Monday, October 30, 2023

"The World is Not a Safe Place for Stupid People, Especially Not Now. I'm Not Sure That it Has Ever Been Safe for Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As the idea of God... the focus upon God... becomes ever stronger in me. As everything else becomes a distant, and sometimes irrelevant #2... the general craziness of humanity becomes more and more evident, by... the... day.

Also... since my reliance on God becomes more and more of an absolute... I find my life is micro-managed to a remarkable degree. Everything that comes to my attention... directly... indirectly... up close, and at a distance... seems more and more to have appeared by intention.

Recently... health fixes... health notifications... and all manner of things having to do with health and well-being have been coming to my attention. I'm going to include a collection of them at the end of this posting.

There are many ways of looking at the subject of health and well-being; proactive... reactive... natural and pharmaceutical... allopathic... homeopathic... fasting... by The Sun... by The Mind... by spiritual means. Some of these include others, but... everyone is different in their needs... in their strengths and weaknesses.

Did you know that sometime in the early 1900s they passed a law in America that disenfranchised all natural healing and said... basically... if the cure does not come by a pill or injection it is unacceptable? You can see where this has brought us.

More and more poisons are appearing in foods, and anyone who relies on processed foods is compromising their immune system and ruining their health. Many people, and when I say many people, I mean many people... eat every meal of the day from a fast food restaurant. People are indifferent to the fact that carnivorous animals have a much shorter intestinal system than we do; 3 to 4 times shorter.

A shorter intestinal system allows for a quicker processing of meat. In humans, the meat putrefies in its passage, and often, colon cancer and other distresses are the result. Herbivorous animals often have multiple stomachs. My point being that whatever your system is... it is designed for a particular diet. There is also a system called Macrobiotics that says you should eat regionally. Let's add here that genetics have a lot to do with the matter.

Now... I did not add all of this introductory information as part of a larger commentary on diet. The needs and necessities of each of us vary widely, and some people can eat nearly anything and be unaffected till later in life. EVERYONE gets affected later in life, and this is more what today's posting is about. I am no kind of an expert on diet. Metaphysics is more my line, and diet does have to do with that, and I don't know a whole lot about Metaphysics either.

I believe one of the keys to diet is SIMPLICITY. Eat widely and you will suffer accordingly, and these days... anything you can imagine is available for consumption, and that is not simply in the case of foodstuffs, but also... information and experience...

One of the reasons that many people live in New York City is that you can LITERALLY order ANYTHING and have it delivered to your door. There are reasons that overweight and unattractive men with money live in Thailand... The Philippines... India... Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and other locations with similar access to the satisfaction of particular carnal appetites.

You can still get in trouble in these places if you don't watch out.

Israel is one of the main destinations for human trafficking.

State of Israel

They are also notorious consumers of questionable sexual tastes in other countries. Israel is a protected zone, and sanctuary for their citizens, who get into trouble abroad. You'll find mountains of corroborative evidence should it interest you to inquire.

How about this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

The World is not a safe place for stupid people, especially not now. I'm not sure that it has ever been. Now... stupid people eat whatever their taste buds demand and poisonous food is tailored to those taste buds by corporations seeking profit. Killer Vaccines are readily at hand for stupid people. Government programs have been created specifically for stupid people. Politicians and organized religions count on them.

The convenience of advanced Materialism... which is not dissimilar to Stage 4 Cancer... is tailor-made for stupid people. Eventually, it swallows them up... every one. People are more alert when there are visible threats to be mindful of. When the threats are hidden in safe-seeming things, Stupid is unlikely to catch on. When it comes to admitting something is bad for you and having to deal without that thing, stupid people choose to ignore the warnings. You see it everywhere today.

Look clearly and attentively at the state of The World at this time. It should be obvious that a large portion of the residents will not be here much longer. Many came here to party and indulge until the meter runs out. This is ALWAYS the case when civilization reaches a certain point of almost everything being in reach.

