Tuesday, September 26, 2023

"Every Day, The Altar of God Shines... with The Life-Giving and Selfless Offering of... His Endless Love... for His Creation."

God Poet Transmitting.......

During this evening's meditation, I had several profound understandings dawn on me... descend on me; however the process was accomplished... it was accomplished. All of these several understandings depended on a single realization that was the product of a stern admonition from The Teacher of All.

He said, “No matter what you wish to accomplish... you must find me first. It is true that certain people accomplish the appearance of great things here, but none of them accomplish them without me. I accomplish everything, no... matter... what... it... is, and whether it is known or unknown.

Many may think they have done this or that on their own, and I am okay with letting them think that way, because no matter what anyone accomplishes... it is all a set-up to impress on them what they do not have. They do not have me. I have them... coming and going and author them both, but... until they have me, they just live and die and suffer on the way.

You are truly fortunate to possess the single thing of value in all of The Worlds... seen and unseen. You have me, and what also do you now have? You have no desire to accomplish anything else... ever again; is this not so? You are now driven only by the passion to serve and to love me in your every thought... word... and deed. You have not achieved the fullness of this yet, but you will. Nothing can now hinder you again for I am by your side.

Many realize later on that they lack the single significant detail in life. They must then change their course or go back the way they came, and it is no short journey for anyone who has bypassed me on the way to some personal ambition... some much-coveted delight... some rare possession. I alone put any value there may be in anything.

Tell your readers this. Find me first! Find me to begin with or... only disappointment awaits.

One who has found me is free of all fear. Who else can say this? One who has found me has put an end to wanting. Such a one is never alone. Such a one ceases to suffer, AND... who else can say this? No matter what anyone acquires or achieves... he will still suffer if I am not present. Only I can end suffering. I am the answer to every prayer... every hope... every wish... every desire. One who realizes this can find me very quickly.

I answer all righteous and sincere prayers in my time and fashion. Sometimes I answer the unrighteous and insincere, just so they might see the cost of such vain imaginings.

I am at the end of every path taken... no matter what path it may be, and that which is found is defined by the intentions and desires of the seeker. No man defines me, but I define all men in the crucible of experience and their resistance only assists me in the process... at the expense of their suffering... which is commensurate with the resistance.

Seek me first!!! Seek me first!!! I am not found in books. I am not found in works. I am not found anywhere external. I can only be found within. It is how the simpleton can come to know more than the wisest pundit who has ever lived. Anyone driven mad in the search for me will be made an exemplar and paragon of reason. Seek me first!!!

It was a powerful experience and a great deal more than what is written here passed through my thoughts. A blizzard of images can come in a moment, and... if they are connected to reality, they will leave a lasting imprint.

I am constantly stunned by the mercy and majesty of God. It is the complete package of all possibilities of good, absent even the faintest trace of evil. As Hermes Trismegistus says in The Divine Pymander; “only God is good.”

If you are seeking God... and you maintain this effort with a relentless consistency, God will remove all obstacles from your path; whether they be external blocks or internal hindrances. At the moment of your focus on The Divine... The Divine is removing every blinder between you and The Light of His Being.

If you are not focusing on The Divine, you must proceed the long way forward, upon the grinding tread of Evolution. If you are consciously focused... your passage will be expedited. I know the truth of this from experience. I also know that the suffering can intensify for a time, and that is why most people shy away from The Great Work.

You must be willing to have everything taken from you so that the single priceless gift might be realized within you.

People live in a dream world of wishing and hoping. Life seldom meets those expectations. It is plain that no lasting sanctuary or peace can be found out there. Do not think that anything you have will last if it is not God or the gift of God. It will not.

All life is suffering, and this suffering is meant to... intended to... drive you to seek divinity within, yet... time after time... life after life... people return to the same pursuits with the same predictable results.

Look at what is happening in The World around you! A handful of ruthless psychopaths are determined to manifest Hell on Earth. This is no longer in dispute. This too is engineered to awaken in you the search for God. Everything here... all suffering... is directed toward your awakening.

Life is designed by The Creator to a specific end. Pleasure cruises and lives of ease are to be had by anyone willing to pay the freight.

We are building to an immensity of transition. This is inevitable. What is not inevitable is how you are to be affected. In Times of Material Darkness... millions are descending into The Dark Splendor of sensory delusion. You have a boat and you have a paddle. Your course is set by your intentions... so it does not matter if you go East or West. It is an internal compass that directs your course.

You will get what you have given. You will lose what you have taken. Everything you see is fading before your eyes but time's imprisoning force does not permit you to see this. Could you see with the eyes of eternity... it would be immediately clear.

