Wednesday, February 15, 2023

"You can See The Struggles that Evil Engages In. Before The Winds of Heaven Blow Them to Hell... and Gone."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We have... obviously... entered a new phase of deceit and deception; something with a more ominous tone than in the last phase. Now that healthy people are dropping dead all over the place from The Zion Death-Shot, a greater urgency for obfuscation has come over the land, courtesy of The Retard Junta. It's a take on the old, 'gang that couldn't shoot straight' theme. Now it's the gang that couldn't think straight. Possibly because many of them are not... straight.

When your moral compass freezes on Due South, your sexual nature degenerates. This is why most of The Dark Order of Satanic Intent are pederasts, and also why they are pushing for ever greater legitimization of the practices.

If you can get them early... before their sexuality is formed... you can twist them in any direction that pleases you, and then leave them twisting in the wind. This is why they are all out to make the little children suffer, rather than to, “suffer the little children.” It's also because the number of actual sexual deviants is quite small and they don't reproduce; do... the... math.

It wasn't the neon name tag of the law for Gay Marriage. It was all the codicils... addendums... small print and similar... that have led to the oppression of the majority, and the perversion of the child-mind. It was all the little legislations added on... that led to men with makeup playing on girls' sports teams... and doing the Nosferatu Polka through the changing rooms at the gyms.

Any SANE person... with any amount of integrity left... can see what is going on in The World. It is the exaltation of the mentally ill and sexually deranged. Anyone capable of focusing their attention, for even a little while, can see what is going on. Unfortunately, cowardice is the bastard offspring of comfort and convenience, and the loudest voice in the playpen.

Behind the scenes... where the buggery goes down, at every level of human interaction... visible and invisible... there schemes and dreams the cabal of the damned, who are both offenders of Nature, AND... promoters of depravity in every learning environment... round the water cooler... in the playgrounds of The World, and... in every case, they turn their baboon asses to the heavens.

There is no God, they say. You are meat for a time, and then you are gone... gone with the wind, Cynara. It is their justification for all that they do. Who is there that can stop or punish them? They are lords of the lands beneath the floorboards. It's an alternate reality of the wardrobe to Narnia.

Little do they understand that by declaring there is no God, they diminish themselves in ways beyond their knowing. Because God lives in us... demonstrates through us, and is glorified in our deeds; should that be the case.

None of what is happening. None of what you see around you. None of what you hear of at a distance. None of it is by accident. This is a period of trial and testing to see what you are made of... and where your loyalties lie. This is a set piece... in the rotation of events... toward a certain and sure end, that varies considerably on a case-by-case basis... depending on where your interests and intentions are taking you.

This happens on a regular schedule, BUT... since it happens so seldom... and because it happens differently each time... the ordinary... distracted mind of humanity... does not recognize it when it appears. They think it is some kind of anomaly. They hope it will pass. They “shelter in place.” They watch the news and the talking heads, who are nothing more than jabbering chimps, who... if they aren't squawking about something, are throwing shit at the people watching them.

They have every hair in place. They are real-life airbrushed. Their teeth gleam in a perfect setting. They talk nonsense, and they smile while they do it.

When the president and other leaders of a country are criminals. When they are a family of criminals. When the people who work for them want to be just like them. When the public is mesmerized like schools of fish... motionlessly transfixed before whatever the Hell it is; hard times are coming. The times will... relentlessly... grow harder, and harder as The Awakening presses upon them from the central nexus of The Cosmic Mind. Outer conditions will mirror their interior distress.

ONE... MORE... TIME; “when God wants you to wake up. He comes and gently shakes your shoulder. When you do not awaken, he shakes you considerably harder. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a two-by-four.”

GET THIS INTO YOUR HEAD!!! Everything... everything is under control. The falling sparrow... the trembling leaf. The wind that combs the leaves of grass. The endless ocean waves upon the measureless sands. Every particle of everything is under the control of Almighty God.

I would not insult Heaven with religion or give names to what I do not understand... and thereby imagine I gain command; thinking that I had gained control when I cannot even control my own body's automatic functioning. Religion is training wheels for those who have not gained the confidence of knowing who is riding with them.

Religion is for people who want their own version of God because the comprehension of God will ALWAYS be beyond their reach. They have to... they must... name and define and order creation in such a way as to diminish the sounds of The Howling Unknown. If they can rest in the familiar, perhaps it will be alright. Then Death comes.

Strive with all your might to make contact with The Indwelling. You WILL succeed. Let it otherwise be on my head if I deceive you about this. GOD... IS... REAL. God is a living, conscious force that is intimately aware of you, regardless of whether you are aware of God.

