Wednesday, September 13, 2023

"Wheeling and Dealing... Far Away on Their Rounds... Subsumed in The Minotaur Mind of The Eye-for-an-Eye People."

 God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... well... well... (snicker). By the day, they are getting more and more out-of-their-minds!!! Just wait until Reality dawns upon them. Yikes!!! I'm going to be using this phrase often now. Well... well... well... Heh heh.

I'm not sure how to frame it; why are people getting crazier and crazier by the day? That's the simple form. Deconstructing the madness in a post-modernist phase of sanity reductivism by transference and shedding? That would be the complex form. Whitey be putting Roundup in my cornrows, and it bitching me out like Drake. That could be the urban term... and... the ever-popular; radio-waves from space made me beat my pre-schoolers to death with my manifesto. and now? It's unreadable.

It is not just crazier though... is it? No! It is a combination of crazy and stupid together, a tag team that fights itself for supremacy until both of them lie dead on the floor.

So... we got options. You'll have to pick the one that best signifies you as an audience demographic OR... feel free to choose your own bumpersticker to put on your forehead. Remember, space is a consideration... unless you are going for wrap-around cursive tattoos (like face Post-It Malone); maybe something temporary to start with? That might be the ticket, but... far be it from me to tell you what to do.

Meanwhile... on another planet... far away on their morning rounds... subsumed in the Minotaur Mind of the eye-for-an-eye people, Vaccine Murder Inc. is in the rest homes... in the care homes... in the sounds of the weasel-slippery flesh of the ones who rub their hands together in glee... at misfortunes dreamed of and carried out on others.

Across our cable network on The America Channel... Manchurian Candida Dates tear at their zombie flesh... a thousand and one ailments struggle against one another for the primacy of death. The Lower Americas (geographically) have opened their prisons, and sent their wounders and dark alley orcs along the new overland Mariana boat route.

There are no women and children. Someone is building a thug army. The destroyers of the once United States... shepherd these massive crowds of organized refugees... feeding them... giving them printouts on where to go and how to get whatever they need. They rabble-roused through the villages around The World on The Soros Dime... promising every delight... including naked... sugar plum fairies to comfort their nights.

The Media... owned by the same people arranging the whole of the migrant game... do not report on any of it. Behind the thrones in every ruined landscape... whispering Wormtongues... spin their tales into the ears of the despot kings... and then into the ears of the people;

Go to America... land of plenty! Go and take the women and the gold. We will help you! We are the terrors of their night. We will nestle in your minds and show you the way.

We have grown fat there and now we shall move to Patagonia. We have stripped the land of everything worth having. Our vaccines will finish the job!

"We are the international globalists!!! We set the tone and tenor of reality. Reality is whatever we say it is!!! The times of individuality and personal dreams are finished for the masses. They are inconvenient to the overall scheme.” They are thinking it is the Law of Nature that the strong shall rule over the weak and take what pleases them... when it pleases them.

The Gospel of Wealth has come again. For us it is a Freebooter's Paradise, and for the rest... Communism is the most effective mechanism of control. We will build the Smart Cities for Stupid People!

If there is a God, did that God not make everything the way it is? Did he not make me rich and powerful and make you a cringing supplicant for my grace!!! I'll thank you to put a 'Mi-Lord' at the beginning and end of your every statement.”

Have you been to Dr. Belinsky's Clinic lately? They're offering full child's blood transfusions! I feel like I'm young again!!! It cost less than my last trip to the islands.”

And so it goes as your world is strip-mined before your eyes. And so it goes... The Walking Dead have occupied the streets. They are cooking rats on homemade grills... just like the old country. Soon... they'll be cooking each other.

When the last vaccine die-off went down, no one harassed the migrants or the homeless. None of them wore masks. Are you stoned or stupid? Ah... never mind. It's just a movie and this is the part of the movie where these things happen.

In a little while the tone of the film will change. Other events will flood the TV screen of your mind. Then it will be something else. Then it will be something else. It is how it goes in The Land of Dreaming Livestock, as they wait for the culling to begin.

