Wednesday, March 29, 2023

"It's One of Those Hot-Flashes of Materialism... Engineered Through Anti-Social Media as a Means to An End."

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Never before has it been so clear that there is a war against Christianity and The Family Unit. Never before have we seen The Media declare that Morality must take a back seat to a porcine fat man in a dress waving his genitals in a young girl's face.

Never before have the lines been drawn so distinctly; people mocking prayer... people outraged that aging perverts are being banned from elementary schools... that multiple genders are being taught... AND... what is the objective of it all? The objective is sex with children. The objective is the legalization of Pedophilia.

“Bu- bu- bu- all we want is to be married to who we love.” Wasn't that the opening salvo?

More and more, I am being convinced that this is all organized; that the mentally impaired and hormonally toxic are being programmed to rampage and murder. They are the footsoldiers in the war on Normal. There are no accidents here.

Right at the front of the line of cawing, carrion crows are The Usual Suspects... mocking... laughing... sneering, and denying the existence of a higher authority, BUT... don't they have a religion too? Must be a different sort of God from a different spiritual location.

Just before the murders at that Christian elementary school, trans-activists were calling for a day of vengeance.

AND... NOW? They are going to go ahead and have it this weekend ANYWAY.

Apparently Antifa is involved in this protest event.

Antifa... as you should know, are the hired thugs of The Deep State; Soros and Sundry, and are directed to appear anywhere that Normal People call for a return to normalcy or wherever Satanic behavior is being opposed.

Here is what the organizers of The Day of Vengeance say;

“This protest is about unity, not inciting violence. TRAN does not encourage violence and it is not welcome at this event.”

How does a DAY OF VENGEANCE become an act of unity?

Elon Musk's Twitter Banned Congresswoman Greene's Twitter account for saying Antifa was involved BEFORE the shooting and then banned it again AFTER the shooting.

I imagine the shit is really going to hit the fan now. I don't know what God has in mind. It seems that these psychotic movements have to run their course For The Purpose of Demonstration; sorry about the included links but I did need to verify my commentary.

Let's be clear here. This ridiculous high-visibility... Deep State orchestrated... Gender Crazy movement... includes a fragment of a fragment of the population. Without massive backing and promotion it would not even be a blip on the radar. It's one of those momentary hot-flashes of Materialism that are being engineered through anti-social media as a means to an end.

None of this is by accident. Observe the huge preponderance of a certain tiny demographic in every related area of sexually distorted nonsense; not only as backers, promoters, and apologists- BUT... most especially as players in this death dance of depravity. If you can't see who is doing what in this sidewalk shell game of quick-shifting personas, you... are... not... paying... attention.

Now you see them, now you don't. Keep your eyes on the moving... disappearing... and sometimes not reappearing genitals... and remember... at no time does the member leave the concealment... whoops!

One distraction after another, my friends. All of this is to confuse your attention until everything is out of focus... and you can no longer clearly see what is going on.. MEANWHILE... they are up to something big and nasty; do not forget the next big war percolating across the waters cause... the self-chosen need a new homeland. Things are getting hotter and hotter in the territories they stole.

The Clock of Destiny is ticking. One cannot see the hands or the numbers. One can only hear the sounds of its passing. The Gates of The Underworld have opened. Along incredible stretches of distance, through fire-lit cloisters... one can hear the tramp of creatures climbing up into the surface world. They are only partly formed into material substance... more like specters they are. They feed on depravity and darkness in the human heart. What a feast awaits them!

The scent of foul comestibles has reached them... far below in the sunless caverns... where they have dozed in a tortured slumber... the stench of corruption has finally wafted to the nether regions of The Earth. They rise and come to The Time of Possession. They are the motive spirits for a world gone mad. Into the light of day... they travel... where they immediately ignite... combust... and turn to ashes on the wind. Too bad. It sounded promising for a moment.

Some guy named David Pakman mocked the death in Nashville; “possibly they weren't praying enough?” Then... when the outrage came for him, he screamed about antisemitism, even though there was no evidence of that.

“It was in my emails!” he cried; sure buddy. Then he removed the offensive tweets. They're just digging themselves in deeper and deeper.

None of the strident serial complainers and whiners of fabricated injustice seem to understand that their atheism has no impact on the reality of The Heavenly Hierarchy. It's like insisting The Sun is not present in the sky or that The Earth is flat.

Meanwhile... The Lords of Karma, weave The Tapestry of Fate from the intertwining Gunas. There they are... trapped in the solid matter of their own actions... crystallized into its moment of return; like the living men embedded into concrete walls by Tamerlane. They say you could hear their cries for days.

