Monday, July 12, 2021

"The Whole of Existence is a Case of Possession. All the Way to Kingdom Come."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If you are paying attention, then you can see, first hand, the processing of Karma in The World around you. Observe the generations and the kinds of programming inflicted on each of them and how it shaped the times they lived through. The present phase of political correctness nonsense, cancel culture, manufactured virus hoaxes, stolen elections and a general climate of intimidation are all dances called up by the dancers.

One can view the whole of it with alarm. It is certainly deserving of alarm if taken according to Appearances. It can be seen as a transition period of 'out with the old' and 'in with the new'. It can be seen as many tributaries running off of mountains and finding their way to the sea. Some fear this. Some fear that, and these fears create an atmosfear. If enough people join their fears together or join in the negative celebration of a common fear, (suddenly appearing) fear can materialize, can become manifest. The whole of The World is a projection of MIND. How you identify any of it sets up the nature of your relationship with it and the company you keep.

Certain circumstances and conditions are directly caused by our fears. A negative mindset will lead to negative circumstances and conditions. The reverse is also true. Some might say, “I've been trying for years to get out of this and I can't.” My reply would be, “No, you have not. That is just what you tell yourself.” Then again, this is not an absolute. It depends on your Karma and on what is possessing you.

Certain things are true though most of the population would rather not think about them, and they MOST DEFINITELY don't want to hear about them. Only those already in a greater misery are willing to hear a Jeremiad. I suspect that Jeremiah spent a lot of time alone. Many there are of the few who, joyful or sorrowful, seek to be alone. People and life itself become books that are open to you and... what is the point of reading them if there is nothing you can do? Well... there are things you can do, but 'direct interference' is not one of them.

The whole of existence is a case of possession, ongoing through the generations to Kingdom Come. Choose wisely who and what it is that possesses you because something will. The road can (and does) go up, and the road can (and does) go down. People COULD easily see that they are heading in a wrong direction... if it were not that they thought what they were after was to be found DOWN there. Common sense and appetite are often at cross purposes. If a person would ONLY concentrate on controlling their hungers they would, relatively quickly, come to an awakened state. If a person did no more than control their thoughts, they could control their world. Stilling the Reactive Mind is one of the great accomplishments in life and is not often achieved. Ceaseless effort is required for this.

The crazies on the urban streets are growing ever more strident, and their demands ever more ridiculous. I can't imagine what the players in various fields have to endure or what contortions they must perform. Much earlier in life, I decided I would not give them any say in my life. They cannot threaten my income. I don't really have one, and what there is they can't take away, nor is there much to bother about. They cannot cancel me; who would notice? They can't intimidate me because I have no fear of them. They seem to lash about in every direction but they mostly leave me alone; and why is that? I don't impede them. I most certainly dare ♫ to speak out against the madness ♫ but they don't seem to see me because I don't impede them. Let me paraphrase Lao Tzu, “for blocking no one's way no one blocks (blames) him.”

Good and Evil are indeed relative, and evil is in all of us, even if it be quieted, it is Potential to be Kinetic. Evil is a tool that Good can use in small homeopathic doses or to make an anti-venom from snake venom. Jesus hung out with Publicans and Sinners. He was no whitened sepulcher. He took everyone as he found them, and being able to see into the depths of their hearts he could touch them. One can define only certain things as generally Evil. The rest is in a state of flux. Evil... if redirected can create a big head of steam. The steam doesn't hit peak all at once. It has to BUILD UP. The Wise throw no one away. They recognize that they are everyone and everyone is them, only at a different landing on the spiral staircase to the stars, though it is, indeed, an inner journey, we often use externals to describe it. As we like to say around here, 'don't piss over the railing.'

Yes... it is certain that very disturbing events are going to take place. They will take place in THOSE PLACES where such events are intended to occur. What place you occupy, VERY DEFINITELY, is dependent on what interior place you are already occupying; who or what is possessing you! Much depends on your INTENTIONS and MOTIVES, as well as THE LENGTHS you will go to, to carry them out. However... if whatever is taking place has nothing to do with you, that is how much of an effect it is going to have on you.

Whatever it is that has possessed you is determining the course you are on. Go anywhere. Go to NYC at Wall Street and you will see those who scurry about like insects, building an insect empire. You can go to Hollywood (wherever that is now. It might be in The Cloud) and see a posturing crowd of self-adulating (and fellating) impostors, like weightlifters on the beach, pretending to be that which does not need to pretend. Go anywhere and you will see The Dance of the Imaginary Power-Brokers who represent the tone of their industries in that location. Go to the rainforest and you will see something entirely different. Wherever you are has to do with whatever is possessing you.

I desire, with all my heart and soul to be a habitation of angels. Surely you have heard the term, “a habitation of demons”? Then... according to a basic law of existence, there must be habitations of angels. I wish to emulate The Sun so... that must mean The Angels of the Sun. Such career decisions can be made by anyone with The Determination to see them through. You become whatever it is that attracts you most. It seems that this is something of Critical Concern to which serious attention should be given. It is not available at the mall. Amazon does not carry it, much less deliver it. You already have it.

