Monday, March 13, 2023

"Light and Shadow Play Back and Forth. Shadows go Where The Light is Not, and The Light Goes Where it Pleases."

(I was told; This post was put behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content as outlined in Blogger’s Community Guidelines.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When I think about the universe, I often think of an immense clock. This clock has gears as big as solar systems; suns and planets... seasons and... progressively down to gears too small to see.

These gears bring change. Change that takes millions of years to occur, and change that moves much faster than the wink of a hummingbird's eye. It moves so fast it appears to be always standing still; want to see it again?

These gears all turn in an effortless coordination with each other. A love beyond understanding is the lubrication that keeps the gears spinning and turning... it is an everlasting yearning for something beyond itself that is itself. It is complete when THE realization dawns on you... and never ceases to dawn on that day that never ends.

It blasts the original unity apart into measureless distance and then pulls it all back together again. It does this over, and over, and over again... like a heartbeat that lasts a billion years. Like an inhalation and exhalation that is even longer. It's a big operation. No mind other than that of The Ineffable can comprehend it, and no mind can comprehend The Ineffable, save the mind of The Ineffable alone.

It resounds like a beating heart... like a ticking clock... like rain on a tin roof... somewhere far... far away... but always closer than you are to yourself. Time has little meaning in the vast expanse of eternity.

As a young child of ten... or thereabouts, I read a book by Hendrik Willem van Loon called, “The Story of Mankind.”

I remember, in the very beginning of the book, there was a graphic of a huge mountain, and there was a caption below it that said, >“High up in the North in the land called Svithjod, there stands a rock. It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to the rock to sharpen its beak. When the rock has been worn away, then a single day of eternity will have gone by.”

I know I mentioned that before.

That quote impressed me at an early age with the immensity of it all. I read a lot of those sort of books; books about the discovery of Troy, and books by Richard Halliburton and others in my childhood. They were a refuge in my mind. A sanctuary from a terrifying world that I could not escape, at the time, BUT... did finally escape. There is no prison that can forever contain the divine urge for freedom.

The clock of existence ticks on forever, with rare... pausing intermissions. When we think of existence... that period that is like the period we are in now. That is when God is sleeping... dreaming. Then... when all of manifest existence is quiescent, God is awake with his close friends in the various heavens that they occupy. That is how it seems to me; how it has been communicated to me.

Most of us... we get it backward and upside down, and keep it that way the whole time we are incarnate. It accounts for everything going haywire at regular intervals; like now. Then God has to come around and set it right again. First, he sets it right in the human heart and mind... when permitted. Then The World external... changes in response to that.

We are on the cusp of one of those larger changes now... where one of the more impressive gears has made a complete circuit. There are much larger and much smaller circuits, of course, but... this is a larger one... comparatively.

When I had my initial Kundalini experience, it awakened The Divine Feminine in me. That is The God Force on an unopposable course to The Bridal Chamber... and it is attended by feminine sensitivities... qualities; if you like. I was very fortunate to get the high end of that. It transported me into a world of poetry. It awakened a love of Harmony. This time of great change that we have entered into... includes the return of The Divine Feminine in human consciousness. She's been imprisoned for centuries. Those chains are to be broken entirely. She is to be freed.

Unfortunately... for a great many of us... who are present in a Time of Material Darkness, this feminine force is expressing sexually, and perversity is now rampant. It WILL... eventually... evolve to that higher form of understanding, but at the moment... it is chaos, and all of this non-binary bullshit... which is true at the higher angelic level... is not true at the carnal level that the swine mind is wallowing in.

All of this tranny madness and bizarre sexual actings-out are the preliminary ground-breaking in the rise of The Divine Feminine, expressing on... and through... those who cannot handle it because of their obsessions with carnal nature. It is... Difficulty at The Beginning.

This is why The Avatar must come again, To set things right, and... set them right... he will.

Our previous and enduring scriptures need a rewrite, now that a major missing piece is about to be set back into the mosaic pattern of the spiritual constructs that are the vibrating archetypes that hold the world as we know... and do not know it... in place. These archetypes create the infrastructure of culture and civilization. An understanding of Karma and Reincarnation is coming too.

In the previous religious allegory... the tale of existence as we have been given to understand it, Woman is the cause of The Fall of Man. This is true, after... a... fashion. Woman represents The Sensitive Life; all of the colors and sounds that drape and celebrate material existence. A lot of it is about sexual attraction. We are divided... and so we fall. Do we not FALL in Love? Man and women are two parts of a whole... separated for the purpose of dramatization and demonstration... and the ultimate reunion.

Yes... that side of our single being... once divided... caused us to fall into material life, BUT... ONLY THROUGH WOMAN CAN MAN RISE AGAIN. Understand that however it works out for you. The Divine Feminine is The Gates of Life, and... The Gates of Death. You had better make your peace with her because, payback... is... a... bitch... and it goes on... and on... and on. Giving and taking... sowing as you are reaping.

