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"Don't Lie to Yourself and NEVER Become a Field Agent for The Father of Lies."

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It was Kipling, I think, who said, “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.” They are, actually the same, behind the presentation of appearances. During my initial Kundalini experience, I had this shown to me in a convincing way. It is our presentations and appearances that get us into trouble. People buy the presentation, not the thing itself. No wonder they are so often disappointed. People fight wars over differences in religious perspective.

The wisdom of East and West are the same. They only differ in appearance. The spirit directs each to express in their fashion. All of the spiritual icons of the past, no matter what their points of origin or the message they brought, get along fine with each other. It is their followers who have a problem as they war for superiority over the other faiths who don't represent The Truth as they see it; given that they don't see it at all in the first place, otherwise they wouldn't be making war on each other.

Nearly every problem that one can identify as such is caused by misreading appearances. In Nature, they have plants, insects, and animals who lure their prey to them with certain appearances or appeals to a particular sense. In the human world, the same thing happens, regardless of whether it is a car salesman, a realtor, a religious charlatan, or a sociopath, which all of them might also be. Humans lure each other for all sorts of reasons. Romance is a big one. I'm sure you can call to mind other examples concerning the deception of appearances.

The lie is in the eye. This is the genesis of The Eye of Sauron, and in our own Middle Earth, he has a counterpart called Satan. He is euphemistically called, “The Father of Lies”. There you have it! Deceptions, Intrigues, plots and calculations, Subterfuge, Seduction and... I could come up with a long list of terms that apply to DECEIVING another. This is what defines you. Are you engaging in deception AND... to what end? If you are not then you are in small but good company. I say that because most people lie to themselves as if it were Second Nature, and it is. It is a counterfeit on our true being, our shadow-self rampant on a field of darkness. IF... I were a member of The College of Heraldry, with poetic aspirations, I might say something like that, but I am not... but I did say it anyway so, there you go.

Don't lie to yourself and NEVER become a field agent for The Father of Lies. In Times of Material Darkness, lying is a form of currency. It is expected of one to be at least a LITTLE corrupted, which I think is similar to being a little pregnant. Once you get even a little way into the thickets of falsehoods and deceptions, you become lost, and you can often forget where you came from as well. It WILL happen, sooner or later, depending on how much of your Character has to go out the window for it to happen to you.

You might have spent a lifetime crafting an identity and it can be blown to bits in short order if you step out of line. Whose line? So many people go along to get along. Others are driven by Fear or hopes of Gain. Some are driven by attractions of the flesh and they come to look like it, the same way a Meth-Freak comes to look like what he's done to get there; if that makes any sense- it does to me.

It's pretty simple when it comes to doing the right thing. It ONLY becomes complicated when you feel compelled to cut corners, go off the reservation (couldn't resist), or COMPROMISE yourself in some fashion in order to GET SOMETHING. It is EASY to do the right thing when you don't want anything. I have come to learn that all those attractive forms have thorns. They also create thickets and forests.

A pure heart is priceless. This also can be the work of a lifetime or many lifetimes. Your OBJECTIVES and your INTENTIONS define you. They shape you over the course of time, and you come to look like what you have been up to. At the Gates of Heaven, there are angels skilled in a form of facial recognition. At that location, people REALLY look like what they are and in many cases get nowhere near those gates.

Here's an image that might stick in your head and I apologize for that but I am going to give it to you anyway, BECAUSE it is true, and a Valuable reminder of something most people never even think about in the first place. When you leave here, you leave through the opening, the port in your body that is most relevant to the course of your life; and THEREFORE to your next life. This can be through your eyes, your nose, your ears, your navel, and your channels of excretion. There is also your navel, and if you are VERY fortunate because you were very focused, there is the hole in the top of your head. You WILL leave your body through one of those openings, and it is up to you which one it is. This is why it is said, “the yogi dies at will.” Of course, you can transpose the term 'yogi' to whatever tradition you are comfortable or familiar with. There WILL BE a parallel term.

