Monday, February 20, 2023

"Indulging Selfish Appetites and Whims because You are in Fat City, WILL Bring Attila to The Gates of Your Town."

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The Asbury Revival is spreading like a spiritual virus from college to college. In recent times... universities have been inoculating students with Lemming and Lockstep Vaccines. They seem to be working about as well as The Killer Vaccines in terms of promises made. Many are being led astray by those who don't know where they are going themselves.

You CAN'T keep the human spirit down. The most primal human urge after survival and sex is... Freedom! And that freedom (for some of us) implies freedom from the fear for survival and the hunger for sex. Sex becomes a twisted obsession in Times of Material Darkness.

I do not know if this Asbury Revival is orchestrated. Most events of any kind seem to be... in these times. Then again... it could be genuine. What I know about such movements is that certain vested mentalities try to get control over them early on... then they can manipulate them at will.

What I also know is that real spirituality finds a way past them. It sweeps through The Collective Mind like a fever. The Temporal World can't put it down, though they do... indeed... try. Eventually... the form of it... over the course of many years of editing... gets absorbed into the whole control mechanism where everything has to be state-sanctioned, and then... The Avatar must come again. Obviously... he's getting closer.

You can see this in the initial crazy times we are passing through. A reaction to the imbalance is as predictable as it is inevitable. Is this revival a prelude to other things? Everything... is a prelude... to other things.

These movements get initiated and then directed to certain mercantile ends all... the.. time. What I can say is that the tide is now turning. The absurd have crossed one bridge too far, and... they can't go back... because they burned all the bridges behind them. This is the situation that The WEF... George Soros... Bill Gates and many others... all find themselves in now. Will they make it in time? Will they be too late? They will... most certainly... be too late.

It's not going to go the way The World-Reavers hope... insist... and intend for it to go. Due to all of the distractions, I can see why many people are unaware of what is really happening. Carnal hungers are turning The World into a jungle. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you haven't been paying attention.

You might think that you don't have to pay attention... if you are far enough away from the action, but... then again... The Action is ubiquitous. The forces of Nature are everywhere, and they carry both life and death with them. One must always pay attention. If you are paying attention to God. God is paying attention to you. With anything else... you are at the mercy of whatever that condition intends... whether you know what it is... or not.

Ignorance does not change the rules of engagement.

Please... do not fool yourself into believing that there is any truth in appearances. Real Truth is palpable. It rings. It is constant... because it is eternal, and so is anything and anyone that associates with it. Truth is beyond definition or description. That leaves you with relative truth, and that remains truth until the conditions or polarities change. This is an uncertain world for the uncertain. Get Certitude!

It would be OUTSTANDING for a spiritual revival to come at this time. It is to be hoped it will continue, given the powerful temporal agencies that will do most anything to curtail... or derail it. IF... if... it is a real Heaven-driven event, NOTHING will stop it.

The Children of Their Father, The Devil... have taken over The World of Appearances, and are manipulating them down to the lowest common denominator of The Rutting Instinct. Then they are seeking to what extreme can they pervert it... pushing the envelope through the subconscious sewer lines to The Castle of Ultimate Darkness. This is VISIBLY apparent. It stands to reason that FINALLY... The Spirit of God will come upon the land. It happens over... and over... and over again.

I am always hopeful The Light will break upon The Hive Mind. Perhaps this is The First Domino. The level of depravity, especially among the programmed young is... unbelievable. Everywhere else in The Denser Zones is the freedom to act out, no matter how much the acting out might offend or threaten others.

The Generation of Vipers has arrived and is in residence; may God bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth... this moment. Comfort and convenience killed the children. Indulging selfish appetites and whims because you are in Fat City... WILL bring Attila to the gates of your town. When your offspring have become chronic sexual perverts... to what destiny are they bound? When they become slothful and indolent... what should their reward be?

When a nation departs from God, there is no good outcome. It is a painful road of return. I am not some Old Testament figure wailing in The Wilderness. I am an observer. I see what is, and it tells me what is to come. I look at what has been... patterns and trends repeat themselves in the tapestry of cycling events. To see what is coming... one has only to look at what has been. There is one road for the righteous, and many other roads for the unrighteous... depending on where they fell away, and what they fell into.

Two-thirds of America's population is to the east of The Mississippi. There are more states to the east of The Mississippi than there are west of the river, but the land mass to the west is much larger. If Kalifornia's population were added to the east, it leaves much fewer people on a much larger piece of land between the west coast and The Mississippi. BIG CHANGES IN TECHNOLOGY are coming that will render parts of The World into kinds of paradise... at least in a material sense.

A powerful shift in perspectives is coming soon. I do not know if the ravages of war will cause it... or some toxic or traumatic occurrence on Lady Nature or... from Lady Nature. I think one of the biggest factors is that a lot of people are getting heartsick over the obvious Possession of The World by runaway desire and appetite, and... a lot of people are getting angry about all kinds of things, some of them in defense of their appetites and desires.

Mind parasites are a real deal.

