Tuesday, February 01, 2022

"It is the Inspiration of Love to Find The Light that Leads One into The Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is a secret code that is inscribed into the DNA of existence. It determines that Love survives and Evil perishes. This is a universal constant. It is written directly into the nature of the disposition for either path taken. Do you want to live forever? Then you must love without ceasing. It is Love that vitalizes. It is Love that renews. It is in the giving of one's own being that Love is expressed and made infectious. It is Love that heals. It is the inspiration of Love to find the light that leads one into The Light.

Divine Luminous Wisdom is so-called because it shines out of the vehicle that hosts it. It is often veiled when it moves through The World because there is much in The World that hates The Light. It is the ignorance of the perceiver that veils the splendor. This is not to say that The Darkness has any power over it at all. The movement of Higher Love is without disturbance. It is a singularity of the finest essence that extends warmth and vitality in all directions. It is a miracle hiding in plain sight. It shines from a multiplicity of levels and you receive it on as many levels as you are resident and open on. Remarkable events transpire every day but The Darkness does not comprehend them.

Hail, giver of life and liberty! Hail to the eternally conscious that marks every occurrence no matter how slight, and who... by the very seeing of it engraves its destiny upon it. Nothing escapes this. We are ceaselessly monitored and controlled by the slipstream of the Karma we travel upon. Higher Love controls the slipstream. The whole of the karma can be consumed in an instant by Higher Love. This is that redemption that The Christ spoke of. Too few Christians realize that Jesus was a man, and Christ is a state; a station. Others have gotten there since he revealed it to The World, which... very quickly set about concealing and misrepresenting it as soon as it appeared. Herein is the meaning of Christ Consciousness and “being in Christ.”

This is the state of radiant Impersonal Love. It is the light from The Sun. It is what twinkles in the stars, “up above The World so high, like a diamond in the sky.” This Higher Love has been discovered on every continent and in every culture, according to the traditions brought into being by the particular geographical avatars that appear in specific locations for specific reasons.

Perhaps some clarification on the term, Avatar is called for. We are each of us an avatar, programmed for a time far beyond the moment you are reading this in. Along the way, as we evolve over the course of lifetimes... if we are headed in that direction, we become more and more capable of taking others upon our back, and of bringing dramatic change down upon The Material Plane. We become Elders among our kind and shepherds of The Flock. As we evolve we may begin to appear, now and again, as a minor avatar with some particular gift for some grouping of life. St. Francis was a specialist in one regard. There are levels of avatar and the challenges become ever greater and requires components of sterner stuff.

To become a World Savior Avatar requires aeons of time for refining and preparation. Keep in mind that you are composed of millions of cells. Each of them is a living organism. Before one can consider (or is considered for) a role of such magnitude as avatar, the whole of one's being must first be brought into a common and harmonious alignment with all and sundry. Even so... one will have enemies. Consider the tale of Jesus Christ, of which little real recollection exists, and then only in the minds of The Silent Ones.

One thing Heaven always has great need of is Light Workers. They are few and far between in times such as these. You can be certain to be put to work if you are willing and of a proper disposition. We all start out in the mail-room; “as above, so below.” We are watched every step of the way. Some of us evolve much more rapidly than our fellows; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

I should point out that... before too long, most of us drop out. The way is too strenuous. Sometimes it is downright scary. One often feels alone. The pay and conditions can be terrible. It can be painful. At times it will, most certainly, be painful, BUT... regardless, it will be painful anyway. Since my own entire life has been about this very thing, I can tell you it can be overwhelming and I don't care who you are, it's going to have an effect on you, and it goes on longer than you ever thought it would. You come to Desperation's Edge many times. You lose everything more than once. You are caused to act out in ways you never anticipated taking place, simply for The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you are fortunate enough to lose everything more than once, you know ahead of time what you are in for when you depart from here, losing everything at once, and... what you thought was yourself in the bargain. It is far better to lose yourself before this INEVITABLY comes to pass. I've often recommended that one read, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. I doubt many have done so.

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Some might intend to but, for some reason, never get around to it. It has some scary moments having to do with one's migration to that far country from which nearly every traveler returns... to lose everything all over again.

