Monday, October 09, 2023

"The World is Teeming with Madness Forged by Possession and The Predominating Appetites of Materialism."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Boy! The firestorm from The Media... controlled by those already proven to own it!!! My Twitter-X feed blew up today... all about filthy Hamas and brave righteous Israel; just wait and see what Israel does, AND... everywhere, I hear how Israel is our only friend in The Middle East.

This is so incredibly important that I cannot leave it out. I wish to hear no more about the poor Israelis. Read this article carefully and please... investigate the links!!!

Yet... I KNOW that Israel was deeply involved in the 9/11 attacks. You can find The Details in the right-side menu. Then I remember The USS Liberty, and... THE REASON for The Israeli attack on that American ship. Then there was The Lavon Affair. There are more than a few examples of; By Way of Deception.

These people are also behind the migration assault on The Western World... and all the other things that plague us.... which I have mentioned over and over again; the relentless sex recruitment... coming after the children... transgenderism... racial strife... via their Marxist agenda to render America into an open-air concentration camp... and more and more and more... they are behind every one of them, and it is EASILY proven. They are the bankers for all discord here and throughout The West.

Some people's heads catch on fire when you say these things, BUT... it's all true and easily proven; FOLLOW... THE... MONEY!!!

If you do not know yourself that this is all true; you are either lazy... a coward... or remarkably stupid. There is a 4th option and that is that you are either one of them or a servant of The Prince of Darkness, which they are a also servant of. There can be no doubt that what they seek is nothing less than the end of civilized life for everyone else.

I think of the Israeli citizens who spit on visiting Christians, AND... this... often comes to mind;

Shrinking Palestine

...but... everywhere... people on both sides of the aisle... who have their positions and their paychecks due to fealty to the ones who rule over them.... simp and genuflect... hoping the right people will notice.

Constantly on Twitter-X, and... I control my feed religiously, cause I don't want to see 95% of the bullshit; there is one post after another now about the poor Israelis and the vicious... inhuman Palestinians... who... IN FACT... had their land stolen by people with not a drop of Semitic blood, who claim to be the people they have displaced. I'm well versed in the history of what has taken place.

I spent quite some time today clicking “ not interested in this post.” and then... “this post is not relevant.” out of four postings I was lucky to find one of the posts I normally get.

My invisible friends have told me that Israel's days are numbered, nothing, and... no one... can help them now; Sic Semper Tyrannis!

When you control The Media, you control the narrative. When you control the money supply, you control the lawmakers.

Revolution comes out of the invisible, brought about by malicious disparities in The Balance. You're supposed to be learning a lesson that few are paying attention to.

This has been all a long time coming.

Many are soon to be amazed and surprised. Wonders you have not imagined are coming upon this planet.

Hamas did an end run and hit the settler communities that have been abusing Palestinians for decades; poisoning their water... chopping down their olive trees... releasing sewage into their communities... using their children for target practice... attacking them for no reason with brutal violence. I am not surprised by what is happening. I am surprised it has taken so long.

How is it that Israel was taken so off guard... OR... were they? Is this more of, By Way of Deception? I don't know, and... it won't matter. If they were behind it, it is an opportunity to generate sympathy and support; “it's our 9/11! It's our 9/11!!!” The irony is that they were behind the other 9/11, and it was for the same reason. People are waking up, and... trouble is coming for them.

I had the most remarkable session with The Lord this evening (Saturday). He said, “Visible... before I get into The Details about Israel. Let me say that there are Jews I hold in the highest esteem, and they are not the ones performing those blood-tie religions, and Satanic Sacrifices to The Demon Kingdoms. Most of them are not even incarnate at this time.

However... those who most please me have no interest in dead religions... skin color... or racial heritage.

I have friends and loyal servants from every faith... every color... every walk of life. I have people in religion... in government... in finance... in entertainment... my eyes and ears are everywhere. I see what happens from every perspective because... I am everywhere. In an instant, I can shift The World entire. You are going to see how specifically I mean this.

However... when it comes to Israel, they... have... no... right... to... be... there. They have not a drop of Semitic blood and no actual connection to that land. They took that land in order to use the protections of a sovereign state to run an international criminal empire. They have slowly and steadily taken over every means by which one might fight back against the tentacled beast they have become. They seek to squeeze and strangle The World. I am going to shut them down.

There is no army in The World that can protect them from my wrath and my justice. No amount of money will buy them safe passage anywhere. You will see all of this happen, and the temporal rulerships of The World... crumble as well. All those who have given fealty and service to The Prince of Darkness will receive their just-due.

