Thursday, October 12, 2023

"It's Like The French Revolution All Over Again, with The Same Corrupt Marquises and Their Stables of Painted Children."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Yes... you would have to be stupid to be sucked in by this nonsense switcharoo. Some are also... easily intimidated... too. However... there are a lot of stupid people around. There are a lot of intimidated people around, and... there are many, many stupid AND intimidated people around.

Some of the intimidated are people relying on MONEY coming in, so... their opinions are formed... based on an awareness of that.

Here's the deal. Israel organized what they call “our 9/11!” It was organized by one of the guys who was involved in the original 9/11. Here... I must point out that 9/11 is now an enduring example of what is called, a false flag operation, so... that adds a great deal of irony to the man- involved in both 9/11 events- calling the event a 9/11.

Near instantly... around The World... due to WHO it is that controls The Media, and the traffic on The Information Highway... world sentiment took a huge turnaround. In that sense... the latest 9/11... the mini-me 9/11 has been a success. Not everyone is on the same page as this Twitter-X thread shows.

Now... there appears to be (perhaps I am out of the loop?) a complete blackout on what is happening in Gaza.

Let's be completely realistic here. Israel has the most cutting-edge security in The World. Period!!! There is no way that what they claim happened... happened. Right away... also... we get the babies in the incubators thing again... with a twist... of course. Try to remember too that Israel has Mossad operatives embedded in all of these organizations in the first place, AND ALSO KEEP IN MIND... Israel invented Hamas to begin with.

Israel has been routinely exterminating the people they have imprisoned in this open-air concentration camp for decades; this place called Gaza. This is what has happened to Palestine over the course of time.

Shrinking Palestine

This is what Israel has done to Palestine. No one else did this. Israel did this. There is NO ARGUMENT anyone can put forth about this to the contrary. It's what has been happening.

This recent false flag does... not... balance... the... books. The land seizures are only one aspect. There is the sport hunting of children... the sexual violation of children in their prisons... the torture there as well... the treatment of the people at the checkpoints. There is the endless settler violence... the destruction of their olive groves... the flooding of their neighborhoods with sewage... and- oh my God! The list is endless.

The blowback on The Left is fearsome. The Harvard students who came out in support of Palestine have been told that Wall Street won't hire them. Gee... I wonder who runs things over at Wall Street? Everywhere, you are seeing the latest censure at work. Isn't The Left one of the main mechanisms of The Usual Suspects to begin with? Aren't they the principal financiers of The Left?

Here they are reporting on themselves.

Jews behind the corona virus vaccines
Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines?
One can’t escape their presence in the forefront of leading companies in the race to find a vaccine that will prevent coronavirus

Isn't that interesting? These Killer Vaccines are responsible for millions of deaths by now, and... more to come. Perhaps The World has become Gaza? I do not know. Then there is the matter of the fabrication of The Virus in the first place... and whether there even is one or not. Certainly... these days... The Common Cold and The Seasonal Flu are all COVID. Everything is COVID now.

How about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID to the left of them! COVID to the right of them! Into the shechita of COVID marched the unsuspecting dupes.

Somebody... somewhere... is rubbing their hands in glee. Somewhere else... someone they don't know about is watching them do it. Karma... the Timing of Karma... the complexity of the performance of Karma, these are all very involved operations and mere tips of a much larger mass below the surface of awareness.

The universe is on a grand scale. Only one mind can encompass it, and that is the mind that interpenetrates it to its furthest extent. Nothing slips by... under... or around. Nothing is missed. Everything is recorded, AND... every now and then; it doesn't happen often... a time comes when a grand sorting... weighing... and measuring takes place. These are times of apocalypse.

These are the times when what has been long hidden is revealed... to the wonder of some, AND the dismay of others. These times arrive in periods of great confusion... much chaos and change precede them. It's hard to tell what is really going on, especially when it looks one way and then works out in another way. The reason for that is the inherent deception resident in appearances to... begin... with.

