Wednesday, July 07, 2021

"This Pathetic Wilderness of Human Ignorance is a Chosen Vale of Enterprise for Some."

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A reader wanted to know more about The Soul and The Spirit, as pertains to statements made in a recent posting, where I mentioned that The Heart is the Tool of the Soul and The Mind is the Tool of the Spirit. There! Now you have context. Anyway, I do not know how competent I am to comment on this subject. I can only say that this is the view from here. Think of The Soul as being like a very fine, luminous, glass-like figurine, whose unique, snowflake-like identity, is represented by the vibratory signature that holds it together. The Spirit is the spark of God himself and is what animates every living thing. This should be seen in the context of... nothing dies but everything changes. Well... not everything, only that which is on the more material levels, which are ALWAYS being informed by Spirit (anyway) as it draws all life to it, in anticipation of the Grand Reunion that occurs every so many billions of years.

When one migrates from life to life, it is the soul that is the conveyance. This is called transmigration, or reincarnation, or metempsychosis. DEPENDING on WHAT you have accomplished in any life, what you have made a part of you goes with you. Everything else... like your material wealth, your name, and place at the table stays behind. This is an intricate subject and I hesitate to go further into it because of the great possibility of getting lost in it. Much of it is Subjective anyway. It's always more important what is happening to you than to someone else. HOWEVER... it is ALL connected, so... tell yourself what you like, it changes nothing, but... it will be changed.

There is a certain thing that happens when selfishness takes over a person's nature, as it is VERY prone to do in Times of Material Darkness. It is certainly the time to have the light of God guiding your way, but the light of God does not shine for the guidance of the selfish. It is the personality, which shines in the pursuit of its objectives.

God is Light and... if you do not have God in your life, if you have shut God out or fled into personal darkness, what light will shine for you? I've seen where it is called “Outer Darkness”. Interesting...

The new age hucksters are responsible for all sorts of maladies that pop up in different forms elsewhere, like “living your own truth” and “we are all gods”, which WE ARE NOT! We are all God's in the making but that could be a million years from now or more. It depends on how quickly you cut loose all of what you are holding on to and reaching out after, that is nothing more than magnetized dust. Usually, that doesn't take place with any speed in Time of Material Darkness. The Personality, which is the marketplace of the New Age, will NEVER be God. It can play God. It can play dress-up and let's pretend but it will NEVER actually be God. It's a monkey sitting on a rock that it calls a throne. He's got a robe on and a club in his hand for a scepter. That makes him God (grin).

You can pretend to be something or you can become The Genuine Article. In the becoming, you find it is more about scraping away the crap that covers The Genuine Article. Illumination comes from WITHIN. It is not something conferred on you by a Pope or at a synod. You have to be lit from within. ALL of the outer trappings of power and wealth are nothing but a weight to bear you down. 'Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown', as The Bard would say.

People think certain things are worth having. Hey! Everyone is chasing after them and there are only so many spots! NOTHING in The World is worth having, compared to the lightness of The Soul in the one who walks away from it. You won't draw a crowd. They are busy with that other stuff. Now... if you were to do magic or the old soft-shoe, you might could draw a crowd. No one knows where he goes, who listens deeply.

I am telling you a Literal Truth; there are other kingdoms of residence and portals leading there from this one. The way is concealed and can be revealed to The Pure of Heart, which is why you are advised to become as a little child. The little child thing is really about the capacity to be led with Trust; taking your Father's Hand to walk across the street. Angels... unseen... are all around you, should you reside in your heart and mind in places that angels frequent. There are other places where another form of angel comes and goes. You can tell what anything is like from the atmosphere or the aura that it generates. People are warned off from certain activities all the time but do not listen.

The Soul is something that speaks within but whose voice is concealed by the noise of The World. You have to STILL those voices and that is what Meditation and Prayer are all about. You have to FIND the Quietude of The Soul. There is a peace in The Soul and it is a profound peace. It has seen the lifetimes come and go. It knows a great deal that you would desire to know. You CAN access it. You simply give it more attention than anything else, AND... you must be Patient. This means you must be Determined, and the ONLY thing that would keep you determined would be The Certitude of your objective. The Soul is a very reservoir of Faith. It all ties together.

