Friday, October 20, 2023

"I Found Higher Love, It is The Lubricant that Greases The Gears of The Machinery of Existence and Dissolves The Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

People's minds are mostly cluttered, much like a spare garage... an attic, or basement... that is so filled with discarded things that one can no longer easily move about. This is especially true in Times of Material Darkness. The thing is... everything that is going on... is going on in your mind.

The Personality is the image port that The Mind presents through. Your personality is what your mind looks like to others and to yourself. So... everywhere you go... everything and everyone you see... you are seeing yourself in terms of it; what it means to you... what value it has... whether you like or dislike it. It's as complicated as The Mind can make it, and that can be very complicated indeed.

There is one thing going on in your life that is of cardinal importance. It has been going on for your whole life. It will continue... even after you pass on from here. It is the struggle between you, and your mind. Your mind is not you. It is a tool that believes itself to be in charge of its own operations. In that sense... The Mind is The Devil... because it is obsessed with self-interest and self-advancement, BUT... and here is the recurrent problem... The Mind is not The Self.

Unless The Mind is brought to heel, it will behave like an undisciplined monkey riding a dog. Everyone... well (heh heh) most people, have some control over their mind. There are things these people do in private and in public and there is often a big difference there.

There are many systems of mind control. The 20th Century saw a large appearance of systems, principally around the beginning of the century, and then again in the 60s. Scientology is a form of mind control, but the result is that Scientology then controls your mind.

This is the case with many systems that reject the idea of a Divine Presence. It is how cults originate. Cults can include the idea of a Divine Presence, BUT... that is according to what they say it is. You REALLY need to be aware that there are quite a number of systems now extant whose intention is to control your mind, and the first thing they must do in that regard is... to... get... your... attention.

If you do nothing else in this life, you really should make the effort to get control of your mind before someone... or something else does. Possession is a form of mind control... where you are operated like an automaton. There are a number of ways that possession can occur and one of them is... obsession.

Programming... whether it be social... institutional... religious... or what-have-you... is also mind control. Your carnal passions are an open door to possession, as is excessive indulgence in chemical compositions, be they alcoholic or pharmaceutical. Peer pressure is a form of mind control. Whatever gets your attention... if it can keep your attention... can become an obsession, and lead to mind control.

In Times of Material Darkness, where the attractions and distractions are countless... if you cannot control your mind... it will not go well for you.

I had a system. Some would call it reckless and very dangerous. I got into all kinds of things with the premise that I was searching for God in all of it. There are many things I did not do and places I did not go, BUT... I had a compelling drive to see... to find... and to know. If there had been no God, I would not be here writing about this. However... God is immanent and all-knowing.

God taught me the good and bad of things and then took me beyond those confusing limitations. If I was a crazy fool for a period of time, I did not stay a crazy fool, but... I suspect if I had not been a crazy fool I would not have gotten nearly so far as I have. This is because... even though... within a certain bandwidth... Reason is supreme. God is beyond Reason.

I was driven by an uncontrollable passion for Truth. I did not care what the cost was, and I would not rest... could not rest. I did not care what others thought. The temporal world was not my master, and... the laws and rules created by those... who did not abide by them... meant nothing to me. I did not fear them, no matter how threatening and vicious they were capable of being, and they were and are incapable of caring about the welfare of others.

If a law or a rule made sense, I abided by it. If it did not, I did as I wished.

I found Yoga. I found many forms of Yoga. I found Prayer. I found more ancient systems of mind control, and... lo and behold... they worked! I found Higher Love, it is the lubricant that greases the gears of the machinery of existence and dissolves The Mind. The Heart... at the higher arc... is The Soul and it must consume The Mind so that The Mind does not consume you in its psychic web.

First, you are trapped in The Mind... THEN you are trapped in The World. First, you are trapped in The Mind... THEN you are trapped in The World.

If your life is a struggle, it is yourself that you are struggling against. This is meant to be. It refines and strengthens you. We must have our battles. Life has no meaning without them, but... you must subdue The Mind. Then The Mind becomes your very good, and HELPFUL friend. Otherwise... it is your worst enemy.

Look at The World around you. Look closely and you will see what I mean. You will see the wreckage left on the battlefield, and the casualties that were lost in the war against The Mind. The Bad Guys know all about this. Long before Bernays, they knew all about this. Both The Good Guys and The Bad Guys are inspired, and who it is that inspires them is what accounts for why Good will always triumph.

