence over the long haul and what people take from appearances in the short term are two entirely different things, and the latter are surely surprised when the road ahead bends in some entirely unexpected direction... AS IT IS GOING TO!

You can't go wrong trusting Lady Nature at the level of the basic and essential understanding of harmony in motion... whether it be the planets in their orbits in the sky or... the woods and hills teeming with the varieties of life. However... Nature unaided always fails and... that is why we are put here as husbandmen... tillers in the vineyard... gardeners... shepherds(?) and so on... and so forth.

There is an eternal dynamic here. We are meant to work WITH Nature. This often leads to forms of abuse... where Nature is forced to conform to the raging self-interest of crazy people... who believe that if the square peg does not fit in the round hole... all you have to do is get a hammer or a saw.

The motto of a certain nation in The Middle East is... “if it doesn't work, use force, and if that doesn't work, use more force.” It's not how I would go about it, but it is how some do... and Purpose of Demonstration WILL see to those long-term outcomes. Some readers might think I pick on certain people too much. I would not make it a matter of my concern if they did not pick on everyone else.

Larry Fink... whose company owns stock in most major corporations, uses DEI contractual agreements to force a general compliance to dark and twisted agendas in every area he can reach into. He says, you have to force behavior, AND... that is what he does.

I do more than pay attention to what people say. I look deeper into meaning and intentions to see what Patterns and Trends emerge from their actions... which define for me their objectives. If I take a position on anything, you may be sure I did extensive research prior too. It is unfortunate for me that the Truth is at odds with so much that passes for normal here.

So... (and I have given some examples) considering recent Trends and Patterns, I see people with serious influence... proceeding at great risk to themselves... in opposing general policies set in motion by thugs in 3-piece suits. This is kind of how life works anyway. One force rises toward a specific end, and... another force rises to oppose it... then some form of sorting out takes place.

Twitter-X is becoming... more and more... The Townhall of Everywhere. This is much to the dismay of his propagandizing competition at META... ALPHABET... and sundry; Facebook and Google and Mass Media... to those who are less savvy about the matter.

The Trump impeachments were live on every network. The Biden impeachment proceedings are live on almost none of them. Trump is not guilty of what he is accused of or it would be widely known by now... there was no There there. Biden is observably guilty of everything he is accused of AND MORE. He's a corrupt tool being used by The Dark Side.

I am not here to promote Trump or denigrate Biden. For the latter, he's doing a bang-up job of that on his own. I still suspect the whole thing has been arranged since before the election was stolen and... well... (well-well-well) we will see about that in time. There remains for me the problem of The Killer Vaccines. I can't resolve that in my head OR HEART. Trump is likely a tool as well. However... he is a kinder... gentler... more intelligent tool than Dark Brandon.

My position is that God is always right. Like Hermes Trismegistus said in Pymander, The only service of God is not to be evil. He also said... The great disease of the soul is atheism because that opinion follows to all evil and no good. He also said... So doth God... in Heaven sow Immortality, and in the Earth... Change, and in the whole... Life, and Motion.

I had to adjust some of that text, which is why I don't recommend Pymander and many another useful resource because the language is so archaic. You need a degree of dedication for that. Mostly... for myself... none of it matters much anymore because I have that voice within on tap now and... it is my greatest resource, along with The Sun... inside and out.

I'm not concerned about the Trends and Patterns anymore. I'm not concerned about The World going sideways... or my internet being cut off frequently of late. It just went off a while ago and has not come back on. I got back on with a VPN and that got shut down too; obviously, it is enemy action, but they are their own enemy. They are not mine. I don't have enemies. Since God is my friend it's all in his hands to adjust accordingly... as it pleases him.

My job is to rely on God absolutely in all times and places, and to stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind... and to handle my few duties such as you see here before you. God takes care of everything else, and... the more I adhere... rigorously and religiously to this format, the more I see that this is unalterably so.

End Transmission.......

Many thanks go out to The Elf for providing the virtual library. He has been a great help over the duration of this effort.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Just a simple 'Nostrils to the sky'. No snark today. Solly. (HEY! I WORK AT A CHINESE RESTAURANT, OKAAAAY?)

Missing Munich said...

Dear Vis,

Thank you for another great read!!! Needed that today!

Greetings all around!

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

Did you know Russel Brand and Jimmy Dore are fans? they dropped your blog rantings in last weeks show, first episode after they targeted him, you might want to check it out, excellent show:

Visible said...

Yeah... I don't know. I'm not going to watch it now and I'm surprised the time of the mention is not mentioned because the show is an hour and a half long. We'll see.

It would explain the all-of-a-sudden internet attacks I am getting.

Anonymous said...

Its shortly after around the 1:10 mark...

Visible said...

Well... I listened from 1:06 to 1:20 and I didn't hear anything. Heh heh... maybe it's blocked out in my area.

Frog said...

Thanks Visible. Good talk.

Sukh said...

I went through the entire video with the 10 second fast forward right arrow button and unless it occurred within a few seconds and totally out of context, I did not hear Vis' name at all.

Maybe provide the exact time?

Visible said...

I'm sorry, Sukh. I should have said something to you. I immediately thought it was a case of "Made you look." I chose to ignore it because of its length until the person gave a general area. Once I'd heard a few minutes I left off and went on to something else.

There are a few vicious operatives that have been coming around lately with pretend straw dogs and other afflictions; a hatred of Hindus and Indian people... a love of Marxism... or a pretend mental illness involving hating The World or suicidal iterations.

They're paid by The Usual Suspects. I've seen the particular personality sorts before. I just bin them and go on. I should have said something but I didn't want to give them any press. I'm sorry you had to waste your time on that.

Fortunately, I don't get all worked up if someone mentions me. I know all kinds of people come around here, and I've run into the odd celebrity a few times. Everybody gets to be one now and again so it's no big deal to hear from them.

I'm just glad I didn't get sucked into it. I didn't say anything because there was always the chance a person was telling the truth but I didn't really think so. I should have known you would probably check. I'll remember if there's a next time. I've been busy and I tend to get absorbed and forget my responsibilities.

It is unlikely that any of them can get through again and my backup has been notified, but all the readers should take note that trolls are afoot. I try to vet everything before I let it through. I did get warned internally, but I forgot to think that someone other than me might be victimized. I'll be more watchful.

Sukh said...

Oh no problem Vis, I got in a bit of the conversation and it wasn't a waste of time. I like most of Dore's commentary; he started speaking a lot of truth after his vaccine injury.

Your insight and thoughtfulness are very much appreciated.

Visible said...

Heh heh... I wish I could make some of that retroactive.

I just read the most amazing thing that answered all sorts of questions I had had of images that appeared to me at different times in my life-

There are sections there that talk about negative-minded and self-absorbed sorts and what they eventually encounter as they proceed along the path of injury and mayhem visited upon others.

The oddest thing is that I know all of this to be true but they do not. They mock and scorn their way toward the worst possible outcome and there is nothing anyone can say to them.

Of course, these forms of schoolyard malice are of little matter, BUT... eventually, they inevitably lead to bigger things.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It's a Never-Ending Cycle and an Everlasting Spiral that Reflects The Light of God into The Darkness of The World."



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