My friends... the wonders that wait are beyond describing. This pathetic wilderness of human ignorance is a chosen vale of enterprise for some. Some go there to shear the sheep, and some to sell the flesh and skin. There are all sorts of ancillary doomed sheep markets. Then there is the larger portion of the sheared and butchered. Occasionally someone comes through and does an about-face, going back the way they came. That is what we should be concerned with; The Way Back. The Way Back is the Way Within. Love burns away Sin. This is a good thing to know. It means there is something you can do about it. You can also go to The Reservoir of Love, which... like the waters of the spirit are Freely Given. It's something to think about.

Of course, it's not entirely Freely Given. You are responsible for what is done with The Love you take. What is it that The Beatles said? ♫ and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make ♫ They were NOT talking about physical sex. Certain artists of almost every persuasion, if they are inspired, have the presence of angelic muses to guide their creative process. The angels ARE NOT obliged to stay around if the artist departs from the finer motivations. One could say that there was a vast distance between the art of Michelangelo and Andy Warhol. The Beatles, AND OTHERS, have been visited by angels, but the angels have departed. George Harrison managed to keep his angelic influences for a longer period.

The WHOLE of this visible world is controlled by The Invisible, and it is demarcated into carnal and spiritual zones, moving from the finer to the finer and the coarser to the more coarse. Both are there if you want them. If you want to tell your future, look at what you get up to. What you are experiencing now is the fallout (good or bad) from the waves you made getting there. How you are handling that determines the next round of handball.

The Spirit lives in The Soul. You might think of The Soul as a habitation and the spirit as the resident. All our light is borrowed light from the source of light. On higher planes, are The Causal Plane, and The Buddhi Plane. The Causal Plane is the plane of The Mind. Why do they call that plane, Causal? Perhaps it causes everything... heh heh. The Buddhic plane is the province of The Soul and the higher heart which generates the ♫ higher love. Bring me a higher love ♫ The Buddhic Plane (and this is just my take) is a plane of influence and guidance. It is meant to guide the Causal Plane in the nature of its constructions. The whole of it takes TEAMWORK. This is why I pray for a Harmony with all Life and a resonance with Heaven.

Yes... this sort of thing possesses my thoughts all through my days. When I am asked for an account of myself, this is what I will tell them, and that I tried to employ it the best I could manage, under the guidance of Heaven, which will guide anyone who sincerely asks for it. It doesn't have to be all that complicated. It is NOT all that complicated from the perspective of your own best interests. Do the right thing. BUT... but Mr. Visible, what is the right thing? Surely you have a conscience. Does your conscience not tell you when you are going wrong (but you just can't help yourself)?

Every moment is the critical moment of NOW, and everything that ever happens will happen NOW. You are presently (one would hope) in that very moment because there is no other. The Past is the echo of the moment's passage and The Future is the materializing of the NOW as it precipitates into being. What does Being and Non-Being mean? Why... it depends on what you are being and not being. Forget about all that academic garbage arrayed around this subject. Those are all the words arranged by those who did not know what they were talking about. It is something you EXPERIENCE, not something you talk about, unless you can't help yourself, which seems more and more the case as The Web tightens.

For me... the key is to create a harmonic resonance in yourself with your higher nature and let that bring the whole of you into focus as you are pulled up by your own bootstraps (grin) into a finer plane of residence. Take Nike's advice, at least in this SPECIFIC instance. God be with you.

End Transmission.......

Only a few links today=

Joe Biden kneeling for Israel

just saw this. Isn't this one of the Clinton family's laundries?

and what have we here? One of my favorite hypocrites in the cross-hairs.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

robert said...

Visible One,

A tour de force!

Of the only Real force, the will of the One.

All the rest is but noisome worries generated by bubbles of fear resisting dissolution into harmonious union

No one knows where he goes, who listens deeply.

The sound of silence
The feel of nothing
The sight of infinite density

The way is concealed and can be revealed to The Pure of Heart, which is why you are advised to become as a little child. The little child thing is really about the capacity to be led with Trust; taking your Father's Hand to walk across the street.

Trust perfecting....