Every day, you are a day closer to your moment of departure. It COULD come at ANY time. One thing you may be sure of, it WILL COME. What preparations have you made? Did you go to church every Sunday, or whatever day it is? Did you pray? Did you seek out the attention and company of Heaven AS IF IT WERE A REAL PLACE? Did you believe? Do you believe? What do the gauges say about your levels of Faith, Certitude, and Determination? That's important, as you will discover in your passage, AND surely it is important to discover it, BEFORE your passage.

For many, what I am talking about here is FANTASY. Even those who are going to church as functionaries think it is a bit of a fantasy because God is FAR AWAY... up there... somewhere. Then... the manner in which they see God is suffused in anthropomorphic projection. It's like playing hand puppets in front of a screen. You can be sure that SOMEONE has a hand puppet thing going full-bore through the minds of humanity, which... being separated from each other, provide Easy Pickins, so to speak.

No matter how many times you tell people that what they see is not what they get, they will still elbow you out of the way to get to it. Let it get rock-star status and the shelves and aisles of Big Box Heaven will look like Gettysburg after the fact, once whatever shopping holiday has passed. Herein we see the deep uglies of Social Media, and the herding and programming tactics so employed. Add in cellphones and you have Zombie Blvd running right through the heart of the commercial district.

What they are doing is stoking the hunger. They hit you with an image. They tell you it is desirable and they tell you you had better get it now and... they turn up the burners of the desire body and The Carnival of Carnality appears in a big empty lot in the center of town, overnight, as if it came out of an aerosol can, along with those skin-tight jeans. Then you can just wiggle until the wiggle is gone.

I find it hard to understand how such a large body of humanity can be so clueless. Anyone consider how improbable it is that Global Warming would increase to the temperatures of the moment without some HAARP-like help? It DOESN'T just accelerate like that and there is something funny about those fires as well. Every so many thousands of years, the whole shebang (is that racist or sexist?) goes missing and they start all over again, and this pattern has been going on for a while. Wouldn't you think that an awareness of this would be in the DNA by now?

You don't have anything to worry about IF you don't have anything to worry about. Stuff is at the core of your discontent. Stuff that we care about makes us do things we would not do if we didn't care so much about... Stuff. That is another way that they manipulate you. Fear... intimidation... a baited and dangling hook, they get to you however they can get to you. Look at Stephen King and his obsession with Trump; John Cusack and the rest of the howling mob. Who is so powerful that they can compel people who have no need of money, but have a certain amount of fear, or want more money and influence, or especially do not want to lose what they have? Who is so powerful as that?

There are many mysteries afoot in these times. Given the negative effect that George Soros is having on the United States by FINANCING the mindless and violent in the cities, WHY...? Why... is nothing done about him, or even said about him? He works for The Rothschild Cartel and they print the money. That is all one needs to know. Who do The Rothschilds work for? They work for Self-Interest, and who is the King of Self Interest on the Inner Planes? Right you are! It is said, on pretty credible authority that The Rothschild clan ALWAYS has an extra chair at their dining tables that is reserved for His Nibs, Old Scratch, who has NEVER found an itch he can't profit from and that would apply to The Red Shield people also.

This is ALL a cosmic drama outworking. The players and the scenery were arranged a long time ago. No one is here, or wherever they are by accident. God is the victor. God is The Supreme Controller. God is the all and all in all. Everything is composed from The Body of God and God is the Dynamic, Activating Principle amidst and through it all. It seems a simple matter to me who I should show fealty to. It seems a simple matter to me who it is that I love and adore. Nothing outside of that is attractive at all. You'd think I would have caught on to that earlier, but I did not. Like I said, I can be slow on the uptake, but eventually... eventually, it makes its way to a state of sustaining recognition. We don't require any more proof of life concerning the Everlasting and Eternal. It is Self-Evident.

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Anonymous said...

Now it is not good for the Christian's health to hustle the Aryan
For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the
Christian down;
And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of
the late deceased,
And the epitaph drear: "A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the

` Kipling; "The Naulahka"

Anonymous said...

Thought that yall would find this one rather funny.