When I was taking drugs, which went on for a considerable time, I was never that concerned about the laws. I thought they were a good idea. Most people can't handle drugs and shouldn't be allowed to access them. Take a look at what all the latitude has led to. The irony is that alcohol is one of the worst and most destructive of drugs and that's ubiquitously available. The liquor and cigarette industries were the ones behind all the Draconian drug laws.

Any minute now... The World could launch into a widespread conflagration. It is the intention of The Usual Suspects that this should happen. The Bankers... the politicians... many religious leaders... they all want war... sooner rather than later. They are delusional. They are still relying on a superiority they no longer possess, and they will get their asses handed to them if they persist, and... persist they will.

Meanwhile... for myself... none of these things concern me. The ONLY thing that concerns me is being in resonance with Heaven. For each of us... our life is a story. If we understand... one way or another... what our dharma is... our story will be one of success. If we do not... it will be a tale of failure. If our pursuits are terrestrially directed... our story will go that way. If we are celestially directed... it will go that way.

God... the living, conscious, indwelling spirit of God, is immanent. Everything that is made is made out of God. In some cases... directly... and in many other cases... altered through human agency. Seeking after the desires of The Lower Nature is made easier than the aspirations toward The Higher Nature.

What you can see and touch is always more accessible than what you cannot see and touch. If you seek after God, you will find God... often at the cost of more worldly ambitions. If you seek God, The World will turn against you. One pursuing the hidden kingdoms must always walk contrary to The World in all things. Jesus spoke often of this. It is no easy way to go, but... my observations and experiences tell me that any other way is much more painful.

Buddha taught moderation in all things, which is why I brought diet into it, BUT... what I did not say... until now... is that it doesn't matter how fine your diet is unless all that you ingest is dedicated to The Divine beforehand, it will do you no good. I used to watch rich people in white clothes, pulling up to the health food store in Palm Springs for their carrot and wheat grass juices.

These people had their spas and attendants because they knew how important their health is. Not much down here is more important than your health, which many discover when it goes away. HOWEVER... there is a secret here. No matter how rich you are or, and how healthy you live, without God as the main ingredient... something is missing... something critical is missing from everything you eat and drink. Something is missing from everything.

So... as a just... by... the... way... let me leave you with this. It's science of a sort and it backs up much of what we say around here every day. Perhaps it says it in a more specific and workable way for some of you. I want you to have what works, and this comes very close to a working method for how to really live your life in a successful fashion.

This was a melange of all sorts of things you already know, but I am constrained to write what comes to me as I do so. This is all of what came to me today, and from what I am told, it will prove important to several people. Sometimes stating the obvious is all you can do.

End Transmission.......

I've been leaving links at GAB for a while now. For most of the time, they have been references to subjects in the posts. For whatever the reason, I now have access to much more useful information besides the continuation of what has been present all along. I recommend that the reader take a look at what appears there now, at least for long enough to see if it might not be useful to you.

These links are to be found at GAB=

Here are a few of the health links I mentioned earlier. I just grabbed a handful. If it proves to be of any interest, I will continue to provide them;


0 said...

"Did you know that sometime in the early 1900s they passed a law in America that disenfranchised all natural healing and said... basically... if the cure does not come by a pill or injection it is unacceptable?"

This is called out in Densmores "how nature cures" book. Talked about the formation of the AMA and the making illegal of healing that wasn't chemically based. Couldn't regulate it, had to make it illegal.

They sure seem to be slow walking ww3 huh.

Take it easy!

0 said...

Good commentary on how to be-come more spirit than matter or matter than spirit.

Reminded me of Yukteswars commentary from the book "the holy science".

Looks like someone snipped that bit of info and turned it into an article.

Heres that link:

It sorta boils down to if you think you HAVE to eat or die, you eat and maintain a mostly Physical being for the duration, but if you can get around that idea and take control of what you eat, then you dwell more in the spiritual aspect of self while in manifest iteration of form.

That chunk you shared the other day from the Comte de Gabalis about how he would prepare earth for 30 days in an enclosed flask to concentrate it and then apply that to his belly button so that its nutrients would be taken up from that center point in ones form would infer there are ways to feed ones form like the vegetation take their nutrients.