It is not an accident that drag queens are the new rock stars... that criminals can now act with impunity because evil flows downhill. It is no accident that we suffer under the tyranny of the minority, who continue to force ever-greater darkness on The Common Mind. They ridicule and make sport of humanity because... they can. That time is coming to an end... and it is coming to an unpleasant end for many, BUT... it is all an orchestrated dramedy, with good guys and bad guys for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Last year, Netflix filmed something called White Noise.

Done by one of The Usual Suspects, which features a train derailment... with a toxic spill in Ohio. In East Palestine, Ohio... and extras from East Palestine were used in the film. Are you getting this? Many of these things are staged. Their intention is to keep the public uneasy, AND in line. These pacification efforts are the precursor to martial law.

Life imitating bad art.

Oh yeah... though I haven't seen the film. The general consensus is that it is a piece of shit.

Yes... God is permitting this for The Purpose of Demonstration. These events are all part of The Awakening. If you are waking up, you can see the stumble-points placed in your path. Those who are still sleeping cannot. If you are waking up, you can see the struggles that Evil engages in, before The Winds of Heaven blow them to Hell and gone. What part do you play? What are your intentions? Quo vadis?

Think of a massive and incomprehensible machine that produces products in every direction. Imagine that it is programmed by a mind beyond your comprehension. It directs every individual life onto specific conveyor belts of shared destinies... in accord with the paths you are taking and making.

You write your own script, and then you are the judge of its quality through the experience of it, in... the... life.... that... follows. Some persist for countless lifetimes because of the attractions they can't get enough of... seemingly forever blind to the joys and blessings to be had elsewhere... and here as well, if... you... know... what... you... are... doing.

Someone is guiding you. If you learn to listen more carefully, you can hear it. Voices come from below and voices come from above, and all of them come from within as well. What draws you? Shall I go this way? You'll find out where that leads. Should I... instead... go that way? You'll find out where that leads. Better to get a clue earlier on. It will save you a great amount of suffering.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, my loyalties do NOT lie with the realm of the demiurge, and this place coulda been nuked yesterday for all I care. +From whta happened in Ohio, I think they're workin' on it. Gods, I am so fed up with this place. Schnizzled even. (A nose word meaning beyond pissed. The ultimate of fury.) I have as little to do with it as possible as I await until ALL of me gets to the next world, which currently only one nostril inhabits.

MSM news. 'Dirty Laundry' describes it perfect. I don't like the tune, but the lyrics rock. Usually it's the other way around, but hey. Some times reality breaks the rules.


Leesa said...

As you said Les, 'the time of the
earthquakes & tsunamis are here'
New Zealand copped it big time
'Weighed, weighed, divided, measured
The Grand Summing Up!
'I Love Mathematics'
Your explaining of ALL these events makes total sense
God has the reigns of those six fire breathing dragons,
comin' right around that mountain....
I can't wait to go meet him/her when they come
Love Leesa

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They Did Not Lay Claim to It. You Can Have... and Delight In... ANYTHING... that You can Remain Unattached To."

0 said...

Yep White Noise was a piece of shit and as soon as I finished watching it the first time it went from my mind. I had to go watch it again when the palestine event happened to see what all was contained in the noise.

A couple other piece parts were weird. The teacher guy and his black friend both knew nothing about anything except the individuals Elvis and Hitler and that is what they were Teaching about in school. As if those two had some sort of exemplary life lessons, nevermind while the teachers are talking its clear its all about their own aggrandizement.

The wife of the teacher was in such a bad way and looking for a pill to make her feel better than she answered some weird classified ad and started taking some dylar pill that wasn't documented in the medical pill references. She felt she needed it so badly she would go screw the guy who was providing it for her and this plays out in the second half of the film while the potential toxic affectation of the hitler teacher guy is forgotten as he chases down his wives user.

Something that is maybe missed is how they move from one event to the next event in "engineered" fashion keeping the distractions coming long enough to knock the last thing out of peoples awareness. An engineered string of events setup to always produce a new event as soon as accountability draws close, deferring any accountability into forgetability.

Pretty bizarre. People are gonna be watching programs and wondering if this ones featured events will be made real or that one... They already induced some "real news" people like that clown anderson cooper to be in some movies, along with bill nye and neil degrasse-tyson so that the crossover lends credibility to the entertainment, but also detracts, or should detract from their credibility in the objective world.

Guess we'll see what shakes out. Another 5 days or so till potentially russia pre-emptively acts.


Ty said...

Thank you visible

Ty said...

Galatians 3:10 "Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them [bible]. 3:11 But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith. 3:12 And the law is not of faith: but, The man at doeth them shall live in them. 3:13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us:"

Bible = Curse, according to the new testament.

Its amazing what little gems you can find in there, there is an out for everyone... and contradictory scriptures for those who are dogmatic as well.



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