In times of chaos and confusion... as you can clearly see happening all around... it is best to seek the throne of The Self within. God being present in and aware of ALL life, is attentive to all sincere prayer and efforts to reach God... however it is that you perceive God. God can NEVER be perceived except through filters and step-down transformers.

Many believe that these presentations are God, and... in a sense that is true, BUT... God Ineffable is forever beyond the reach of The Mind. Regardless... God IS resident within you. You can communicate with God. You must be persistent. Most especially in times like these... God and his angels are attuned to The Human Condition. You might think of God's angels as being his senses... that touch and smell and taste existence through God's selected mediums of you and I. This is why you can have no greater wealth than invisible friends in high places. What you think, and say, and do... determines the quality of invisible friends you have.

Look at what people say and do and you can tell what kind of invisible friends they have.

If you are on the low end of The Dial, your invisible friends put you in bondage... possess you, and exercise appetites through you. If you are on the higher end of The Dial, your invisible friends teach and train you within the framework of a timeless system that... sets... you... free.

The Spirit of God is everywhere. It moves on The Wind, literally and metaphorically. It carries The Word of God's coming industries through humanity. The focused study of exterior... AND interior Nature will answer any question a person could have... and provide sanctuary of every sort when needed.

Everyone is listening to someone. So, many people are getting bad directions. I'm sheltering in place. (grin)

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robert said...

Gratitude to Visible indicating the invisible order that resonates but never ceases!

I am always hopeful The Light will break upon The Hive Mind. Perhaps this is The First Domino. The level of depravity, especially among the programmed young is... unbelievable. Everywhere else in The Denser Zones is the freedom to act out, no matter how much the acting out might offend or threaten others.

Are we surprised when parental authority has been usurped and abandoned as the juice is squeezed from every person by the congenitally insatiable, that the children sway to the the dictates of industrial mind control, which has been their unquestioned baby-sitter since birth?

That the younger kind, whose deeper soul knowledge has never been called out from within, because that takes work and tough love, are fully adrift on the perceived tide of self-indulgence, seeing only the illusion that it has become a universal right?

Without personal experience to align to soul concerns, all that remains is following programmed feelings of the group feel, not even a group mind is present!

To see what is coming... one has only to look at what has been. There is one road for the righteous, and many other roads for the unrighteous... depending on where they fell away, and what they fell into.

The vision of three standing together while two are taken prophesizes how finely selective will be the sifting of the oncoming harvest. Individual relationship to the true order of the universal heart will dominate the temporal accidents of co-location and coincidence.

When a mass of humans is thrown into shark-infested frenzy, how is the shark food divided from the survivors?

The cry of the mob being taken for a ride: “I can’t help it!”

A upside down death cult where virtue has devolved to mere craven conformity to the mindless mob.

More so when the mob is but a phantom mental creation of a media matrix, seducing all wannabe bullies with the jingle that their personalities are special, but only if they toe the party line, nod in agreement with the destructive psychopathy of those who live off their obedient servitude.

Have we not seen the pattern enough times in history, that group conformity imposed from the top down by force of money and social coercion may feel good in the heat of the moment, feeding off cruelty and the power of numbers, but it inevitably leads downhill to the rule of brute force and the unrelenting violation of innocence?

What kind of feeling is permitted to drown out the cries of permanently mutilated children?

Is it just media-induced hypnosis, chanting fear-inspired talking points so loud that no inner voice can be heard?

Or is that the programming has displaced the inner voice with lockstep rationalization of bad faith behavior?

It is clear to a child whose eyes and heart are open, that it is irresponsible to abandon thinking and deciding through individual thought what is right and what is viscerally wrong!

Even as the adult population automatically moves in the direction they are told to move toward, the heart knows far better that the mental illness is out of touch with reality.

To go insane in a group gestalt is not even being responsible to the group, only self-servingly going along so that the group appetites do not turn on anyone seen to see deeper than the group’s delusion!

How can anyone say that they are being responsible and watch the death cult steal the life out of the children, as they consume their future creativity and fertility?

What more of a red line can be drawn than the blood of those who expected to be cared for until a certain age?

What will be the trigger for a flash bang of awakening if hearts are dead to the depredation of children?

Who can grasp the enormity of the rebound from human nature being stretched into mummified hides bound for skin wearers?

Whose side to be on when the over-taught band snaps back toward center?

What about sheltering in the center of the storm?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Wondering when the left coast is gonna come under attack. A 13.6 would be nice if I'm home, and in the right room. Aren't we supposed to fall into the ocean or something? I'm so looking forward to that. That would be the ride of a lifetime. No clue if anything is really gonna happen, but I was given a heads up of betwixt April 10 and 20. I dunno, but it's not that far away. I can't predict shoite, personally.

As for freedom, I did a post on that today somewhere else. I asked if we love freedom so much, why did we decide to come here in the realm of perpetual inconvenience and illusion, not to mention that the majority buries themselves in obligations (which is slavery by any other name) that there's no way they can dig themselves out, and THEY COULD HAVE AVOIDED THOSE OBLIGATIONS. THEY WERE GRATUITOUS.

Nostrils way up.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"To Be Sure You Have Something to Worry About if You Are The Cause of Others Having Something to Worry About."



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