I planted a bunch of fruit trees when I moved to Texas. If you don't put down a bunch of plants at once its sorta hard to tell that the plants CONSUME the soil. But they do. Potatoes especially since they seem to expand their total form while consuming the soil directly adjacent to its junction boundary aka skin. Due this, the soil out in my backyard has dropped a couple inches since we got this place. It actually pulled the pools overflow pipe out of its glued fitting and I had to fix that this past weekend, nevermind the drainage flow out the main 4inch line was backed up and I had to dig up about 10 ft of that line and cut it open so I could remove a solid 8 feet of 4inch diameter soil and roots that had plugged it up and kept water backed up in there. Got that repair finished yesterday before the cold front came in.

It is a curious lifetime of experience. My wife seems hellbent on causing friction. I no longer care to be around it. It sums as she wants me to do what she won't do herself and then she gets mad when I point this out. So it ends up being a drama where everytime she thinks something needs to be done she puts it on me, and if I don't go do it, she starts a fight about it pretends the reason I won't do it is cuz I'm spiting her or some dumb thing, and then she blames me for the relationship deteriorating, while she never makes an effort to be pleasant or DO the thing she wants someone Else to do. Its a bizarre thing to live with for 26 years now. At this point, I just let her stew, and if she starts to tear into me I go back out in the garage and stay out there till bedtime. I'm not interested in arguing or fighting. I have kids so I stayed in the relationship till they were all 18, so at this point theres nothing left that I need to stay for. (maybe I shouldn't have stayed the whole time, but I chose to use her oneryness to further be-come myself. Sorta like using a diamond to cut diamond. (tho I'm maybe more like lead, malleable as such.)) In any case I don't see any further benefit to my tolerating it and her persistence in her behavior will continue to push me away, while she Says she wants to be close.

Ah well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Visible, I have a feeling Im one of the people to which this post was important, the Divine kindly putting a bit of padding on the proverbial 2 x 4. Just got to not make like an ostrich now!

Anonymous said...

WE ARE GONNA BE GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. Funny, 'cause one of the things I came up with aeons ago was:


It works sometimes, though on occasion it takes a while, though not always. . .for better or for worse.


0 said...

Thanks Viz! Sometimes I just gotta vent and let it go. I appreciate the offer man.

Catchya around.

Still Striding said...

Uncanny LV! Watched a how one man took down America video about comrade John D. Rockefeller who was behind those laws to get rid of natural based healing routines for petroleum based RX pharmakeia slime.
Bolshevik nation wreckers can be capitalists, just look at who funded the Russian 1917.
Another one showed that a Frankenfood burger from BK has almost 50mg of estrogen.
I had to adjust after medical emergency from overeating and now I'll have two meals a day at waking AM and supper, usually the same a salad with some fruits and nuts, always with exercise and fresh air right after.
It is the key to cognitive and energy.
It will be terminal peak stupidity that resets humanity.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Link to links:

Balfour Declaration allegedly expires tomorrow, for all that means. Never shoulda come into being. Evil at its worst. Still, there is a chance tomorrow might be kinda interesting for it. Will find out soon enough.

I avoid allopathic medicine, fast food places (ALL restaurants now, being I'm so fed up with how they are acting; which is kinda ironic since I work for one.), like I avoid a nose lickin' smilodon. Worthless liability. I do eat some processed food, but we read labels and if it's too unhealthy I will eat it rarely. If there's a health problem, I look it up and fix. If I can't fix, I either live with it, or if I'm luck enough for it to be lethal; I'm OUTTA HERE!

Goin' on 62, and no prescription meds. I must be doin' sumthin' right.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a matter of stupidity. I think most people made the choice to support evil. They aren't stupid or ignorant. They are choosing to support evil. So by calling them stupid, you are removing any responsibility from them for their actions. But the materialistic people are not stupid. They are spiritually blind, yes, but they are not dumb. They've chosen to support and embrace materialism and evil.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"There is The Dawning Understanding... The Truth Heard Round The World Before The Lies can Even Get Their Pants On."



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