Many are gravely concerned... and they should be OR... perhaps not... lest their fears bring the worst of it upon them... as the present fruits of their former meditations. Surely those who should be concerned... concerned about their next place of residence... they are not concerned. They blithely go on the light evasive toe.

They were born to eat... to drink... and to be merry, right up until the winds of fortune shift, and... shift they will. That is also a Law of Nature.

It is in the nature and scheme of things... for appearances to seduce the grasping mind. It is the way of it for the deceivers to be deceived. Everything is arranged ahead of time... based on everything that happened in the run-up previous. Why should anyone be surprised when this leads to that OR... when that leads to this?

The otter-sleek and porcine-swollen freaks of Materialism in heat... they cannot see the road ahead or the port of their arrival. They can only see what lies directly before them in the vision of appetites... endlessly forming the shape of their desires.

They cannot see the steely hooks. They only see the flashing lures. They are the privileged in their pursuit of greater gains. They press and shove in the marketplaces... never seeing that the commodity is themselves... parceled and sold off... piece by piece until nothing is left. It is an old and timeless story that comes round and round on the playing fields of time. Again and again, they rise and fall... and the meaning? They did not get the meaning at all.

Every now and again, a teacher appears and tells them just what the last teacher told them... and the teacher before that... and the teacher before that. It's offered in simple homespun wisdom. Even a fool would get it if he listened long enough. Certain laws apply. Certain rules are in place. You cannot offend against them lest you offend against yourself, and... that is how it works... after all.

I was just out for my morning meditations; not the same as the early rising interlude. It often comes somewhere in the writing of a post, as it did today. The angel of God said;

'Well, here you are again today.” We had a small back and forth about how wonderful existence is for those who love The Lord of ALL Existence. Then he said; “You see how it is then? How effortless and filled with blessings life can be when you lose the attractions of The World and are drawn to The Divine alone? Blessings come from every direction; do they not? And it is just going to get better and better so that you can hardly stand it, but... somehow you do. (laughter)

Those people you were talking about today... the ones who think they have it all and no one is going to take one fragment from them? I've let them go their way beyond what anyone should have expected... just to see whether they might turn... catch a clue... even a momentary whiff of something beyond the carnal plane on which they live their lives.

'I am now going to hit them where it hurts. I'm not going to take any of their shiny shit away from them. I am simply going to remove all enjoyment from what they have. Watch and see, my friend, see if I don't do just that. I am going to turn every taste into ashes in their mouths. Weltschmerz is going to be at every table with them morning and night.

They will feel increasing sorrow and loss, and they will not know the cause of it.

Every harm they inflict upon another will now cause an immediate and awful wound in them. They will not know whether to shit or go blind and... will probably accomplish both. They are already blind and cannot tell ordure from apples as it is. I am simply going to make that clear to them. Watch for it. It is coming soon.”

Yes... he is plain-spoken, and always has been. Oh boy! I can see it coming down the road ahead... big as life and larger than the rumors.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
on nearly all occasions of reading your blog-posts gratitude arises spontaneously and inspires a more profound reflection in the inner mirror. Yesterdays post was nearly so, but something about it did not 'piss me off' in colloquial english, but i did find umbrage with this paragraph :

''I was telling God about how much I appreciate and delight in his company this evening (Saturday) and he said, “Well... you earned it. I kicked the living shit out of you for extended periods of time and EVERYONE (caps for emphasis) better understand that that is a rite of passage; no getting around it at some point. It might seem certain characters got a pass somehow. NO ONE GET A PASS! It happened at another time... under another name.''

i considered for now a day and a night and a morning, whether it is my difficulty in chewing, since i lack a molar, extracted before my adolescence, or since no wisdom-teeth or tooth ever showed up in my mouth.... yet although i chew slowly swallowing with difficulty this paragraph, and unable to metabolize it, feel compelled to make this comment.