The usual befuddlers and deceivers are at work, and usually, they are as efficient as they need to be, and usually, they are successful... usually. This accounts for the prominence of advertising in our times, along with the presence of massive public relations firms, and assorted agencies that manage political campaigns.

Try to maintain a grip on your historical perspective as they seek to shift and change it right before your eyes. It's not only The Good Guys that know about the big changes in The Event Horizon. The Bad Guys know too, and they are in a white heat of a scramble to stay in advance of them; something they aren't going to be able to do, especially since many of these major changes have to do with them.

The power lines are shifting. The courses along which temporal power has run for quite some time now are being redirected... rerouted... re-engineered. There is NOTHING that any human agency can do about this, and there is nothing that the demonic agencies... upon which certain human agencies have relied for so long... can do about it either. This is coming right from The Top.

So... there is now a most complicated ballet of deck chairs being rearranged on The Titanic. There is a scurrying, and an intentional blurring of motive and action... a kind of rising panic that the usual remedies are not equipped for. It is like using a topical... in hopes of changing the deep interior. It's like putting band-aids on internal bleeding, and... conditions worsen and worsen.

While revelation is occurring in relation to exterior conditions, it is also taking place within the consciousness of every separated mind. This is why there is so much sexual confusion; all of which is manipulated. This is why there is so much street-side insanity. This is why governments are behaving like no one is at the helm. This is why things that should not be happening are happening all the time.

The legal system is on an extended drunken holiday. The lawmakers are playing pin-the-tail on the basilisk. The administrative sector is waving its arms at invisible bugs and wandering in the hallways of their bombed-out memory palaces. Degenerates have hijacked the education system, and certain vested interests are importing armies of barbarians into the town square of everywhere.

This is ALL observably true. This is ALL being engineered by a psychopathic few. Who is doing what is no longer a mystery and that is a very dangerous landscape to be outing yourself in. Sooner or later The Villagers are going to become fully enraged and storm the castles where the architects of their misfortune are resident. Anger and resentment are percolating in the nightmare cities. If the disenfranchised can't get Justice one way, they will get it another.

It's like The French Revolution all over again, with the same corrupt marquises and their stables of painted children. This is not an extemporaneous acting out. This is a choreographed affair and no one is switching horses in midstream. They are caught in a drama they composed themselves and there will be no escaping in the final reel.

Woe to those... etcetera... etcetera... who are with child... etcetera... and give suck... distress... wrath... etcetera... etcetera, and so forth and so on because everything turns back upon itself... and everything comes around to the point it did whatever it did in the first place; package for Mr. So and So! Yes... it's an airtight system that I did not personally come up with... just pointing it out.

While there is life there is hope, but... the nature of The Beast is to dig even more furiously than before, rather than to repair the violation instead. It is the nature of those whose devotion is to harm... to do even greater harm because... well... because they just can't help themselves, and... there are reasons for that.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch Israel burn, and there are so many Republican white people who also support Israel. May divine judgement destroy them all, and soon. Their evil is becoming too much for the world to bear.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin time, huh? Been waitin' fer it fer ever. Looks like Israel is gonna do a Tartaria, though by fire, not mud; or what ever. Well (. . .well. . .well). I'm sure they knew they were suicidin' Israel with the Hamas/Israel thang, but hey. What's a little collateral damage to the Khazar Sabbateans? Why should a Satanist by any other name give a flyin' feck?


ChrisDee said...

Thanks for putting up those Palestine maps, Les. It took me years to work out what this Israel-Palestine thing was all about, and I had to learn it via blogs such as this and many others. Modern history isn't one of my strong points; and I realise it goes way way back further than this. Got there in the end. The final game surely is in play now, and throughout 2024.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"There's Nothing to Worry About Unless You Have Skin in The Game. Where Your Heart is There Your Risk and Treasure Is."



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