Visible said...

Having read pretty much everything that much-maligned but divinely inspired man wrote, I am familiar with that line about the one who hustled The East. Kipling had an eye for disparity and injustice. He was very sharp and I always think of him as Twain's double from across the waters

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very 'purposeful' post. Thanks!

On "the port(s) in your body," "moment of departure," Heaven, and such:

(Caveat: This is what I have learned and experienced; your mileage may vary. Discard what doesn't ring-true for you. Different Rays and all that.)

It is fun watching Vis presenting a 'glimpse through the keyhole' of matters concerning the Chakra system for hardened Biblical types. Enough to pique the curiosity, but not enough to trigger the escape to the head. Tricky. (The Chakra system is in the Bible, if you know how to interpret certain phrases.) These days, I use the Chakra system as a way to determine 'where' a person is coming-from, a.k.a. a warning system. Saves a lot of trouble & heartbreak. If this subject intrigues you, follow this asterisk* for a quick Primer.

As Vis mentioned in his column, we leave the body at death through the 'ports' (Chakra levels) we have concentrated-on during our lifetime. Past is Future. This can be taken a little further. I see all-God as an ecosystem. No real judgment; just a system based on desire. If this intrigues you, follow these asterisks** for a quick Worldview.

On a (limited) view of Heaven, I will rely on my experiences with my Higher Self. To give a minimalist summary (going higher), there are the levels below & at the level of our Soul, the levels of a unified Self above the Soul (but still within SpaceTime), progression to the highest individual consciousness-level (which the Hindus call the Atman), and then further upwards into various 'collective' levels. Each is 'Heaven' when viewed from somewhat-below. The 'chain' ends at all-God, a never-to-be-experienced 'Heaven' (no subject-object relationship). Asterisks*** for more.

It is fun, knowing we are in such a varied (but simple) Universe...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


Ray B. said...


* Chakra Primer: Think of where you experience Love for a person. Chest area, right? The energetic part of that is the Heart Chakra. Experiencing sexual feelings for another? Loin area, right? The energetic part of that is the Sacral/Sexual Chakra. (It really is the Relationship Chakra, but that is another story.) Experiencing unusual visions concerning another? Area above & between the eyes, right? Third-Eye Chakra. There are at least seven of these areas, which connect to different levels of consciousness. Which 'level' you are on determines how you react to a given situation. (Vis sometimes uses the metaphor of a multi-level department store, with an elevator between them.)

** Worldview: Stepping aside from the ego, there is a fairly simple 'ecosystem' at work. Some of us got tired with doing Eternity. Same-same Forever. We grew to desire Experience. We worked our way down through the levels, gaining Experience at each level. The bottom levels were physical experience - good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Physical. At some point, we had Experienced enough (see Soul below). Now, we yearn to Return. Ways are provided, when we sincerely ask. (In what may not be an aside, did you know humans have energy structures at the tips of each shoulder blade? Right now, they are 'stumps'. Inoperative. When asking Higher Self what they were, I received images of two swirling 'funnels' expanding-off into higher levels. Feel free to speculate on how this relates to certain archetypal images. And for some people, these 'stumps' are slowly re-growing. Hmmm...)

*** It seems like all the 'portals' (Chakras) lead back to the Soul. The Soul is still well-within SpaceTime. So, in a way, one still 'cycles' to other lifetimes, if one remains within the Soul. Fortunately, there is a 'unified' version of us above the Soul. It both exists within SpaceTime and ultimately up past the Atman (way out of SpaceTime). I call it the Higher Self. (Angels are higher yet.) I suspect that contact with one's Higher Self (including the very yearning to even do so) means that one may be moving beyond being trapped into Experiencing. Basically, the Soul is a data depository for Experiencing. When a data depository is 'full', it is typically archived, becomes reference material, or such. I am curious how we will Be, once our perception is above Soul level...

Anonymous said...

"It is EASY to do the right thing when you don't want anything."