I am not saying that The Tibetan Book of the Dead would apply to you; you're not Tibetan, right? The same might go for The Egyptian Book of the Dead... or, any others of similar weave to a common end. What I am saying is that in whatever tradition you depart in, you will find parallels between them all, should you be in a position to afterward consider it. Depending on how you lived, on that will depend the quality of companions who arrive to assist in the transmigration. If you have been a sonofabitch... sons of bitches will arrive to see you on. Try to see this as a metaphorical construct in which the term, 'sonofabitch' has nothing to do with the process of lineage. Think of it as a state of mind. Consider the final moments of “Ghost” when they came up out of the sewers for the bad guy.

Heaven and Hell are both REAL! You are the architect of the landscapes through which you pass. No one else is to blame for this. However... even if you have been a twenty-four-carat sonofabitch up until this point, you can clear the decks of all that in the time remaining for you. Where there is life, there is hope. These are NOT idle words.

This plane is also quite real... saying, “nothing is real” is not entirely so. This world is real enough in a relative sense, and which you already know if you have hit any portion of it at speed. Still... there is that within you that is unmoved and unaffected by all of the goings-on out here. This is the eternal portion of yourself that one is most improved by contact with. This... you accomplish through, yearning; prayer, austerities, LOVE... most especially, LOVE. Love is the be-all and end-all, and the quickest, slickest medium there is. If you lived in Love you would already be there by now (as certain highway signs sometimes attest)... like the one that advertises Harmon Cove, Secaucus. I'm sure it's a lovely place; have you been?

Regardless of whether anything is real or more real than something else, GOD is assuredly real, and in comparison, everything else is not real, except in a very temporary fashion. Even the mountains come and go. What God is... is not important. That God is... that is important. One thing only you need to know, and that is that Love is the evidence of The Presence of God. If you can find a way to Love without reserve at all times, you would not need anything further.

I have looked as far as I could go in every direction. Some directions I did not have to traverse for any real distance to discover that I was going the wrong way. Our attitudes and intentions CREATE the way that we go. What I found, over and over again, was that Love was the single most important component of the journey. It also led to every other attribute and archetype of value to me. Results may vary, depending on one's level of commitment.

Any road that can be traveled, no matter what road that is, has been traveled many, many times before already. There is a timeless and eternal system in place that has been perfect from the get-go. You might not like it. That does not make it less perfect. It is far better to adapt to what is than to run off in search of what is not, as seems to be a common trend in these times.

People who disparage Love have yet to experience it in any meaningful way. Pain and Suffering will open them up... make them capable of Higher Love. That is their purpose. It need not be so egregious but people are obstinate and resisting. Love will wear that all away... over a course of considerable time. There is a far more immediate relief from all that, and Love provides that too.

End Transmission.......

Yesterday, in this space, I mentioned a series called, Utopia. There have been two versions of it. One was done in the UK and the other... more recently, in the U.S. I had not yet seen the last three episodes in Season 2 of the U.K. version. I've watched films and series go terribly wrong now and again, but I have NEVER seen one dissolve into such absolute incoherence as I did with this series last night. It's about viruses and vaccines and it seems like an intentional precursor to the real thing happening; which it did. It reminded me of PNAC calling for a New Pearl Harbor, and getting 9/11. The people behind the production and those who put it on are morons. That I can say. I wouldn't waste your time unless you have The Forensic Perspective. Otherwise, I am sorry I mentioned it. The idea is to share what is worth seeing, not what isn't. In that regard, The King's Daughter was a refreshing effort seldom seen in these times.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Gregory said...

"And every day you gaze upon the sunset
With such love and intensity
Why it's almost as if
If you could only crack the code
You'd finally understand what this all means

But if you could
Do you think you would trade it all?
All the pain and suffering?
Ah, but then you'd have miss
The beauty of the light upon this earth
And the sweetness of the leaving

Calling all angels (calling all angels)
Calling all angels (calling all angels)
Walk me through this one (walk me through this one)
Don't leave me alone
Calling all angels
Calling all angels
We're trying, we're hoping
But were not sure how"

From the song "Calling All Angels" by Jane Siberry and featured in the movie "Until the End of the World" by Wim Wenders

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Do They not Know What an Apocalypse Is? Does It Make any Difference? Not to The Apocalypse It Doesn't."

Tyler V said...

Stupendous. Thank you Les.

Your talk on love reminds me of this song

Visible said...

Yeah... I can almost hear it (grin).



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