There is a peace in The Soul and it is a profound peace. It has seen the lifetimes come and go. It knows a great deal that you would desire to know. You CAN access it. You simply give it more attention than anything else, AND... you must be Patient

Someone opined that the fundamental "sin" is impatience!
Our gnat-like personality commits impatience on the face of the Divine smile.

and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make

The One is precise, meticulous and impeccable in the order of creation.
However, there is slack for the learning children in the form of Grace
If we take a moment to reflect, we KNOW that we take more love than we make!
By several orders of magnitude!

There is a factor woven into the mathematical perfection of the manifest expression which amplifies our efforts and attenuates our errors.

Since all fall short, there would be NO LIFE at all if Life did not transcend the impersonal law equating make and take!
This is represented by the ideal of unconditional love which humans may rise to at times.

When we see the big picture, we are awed by the measureless Grace in which we swim!

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the 'soulful' article. Appreciated.

I mentioned some soulular things in a previous VO comment.

Also, my 'progression' into learning about the Soul, from a way-earlier VO comment.

Another thing which should be mentioned is that higher beings can 'read' one's Soul. This happened to me first on the Isle of Iona, west of the mainland of Scotland, where a group of (real) Elves - who are of the same innate Consciousness Level as our Souls - sat me down, went around behind me, and 'read' my Soul like a book.

Later, another 'anthropological' (real) Elf visited me at my house and wanted to 'read' my Soul. He was interested in me, as an unusual human. "Sure." In return, 'he' let me tag-along and see what he was seeing. Cool, and what a long, strange journey I have been on. (I faded-out before he was done. Rats!)

Anyway, I can only second what Vis has mentioned; that there is much more 'inside' than our Handlers would have us know...

(In browsing old comments, I came across a favorite poster: brokenbeat / John V. Does anyone know if he is still around/alive/etc.?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Very, very good. I really like how simply and clearly you put these things here - and as far as I understand them, I am in full agreement. Everyone must find out for themselves, through personal experience.

That monkey on a rock made me laugh! :) - oh, and the sheep sheared and the flesh sold, totally on point!

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"On a Clipper Ship Filled with Hungry Ghosts on a Dreaming Sea... in Search of a Material Shore."

Aggressive Truth said...

Aggressive Truth
“I do not know how competent I am to comment on this subject”.

You don't even know how lucky you are to see a trap that I was put on seven years ago. The moment I wrote that I would destroy them and rip them out of the roots was a word. The first word is the thought of it, and the thought of it comes up, and the word that is well spoken without lying is a powerful weapon.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him; and without him was not anything made that hath been made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness apprehended it not.

And the word became a body and moved between you. You see the power of words with your own eyes and you believe. Congratulations, my friend, because from the first letter I wrote to you after years, you see how circle back to place where I started and as promised. God exists and all wisdom comes from him. Try to explain the fact that I still lives on even though I was inexperienced in battle, I achieved the goal of God's charisma in humans and destroying the slave system. In seven years, I've done more than a Catholic church in 1,500 years. Earth is a special and magical place when you don't destroy it. Greeting Les and be well friends.

Anonymous said...

It is the indwelling badness, ready to produce bad actions, that we need to be delivered from. Against this badness if a man will not strive, he is left to commit evil and reap the consequences. To be saved from these consequences, would be no deliverance; it would be an immediate, ever deepening damnation. It is the evil in our being—no essential part of it, thank God!—the miserable fact that the very child of God does not care for his father and will not obey him, causing us to desire wrongly, act wrongly, or, where we try not to act wrongly, yet making it impossible for us not to feel wrongly—this is what he came to deliver us from;—not the things we have done, but the possibility of doing such things any more. With the departure of this possibility, and with the hope of confession hereafter to those we have wronged, will depart also the power over us of the evil things we have done, and so we shall be saved from them also. The bad that lives in us, our evil judgments, our unjust desires, our hate and pride and envy and greed and self-satisfaction—these are the souls of our sins, our live sins, more terrible than the bodies of our sins, namely the deeds we do, inasmuch as they not only produce these loathsome things, but make us loathsome as they. Our wrong deeds are our dead works; our evil thoughts are our live sins. These, the essential opposites of faith and love, the sins that dwell and work in us, are the sins from which Jesus came to deliver us. When we turn against them and refuse to obey them, they rise in fierce insistence, but the same moment begin to die. We are then on the Lord's side, as he has always been on ours, and he begins to deliver us from them.
George MacDonald The Hope of The Gospel

Justin Virden



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