Wednesday, October 04, 2023

"I KNOW that The Bible We Have Has Been Adapted for The Profit of Mercenary Priests and... Their Banker Sidekicks."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Ten-Four... Big Trucker. Will, they bring the hammer down? It's the 10/4 test of the emergency system today. Often they like to use events like this as smokescreens for some great evil to be perpetrated upon The Sleeping Class. There must be a Darkside Low Unholy Day coming up.

Will they bring down The Sears Tower... The Seattle Needle... something somewhere?

McCarthy got bumped; mostly because he was in bed with The Ukraine Money Laundry, and there were other COMPELLING and important issues he was doing The Old Two Step about, BUT... a power vacuum exists on a symbolic day. He left Pelosi in The Speaker's Office for the whole time he was in office. Word is that she had dirt on him. The interim speaker sent her packing the very day McCarthy left.

I tend to see connections. I don't always mention them like I do Trends and Patterns because I assume they are obvious to anyone paying attention and otherwise; what difference could it make? Ergo, it seems to me... that it is likely... certainly possible that this whole thing with The Speaker of The House is to draft Donald Trump. How outrageous would that be? Heh heh... certain vested parties would have their heads catch fire over it. Jim Jordan might be a good choice.

Now they've discovered a 1500-year-old Aramaic Bible and that dovetails right into the general area of the life of Mohammad, but precisely... by my calculations... it would be a little earlier on.

However... this Bible says what Islam says... that Jesus was not crucified, and ascended into Heaven. Guru Bawa told me that it was Judas who got crucified. I KNOW that the Bible we have access to has been adapted to the profit of mercenary priests and their banker sidekicks.

For me, it has long been that the only bible I consider accurate and unerring... is the one inscribed in fiery hieroglyphics on my Soul, which would be the higher octave of my heart. True scripture is revealed by way of Revelation. Otherwise... it can be (and is) confusing, and contradictory due to the anthropomorphic tendencies of Man.

I don't know if the reader follows such things, but I do... whether I want to or not; they seem to appear in front of me often without my having done anything to cause it. What I am talking about are the recent discoveries of all manner of artifacts and evidences of ancient things. This is also part of a Grand Apocalypse... where The Past starts appearing from locations around the planet.

People who do not notice the long and persistent rising or falling grade of a cosmic force... moving through its elementary stages... tend to assume... after a while... that it is nearly done. Oh no! My pretties. It is just beginning. Cosmic forces do not move at human speed... where time constraints exist due to mortality, and... whatever level of ignorance is driving the culture... according to the direction of the prevailing force of appetite.

In Times of (advanced) Material Darkness, the appetites and attractions are all on a very basic level, as you can see in the forms of what's available... flesh-enhancing soft drinks, sold as weight inhibitors... there was actually a Big Gulp sold that was in gallon size. Fast food outlets are everywhere. Everything is fried, including people's brains cause the wrong people are taking drugs. I could go on in this vein until the entire return system of the circulatory schematic has been diagrammed, but... I'm not going to.

It's all bad for you in times of advanced Materialism, but... it hasn't been killing people off as rapidly as The Ruling Psychopathia would like; it's really created vast profits for the medical arm of Crocodile Swine Incorporated, but... there are still too many people to suit them so... that brings us round to today and the first activation of the magnetic nanotech in the bodies of The Vaccinated... coming up in around two hours from now, once this goes up.

I don't know if this is true. I know a lot of people are saying it is, and they have a certain amount of science behind their claims, but... I've been hearing never-ending symphonies of Chicken Little hysteria from the shrieking violets of Fear Town for a long time now. Lots of what they say... most of it... is not true or does not come true. This is not to say that there are not serious bad guys working to torture and kill millions of us. I'm just saying... a lot of it is misdirection.

I am extremely fortunate. I do not go in fear over what the spiritual vampire and werewolf clans get up to. Halloween delusions may well be (and are) fabrications of an undisciplined imagination, but... they exist. I have run across them on several occasions on other planes. I've been greeted with the usual offers and blandishments one gets when one is in possession of abilities that are useful to them.

The promises of The Dark Side are enticing for those enamored of certain forms of activity. However... there is ALWAYS a catch. As we pointed out in yesterday's posting, the joy is removed once the opportunities arrive. There is a great film with Brendan Fraser called Bedazzled that illustrates what happens when you run into Old Scratch because a particular itch attracted him/her.

It is true that The Devil is God as The Wicked see him, but... all have sinned and come short of The Glory of God, so... until that is purged... until the 2nd Birth is accomplished... you are vulnerable to that ancient... atavistic serpent who is coiled just inside the gates of the subconscious.

You can tell yourself that The Devil does not exist, but... then... perhaps you can explain to me where all the horrors of the past and present-day are coming from? It may not be as you think it is, and... it probably isn't. That doesn't mean it isn't around, constantly changing shape... according to the necessities of the engagements... that present the opportunities for the exercise of dark and evil behaviors.

One can accomplish a great deal in a short time... if one is inspired to do so. One can burn up a lot of karma with a determined industry of selfless service. Then... there is always the chance you will catch the attention of the servants of The All High. It's more than likely... given that they miss... NOTHING! Then... if your sincerity and determination are apparent, all kinds of arrangements can be made.

Sometimes your whole life can be changed without you even knowing about it for a period of time. People live in envelopes of delusion. They have convinced themselves that what they see is what is, and what they cannot see is what is not. This becomes epidemic in Times of Material Darkness, and... is the reason why God has to step in at regular intervals... make an appearance... and clarify a few things.