How does it get so harsh and seemingly unforgiving? It gets that way from... being... harsh... and... unforgiving. It's like endless heartburn repeating on a person who ate the wrong things too fast; not bothering to chew or digest, and... the stomach rebels. What did you expect? If you bang your head into the wall, it's going to leave a mark. Try not to jump into the deep end when there is no water in the pool.

Fear... and its elevations of Panic and Terror is an attracting force. It can suck you into where you had no real reason for being. It's like rip tides and undertows. Stupidity... eventually... leads to fatality. What you identify yourself with associates itself with you. What am I trying to say here? Don't let the state of The World involve you in its dramas. Why are you even there?

(I've been listening to The Tibetan Book of The Dead, narrated by Richard Gere. He sounds sincere and does a good job. I'm neither for nor against the man. I don't know him. I've had less than glowing impressions of The Dali Lama, but I don't know him either. That doesn't impact on the authority of the text. It's been a mind-opening experience. Last night, I woke up inside a segment of it. That's a sign of something. (grin)

Next, I go to The Egyptian Book of The Dead, followed by quite a collection of arcane lore. Many of these things you can find at The Wayback Machine; the Internet Archives. The link is in the left-hand sidebar menu. If you can't find these things there (which are in the public domain) you can search them out with keywords. If you know how to search, you will most certainly find. I usually do.

WOW!!! I see The Elf put the Tibetan Book of the Dead audiobook at the end of the last Petri Dish. I'm impressed.

No... I am not anticipating my departure any time soon. I'll be informed of the matter ahead of time in any case. I simply check things out for the reader. We are kind of on a journey together. Sometimes hearing something spoken frees The Imagination to create shapes in The Mind.)

The World... is The World... is The World. It moves through phases like The Moon. Sometimes it is placid and unruffled and sometimes it is roiled in a torrent. You have to adjust. If you can't adjust you will be thrown from the saddle. There is no reason to take anything personally unless you have personally involved yourself at some point.

The only thing you are not already safe from is... yourself. That is where your focus should be. Self Mastery masters everything else AUTOMATICALLY. Let The Sun in, and... let The Sun shine out.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

The clock is ticking on Kosherland 1.0. Putin was baited and maneuvered in to setting off the carve-up of Ukraine. A chunk of it will be set aside for Kosherland 2.0. Back to the 1870s Pale of Settlement Future.


Anonymous said...

i’ve been saying it out loud quite a lot lately: “They’re all gonna die from stupid
if this continues…”

vive frei,


M - said...

This pretty much sums up what David Pakman is and what he was born "into":

Just another one of the anti-goyim. Perhaps we should start a movement...

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about the Lord of the Rings and how the West used to resemble the Shire, a peaceful, natural, happy life. Then the masses of creepy subhuman orcs started flooding in.

The good news is that the orc countries, that is south america, Asia, South Asia, southeast Asia, middle East, all took the vax to a level of 90% or higher. So with any luck, the orcs will start to finally disappear. What if the vax is the Avatar? It purged the evil (the 90% of orcs who took it) and protected the innocent (something like 30% of westerners didn't take it)? It's truly God's will and proves that everything is fully under the control of the divine. The divine will is so perfect that it protected the innocent and punished the ignorant.

Maybe one day in the future, the West can go back to the Shire once the orcs and their Chosen Race overlords are removed.

Kazz said...

vis ~ "I don't know what God has in mind... None of the strident serial complainers and whiners of fabricated injustice seem to understand that their atheism has no impact on the reality of The Heavenly Hierarchy.'

Man was created in the image of God, so those who channel the Divine upon this plain are going to sail straight through the middle of this storm while they stare into infinity without flinching, because just like God, Man is awesome!

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Look Kazz, you can't come here and stir shit up with people. This is not a war zone; holy war or not. Keep it civil if it can't be pleasant.

Visible said...

I'm talking about the comment I just got which I will not post, not the previous one.

Unknown said...

Understandable that you are turning to the Tibetan Book of the Dead at this time. My practice group are currently studying this again for the third time. It takes time to unravel but it is like finding precious treasure buried deep. Apart from the original we have been studying Francesca Fremantle's book 'Luminous Emptiness' which I recommend and which presents the material and a fuller interpretation in more detail. Also the shorter book by Fremantle and Chogyam Trungpa. I love your writings and your observations resonate with me. A sane perspective in a crazy world. If you enjoy listening to teachings, you may enjoy Samaneri Jayasara's readings on Youtube, specifically Padmasambhava's teachings on emptiness. Keep offering your writings which are like little islands of clarity in a sea of craziness.

Visible said...

Thanks, I'll give them a look. I'm going to mention Patanjali today because of a discovery I made. I'm glad we are going in this direction with The World going in the other.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"As Soon as I Ruffled The Lake's Surface with Thought or The World with Movement; Za-Zoom! He Was Gone."



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