Love is a profound magic that is misunderstood and inaccessible to The Profane. It is at its greatest power in The Realized Mind and in The Child Mind, and The Realized Mind is a progression of The Child Mind through Regenerated Innocence. You must lose it to know its value. You must regain it to complete the circle. Elsewise you languish in the flesh pits of mortality.

Eventually... one or the other claims you. Regenerated Innocence is always most difficult in Times of Material Darkness. Most people are on the broad highway to destruction. They are led away into the wastelands of elusive desires and persistent appetites. All desire and appetite must be woven into a single cable so that the attractive nature is focused on a single point... so that the tractor beam of God's Love can reel you in.

Love is the medium of liberation. It dissolves the bindings and melts the bars. Love is The Free Bird. Love is The Master of All Things. Nothing can resist Love and Love is fearsome indeed where evil may appear.

The Power of Love is greater than anything but Truth, which the combination of Love and Wisdom unveiled to The Illuminated Mind... that has been consumed by The Heart... in its higher octave of The Soul. The Sun is a boiling radiance of Love, and everything we think we know is a product of its rays.

Every day, The Altar of God shines with the life-giving and selfless offering of his endless love for his creation... living in the separated minds of their own confusion. He sent them spinning forth onto the playing fields of time, in order that he might gather them all together again, and which is the point and purpose of life.

A great moment is coming upon us, filled with the possibilities of unspeakable and enduring wonder for those who rise to the occasion. For those who do not... another round will begin in which they might try again. Dear God... let as many hearts as it is possible to hear you... hear you and respond.

The way is simple; rely on God in all things... for all things... and stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind. Seek God within everything you engage and The God within it will respond.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

I was in my 20s being told to go on a mission for the LDS church when I kept wondering how can I pretend this is true, when I don't believe it myself. Why would I convert others to something I don't take as True myself. I went anyways since my parents wanted me to. I did not do well. I am not a Salesman, which is what missionaries are.

Its a good thing to realize one must acquire understanding before one can give such to others and sometimes not even then. Its clear you have direct personal experience of what you speak and I like hearing how the All talks to you, its a similar event for myself, where its not prayer but more like talking to a pal. I suppose thats how I went about personalizing it for myself since I could find no "guru" to produce anything more for me than the all produces for me in my own life experiences.

Glad you keep on keeping on. It helps me tolerate the waiting, being able to read your many faceted compendiums of ideals and experiences. These days there is nothing in the MSM/Alt news that isn't Owned by the brainwashers so finding anything "of use" has become difficult.

Take it easy Viz.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Can't argue with this post due to personal experiences. Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

greetings mr viz

an earthworm jim quote "DAAAYUM"
that message of pinpoint accuracy...
thank you!

robert said...

Awe-inspiring hymn about the hum, the Om ringing out creation!

Gracias for this prayer in prose!!!

For all to hear that will listen

Prayer of Praise to the Sun!

Always wondered about praise...

What can positive thoughts and sounds raised, do for the One?

Nada, of course

The process of positive raising, praising, is for US, solely for US to lift our attention and to get more attention from higher being

When we will be positive we shed our negative barnacles clinging to our ship of fools

It is actually a great boon that all earthly pursuits have lost their allure and any taste of victory
At least, the only creatures still finding tasty pursuits are those whose tastes have degraded from turning their dial down below zero, to be taken for a ride along the dark side by possessing entities

Nothing attracts our attention that sustains more than a remembered moment
Nothing compares to what is inside the central core of life
What relationship can match our deepest connection to life?
When all else fails, what-is is still here

Going deep is the scariest prospect to the limited perception of self
Will we ever surface again to be able to breathe before we run out of life?

When the heart breaks, only One can heal, mend and send it back to its beat around the bush

Who dares raise their sight from prostrate before the mind blowing brilliance we discover seeing through our eyes?

How do we meet the face of our eternal Lover whom we long ignored in our vain ways of error trapping?

Who holds us together when our will to live dissolves?

The answer is blowing in our ear
A tender teasing to lift us out of our hand-built castle of suffering

In the torrent of intensity, as the tornadoes pass nearby, to whom will we cleave?

Abide in the apple of the One's Eye and weather the storm

Al said...

That went down well, many thanks and Love Mr Visible.

Anonymous said...

I needed this today. Thanks so much.

Iyou said...

Greetings dear brother. hope you are feeling comfortable..

Every Day, The Altar of God Shines… with The Life-Giving and Selfless Offering of… His Endless Love… for His Creation..

Very lovely heading and discoure also..
What can the seed of a tree do but love its reflection in the form of the roots. trunk. branches. twigs. flowers and fruit. that whole tree is merged within its creator the seed. it is not possible for the seed to not know all about its creation the tree..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"God- At Any Moment... Can Put or Inhibit Any Thought... In Any Mind... OR Every Mind... At Any Time It Pleases Him To."



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