I am building a new world, and all these refugees from The Darkness will pass back into The Darkness.

The same can be said of the other military forces who mean no good for anyone. So too... for all the minds focused on controlling others, and all of the hearts focused on personal gain. I will appear in the human mind... worldwide and be heard. Soon... I will appear in those minds who wish ill upon others and I will turn them on each other.

I will appear as the voice of the whirlwind. I will appear at the head of invisible armies. I will sweep over the land. And what shall remain standing will remain standing, and what shall fall... shall fall.

He said a lot more but we won't be going into it.

As far as Israel goes... they have been bully boys for too long. For decades the settler troglodyte... knuckle-dragging psychopaths... have been abusing The Palestinians. (I'll go into more detail tomorrow.) There is but one thing to say here; “by their works, ye shall know them.”

The Winds of Change are shifting. So it will be in all the cities where the residents cluster... tightly packed... in their crowds of mental patients. The World is teeming with madness... forged by possession, and the predominating appetites of Materialism.

The music of Materialism is played through a density of smoke that precludes all vision. For a time... people nestle, and dance in the darkness... engorging themselves on the delights of desire, but then emptiness comes... fear comes... panic comes, and... the ones who sold them this bill of goods? The ones who led them astray into a wilderness of advertising and false promises? And instead... gave them painful, and lingering diseases? The ones who sold them down the river to the slave auctions of The Mind?

The ones who killed their dreams and their children... what do you think God will do with them?

Certain texts and scripture have been erased from The World. Certain historical records have been expunged. The idea of right and wrong intrudes upon the appetites of libertines, and those... for whom this world is the only world... lead their fellows into perdition... for they loathe the idea of being without companions, but... there is a Divine Arbiter who arranges the various green rooms for those being made ready for their closeups.

There is no error in The Way of Things... neither at the level of rocks... nor at the level of angels. If you can't see this... if you are incapable of viewing The Divine Symmetry... perhaps, you need to open your eyes? Perhaps The Divine Symmetry is an intrusion on the ambitions of your personal will? Your personal will is nothing at all... nothing at all.

End Transmission.......

Links abound at GAB; but not about this event. You can find that on your own=


0 said...

Hehehehe... Game On!

Did you see the old vid from the neverending commentary of Ron Paul from 2009 about Israel Creating Hamas? :P

And on it goes I guess.

Wonder how quick they'll draw everyone in?


M - said...

Always remember that THEY play the victim card first and foremost before anything else.

I think it's a coincidence (IF I believed in coincidences) that there was a data breach that just occurred where sensitive information of 23AndMe users was stolen. The company claimed that it was a credential stuffing incident rather than a breach into their systems. The hackers targeted Ashkenazi Jews. The affected accounts had enabled the platform's "DNA Relatives" feature, which helps users find genetic relatives and connect with each other.

23andMe was co-founded by Anne Wojcicki, who is also their CEO, and is the former wife of WEF-darling Sergey Brin and is a member of The Tribe. She has her own page on Wikispooks:

23andMe is also deeply in bed with the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. Quelle surprise.

Personally, I smell a rat with this so-called breach because if THEY didn't want their information accessed, it would be inaccessible. Period. No. THEY wanted this to appear as an anti-semitic act of terrorism.

M - said...

Whatever one might think of this gentlemen, I believe he is very astute in what he's saying here:

Visible said...

If you can get past his carnival barker persona and self-serving antics, he is well-informed on many things. He's also fixated on certain absurdities and peculiarities that I find to be nonsense. However... he's a great writer and I have purchased many of his books and read them; nothing in the last decade or two... but it does speak to his value with me because I don't read more than one book by anyone who can't keep my interest or who is obviously making shit up.

M - said...

Re: Icke - I hear you and agree with you. I listened to the entire video and found what he said to be based in reality. So, sometimes even carnival barkers (wink) can spew gems of truth.

0 said...

Good time to rewatch A boy and his dog from 1975. ;)

I wonder if don johnson remembers his old work, given the times.

Did you watch the Apple TV seres silo? Not to spoil it but a curious parallel between spinning false narratives treated as true to get varied people into mental thought silos perhaps. Creat different silos of people groups and u can induce actions in believers that could never be induced in those who apply reason and critical thinking eh, tho that type also likely produces a silo of like minded.

… I’m starting to see why I prefer to be alone and apart from people in my unoccupied time.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post made my day after a miserable 5 hours at work.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Now You Get to See The Level of Control They Have Over Perception by The Hive Mind. You Do Not See What God is Up To."



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