Indeed my friend. I've generally been quick to help others out my entire life. Much of my life I had to push myself to regarding various things because it's a very taxing existence when one is a prisoner of personal will. On Father's Day afternoon a couple of weeks ago I was about to lay down for a mid afternoon nap. I scanned fb briefly and seen a post asking asking for a volunteer to pick up some baby opossums in a town about 40 miles from me and deliver them to a wildlife sanctuary that is about 5 miles from me. I didn't even hesitate to inquire if it was still needed. I was sure looking forward to that nap but I was laughing at myself as I made the inquiry. I went and picked them up. When I got to the sanctuary I noticed that her yard was getting out of control. So I inquired about it. She told me that her husband had passed in December and that she didn't have a mower to use. She had paid someone $300 to mow, trim tree branches, clean up the weeds from her shrub/flower beds, among a few other tasks and that they took the cash up front and never did the work. So I told her I didn't have my own mower but that I would find someone to volunteer their time and mower or lend me their mower to use. I also told her that I would bring my chainsaw out to trim the trees and do everything that she paid the other person to do. She said that she was on social security and couldn't afford to pay for it twice to which I replied I'm not doing it for money. So I put a post on fb about it hoping someone would step up with a mower. 3 days went by with no volunteers. I was driving through Ramsey and seen a guy I knew mowing a lot. I pulled over and told him the story asking him if he would help. The guy was clearly battling in his head. He finally said that he would go look at it but couldn't guarantee that he would do it. Well he got it mowed over the next couple of days. I was telling my father about it and he donated a used John Deere to me of which I have to do some engine repairs to. I let Ann know that I was going to fix it and that I would store it at her place and mow her yard the rest of this season. To which she replied how expensive that was going to be. I assured her that I didn't want her money. She mentioned how much time I was going to sacrifice, etc. I told her God would cover me for my time.
So fast forward to yesterday afternoon and I was driving north of Ramsey. There was a woman walking on the side of the highway. I stopped to offer her a ride and she accepted. On the way to her house she mentioned that her car had broke down and it was towed in less than 12 hours. Her bill is going to be $330 if she gets it out today. But she doesn't have the money. She did point out that she had a Jeep Liberty with a blown motor and that she could scrap it and use that money to get her car out. So I got it jacked up to put a tire back on it and ready to be put on a dolly or trailer. Now I'm trying to find someone with a trailer or dolly and a truck to help me get it to the scrap yard. The woman offered me part of the proceeds from the Jeep if I get it to the scrap yard. I told her I don't want any money. She could cover the fuel costs and that's it.

I was texting my fiance last night regarding the above matters:

Me: God will open a door one way or another It's great when you're serving Him because He makes stuff happen!!!😊

Jess:That's very true! Lord, we pray for you to open doors! When we're about his business, he'll be about ours. This I know.

On a side note the woman I helped last night lives just a couple of miles from the wildlife sanctuary and she volunteered to help me mow that yard the rest of the year 😁

Thomas said...

Got a lot to say here, will try to be brief -

A very clear explanation of a central issue, Visible! One of the main reasons that people do not get what is going on is that they lack the imagination and courage to seriously consider that "our leaders" are lying through their teeth - to an extreme and malicious degree, even. Normal people simply cannot process it intellectually - it never reaches the conscious parts of their minds. They are like children who cannot believe that their parents are doing anything wrong. Seeing that imagination resides mainly in the right side of our brains, we are, in practice, dealing with functional half-brains when it comes to the lies and deceptions that swamp the public.

*Right there* is why stories, tales, allegories, and story-telling are so powerful vehicles for teaching. They bypass the rational left side of the brain, and puts us in a state of imaginative "suspension of disbelief", where we can be shown the dynamics and principles that are active in our actual experience through allegorical images. Over time, the things we learn from them bleed over into our rational, left-brain nature.

I expect that as things get more out of wack, more and more people will start to search for answers - many of them will look to myths and stories - others to more direct spiritual lore. Some will grasp at the straws of charlatans, as always. The blind leading the blind, and all that...

