Tuesday, March 21, 2023

"Often The Only Partner is One's Poisoned Imagination, Adrift in a Landscape of Strange Pornography from Nowhere."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We're going to break with tradition here on this chemtrailed Tuesday and include a rather long insert from Mikhail Aivanhov. Surely you know that when one has no aspirations in their life, life goes sideways... as it drifts listlessly over the uncertain terrain of Nowhere.

This is a vast landscape without many maps. It's seldom been charted much because those who find themselves there... after having lost themselves there... and... don't actually find themselves anyway, have no clear recollection of where they were. It's Nowhere, after all. It's as much a place inside of you as outside of you. If there are any borders between the worlds, they're not very well defined.

In Times of Material Darkness, one of the most obvious conditions... visibly present in the culture... is a collective lack of purpose, and aimless... shiftless... wanderlust... through cheap entertainments and one-night stands with forgotten partners. Often the only partner is one's poisoned imagination, adrift in a landscape of strange pornography from Nowhere... a place of rampaging succubae and incubi who drain the life essence.

The climate of Materialism clouds the spiritual aspects of this condition because few of the feckless professionals who deal with the fallout have any idea of The Invisible Realm. The present-day applications of psychiatry, psychology, and weaponized therapy, have rendered them; doctor and patient, into a state of toxic codependence and enablement that... only... makes... things... worse. They don't know what they're dealing with, and they don't know what to do about it; “but... how does that make you feel?”

“Would you like to talk about it?” “If it makes you feel good, how could there be anything wrong with it?” Jabber... jabber... jabber... (cough) bullshit!. “You have to live your authentic self. I'll write you a prescription for it.”

When practitioners have no idea what is real... and no idea what Normal and Healthy are, it is unlikely they can lead anyone back there, especially if the ones they are leading have never been there in the first place. Both the practitioners and the ones being practiced on... are wandering in the vast landscapes of Nowhere where they learn a whole lot of nothing, over, and over, and over again.

I could go into the streets of the cities and fix the homeless problem fairly quickly, and... this is not even my area of enterprise. I am sure there are many others who could do something about it, and quite a few who work in related areas, yet... no one does anything.

Sexually twisted men whose entire existence is based on making a hysterical mockery of women... are given free rein to meddle with children. Naked men in leather harnesses, with gimp and animal masks, gyrate in parades as if there were something normal about it. They're demonstrating their authentic self.

Depraved lizards in human form had certain social behaviors normalized, knowing full well that it would lead to what we have today. Then a team of Satanic lawyers wrote all manner of codicils and addendums into laws... hidden in the fine print. They knew what they were doing, but they were being paid... and lawyers... given the requirements of their profession... care about little else.

The Usual Suspects make up the majority of all the people doing and financing these things. It is not difficult to study the situation and discover the truth of it. This is how I came to understand what was happening. I DID NOT set out with any preconceived assumptions, I... don't... operate... that... way. I went where the facts took me, just as others have done, and left their records and evidence behind. The reason this is not common knowledge is what happens to you if you point it out. It's also career suicide.

In The E.U. a grossly obese caricature of a human being is The Minister of Health. Here we have the hideous Rachel Levine, a freak of a man in woman's clothes. Is something wrong with this picture? Yes... of course there is.

Now... as I said... I... who am not schooled in these areas of problem-solving... could fix a lot of the problems presently getting worse. Many others could too. It would call for dramatic and enforced change. For... some... reason... a significant number of us are going along with the programs on their way to Nowhere good, even though it leads to the literal destruction of this country.

Why is nothing being done? Well... shit flows downhill, and our leaders are evil. If you want to be kind, then call them, deluded, either of these, and both of these designators will work. What about the much larger numbers of those who are not batshit insane but are going along with the program? There is some kind of fog or mist that covers the land, just as the chemtrails are covering the sky. Not everyone is susceptible to it. I am not susceptible... most of the readers are not susceptible.

This fog... mist... is attended by a stupor that causes a dreaming captivity, where the dreamers are herded onto The Killing Floor, in a series of procedures that take Humanity from Somewhere, to Nowhere.

For his own mysterious reasons, God is permitting the blind to lead the blind for The Purpose of Demonstration. We shall see... indeed we shall see what that results in.

Now, I will include an excerpt from the book, “Cosmic Moral Law”, by Mikheil Aivanhov... it's from the chapter entitled, “How to Distill The Quintessence,” pages 196-97.

“Crystals and precious stones are the quintessence of The Earth. All the purest and most luminous elements of Earth have gone into the making of precious stones. Flowers, the loveliest and most perfect flowers that exist, are the quintessence of Water. Birds are the quintessence of air. And the quintessence of fire is the initiates; God's representatives on Earth. You find this astounding, I know. You would never have imagined anything like that, would you? Indeed, you would not find this in any book. (I don't know about that) And the quintessence of the ether, that is to say, the quintessence of the quintessences, is the angelic world reaching all the way to God himself. The ladder that Jacob saw in his dream, on which angels ascended and descended.

"What about the four-legged animals whose home is on the ground? They are an essence that has not yet reached the perfection of birds. Similarly, the imperfect, less highly developed forms of plant life are imperfect degrees of the essence of Water. As for gems which are flawed and imperfect, they have not yet become the quintessence of the Earth. They are still on the way.

"Why are flowers the children of the angels? Why do gnomes work on precious stones? There is a whole science in these things. Sacred scripture says that Man must become a precious stone in the crown of his creator. This is a symbol. Precious stones belong to the Earth and are nourished by the Earth; flowers cannot live without water; birds live in the air, and men die if they cannot have access to fire. Fire is the food of The Initiates. When Zoroaster asked the God, Ahura-Mazda how the first man was able to survive, Ahura-Mazda replied. "He ate fire and drank light."

Reflect on these things and you will understand a great deal.”

Keep in mind that Aivanhov wrote nothing down and he spoke in French. I notice errors in translation in a regular fashion. One has to go to the essence of what he says and make allowances. He also speaks in analogy and allegory... often.

We've gone a good distance away from these considerations. Few consider them now. Most have never heard of them and wouldn't be interested if you brought any of it to their attention. Eating... distractions... and sexual congress are the disordered focus of the mind in anticipation of the events that lead Nowhere.

We have lost our way; humanity... collectively... has lost its way. Like livestock after a stampede we are traveling alone and in groups across Nowhere, which invariably leads... Nowhere. We can't remember where we were before that other thing that we can't remember happened.

It seems that a great culling is in progress and it is soon to intensify exponentially. It does not apply to everyone, only to those wandering Nowhere. I'll have to leave it at that for the moment because I have to be Somewhere shortly.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously !!! Dog Poet as the quintessence of fire... hmmmmm
and then for the fundies, as some call them, this ....https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/bill-pending-in-israel-would-criminalize-talking-about-jesus-in-person-online-in-print-and-by-mail-two-years-prison

Happy New Bio-sphere year in the northern Hemi-sphere on this fine day.
Cheerful Love Grizzly Bear Hug

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Couldn't the homeless problem be fixed via free, unlimited fentanyl for everyone? In about a week, or maybe less? Though would the meat be toxic? (Sorry, I HAD to say that. No, not really sorry. Otherwise I wouldn't have typed it.)

Another one of your gazillion awesome posts. Thank you for my LV fix for the day. Rock on, and NOSTRILS TO THS SKY!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Divide and Conquer. Separate and Catalog. Itemize and List; Never Stop Looking for The Parts that You Missed."



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