Friday, March 03, 2023

"I Have What You Could Call... Swedenborg Syndrome. It Happens when The Spiritual Senses are Activated."

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All of the religions we know about, and... probably some we don't know about... have rules, codes of conduct, and commandments. It's pretty simple and basic, and then it gets complex. Some philosophies that catfish as religions are not even religions. They are marketing strategies and control mechanisms; like Scientology and the one The Usual Suspects use to add a spiritual imprimatur to predatory tactics.

I've no use for religion myself, but I see the need. Humanity has been aware of a 'something other' since they got here. Some of their methods of worship were primitive and savage; as in Mexico and The South Pacific.

The very portal I worship at, as an altar and entryway to an incomprehensibly greater source of light, used to have bleeding hearts held up before it in celebration. Yeah... there is a dark and ugly side to religion when times go dark. Dark produces more darkness until Light intrudes. It is obvious that the power of Light is far stronger than the power of Darkness.

Some religions are very warlike; Christianity... Islam... and The Catfishing Religion that... allegedly spawned them. Now we have new religions that are every bit as warlike, but... the tactics are different.

Now Science is a religion and it murders its parishioners. Scientology and Satanism kill the critical quality of Humility that is indispensable to higher states of awareness. Pride going before a fall has other meanings besides the scriptural.

One thing I know to be true; is when God is excluded from the social order... there will soon be... no social order.

The armies of Perversity have been steadily infiltrating the culture at large... and the education system, all at the be

hest of The Usual Suspects, who finance and control them. They are making war on Christianity and Christians. They say that religious perspectives interfere with their safe learning spaces.

This is, of course, simply mind-control propaganda... because the mindsets they are squawking about are the very tactics they employ in seeking to replace them.

I'm getting what the cat-headed lady's disability is... is the greater coverage she presents to the force of Gravity.

Society does not want or desire the agents of Perversity to be engineering the multiplication of their numbers through mental programming and the reproduction techniques of Dr. Moreau. This is... OBSERVABLY... what they are up to since they can't reproduce on their own. They are hoping that Science will provide the means. At present it does this for rich, pocket-lint, fluff-bunnies like Paris Hilton... and other Perversity influencers with the financial means; given that they don't have the biological means... or are too vain to engage in them.

There is Man. There is Woman, and there is Perversity and strange anomalies that are mere fragments of the whole. However... the body of Society is sick-unto-death, and so... it will be healed and transformed, or... it will pass away.

As we projected in previous years, a push-back would come and it is finally doing so because... the state of manipulated mental illness... known as Transgenderism has become a religion, and... that cannot stand. Now... the Tranny Battalion of the Armies of Perversity are insisting... demanding... that hormone blockers and surgical methods be sanctioned by law... so that they can be applied before the onset of Puberty. Why is this? Reason it out.

Most everyone who goes through a PHASE of sexual-gender-confusion... moves out of it during Puberty when Natural Attractions begin to express. If The Tavistock Nazi Scientist types can get their hands on the youth while they are pre-pubescent, they can counteract NATURE. Bad parenting and Materialism are responsible for most sexual abnormalities and dysfunction.

Oh right... they shut down that department of Tavistock for malfeasance. Never fear... they will pop right back up as something else... as soon as their marketing staff comes up with a new theme.

Prior to the arrival of The Avatar... all of the preexisting infrastructure goes into a state of implosion and collapse. Now the carrion are picking the bones before they move on to the next carcass. There is a reason that one of the characters in Henry The 6th said; “first we kill all the lawyers.” None of this horseshit and brothel-ranch dressing would be on the menu except for lawyers... and bankers.

If you put the quote into a search engine, most of what comes up is explaining that what Shakespeare actually meant was not what he actually meant. There's a lot of that these days; explanations for why we should not believe our lying eyes, but rather believe the ones putting the blindfolds over them.

There's going to be the need... the demand for explanations more and more, as Lady Awakening and Mr. Apocalypse do their thing and expose... reveal... highlight certain massive and monstrous lies that certain protected feces have been telling for a long time.

Perhaps you may wonder at the characters that routinely appear on these pages. Where did they come from? Are they allegorical? Are they metaphorical? Are they literal? Yes... they are literal, and... like the anthropomorphic gods that most Fundies worship, they are allegorical and metaphorical too.

They are angels. I have what you might call, Swedenborg Syndrome. It is a condition that occurs when the spiritual senses are activated and it... presents as... one hearing and sensing the presence of angels. Mr. Apocalypse... Lady Awakening, and other archetypes and players, to... be... named... later... are angels.