IF an avatar is impending (I have no reason to believe it may not be true), I think it worthwhile to understand that all the former prophets we know of have come in times of great tumult and confusion - where many people were desperately looking for answers. There is also a story about Krishna who was asked why he did not go and fight a certain demon (other commenters will know it better than me), and in answer he (wisely) said: "Because his moon is on the wane, while mine is on the rise. When the forces are more to my advantage, I will go."


@Ray B

Nice comments! I agree with you on the Bible - The Revelation of St. John is positively *littered* with references to the chakra system. 7 seals, 7 angels, 7 trumpets - all the sevens are references to the 7 chakras. Too, the characters refer to internal states and dynamics. My current interpretation is that the Anti-Christ is a symbol of the unregenerate, non-surrendered ego, and the Beast a symbol of Satan, the active, Cosmic Deceiver, working in tandem with the ego (perhaps it is the other way around). The dead rising are all the former memories and egos that the soul has gone through, resurfacing, integrated, and cleansed, when the soul sees all the long way it has gone from darkness and back to God. I do not doubt that the entirety of Revelation is a symbolical, mystical treatise on the inner work.

Cool thing about those funnels on the shoulder blades!

Thomas said...

@Anonymous 4:39 AM

I cannot watch the video, not even on different TOR-identities, as I am told that Bitchute has restricted it due to it containing "national socialist symbology". I could write *a lot* about this subject, but I will limit myself to a relatively few observations here.

The history of National Socialism, and the Holocaust, are the primary emotional linchpin that the "elites" have for their coveted 3rd World War. It is, of course, an extremely complicated history, but it is presented in black and white - one side is told that Hitler was a veritable saint, and that the Holocaust but pure fantasy, the other side that Hitler was absolute evil incarnate, and the Holocaust the worst thing that ever happened. Surely, this wide gulf in perspective has the potential to set of a global, existential war - and is the means by which "the elites" hope to achieve the large depopulation they wish for. The reality, of course, is that neither National Socialism, Hitler or the Holocaust are simple black-and-white matters. They are all very convoluted subjects.

Here is the main reason that Germany, "the economic engine of the EU", is so strictly kept under control: if the truth got out, in all its nuanced manifold, the whole emotional tension underlying this chapter of history would be defused - and the war avoided or greatly softened. At the moment, the German political sphere is going full blaze on the "Delta-Plus-variant" of the Corona. Utter nonsense.

The "Hitler-was-a-saint"-side is currently represented by, among others, a demented regiment of blood-and-soil occultists along the lines of Dietrich Eckhart, cursed be his name, who was Hitlers mentor after World War 1, and the main source of Hitlers moral and spiritual corruption (here is the best example I've seen of what I am talking about: - "88" stands for "HH", or "Heil Hitler", as H is the 8th letter of the alphabet). They are tamasic, demonic in their natures, worshipping places, blood ties, and animistic spirits. They are idolators, in Jewish/Christian terminology, yet claim to worship Odin (or Wotan), the Father-God of Norse mythology. God can of course be contacted as Odin, if one is honestly devoted and sincere, but these people are not. They reek, positively stink, of Illuminati influence. You have some number of them in America, which also seems to be designated to play a leading role on the "Hitler was a saint"-side in the existential war. The "Hitler was absolute evil incarnate" will seemingly be represented by Putins Russia and the UN.

A fitting admonition by Ezra Pound: "The technique of infamy is to tell two lies at once, and then get people to fight over which one is the truth" !!! Not all leftists are equally crazy - a mutated fascism is most certainly being pushed by factions of "the elites" - and we should not throw out the baby with the bath-water here.

Well, forewarned is forearmed. Hopefully, the war can be avoided. And God is good, the soul eternal! With practice, we come to know it for ourselves.

Anonymous said...


Whatever the holocaust was, it wasn't the worst genocide in history, it wasn't even the worst genocide in the 20th century. It wasn't even in the top ten of the genocide hit parade of the 20th century. What it is, and what is singularly distinctive of it, is the greatest marketing and public relations campaigns of any such event in history. The tribe will be talking about/celebrating this 3000 years from now, on par with Moses and his victimological adventure lore.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All I can say is if your agenda is correct, The Universe will work with you.