It may not win every battle, but... it does not lose The War.

The Mind is like a hyperactive child. It is always running around and picking things up... casting things aside... hiding things, and... forgetting where it put them. The great power of The Mind is concentration. It is the ability to focus the attention and keep it focused. All scientific and metaphysical discoveries come about in this manner.

The Mind is agile and it is powerful. Getting control of it is more like roping a steer than it is boxing your brother... for the temporary fortunes... in The World of Time. Persistence is key. When it is do or die... you will succeed. When nothing is more important than to gain control over yourself... which is not your self... but only The Personality... you will succeed. To subdue The Reactive Mind is to find Peace and Tranquility in a Sanctuary of Serenity.

It is all inside you; the Hell of this world... the quiet places high up... where the mists proceed and wash The World from your mind... the sparkling meadows of childhood chasing butterflies... the stern and relentless admonitions of regret. It's all inside you.

Your mind is like someone who brings things for you to look at. It is constantly trying to distract you because it wants to sit on the throne and run The Show, like Klaus Schwab... George Soros... Satanyahu, and all those banker clans... Bill Gates... Jamie Dimon... Larry Fink et al. These are cautionary tales being lived out by the truly clueless.

They get to do their little dance in front of The World before they are destroyed as if they never were at all. They are the material representations of a mind gone wrong. They are there as signposts on The Way.

God lets things run their course until he decides to step in and set everything in order again. If the allurements of The World have captured you with their Siren songs, you will come upon the lesson contained therein. If you are drawn to finer things... of an ever-greater transparency... you will come upon The Light itself that is shining through them. This is what The Virtues provide you with. The Vices contain their own reward.

Follow The One. Walk in his footsteps. He has left clear and defined tracks. This will not suit The Mind at all, but... you must persist because The Mind will then discover the most important thing that it has hidden from itself, and all will be well.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

"If a law or a rule made sense, I abided by it. If it did not, I did as I wished."

Thats a great statement.

It speaks to what most people ASSUME is Obedience to Rules/Laws, where most people don't bother trying to understand the why and how of a rule before agreeing to go along with it. That used to be called Blind Obedience, when people obeyed with no consideration of Why they obeyed.

If people were Individual, they would seek to understand why the rule exists before personally agreeing to go along with it. And if they were individual they would do as they wished when they understood the law to be biased or conscripting in some fashion.

I used to say DISOBEY UNACCOUNTABLE AUTHORITY. This week I've switched that to HARASS UNACCOUNTABLE AUTHORITY. Its one thing to not obey, but since they continue their push its time to create menial and troglodyte interactions to overrun the diverity hires in authority positions Capacities. Make them implode by Holding them Accountable and if thats prevented Harass them about their positions until they lose their mettle and act out so people can see them for what they are.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm to slow to Boil. :)

Take it easy pal,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Found a critical video for misprogrammed idiots to wake up to:


Chinese Sneakers said...

The following was very well put, and perfectly lived, Vis: "God taught me the good and bad of things and then took me beyond those confusing limitations. If I was a crazy fool for a period of time, I did not stay a crazy fool, but... I suspect if I had not been a crazy fool I would not have gotten nearly so far as I have. This is because... even though... within a certain bandwidth... Reason is supreme. God is beyond Reason."


Anonymous said...

Pierre said... I posted a short clip of my favourite preacher man.. Syrian Orthodox in Sydney Australia ( about where I told my Christian Brothers brother I did not believe in God , in religion class no less, when he singled me out. 'that's interesting ' he said. perhaps I gave the impression I did . I do now. wasted on the young I was.
Mar Mari tells here how he came up , through the ropes, the hard knocks and stunning revelations. until he met the dude.
I thought of your own school of hard knocks with this one.
(incidentally I searched rense archives (I have a quick way do to this with names of the guests) and you did not come up, not under Les or Visible. I thought you had. funny now though he has and hosts Ted Broer's , a God man if there ever was one. and Father Kramer too on this anti pope vatican mob and , of course, as John Mellencamp put it, this might not be the end of the world , but you can see it from here. though I've been saying that since the 80's.

issue standard said...

"I will accept any rules that you feel necessary to your freedom. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do."

Professor Bernardo de la Paz, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Robert Heinlein.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Whenever God Wants to Change Things on Earth, He Sends in The People to Do It, and The People to Support Those People."



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