As you have been kind and sincere in sharing your passage through this realm, your experiences , at no time did you indicate a long period, months/years of expulsive frequent daily diarrea, 'Ineffable's way of kicking the shit out' of , sort of like with Milarepa, but then again he was consuming pine-needle soup in his detox for a very long time...(curious is it not, that some suggest this as a way of detoxing from 'spike-protein' ?...hmmmmm

whatever manner that Ineffable evaluates with the criteria corresponding, the nature of the 'clay', the potter will work out the hard almost crystallized bits before shaping the clay, maybe after throwing out impurities,( seems one Lilith was more than sufficient as en error), and shaping the clay into a Visible shape for the use that ineffable has.... if it is to contain 'New Wine', as a vine-yard owner/cultivator, maybe even 'brandy' or, dare i say it ? 'Armagnac'..... it is within the harmonious intention of Ineffable.....

Ineffable may even present in the guise of perfume -maker, cultivator of rose-garden, and then as a potter needs clay of still finer quality , so as to produce a ceramic perfume bottle, much lacquer to be applied after the firing process of Divine Plasma, to contain the Rose-oil, one drop of which requires over 15 lbs. of rose petals.... hmmmmm such patience... way beyond an almost eternity of unbearable compassion, in my constant lack of full appreciation...

So i trust that your 'human mind' framed the experience in the fashion these communications happen from the Mind of Tao, and was perhaps clumsy choice of word images, trust, but without certitude....

as the calendar gets closer to another Friday the 13th of October, 2023 CE, will you bring NOSTRILS TO THE PERFUME bottle in the Heart, where Ineffable writes ,underneath the lacquer, Divine Poetry, please Dog Poet....
Cheerful Love, GrizzlyBear hug

Al said...

"I am simply going to remove all enjoyment from what they have."

That's some rough country to tread as I have personally walked it way back when. I have experienced this and it stops Everything in ones life dead in the tracks of a never ending oh shit moment playing over and over again. It's as if you're detached from everything in life while still having to walk in a body, never being able to interact in any meaningful way no matter what's around you.

Thank Creator I only had 6 months of the worst of it with several years heading into it and several leaving. I won't be returning for a second course if ya know what I mean.

I knew this was in their future and why I feel pity for them as they will have no clue "That" was even possible to go through while still breathing. You don't get to feel any goodness any longer, just the shit side of life, fear, pain, loneliness and their kin but not a shred of any good and it's bizarre. Sidelined in your own life while still in your body ain't no fun.

Well enough about me, much Love Amigo and thanks again.

0 said...

You know whats interesting is when you calcine the desires from self you accomplish the same ends as removing all pleasure/pain from the consequences the varied desires produce for self. Only its Intentional and Willful and one Knows Why they are doing such to themselves.

Its amusing that they will get the experience from their Actions anyways and be wholly blind to the benefit of experiencing such in their iteration of form.

What is there to want except to Understand and perform the Right Action in the now to add to the Harmony. Everything else is distraction.

Good Stuff. I wonder how they will act when such arrives for them? Will they put their Taking into Overdrive or will they pull back?


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

So the vaccines are basically killing people almost instantly now. This seems to be where the apocalypse speeds up rapidly, and possibly where total collapse of society happens.

"Every harm they inflict upon another will now cause an immediate and awful wound in them. They will not know whether to shit or go blind and... will probably accomplish both."

That is very reassuring to hear that. God told you that he will punish the evil ones instantly? Hopefully spiritual progress starts happening on a large scale. Time for the new age to begin

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"It Is Already a Reality in The Mind of God. That's It!!! Take it OR It Leaves You... Somewhere in The Dust of Its Passage."

ChrisDee said...

I particularly like these kind of posts, where God talks to you in straight no-nonsense language. I confess I am struggling now to keep some sense of calm as I see my own way of life being threatened on all sides by invasion and mind-boggling climate laws created by a psychotic government (British). In all my sixty eight years I've never seen such madness in a government. Never. The whole population of this land is being herded towards a final sheep-pen from which, when the gate closes, they might not escape.
I guess God has His timings, but I do fervently pray that He won't hold off the rough stuff on these monsters for too much longer. People are rapidly losing hope here, as they are in many other places.

Visible said...


I hear you. I speak to him about this most days and when I say, "and this and that", he always says, "I'm way ahead of you. It wouldn't happen in your mind as a question if I did not put it there for you to ask." Heh heh... what can I say to that.

Something very large and telling is about to sweep the planet. It is all I can think.



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