Anonymous said...

"You don't have anything to worry about IF you don't have anything to worry about. Stuff is at the core of your discontent. Stuff that we care about makes us do things we would not do if we didn't care so much about... Stuff. That is another way that they manipulate you. Fear... intimidation... a baited and dangling hook, they get to you however they can get to you."

"If it be Things that slay you, what matter whether things you have, or things you have
Unspoken Sermons George Macdonald
Justin Virden

Thomas said...


I agree. It was not the worst, and perhaps it doesn't even make the top 10 in the 20th century, but for the innocents affected by it, it was bad enough, certainly.

It is hard to get a clear picture of what exactly went on - especially since it is highly risky to speak against the official narrative - which is most definitely a fabrication - in the countries most affected by World War 2: Germany, France, Russia etc.

My own interpretation is that Auschwitz was a work camp and transport hub, and that the proper extermination camps were on the Eastern Front, in areas that came under Soviet control after war ended. This allowed the Soviet Illuminati Jews to get rid of all the evidence, since the Soviet Union was under their totalitarian control. As far as I know, most of the archives are still heavily restricted, if they haven't been deliberately destroyed. Here also is the explanation of all those stories of "went to Auschwitz, and was never seen again": they were simply transported to the East, and killed there. And the traumatized relatives, well... traumatized people don't often get their stories really straight - that is to be expected. I think that the top Nazis and the top Soviets worked together (and the top Americans, British, and French, too) - mostly Illuminati Jews, but certainly (!) not exclusively.

I think that around 3 million mainly sephardi/orthodox jews were exterminated. Exactly the kind of jews who honestly try to follow the law of Moses and to be righteous - and who both then and now are among the harshest critics of both Zionism, Israel, and organized Illuminati Jewry.

Then, I think that the evidence (corpses mainly) was gotten rid of by the beastly Soviet apparatus, which certainly had the means to do so (an early breakfast, compared to the many millions that had already dissappeared in that monstrous maw), and the books cooked afterwards. I do not trust the Red Cross document that says 300.000 dead in all camps, nor the "Jewish Almanac" that says that the global number of jews rose during World War 2. If there's anything the Illuminati Jews know about, it's cooking the books. Many of the criminal Soviet Jews then went to Israel.

Result? - they got rid of a large part of their competition in the struggle to define what it means to be Jewish, and they were able to spread 2 very conflicting narratives, that was then used to divide and rule - and that can now be used to get people to fight - very efficiently, I should add.

Were I in their shoes, it is what I should have done. From a perspective of total, ruthless war, it makes perfect sense. At least to me. Admittedly, this is the best evidence I have - that it is how I would expect someone without any scruples to act, if they wanted to rule the world. If anyone has access to the Soviet Archives, or can magically make all the burned documents reappear, well... On the other hand, I find it to be a more plausible explanation than to think that *every single jew* who say they lost family members (I know several of them myself) would be lying about it. But to be sure, the official history is *also* a fabrication. Ezra Pound really hit the nail on the head with that quote I put in my previous comment.

It seems it has been the same with the jews for a long, long time. A satanic core (Synagogue of Satan already 2000 years ago!), hiding amongst a flock of more or less deluded, more or less sincere jews, some of whom are actually very good people, even in a few cases approaching genuine holiness.

Well, I don't actually know - what can we know? - but it does make sense to me to think about it like this. David Irving, who I think should be taken very seriously as a historian, also says 3 million, as does Henry Makow.

Anonymous said...

Your asking why nothing is done about Soros brought to mind that MSM interview with Newt Gingrich in which Gingrich said about the rioting etc "Why don't you ask Soros. He's paying for all this." The media types went bonkers trying to shut him up or get him to unsay what he said.
The incident cause some consternation for the media but after some follow up 'splainin it was left and seems to have had no lasting effect.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"May I Recommend Shadow-Boxing with The Wind and Moon-Walking on Water?"



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