Science calls this condition, Schizophrenia. When all you have are your material senses, I can see how they came up with that. They are trapped on a narrow bandwidth and can't see out of it. These scientists have the Blind-Leading-The-Blind Syndrome. They are all busy feeling up an allegorical elephant. Some who have legitimate Schizophrenia are not hearing angels.

Once again, The Dial comes into play. Below a certain gradient, you are hearing demons and disembodied spirits. Above a certain gradient, you are hearing angels and luminous beings. It's good to know the difference. It's not always easy to tell the difference. Your heart has to be in the right place and then the perception is automatically verified.

People hear voices in their heads more and more these days, telling them to do bad things. Sometimes this leads to self-injury, and sometimes it leads to the injury of others. In more rare instances, they are hearing from higher up... because they are aspiring higher up... and it comes with the territory. (grin) That is going to increase now, by... the... day... because... God is coming. God is coming in human form.

Easily as important... and probably more relevant is... God coming live in the human heart where a place has been prepared for God. Are you a habitation of demons or... a habitation of angels? With so many billions of human-appearing life forms, it can probably be assumed that The Avatar will not be in direct proximity to every one of us; then there are those who are in camouflage; having been driven out of the “high places”, in advance of The Avatar.

For those of you with ears to hear... that seek to be attuned to the higher planes of consciousness, The Word made Flesh will be radiating his broadcast upon the aether... and The Inner Planes. The rest of you will be getting CNN and ESPN... broadcasting live from The Playing Fields of Armageddon.

Those intentionally blind... will remain blind still. Those drinking from the cups of iniquity will drink deeper still. Those huddling in Fear... will hear the approach of their fears, precipitating into manifestation... as they call them forth out of The Subconscious.

To each will come the fruits of their industry... because... where your treasures are... you will be as well. I treasure The Sun. Even more... I treasure that which set The Sun in The Sky, and... that which precedes that which set The Sun in The Sky.

Perhaps you are interested in catching Swedenborg Syndrome. Some might be allergic. You have to check the contraindications.

In former times... interested parties would stand on the docks... watching for their ships to come in. You don't have to worry about that. Everything that you set sailing, WILL BE sailing back to you... come Hell or Highwaters, and... perhaps... even bringing them too. Some will reap The Whirlwind. Some will find The Blessed Spheres appearing around them. Some this. Some that. You should have some idea of what that portends by now. If not... you had better get a clue.

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M - said...

"As an anarchist, I don’t do well with mandates."

I must 100% agree with Harrelson on this! We Anarchists are rebellious and stubborn contrarians. Things my Dad always accused me (in a positive way) of being when I was growing up. LOL.

Must be my Aries Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant/Mars...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

the usual suspects are behind the bogus science of psychiatry as well, which has created all these labels. ADD for example, which is total bs, of course kids have problem concentrating when their parents let them play video games or phone games 10 hours a day. And the answer, is ritalin, a form of meth. Meth was used by the Nazis to storm and take over western Europe within weeks.

Not all lawyers are bad, there was a very long essay discrediting the false religion of psychiatry at and one of the authors was a lawyer.

It's funny what you mentioned about hearing angels or demons. I had recently written to one "satanist" spiritual forum and asked "how can we increase our spiritual senses so that we can get more in touch with the various beings?" and then i almost immediately realized that a person should be very careful what they wish for and that i have no desire for such abilities, normal mundane material life is difficult enough to handle. A simple devotional attitude towards life itself is good enough. Gratitude towards the sun and the moon and the trees and the grass and the sky.

Anonymous said...

As it all may be under control does not mean it is not heartbreaking to see what is actually happening on Planet Earth.
I’m sorry that I am here for the birth pains of a new age as it is a good possibility I will not be here to see the glory of God come to fruition. As each day goes by the uncovering of the evil that is taking place is beyond my comprehension, that there can be so many minions willing to do the work of evil is mind boggling. Each day brings to light more and more nefarious doings by so many.
The hurt and horror they have brought to the masses is a pitiful thing to behold. All those news cast talking heads that deliver lies that are knowingly designed to ruin humanity and they do this for for what? Money? Hard to believe that could be the only motivator. They do it for the sheer joy of it. I’m old and tired and while I find peace in my faith it does not mean I am happy and can overlook the horror and corruption taking place.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Those Dedicated to The Performance of Evil Upon Others... Often Arrive at a Form of Compulsive Autophagia."



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