If you don't seek God earlier in your life, God won't be there later. This does not mean all hope is lost. It means the likelihood diminishes with the passage of time. You are less inclined to try, and... in Times of Material Darkness, everything is profit-driven and people ask themselves where the payoff is in picking up your cross, and following some character from myth and legend. Myths and legends are ALL based on real things.

It does get to a time when even those who believe in The Wayshower misinterpret him. They all make him out to be a bigger expression of themselves with all their faults and vices painted as probity and virtue. Our mind is our worst enemy and... potentially... our greatest friend. So long as it is permitted to rationalize every misstep as a step in the right direction, you will be going the wrong way.

This is why so many people... if they are ever able to change their lives... have to hit rock bottom OR experience grave trauma. It takes shock with a lasting echo to galvanize the heart and lift it to finer locations of expression.

If you don't give up... you cannot fail. That is an actual law, the same way that a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. That does not come without the risk of hitting the bottom or grave trauma. Everything that is judged in any lasting way is done so in The Mind of God, of which your mind is a part that the personality has separated to the end of fulfilling its specific desires.

Meanwhile... The Mind of God sits right behind it... observing. No effort to contact or merge with that mind will go amiss or be wasted. Every effort in that direction gains real value further on, and... for those with a willful persistence... there's no telling what might come to pass.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ya know, it doesn't seem like the world has gotten worse. Hasn't materialism always been with us? Otherwise, why all the wars? Depends on the culture and the technology of alleged known history that hasn't been wiped. (When and what really was Tartaria?) I mean, hey! In the Albigensian Crusade and the witch hunts, we had the church. Now we have Anifa, BLM, Mossad, MI5, CCP. . .etc.. What's the difference? We had Rome, Tamerlane, the Huns, the destruction of Turtle Island by Europe, which seems to still be goin' on today. How many readers are aware of the genocide in Guatemala in the early to mid 1960s? Of course various food corporations are still stealing land and killing all in the way, south of the border. South, and Central America? You read bout it every now and then in the news. Oh, and we can't forget Khazaria, by any other name.

Then there's all the more recent destruction in the Middle East. The devastation of Libya is one of the worst, and Iraq ain't far behind, not to mention all that's going on there now. Afghanistan used to be a nice place. And the destruction continues.

Oh well. In another hour I'm turnin' the sound and the monitor off. I'm not expecting the compooter to blow up or anything.

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

"I KNOW that the Bible we have access to has been adapted to the profit of mercenary priests and their banker sidekicks."

For the Mormons they use the King James version of the bible.

Did you know King James wrote a book called the "book of bounty" which was the inverse of the bible and aimed to get those who followed that book to take advantage of they who followed the king james version of the bible? I have a copy of the book of bounty, its about 1/20th the size of the bible.

Curious stuff.

Visible said...

I never heard of that, which is strange... given my range. (grin)

I'll look into it. That is the only Bible I read and only the New Testament, and with reservations.

I have heard about The Gospel of Wealth. I don't disagree with the concept. I do disagree with the tenets.

I'm reading some of Aivanhov's books for the third time.

BrotherJ said...

The Guatemala genocide is some interesting history for sure, can't say I'm very familiar with it but from all I have read of it it's full of the usual suspects all the way through. They are literal demons in the flesh but their media inverts everything, to where words have no meaning, at least in relation to true reality. That whole bible mess started in hebrew too so to speak, so of course.’s-proxy-war-guatemala

I've been re-reading Light of the Soul and it's a great reminder that we live here in a world of illusions, and part of it is our desires that keep that all going, so there's that too. They do wane, not only with age and wisdom but by guiding hands within. I'd like to think that that's the path most of humanity is on, ultimately, or would be if left more to own devices. Maybe it's just my circles. Super-humans have always been a thing, but no less so than sub- , the latter would seem to have decreasing room and resource to work with.

Anyways, back to subject of Guatemala, much the same is obviously being done to North America and those running the media would have us kept no less oblivious and short lived akin to flies.

It's a lot of shock doctrine, globally and historically. One can only hide so much. I realize we all know this, but I think '26 will be the start of the longed for great changes. Or at least visibly, some tides take longer to change than others. Probably a quick war for '24 in the meantime, this empire of lies has it's entrenched establishment to do away.

Visible said...

That was a very bad event, kind of like East Timor.

Anonymous said...

My guess is the broadcast signal today activated a lot of the vaccinated and by next week we will see lots of people sick, then the media will claim it's the new covid and enforce new lockdowns.

Anonymous said...

This document, page 23, has a description of what the Book of Bounty was about. It seems like more of a legal document, placing limits on royal largesse. Apparently James liked handing out more goodies to his favorites than he could really afford.

Ty said...

About that alleged bible. I would say, I don't know. But I suspect Jesus was crucified. The radiance of the story echoes through the eons

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yeshua/Joshua/Emmanuel/what ever really got around. I don't think he was crucified. He was also known in so many places:


And ya know what I think is hilarious? Most portraits of him are based on Cesare Borgia.

How ironic is that?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Mind, The Heart, and The Body... Singing its Siren Song, and Dashed Upon The Rocks of its Own Contrary Nature.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Mind, The Heart, and The Body... Singing its Siren Song, and Dashed Upon The Rocks of its Own Contrary Nature.



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