The doing is the key. It is all about Walking the Talk. It is not something for public display. We already have crowds of every kind pretending to do this. I suppose pretending is easier than The Real. Having looked into this, I can say that pretending is far more costly and arduous overall, when The Real is merely Difficulty at the Beginning.

I am writing about this because it IS going to get more distressing in certain locations. Think of it as being like a visit to a zoo. The animals are in cages. Of course, you could climb into the cages and people do. Not everyone's animals are caged but EVERYTHING and everyone is caged before God unless one finally attains to Jivanmukti. Everything else is a conveyor belt of time where people are in different stages of bondage. Some are more confining than others. It depends on what is possessing you.

All appetites and hungers (are these two different things?), ESPECIALLY common appetites and hungers, have a particular archetype that controls it or has no control whatsoever of it; be it angel or demon. People suffer accordingly; depending on how much sway the hunger has in their lives they could become Hungry Ghosts. There are plenty of those around, and especially NOW. On the invisible plane are legions of hungry ghosts who are homeless and looking for a vehicle they can experience their hunger in. You are that vehicle, depending on what is possessing you.

You are surrounded by invisible entities at all times and they are of the same quality as your hungers and appetites. Raise your hunger and you will have different companions. Turn down the flame. Cut back on senseless cravings. Learn to be at peace with yourself by ceasing to be at war with yourself, as The World already is.

If you are living your life for your appetites and hungers, they will determine your fate. If you are permitting the master of all hungers to be resident in you... AND UNHINDERED, that will determine your fate. It really all comes down to who or what is possessing you. You can court possession. We do this anyway far more than we know. All True Masters are THE SAME MASTER. I should add that God routinely shows up here as someone for the purpose of demonstration. He says that whenever something is being done in an exceptional fashion, he is present and he is responsible. Paul said that he became like all men, as they saw themselves, to win them to Christ.

As long as there are sheep, there will be wolves, and guard dogs and shepherds, for as long as this drama plays out. The main drama we have been experiencing across this passing age is now being re-written for the coming age. The Archetypes are being reconstituted. I imagine that some of the changes coming will be catastrophic and some serendipitous. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Jivanmukti! Well, I have declared mine self dead; waitin' fer da body to catch up. No more ambitions, no more plans for the nonexistent future, and just waiting for Ereshkigal's first Gate to open. Well, actually her realm ain't my first choice of destination. Wanna go to Akashic Library first, Tech Duinn second, Tir na nOg next, Elysian Fields, then what ever. Valhalla, Hel, all the other places I don't feel like lookin' up, and visit every cool psychopomp out thar. Just takin' it a day at a time, with as much time in my nose cave as possible. Non-virtual life is more trouble than it's worth, these days. I had my fun, and I'm ready to move on as soon as the gods say it be time. In the mean time, I'm doin' as much of the Chinese Tang Ping (Lying flat.) revolution as possible, and feeding the system as little as possible. The 'prison' system, as I see it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oops! I meant Niflheim, not Hel. Hel is in charge of Niflheim. Zoned out again. Don't worry, I'll do it again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buttons, you are funnier than I realized before 'now.' Generally thought you were a 'bit' or 'byte' off. But 'now' I can visualize what you are going on about. I'm not helping either, in fact haven't been of any use for a long while, in fact more like a stumbling block. Only thing I'm looking forward to is talking to some intelligent life beyond this realm. My imagination sees at least a few other realms with some intelligence. Hope we make it.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I appreciate this 'angelic' column. Thanks!

Vis: "You are surrounded by invisible entities at all times and they are of the same quality as your hungers and appetites. Raise your hunger and you will have different companions."

Think of it as "God all the way up." Good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Same source. This is why it is so very important to track back which 'sub-division' of all-God one might be following (consciously or unconsciously). This is one reason we were given discernment.

The other thing has to do with appearances. One has to trust intuition far more than the (physical) senses or facts. Imagine (unseen) Beings who have had not millennia but Billennia (is that a word?) to practice-up on deception, propaganda, persuasion, carrot-and-stick, and such. They may be 'operating' downwards through sixteen levels of subordinates, with the most-present being 'seemly' to the eye. The ordinary (these days) human would be overwhelmed, and easy prey.

Fortunately, even though semi-dormant (these days), humans have a core that goes fully back to all-God. We know far more than the Handlers would have us believe. We just have to get out of our own way. Our intuition is a first good step.

As you "raise your hunger" (through raising your Consciousness Level), you will find that Unseen Helpers will appear. (Remember to check with your Intuition about them, also.) These folks - some human, some not - want to both further your growth and to aid humanity out of its 'amnesia'. Some are even Bodhisattvas (or non-human equivalents). It is a Big World, beyond the forgetfulness-barriers...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

LTPTB and anon. I’m with you all, Looking to find intelligent life in another dimension. I keep meditating asking them to show up before the goons come to my door.

Anonymous said...

Hungry ghosts or similar are certainly real from my perspective.These types of things are showing up in my morning meditation quite often of late.
Some time ago you informed your readers to say "Om raksha,raksha,raksha,pfaat" I do this with strong intent and hey presto! they're gone,so thank you very much for that and I hope this is useful to someone else.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Future is Leaving the Building, Like the Jordanaires in the Slipstream of Elvis."



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