Monday, September 16, 2019

"Not all Epiphanies are Serendipitous, nor All Revelations a Beauty and a Wonder; be Watchful."

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to the latest installment of Visible Origami; all day today I have been sitting here, or there... pondering, reflecting, thinking my way in and around a peculiar revelation that has come upon me and like with anything else I run into these days- having learned my lesson about so many things, by this time, I've had to keep changing the angle of my perspective to get a more expanded read on what I experienced. Regardless of how many times I might have done this, there was no getting around the fact that a certain amount of time was needed for digestion. In much the same way as the food you eat has to process through your system and get separated into what the body takes to use and the rest of which gets packaged for disposal, one's thoughts go through a very similar series of changes.

About ten years ago I was on some Oaxacan mushrooms and I was hiking through some German woodlands when I came to the top of a ridge, where there was a poster under glass that described the area ahead and some information about wildlife and a few do's and don't. I clearly remember standing there and reading the text, when another consciousness came into my own and began speaking to me. This was before the time when back and forth discourse came into play and at that time I would only hear from my invisible friends when I was on psychedelics. I was told that the information I was taking in from the poster was the same as the food I eat and that was the case with all sensory information. I was told I should chew slowly and thoughtfully and that if I did this, whatever information I was getting would be more fully assimilated and I'd get much more out of it. The conversation continued to the subject of spiritual texts.

I was told that there were stages of understanding that were possible for me if I had my attention fully fixed on the material I was reading, that the degree of my concentration had everything to do with the amount of real value I would get. I was told that there was one understanding I could get from the immediate reading and then another understanding that would come over time, as my subconscious digested what I had read. I was told that the surface understanding of 'inspired' spiritual texts and scripture was one thing but that there was a much deeper understanding that would come through revelation, if I was slow and deliberate, patient and fully focused on what I was reading. The interesting thing, as I remember, was that while I was hearing this I could literally feel my mind chewing the information, as a prelude to the following digestion.

Over the years that have followed since this occurred, I have had an ongoing series of these conversations and I have come to trust the source of the information because, over time, everything I was told, either appeared in my life as evidence, or came true. I've had people ask me about why I trust what I hear and how do I know the source is reputable and an authentic oracle. I reply that my experiences have proven all of it out and by this time I no longer question what I am told. In the times when I did question, or worse, went in a direction counter to the directions I was given, I paid for it.

When I met my master on the beach, such a long time ago it seems now, during the whole of the time we were interacting, he kept saying “I don't know.” I did not realize what this meant or the impact it would later have on my life. I was completely under his influence and completely unaware of this as well.

At one point we were walking along the edge of this stream and about to go under the bridge, toward the ocean. Highway 1 ran over the bridge. We were talking and he said something to me, I can't remember what it was and I found myself saying, “I don't know.” Then I repeated it several times, I don't know why and while this was happening, I had this visceral, deep to the core of my being, certainty that I REALLY did not know. Everything I thought I knew was being, temporarily, sucked right out of me. It was, by turns, frightening and exciting. Because, along with all the things I thought I knew went everything I believed about myself. I had no idea who I was but somehow that was okay. I suspect, no! I am sure it would have driven many other people insane. Fortunately... I had never known who I was to begin with and had nothing invested in the persona that I had been operating through. I did experience the incredible lightness of being in the aftermath.

Some months later, everything I thought I knew was completely sucked out of me, along with every connection I had to family or anything else in this world. The funny thing is that, after that, it is as if everyone else knew about this and I never had any relationship, any blood tie associations at all continue on, ever since.

This peculiar revelation I had today has set me back into a continuous consideration of it. I have been writing these blogs since around the beginning of the century and all of my interactions with other people have come about through contacts made through this. Since I am no longer carried on the large news gathering sites, my audience has been concentrated in a smaller number of people and I take all of my cues and the things I talk about from the resonance between us. As the reader knows, it is a common occurrence for me to discuss subjects that they had just been thinking about. This is no accident. It has to do with our commonality behind all the fictional knowing that runs this world, the delusions that control the masses of the population and the delusions manipulated by the controllers, who are well aware of this aspect of human psychology. Here is a maxim for the ages however, So long as you think YOU KNOW, then GOD DOES NOT KNOW. When you KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW then GOD DOES KNOW and anything you ever need to know, God will inform you of.

Anyway, now these writings have been going out to another audience and there are some people in this audience who know everything. You have only to ask them. This world of social interplay is ego driven and that means a whole bunch of people with cudgels in their hands, demanding that they are right; people who are suspicious of the motives of others, because those are their motives and they believe everyone is like them. If they are thieves, they think everyone else is a thief. If they are greedy, everyone else is greedy. If they know they are faking this or that or whatever, then everyone else is doing the same.