All the chaos and nonsense that you presently see is the result of The Divine Feminine awakening in The Hive Mind, and... as usual... being dragged through The Swamps of Perversity... initially... on its way to the higher... collective... perspective.

Same-sex attractions are a mainstay in Kali Yuga. They are a rite of passage... in some fashion... for nearly every soul in one lifetime or another. They are the exceptions to the mainstream, AND... ALWAYS... WILL... BE. It comes in regular fashion at the decline and fall of a culture. Don't agree? Go argue with History.

The dark side of the mind... is presently seeking to erase the feminine aspect in Nature, and human life, and... with the assistance of Demon Science, make it irrelevant. They are now birthing mice without a female vehicle in Japan. We are pressing toward the extremes of The Ridiculous. One perversion is being laid upon another... until the whole thing collapses, which... it... inevitably... will, and yes... there will be weeping and lamentation to be sure.

This is all part of the process of that gear turning, as the smaller gears that depend on it automatically turn, at the insistence of the greater gears which causes them irresistibly to turn... in turn. (grin)

Keep in mind that these are all expressions of the great and enduring love affair between opposites, and... you will know when it has gotten seriously out-of-wack because of so many of the one version trying to be a bad version of the other version; when all they have to do is wait a little while and they will be that anyway.

Certain forces are very obviously serious about the depravity they seek to ENFORCE... when they coerce little children into believing they are what they are not. Those so engaged are possessed of demonic agencies whose sole purpose for living is to seek... without respite... to bring Hell on Earth.

Conversely, we have those working to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Light and shadow play back and forth. Shadows go where the light is not, and the light goes where it pleases. The uncertainty and fear that are generated in times of greater darkness... are for the sole purpose of testing and tempering the metal of those caught in the processes of the times.

There are places... astral Hells... where these twisted minds go to experience their travesties on Nature in endless looping sequences. Persist in the effort to get somewhere, and... you will. You will go to a place where thoughts and feelings are things. They are the definers of Heaven and Hell. Self-created regions of agony and ecstasy.

How VERY fortunate we are that God is REAL. Seek God and you will... sooner or later... have no concerns beyond the celebration of that truth. Find Love and Wisdom and they will birth it in you. Everything is as it was intended to be by those intending it.

End Transmission.......

Obviously... I am soon going to need to find another platform.

I got a message about a great shaking of the earth today. I don't know what shape it will take but it was pretty graphic. I saw the dragon twisting and turning where it is bound in the Earth

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think the way we live and the traditions we follow are unpragmatic and eternally STOOPID. I think we should allow everyone to be what they intrinsically are, and not coerce someone into acting like this or that because of what plumbing they have or their genetic background. Convincing someone they're gay or of being a sex they weren't born is an abomination. Performing surgery for the sake of gender identity on someone who has no clue what they're in for is beyond that.

What is now sucks the big one, and as far as I'm concerned, this mingin' realm can go buy a Tesla.

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

Heres the page for the dutch guy that claimed to predict the turkey quake 3 days before it popped off. He was pretty quiet while the Napier New Zealand was beat down by Cyclone Gabrielle in mid February. He did claim that last monday-tuesday there would be a potential Second big Quake somewhere out by Kamchatka down thru the philipines but I didn't see anything pop off on the Quake app.

Would like to hear more about your perception of the dragon turning.

Evidently that prediction slipped a week and is now for the next 2 days.

Curious BANK shenanigans afoot eh? Will be interesting to see where that goes.

Another day passes. On the bright side, I received the complete works of Aivanhov. Let Aaron Rose know it was you who aimed me at him as he'd asked.

Guess we'll see what all shakes free this week.

Anonymous said...

reggolB 'C' guidelines encourages anonymous harm in the name of freedom of expression. 'Truth' is an identity characteristic that the death cult increasingly abhors, assaults, and attacks. The good news is that today's incident reminds one to get ready for a world without web. On the once great interNET roadway things are closer than they appear; and to disappear may be closer still. There is nothing 'out there' that is not more safely found within.
With appreciation, Donald

Visible said...

I don't really know anything about earthquakes. I just get premonitions and sometimes they come in a sort of symbolic handwriting as did this recent one.

I thought about visiting the Aivanhov community in Mt. Shasta but I seldom travel for any reason and my experiences with spiritual communities have not been positive.

Anonymous said...


That was my realization too. It was always a kundalini awakened female who caused further awakening and progress in myself. Hence the "guru" or rather the healer, should be a woman.

If you need a new platform, there's a new massive network of thousands of social media sites connected together called Fediverse. Whoever runs your blogs could probably look into creating your own Fediverse site and then you can post your writings on there, and it will be linked to thousands of other Fediverse sites too. Kind of like a micro-blog in a sense. And there's no censorship since you own your own site.

-Kundalini King

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"We are All Transmission Devices for What Passes Through Us, and That is Determined by The Point of Focus."



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