If the dog looks into a mirror, it sees another dog. Whatever the animal or person, this is what they see when they look into the universal mirror. This is how they create their anthropomorphic god, who is a bigger version of them. If they are vengeful, he is vengeful. If they are autocratic, he is autocratic. After a fashion they are right because this is the God they run into; just as the devil is the way the wicked see God.

So I am learning an important lesson here. In all honesty- and long time readers know this- I don't think of myself as anyone more important than anyone else. I don't think I know it all, or that I am always right, or that I know what is going on, or that I have the secret key of life (well... I do have that but... so does everyone else). The secret key of life is Love. Now... I could do just fine in this new environment, if I only can remember the one thing that I- along with so many others- keep forgetting and that is to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND; to not argue with anyone, to simply state the case and let fare what fares.

Unfortunately I have lost a little of my edge, my former deftness, because I am not used to dealing with deceitful and self aggrandizing types. I am used to dealing with the sort of people that compose the readership here, over these past years. I have had a real wake-up call. There are people out there who want to hurt you, me, anyone. They don't care if they lie, or slander. It matters not to them because they are the one's doing it and EVERYTHING they do is okay.

When people, who are not who they present themselves as, see you, they don't see you. They see themselves and you are someone as fully capable of certain behavior as they are and they are so sure of this that they figure they had better do it to you first. Most importantly, you should never tell them the truth about themselves because then they will seethe with a terrible hatred for you and long after you have forgotten about whatever it was that set them off, they will still be burning up with it. One of the Buddhas once said, “be kind to those who abuse you, you will put a basket of burning coals on their heads” (grin). Yeah... I get that. There are a good amount of wonderful people in this world and at that other location; probably more than we might think but... there are also a large amount of self wounding refugees, walking down punishment road and they would love to take you along.

I had forgotten a lot of these things because I wasn't running into any of them, except very rarely. That phrase from the Bible keeps coming back at me; “Be ye as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.” Also; “behold, I send you out as sheep among the wolves.”

I already knew, or I did know, (even though I don't know) that there is nothing any of these people can do to me. As another Buddha said, “If a man brings you a gift and you do not accept it, to whom does that gift then belong?” Right. Still, in my usual Pollyanna fashion, I forgot all about hard learned lessons of the past. I have been reminded. Well... I've said what I have to say; not as comprehensively as I might have liked but... I'll get to that up the road (grin). I wanted to leave you with something nice so... here you go-

Something happened last night, concerning a reader and afterwards, I burst into tears. I wept for some time. Then I went into the alcove just off the living room to mention it to my friend and Jackie Evancho was singing on my friend's computer. If you do not know who Jackie Evancho is, you are in for a real treat.

Doubt the presence of God and his angels? Doubt no more because an angel of God is singing through this young lady and if you can't hear and feel it... ah... there is nothing I can say to that.

She is a sweet treasure and further proof to me (as if I needed any) that God is real. In a sense, God is as real as we are... if we choose to be real. Here is one last offering from her and you can find many more on the net. I think someone in her family has gender issues, not that that matters.

She is 18 this year and I had the good fortune to catch her at 10 years old, which is what you will see and hear in those links. How can I describe how my heart soared on every note of her singing? This made me reflect on how truly fortunate I am; not in worldly goods, or other material assets. I don't look like Tom Cruise. I am not an international celebrity. I do not sit in one of the seats of temporal power, nor do I aspire to any of those assured embarrassments further in the wind. If you have God in your life, you need nothing else and God is in no one's life because he went and got permission first.

Whether God is or is not in your life is of real importance only to you and only you need be convinced of it. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant. One thing I think all of us can agree on, whether God is in our lives or not, is that when God comes into anyone's life, there is no doubting that it happened. If it is real then the impact of it is real too and it is also something that gives evidence of its presence to others as well. Certainly not to those who do not have God in their lives, or who claim to have God in their lives but do not. The truth is that ALL will be revealed. Lies will be shown to be lies. Evil done will not remain concealed.

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♫ When Darkness Falls ♫


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Agree completely. Knowing is over-rated and definitely has a shelf-life.
The distance between me looking back and looking forward is decreasing!
I am almost here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Viz. I have been following your posts for well over 10 years now...checking pretty much on a daily basis and I never, ever get tired of reading what you have to say. You have had a much needed & big impact on my spiritual growth. This latest one is a very timely and pointed one. Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
As you point out in one of the paragraphs, synchronicity..... My day yesterday, and most of the evening as well, was spent pondering and feeling the issues of' i Do Not Know' especially in the context of the experience of Beloved.... Finding aspiration that turned into ambition in a subtle yet impactful way in my experience of Love-Lover-Beloved, as if Lover will experience the Beloved in the way one experiences the interchange of positions on a see-saw as a child, become the Beloved of the previously Loved Beloved.... This 'I' was convinced that it should be so, pure ambition to become worthy of being Loved, by Loving, yet not Love , but a subtle and commercial interchange, disguised as Love..... Agape( Love from a Source that gives the experience of Exstasy in Mystical 'moments', no comestibles involved )being transformed by the needs of the meat-suit, transgenerational, transformed by my Soul as well, over a number of other 'lifetimes' i am aware of, into this subtle yet insidious ambition..... No traumas, and there were many, very intense ones, is justification of this commercialization i have just become aware of, yet they were the crack through which this lack of self-worth as Beloved managed to infect the experience of Agape-Love-Lover-Beloved.
Digesting a distinction between the closely experienced Martyr/Saviour roles in my Inner World, how this Archetype interacts with the Trauma Field, and how my particular instru-ment-ation plays it out..... with the awareness flashing on and off....
Cheerful Love, Grizzlybear Hug

David Fiske said...

lovely post Vis and I so enjoyed the singing of that delightful Jackie. Thank you. love,

Anonymous said...

Dear vis and readers
Thank you once again for the fresh perspective you always bring to the thoughts we are all having, your words not mine, but I absolutely agree. Maybe your wordsmithing skill was meant from the beggining of your life to be given to you and especially when you decided to have a bookstore so you could quench your thirst for knowledge, and I think more properly knowledge of god. Really, no internet was present then and the idea existed only in fiction novels, but whithout this internet and what it has brought, your wordsmithing would have impacted just your surroundings and of course yourself. But now it looks as if god knew all along about the inernet and everything to come and as a result has from the first moment guided you to be our best speaker today.
Thank you so much brother for your wording and may we all follow your example and say we dont know. And as you said so simply this will give a chance at least that god in us can know.
Be well and stay reassured that we are all from either imensly gratefull to at least impressed by your daily almost as it has been lately contribution to your blogs.
Be well

Anonymous said...

in all the years of reading your metaphysical scribblings there has
never been any disappointing moments...

consistently you are always honest with yourself first,
and always willing to share that which works for you, SNORT !

it is usually with much anticipation that your sites are accessed
since the reality is that few can do what you do in a "loving"
and truly sincere way...

See Also - -
... she usually makes my eyes water

thanks for being you



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A definite five nostril post!

Ray B. said...

Vis, this was one of your best VOs. Thanks!

Vis: "I was told that there were stages of understanding that were possible for me if I had my attention fully fixed on the material I was reading, that the degree of my concentration had everything to do with the amount of real value I would get."

Most people don't realize that books are direct ties between the author and the reader. I mean this in a psychic/Oneness sense. If one is simply racing-through, the 'contact' will be missed. However, a deep contemplation of the material will often bring about a 'dual-channeling' connection. Cool. (You can walk through bookstores and pick-out books this way. Slight 'contact' with the author will tell you whether you want to proceed down that path or not...)
Vis: "Some months later, everything I thought I knew was completely sucked out of me, along with every connection I had to family or anything else in this world."

Yep. I have mentioned being in the audience of a teacher, and having a newcomer stand up and declare that he/she wanted to know God. The teacher basically said okay, and that he would 'remove' anything that stood in the way of that Knowing. The oldies in the audience literally let out a gasp, knowing from their personal experiences what that entailed...
Vis: "If the dog looks into a mirror, it sees another dog. Whatever the animal or person, this is what they see when they look into the universal mirror."

I remember the tale of the Buddhist monk who was charged by a tiger. Sure death. However, as the tiger got close, the charge broke. By the time the tiger got to the monk, he/she was loving and rubbing the monk. In my interpretation ("I don't know"), the monk was so established in God-love and We-ness that the tiger no longer saw what he/she had started out to kill. Some form of transformation or enlightenment occurred. It would have been interesting to have an inner 'vision' of who/what the tiger was seeing in his/her inner mirror along the charge-path...
I had the privilege of first seeing/hearing Jackie Evancho via the TV 'talent show' where she was discovered. Remarkable voice and 'energy', singing "Amazing Grace." And, I took a guilty pleasure at watching the reactions of the judges - particularly one man and one woman - who had already written her off with a smirk on their faces. They actually reeled back in their seats with the shock, a form of horror on their faces. Hmm. Reminds me of the monk and the tiger...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les.

A quote from Thoreau: "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me Truth."

(I've taken the liberty of capitalizing "truth.")

Best wishes,

Aggressive Truth said...

Only father know when this day coming ;)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"I'll Be in a Lounge Chair by the Pool at the Cornucopia Condominium Complex."



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